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Mom son sxa full mouvies
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Brenda's Revenge by bodaciousbob © In the last segment, "Brenda and her Dad", Brenda was beaten and sodomized by her stepfather for having innocent sex with her brother. The hot water cascaded over my soapy breasts and ran down to the shower floor as I washed myself over and over again. As soon as my Step-dad had finished with me he had let me go and then fell into a self-satisfied piggish sleep.

I had made my way to the bathroom and had been showering for what seemed like hours trying to wash away the hurt and humiliation. As I dried myself I plotted my next step. It was apparent to me that the situation here at home had become intolerable and that I had to change things. As I put on my thigh length silky robe a plan formed in my young blond head. I went back into the bedroom and my Dad was sprawled out on his back completely naked and completely out.

The handcuffs he had used on me were still lying on the floor where he had dropped them.

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I tiptoed over to the gym bag he had brought in and looked to see what other toys of torture he had chosen to bring. I found what I wanted in another set of handcuffs. I made my way quietly to the bed and clipped one end of one handcuff to one bedpost and the other to the opposite bedpost. I gently took one of his hands to the handcuff and clipped it on his wrist. He just murmured sleepily but did not wake up. I went over to the other side of the bed and had just about got it clipped also when he started to wake.

I forced it into the cuff and locked it just as he came to. "Hi Baby. Want some more&hellip. What the hell!" He realized that things were not as they should be as he came fully awake. I just stood on the side of the bed breathing deeply with excitement and hoping that the cuffs would hold. "What the fuck are you doing, Brenda?" "Just relax and it will go easier for you," I fed his words back to him with an impish grin as I realized that he was securely fastened and I was in control.

The sense of power over my lifelong tormentor was heady indeed. "Let me up you little bitch," He said in a loud voice. Loud enough to cause me concern that he would alert mother. I got his underwear off of the floor and got on the bed next to him and started to shove them in his mouth as a gag.

He was having none of that and started to struggle violently in his bindings.


I did the only thing I could think of and grabbed his nuts and gave them a hard squeeze. When he yelled in protest I jammed the underwear in his mouth and that quieted him. I got a set of my panty hose out of the dresser and used it to tie the underwear in place.

I was beginning to like this better and better.

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Throughout all of this my loose robe had come mostly undone and I could see him looking at the rise and fall of my full young breasts as I kneeled on the bed panting from the exertion. The tie was still tied around my waist but the top was open and my chest exposed. The bottom part was pushed around my thighs and the top of my trimmed bush was visible between my closed thighs as I knelt on the bed. I could have covered myself better but I thought "what the fuck-let him look." Of course the site of my half-naked body was having the usual effect on him.

His flaccid manhood started to grow. This fit right into my plan. I dug around in my dresser until I found a couple of my hair bands that I used to put my hair in a ponytail.

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I took one and slipped it around his balls. I tightened it and made a loop and put it around his balls once again. The third loop made it very tight and I kind of thought it would give him a nice humane castration if it were left that way long enough.


That idea had some appeal for me. Of course all this playing with his balls had made him even harder. I took the tube of lubricant he had used on me and put a big handful in my hand. I rubbed my two hands together and then gripped the head of his cock with one hand and the base with the other. I slid my greased hand slowly down his shaft eliciting a moan from him. Even in his precarious state he wasn't beyond wanting to get his nut off.

"Like that daddy?" I cooed and he shook his head yes. I slid my tiny hand up and down his now glistening shaft several more times until it began to pulse with a live of its on.

Then I took the other hair band and made a triple loop in it. I put it on the end of his cock and slowly worked it onto his bulging head. I slid tightly put easily over the head and down to the base of his shaft.

Now the blood that had filled his cock was restricted from flowing out. "Now daddy I have some good news and some bad news for you," I said so sweetly. "The good news is that I am going to fuck you one last time.' With no further ado I undid my robe and exposed my young naked body to him. His constricted cock gave a leap of interest as he saw me naked. I threw the robe aside and got over him straddling his chest.

My little blond pussy was rubbing warmly against his lower tummy and I knew the thought of being inside of me delighted him.

