Wählen Ein Für Asiatische Mädchen Bücken

Wählen Ein Für Asiatische Mädchen Bücken
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I guess it started shortly after my twelfth birthday, you see me and my parents were out celebrating my special day. We had gone to some restaurant; I can't remember the name now it seems so long ago.

We were on our way home, dad was driving and it was raining hard. I don't know what happened or how it happened all I remember is mum shouting "LOOK OUT!" and then the car swerving into a tree&hellip. I woke up in the hospital to find a pretty black nurse standing next to my bed checking my chart before she noticed I was awake.

She smiled down at me and took hold of my hand. I don't remember much after that but she told me we had been in a car accident and my parents didn't survive. I do remember thinking this had to all be some kind of silly joke, my dad couldn't be dead he was big and strong and my mum was too beautiful to die, they was young and good.

Good people don't die young! I kept asking where they were and when they would come see me. It wasn't until the doctor came round and explained that I started to realise it wasn't a joke, this was real and I started wondering what was going to happen now?

After a few days a lady came to the hospital to talk to me. She asked how I was which I thought was a stupid question I mean seriously how would you feel being twelve and finding out your parents had just died?

She said that she had known my mum and dad and that they had both wrote a will leaving me everything but I couldn't touch it until my eighteenth birthday. I had wanted to laugh, I didn't want their money I wanted them.


"Do you have any family you can stay with" She asked "No" I said looking out the window. I didn't want to have this conversation, "Wait… my dad has a brother I think," I whisper "You think?" she says at the same time I feel her warm hand gently land on my shoulder, turning round I mumble "Yes, I think so I remember going to his house once when I was 4, mum said there was something she didn't like about him" "Do you remember his name?" "Uncle Jim.

James" ………… It has been three weeks since I left the hospital, they brought me to my uncles who didn't seem at all please to be lumbered with looking after a 12 year old. Things seem to be going a bit better though now, Uncle Jim as sorted out me starting at the local school and he arranged for some of my things from home to be brought here while the rest goes into storage until I'm old enough to decide what I want to do with it all.

Katelyn a friend of my parents came round last night, she explained that my parents wrote a will that states that I will get £100 every year on my birthday, Jim will get a small amount for caring for me and when I turn twenty-one I will be able to get access to my inheritance. I don't care about the money but it seemed to cheer Uncle Jim up.

The only rules to getting the inheritance are that I must life with a family member until my twenty-first birthday.

Today my uncle has left me while he goes fishing with his mates, I've only met one of them, and his name is Tony. He seems nice I heard him telling Uncle that he was lucky to have such a beautiful niece living with him, but Uncle just snorted and carried on drinking. I noticed he does that a lot, drink that is. I decide to clean the house up, mum always hated having a dirty house and we used to have fun cleaning.

She used to put the music on full blast and we would dance around in our night clothes cleaning and being silly. So turning on kiss FM radio I turn up the volume and began to dance around while I get to work. Before I know it it's dark outside, I look around me checking everything is done, it took a while but every counter in the house is clean and shiny, all the washing up is done, most the washing is finished but a bit more to do, surprising how much wash a single man can generate.

I don't think he would have had any tops or pants left, clean ones anyway I think with disgust. All the rooms are hovered and I have changed the bedding too.

Happy with how it looks and smells now I quickly take out the 4 black bags of rubbish that I filled throughout the day and make my way up to the bathroom. Pulling off my tight pink cotton shorts as white tank top I climb into the shower feeling grateful to the beautiful hot water, as it along with the Dove body wash my uncle keeps removes all traces of dust and sweat that has stuck to my skin.

I spend a little while longer on my hair than usual, taking time to wash it twice with Nivea shampoo and conditioner trying my hardest to remove all the dirt. Climbing out I wrap a big freshly washed soft white towel around my body and quickly make my way to my room to dress for bed, I realise I hadn't eaten but I'm not that hungry, just tired.

I dry my body and use my mum's old hair dryer to blow my hair so it's not so wet before pulling on fresh baby blue cotton shorts and a matching white tank top that has big baby blue letters that spell "bedtime baby". It used to annoy me looking at it, my dad brought it for a silly gift present at Christmas. I'm not a baby daddy I used to complain and each time he would remind me that I would always be his baby no matter if I was 100, besides it's what I used to say when I used to tuck you in at night.

Now I'm grateful for it. I walk to the window to close the curtain, pausing to look up at the night sky "Night Mummy, night Daddy…sweet dreams. I love you" I whisper like I have every night since I woke from the accident and found out my parents hadn't made it. I pick up snuggles my teddy and climb into bed, tears sliding down my cheeks as I drift off.

I'm forced awake quickly, my heart thumping loudly. Not sure what has woke me I look at the clock and see its only 2:10am, pulling the covers back I swing my legs over the side and make my way to the door and out to the hall way. Standing there quietly I see the light on downstairs and hear my uncles slurred words reaching up to me "What the fuck?

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Am I in the right house" he laughs A loud crash before another laugh gives away the presence of another man "shiiiiit Jimmy, your niece gone and cleaned up. Dammmn girl don't even need training it be like having a wife without the shit" the loud voice of his drunk mate Tony fills the house Turning round I creep back to bed hoping not to be heard. An hour later I hear my door open slowly and see a dark figure slowly making its way to the bed.

"You awake little one?" My uncle asks the smell of beer wafts to my nose causing me to wrinkle my face up in distaste letting on that I am awake "I like what you done" he say moving closer, his hand reaches under the cover and wraps around my stomach pulling me closer to him. It feels strange but then I think maybe it's because he's never cuddled me before "You're a special girl and I'm lucky to have you here" he adds as his hand reaches up to my neck turning it towards him, he pushes on my hip making me turn over to lay on my back.

"Do you like living here Jane?" He continues leaning up on his arm so his face leans over mine "I. I miss my parents" I whisper "I know you do baby, I know" he says leaning down and kissing me full on the mouth. I panic and try to push him off me that isn't a family kiss "Uncle what are you doing?" I ask confused "Just giving you a kiss to say thank you for what you did.

It's ok I'm your uncle" he answers moving his mouth back to mine. I try to relax but his tongue tries to push its way into my mouth "No uncle that's not a family kiss," I say firmly "that's a mummy and daddy kiss" "Is that what your parents your parents said?" "Yes, daddy said that was a kiss he gives mummy and I'm his daughter" "Yes but you're not my daughter are you, and I don't have a mummy to kiss so it's ok if I kiss you like that" I look at him confused but he moves his mouth back to mine finally managing to push his tongue into my mouth.

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I'm not sure about this kiss it still feels wrong and I don't like the taste of him. I can hear him making funny noises like he's having trouble breathing and his hands move up and down my body. I feeling really uncomfortable now and he has something hard in his pocket that keeps hitting my private place.

"Uncle please I need to sleep and something in your pocket is hurt me" I whisper as I move my head away from his. I look back at him to see him smiling at me "Okay baby I will let you rest," he moves off me and takes my hand putting it on the hard thing in his pocket "that's something I have just for you" he says rubbing my hand up and down it "if you're a good girl and don't tell anyone you can have it soon" the idea of a present gets me excited.

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I always liked when daddy bought me new things. "Ok Uncle I will be good and won't tell anyone anything" I say giggling as I squeeze my present and wonder what it could be.

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The next day is the first day at my new school, part of me is excited at the idea of meeting new friends. I wake early and make my way down to the kitchen and start making bacon and eggs for Jim, I sit down just as he walks through the kitchen door and pour milk over my cornflakes. "You're up already then?" he asks "Yes uncle, I made your some breakfast" I reply digging into mine.

Once I drink the last of the milk from my bowl I stand and quickly rise it out while Jim scoffs down his sausages, I make my way upstairs to the bathroom and climb in the shower, the hot water run's down my naked body, moving round and down my already 34b developed breasts and over my flat stomach.

I rub shower gel over me and quickly rinse it off as I hear Jim climbing the stair and going to his room. Putting a big soft towel around me I open the bathroom door and go to walk to my room but come up smack against Jim's bare chest. "Oh… sorry uncle I didn't realise you was there" I say walking around him suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the way he's looking at me.

His eyes move down my body and back up again. "That's ok Jane be careful to hold on to that towel though, we wouldn't want it falling off now would we" he says Closing my door I see he is still watching me, quickly I dry myself off and put on my new white school shirt and black skirt. Unable to put my tie on since I have never done it before I pick it up and take it downstairs. "Uncle Can you tie this for me?" I ask walking over to him and handing him my tie Without a work he turns to me and lifts the tie around my head, lifting my collar and making sure it's tied perfectly before folding my collar down again and turning back to what he was doing on the computer.