I reached down between my rounded thighs and held his cock in an upright position as I lifted myself up onto the end of it. The bulging head went wetly between my tight outer lips. With a little wiggle of my butt I engaged the head fully and started to slowly lower myself onto him while watching his face.

His eyes rolled back in his head as the exquisite tight wetness of my young pussy engulfed his manhood. I continued to slowly work his length into me enjoying the superior position. For the first time in my life I was in control and I found the experience very stimulating. He had forced me to have sex with him throughout my young life and now for the first time I was fucking him.

When I go him all up in me I just sat there and looked down at his poor pathetic being. I was giving myself to him willingly for the first time. The only problem was that I had no intention of giving him any pleasure. I started to slowly withdraw him and heard him moan through the gag in pleasure. While he had slammed into me quickly and finished suddenly over the years I had no intention of rushing this. When his head was all that separated my tight channel I started down slowly making a squishy noise as his lubricated cock slid up my tight cunt.

I continued doing this and found it incredibly erotic. My juices started flowing on about the third stroke and became wet to the point where I was making a mess with my juices leaking down his shaft.

My little clitty showed its little pink self after a few more strokes and I reached down with a wet index finger to give a rub. Meanwhile Dad was going crazy beneath me trying to ram himself up in to me. When he did this I just sat down on his cock until he calmed himself and then started my slow sweet stroke once again.

I heated up quickly and within a few minutes I could feel the onrush of an orgasm like I had never had before. I slammed down on him and rubbed my clit while he bucked under me and I came with a gush tightening my cunt around his pulsing shaft. The tingling started in my toes and race up my body until it went up through my brain. I thought my head would explode. I gave a muted cry and fell forward on him and just rubbed my hot breasts on his chest while wave after wave went over me.

My hard pink nipples pushed into his chest as my cunt had spasm after spasm around his engorged shaft. Dad was bucking under me as though he were coming too and knowing that he couldn't just added to my excitement and I came over and over again. I realized then what a heady aphrodisiac power was.

I also realized that pain had always been a part of sex for me and if that were the case I would rather be giving it then getting it.

In any case, when the tremors in my body quieted I started to ride his shaft slowly once again. I liked lying on his chest and fucking him slowly so that is what I did. He kept trying to fuck me by pushing his hips up into me but I could control it better lying on top of him. He wanted to come in me so bad judging by his moaning through the gag but I wasn't about to let him.

I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered, " Did I tell you what the bad news was? You don't get to come in me. Not now not ever again." Then I giggled. And then I came again so hard that I thought I would pass out. The orgasm racked my body so hard that the room went slightly dark for a minute and my pussy gripped his cock so hard it must have hurt him. In any case he yelled into his gag as I shuddered with the most violent orgasm I had ever had. I cried out over and over in a whimper as my body tightened with pleasure.

When it was over I lay on his chest with my pussy juices leaking all over his balls. "Whew!" I said as I sat back up on him and looked down.

"That is enough for me." With that I withdrew his cock and sat on the bed beside him. His cock was swollen and kind of bluish looking. It was all slimy with my juices and his balls were all wet from my coming on him. He looked a bit uncomfortable-not that I cared. "How about you, Daddy? Have you had enough?" He shook his head 'no'. "Well too fucking bad because that is all you will ever get from me." I got up and went to the bathroom and took another shower.

I was feeling pretty content with myself and in control of my life for the first time. I knew that I had the stuff to go out and make it on my own and that Is what I intended to do. Looking at my naked body in the mirror I knew that men would give anything they had to enjoy its pleasures.

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I intended to take everything they had and not let them touch me. I slipped on some panties and bra and added jeans and a white shirt. I threw a few other essentials and a change of clothes into a backpack.

I found Dad's pants and took the wallet out and found that he had a few hundred in cash in it, which I took. "Consider this money for services rendered." I told him, as he lay trussed up on the bed. His cock was still hard from the band constricting the blood flow and his balls looked like they were taking on an unhealthy color too. With that I quietly left the house, never to return. To be continued with "Brenda on the Road".