I get a quick view of a file that as the letter J under it that he is sending to someone via email before I go back to my room to grab my bag. As we pull up to the tall building that I will be going to for the next four years, Jim turns the car off and looks at me "Do you need me to come in with you?" he says slightly annoyed, I can't understand what's wrong with him "No I will be ok, but thank you uncle, I will be back after school" I say climbing from the car and making my way to the big metal gates.

I'm smiling at passing kids as they make their way into the big reception area and off down the halls. I stand at the desk in front of an elderly lady who has a reassuring smile over her face "Right young lady, the head master has arranged for someone to show you round if you wait right here he will be along shortly" she gestures to a sofa in the corner, I sit down to wait but a tall man comes round the corner and smiles at me "you must be James niece, Jane, I'm Mr Jones" he says holding his hand out, I look up at him, he's rather good looking for an older man I realise as I place my hand in his "I'm sorry to hear about your parents, they were good people, your uncle and I have been friends since school," he continues at my surprised look at his causal mention of my parents "I have arranged for a friends son to show you round, maybe you have met Tony already.

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This is his son Benjamin" he holds his left arm out and the young boy standing there, strange that I didn't notice him before but I guess it's just that the headmaster has such an overwhelming presence "Hi" he says smiling at me "I'm ben" I shake his hand that he holds out to me "Jane" I reply taking his hand gently and feeling him softly shake my hand "Ben will be your guide all week, showing you to your classes and helping you at lunch, if there is anything you need to know you can ask him." Says the headmaster "if you two will excuse me I do have a meeting with a couple of parents that I need to attend" he says smiling and walking away I look after him feeling a bit nervous now as I face ben smiling shyly at him, he faces his whole body towards me "It's okay, I understand it can all be a bit much and so soon after losing so much, we will just take it slow.

Today it will just be us, then tomorrow when you're more relaxed I will introduce you to others" The whole day Ben sticks to his word.

People greet him and ask him to join them but he stays and just talks to me, sometimes about school other times about his dad and Jim, he tells me his dad mentioned I had moved in with Jim but not much else and he was glad he had the chance to meet me.

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Ben seems so nice, confident and charming. He gets a lot of attention from the girls I can see them blush when he smiles at them; they find reasons to talk and touch him and start to be overly nice to me hoping that will get them in his good books. At lunch we sit alone at a table, ben leans forward and tells me all about his childhood and what my uncle was like.

He tells me about Jason, his older brother who is looking for a new place to live with his girlfriend Katie. We finish eating and he takes me for a walk, stopping in the fields and sitting us down, he lays down while I sit there hugging my legs and just talks away like we have known each other for years, while sitting there a boy in Bens year comes up to us and sits down.

"Hey, I'm Carl." He says holding out his hand, I shake it smiling "Jane" I say, He sits there quietly as Ben starts talking again and sometimes joins in; they make jokes and laugh about things they have got up to. The whole thing feels so comfortable and relaxed, the way they make me feel as if I have been there all my life. I tell them about living with my parents and how close we was before the accident, they don't ask me about what happened they just talk about their families and things.

After the last class Ben meets me outside my class door and walks with me to the gates where Carl catches up to us, together they walk me home, Ben says he doesn't live far, just down the road in fact. Carl tells us he wants to move to another country, he wants to live somewhere warm. As we get to my door Ben tells me he will meet me tomorrow to walk with me to school in the morning before they wave and carry on down the road.

The next few days are the same expect Ben meets meet's at mine in the mornings and we walk to school, which is fun not the warm weather, allows me not have to drag my coat to school and we can take our time.

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Jim has been really nice to me lately though he hasn't left me have my present, the first day he came home after I had been to school he told me that Tony said that Ben was showing me around. For some weird reason he made it clear I wasn't allowed to tell Ben about my present or I wouldn't get it and I wasn't to mention him.

On the Friday ben turned up earlier than usual, Jim had to go to work early too so I told ben to come in and he could wait for me, I left him in my room as I ran to the bathroom to dry my hair and finish getting ready, coming back to my room I found ben laying on my bed reading a book I had started the other day "Nice book," he laughs looking at the front cover of a man and woman kissing, "thought you would be too young for this" he adds with a twinkle in his eye "read it Ben" I say rolling my eyes "it's not a naughty book, just a romance novel that my mum used to read" I say as I tie my long blonde hair up into a pony tail, he sits at the end of the bed and watches me looking thoughtful "What?" I ask "Nothing you just look very beautiful" he says with a smile Laughing I stand up and hit him gently with the back of the brush "thank you, right let's go before we be late" As we leave the house we spot Carl walking towards us he looks happy that he hasn't missed us and Ben explains that he left early cause his dad and step mum were fighting and he didn't want to sit around and listen to it again.

We make our way to school, kids passing us smile and say hello I'm so happy that everyone seems to have accepted me no problem though I do think that's mainly to do with the fact that the two most popular and best looking boys in the school seem to be looking at me as their little sister.

The boys don't want to piss them off and the girls all want to date them. The day passes with no problem's except Ben is put in charge of helping a teacher with something so at lunch I sit with Carl and a few of his other mates, they all seem nice and are really kind to me. After school carl says he has to get the bus to his dad house, which he has to do every two weeks when his dad has custody of him and his little sister so it's just me and ben walking home, as we get to mine I ask if he wants to come in for a drink.

I grab him a can of coke and a can of sprite for me before we head up to my room. "So what did you think of your first week?" he asks sitting on the end of my bed, I see his eyes traveling up and down my body.

"Yeah it was fun, some girl was talking to me in Math, and she seemed nice" I say turning round to turn the radio on "Yeah she's nice, Lucy, pretty girl" "I think she likes you," I say smiling "she knows you been looking after me and asked about you" "She's lovely but she's not my type" Laughing I accidently spit my sprite all over myself "Ben your fourteen you don't have a type" Laughing at the mess I made he hands me a tissue "I do too, she's beautiful and blonde, she has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Her smile lights up the room and she's smart, kind and has the most amazing legs I've ever seen" he says making a point to look at my legs and smile, realising he's describing me I smile I know he's only playing with me, after all ben sees me as a sister more than a girlfriend "Maybe so Ben but Lucy really likes you and she's tall and beautiful" "You know that's n&hellip." Ben is cut off by the sound of the front door slamming open We hear the sound of my uncle stomping through the house and into the kitchen, "Wow he sounds annoyed" Ben remarks just as we hear the footsteps coming up the stairs, "Bad day maybe, anyway what about Lucy I can put a good……" suddenly my door flies open and we see my uncle standing there clearly drunk "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE" he shouts shocking me and Ben "N…nothing we was just talking" I try to explain feeling like I've been caught doing something naughty "BENJAMIN I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE" he shouts not taking his eyes from me, Ben quickly stands up and leaves the room calling out that he will meet me for school Monday, Jim stalks towards me and grabs my upper arm as I hear the sound of Ben shutting the front door "Uncle what…what's wrong?" I ask as he throws me on the bed "DID YOU LET THAT BOY FUCK YOU JANE?" he screams at me leaning down to get right in my face "OPEN YOUR LEGS YOU LITTLE SLUT" Shocked I try to push him off me "n…n…no Uncle I…I didn't" I try to explain but he pushes me back and forces my legs open, fear courses through me and tears well in my eyes as he pushes my white cotton knickers to the side "I WILL FUCKING CHECK FOR MYSELF, IM NOT GOING TO TRUST YOUR WORD, HAVING BOYS IN YOUR ROOM YOU LITTLE WHORE" he screams again His fingers thrust into me hard; his left hand covers my mouth to smother my scream, pain shoots up me as he pushes deeper coming up against my barrier, he seems to calm a bit but continues sliding his fingers in and out of me "I'm sorry, it's just that I know what young boys are like and you having one in your room I have to check you're not having sex." He says a lot calmer than before, "p…please Uncle st…stop" I say between sobs his left hand now pinning my hands above my head causing my back to arch into his chest, his hips keeping my legs apart.

"Relax, once I'm sure you're not having sex I will stop" he growls at me For the next twenty minutes I feel his fingers exploring me, ignoring my cries of pain and my struggles to get him off me, he slides his fingers out of me. after he stops I see him turn and pop them into his mouth, I can't understand why he would do that after they have been inside my private place but I hear him moan like it's his favourite flavour ice cream "I'm happy you're not having sex, and I want it to stay that way do you understand?

If the police find out you had a boy in here they will take you away and put you in prison" Scared I just nod and close my legs, curling up on my side as he leaves pushing the door wide open, "This door is to stay open from now on; in fact all doors to any room you are in are to stay open." I sit up confused "W.what about the bathroom? I can't leave that open" "unless you want me to take you to the police now you will, when you use the toilet or the shower I want the door left open wide, while you dry yourself and dress I want your door open wide" he says walking away I start crying harder, how can a great week turn so bad?

Is this normal? Mum always said that no one should touch my private place but Jim says he had to check? Why would he touch me if he didn't have to? I feel dirty so I stand up and make my way to the bathroom, I start to close the door but I hear my uncle down the hall cough.

Looking at him I leave the door open, tears running down my face I turn the water on and climb into the shower, I feel wrong leaving the shower on and even worse when I look up to see Jim standing in the door way watching me. Even though the shower curtain hides me I know he can see my figure like I can see his.

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I hold my arms over my boobs and private place until he walks down the hall. That night I make Jim a fish pie for dinner and leave him to eat it while I lay on my bed with my head phones on thinking about what I can do for the weekend. I don't want to be stuck indoors like I have been so far. Maybe I can use some of the money Katelyn gave me and go into town. I see the shadow of Jim standing in the door way watching me so I roll over to my side so I can't see him.

I close my eyes trying to relax and it's not long before I drift off to sleep. The next day I find a note from Jim saying he has gone to work and won't be back until tonight. I run up the stairs and quickly shower hoping to get out quick so I can take my mind off things, just as I'm putting on my black vest top and buttoning my jeans I hear the doorbell ring.

Running down the stairs two at a time I throw open the door to find ben standing there "Oh, hey" I say smiling "didn't think I was going to see you until Monday" I add standing back to let him in "yeah I thought we could do something, I felt bad leaving you like that yesterday, it's just I didn't know what else to do. What happened?" Lowering my head I shut the door "Oh nothing, it's okay he just told me off said I not allowed boys in my room especially with the door closed" I say "anyway I was thinking of going into town maybe buy some new clothes or something if you want to come and keep me company?" I change the subject "Oh right sure, but I don't have any money, I can go home and ask my step mum" "No I have some I'll pay for you fair and I will treat us to lunch if you like" "Don't be silly Jane you can't do that" he replies looking embarrassed "Why not?" I ask confused "isn't that what friends do?" I ask I hear him mumble something that sounds like 'right friends' but it's so quiet I'm not sure, I pull on my trainers and we head out the door and down the road to the bus stop, the bus comes almost as we get there.

We spend the day walking around Bromley centre and the Glades, going in nearly every ship we see. When I drag him into next I make him stand there and wait while I try on a load of clothes. I think secretly he finds it funny watching me come out in silly poses showing him the things I'm wearing, he helps me pick out two tops and a pair of jeans before I make my way to the counter leaving him at the perfume counters smelling all the aftershaves. "here what do you think of this?" he asks wafting a pink heart shaped bottle beneath my nose, "it's called 'Just pink' smells really pretty don't you think?" I take a whiff and agree as the smell of jasmine fills my space, "I like it" I say just as the girl at the counter calls me over and starts ringing up my items "this too" I say taking the bottle from Bens hands and putting it on top of my clothes We decide to get something to eat and head towards mac Donald's, we quickly order our food and make our way to a table "You know, this has been quite fun" he says round a mouthful of cheese burger, "I haven't been up here in a while" "HEY BEN" we hear someone shout, looking behind me I see Carl and their mate Terry walking towards us with their trays filled with food, They make their way to us and take up the other two seats at our table with Carl sitting beside me "Hey Jane, how was your first week at school?" he asks shoving a handful of chips into his mouth "Yeah it was fun, mostly I think that's thanks to you and Ben for looking after me" I say laughing as I take a bite of my chicken burger "Yeah no problem, wasn't hard helping ben here look after the prettiest girl in school" he says looking at ben and winking I laugh hard, nearly chocking on my food, "such charmers you lot aren't you," I manage to get out "so what are you doing down here?" Carl goes into a detailed explanation of how he and terry decided to come to Bromley with the plan to get some trainers but every shop they went to either had sold out or didn't have their size.

After we all finish we make our way to the park and I lay there sun bathing as the three of them start playing football, it's not long before I notice a crowd of girls forming not far away, I look back at the boys they don't seem to notice, I guess I can see what they see when they look at Ben, Carl and Terry, all three are tall, Ben is fourteen and Carl and Terry are fifteen.

They all have their shirts off cause of the sun, so all are showing their nice muscles. Where ben has dark brown hair Carl has a golden blonde colour and terry has light brown.

I realise that all three of them are very good looking and that's exactly what all the girls walking around can see but what they don't know is each one of them is also kind, friendly and smart. After a while Carl runs over to me and drops down beside me breathing heavily and smiling at me. "looks like you three have a fan club" I laugh nodding over to the girls that are starting to move closer desperate to get the boys attention, most writing off carl as he leans towards me thinking that I'm his girlfriend "might want to back up a bit before they think we are together" I giggle shielding my eyes from the sun as I look at him "I don't care" I smiles as he lays back and closes his eyes "Hey, you given already up Carl?" Terry shouts towards us as he and Ben make their way in our direction, "yeah man just need a breather, too bloody hot" carl replies not opening his eyes as the other two sit down I sit up and look behind them, the girls have decided to sit under a tree watching us, to help them out I casually point to each boy while looking at the girls, as I point to terry two girls realise what I'm doing and nod, I nod back and point to ben, as they all catch on another three nod, again I nod back, picking up the ball I mouth the words 'look out to them' before kicking the ball in their direction, "Oops, would you two mind grabbing the ball for me?" I ask Terry and Ben.

Looking at me confused they get up and make their way to the girls, with their backs turned I wink at the girls and give them the thumbs up "Playing cupid are you" Carl says looking at me "Well you could help me out and go over there too" I laugh "Not a chance I'm having too much fun here with you" he smiles "Well you want to waste your day with me that's up to you" I laugh, I know he doesn't want me to feel left out but I want him to have fun too, ii look over to see Ben and terry now sitting with the group of girls, I see ben keep looking at me, he seems torn.

He stands and says something to the girls before heading towards us again, this time with the girls in tow.

As they start sitting around us I smile, ben moves to my right and sits beside me "Hi I'm Jane" I say, "and this is my friend Carl" I add looking at the girls so they know we aren't together and can make a play for him too if they want the conversations around us get heated one minuet and funny the next, each of the girls try to keep the boys attention but for some reason each one feels the need to turn his attention to me like they want to assure me, I don't understand why keep looking at me?

I'd be happy if they found a girl they liked. About an hour later Ben looks at his watch "I better get Jane home" he says looking at me Taking hold of his arm I pull his arm towards me and look at his watch "oh shit I better go," I say standing up and grabbing my bags, all three boys start to get up too "Guys seriously you have a group of beautiful girls here, I can get home by myself" I laugh "stay here and have fun none of you have a curfew, so don't ruin your day" I say quickly, although Terry and Carl sit back down looking slightly annoyed bed doesn't "I brought you here I will take you home, your uncle will kill me if anything happens to you" I see a couple of the girls look annoyed "Please Ben, just stay.

I don't want you missing out" "NO!" he shouts making me jump "I will take you home" he says quieter, taking my hand and pulling me towards the bus stop As we make our way to the bus stop with me rushing to try and keep up with him, he holds my hand, linking our fingers.


On the ride home he looks at me "Do you like Carl?" he asks "Of course I like carl" I say confused "he's nice to me" "Let me rephrase, do you like Carl?

Do you want him to be your boyfriend?" "No of course not, I see him as a brother if anything" I say shocked that he would think that, "Carl doesn't see me like that either, why would you ask that?" I start feeling annoyed "Are you kidding me?" he growls "Carl has liked you since he saw you that first day!" at my confused look he carries on "no not as a friend, you really don't see it?

Are you really that naive? That innocent you can't tell a boy has a thing for you?" "Ben please," beg feeling sad "why are you being mean?" I continue, tears welling in my eyes "Oh god I'm sorry Jane I didn't mean to upset you" he says pulling me to him, his arms around me and squeeze me tight "I just thought you knew" As we get to my door he walks away looking deflated, I feel bad but I don't know why.

I walk upstairs and put my bags in the wardrobe as I hear a noise from my uncle's room. I strip my clothes off and quickly pull on my night dress on, Jim's door suddenly opens and I woman comes rushing out looking annoyed and half dressed.

I hear Jim's feet stomping towards my room. I climb into bed as he walks in "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" he shouts "Y…you said you won't be home, I went shopping." He stalks into the room "WHO WITH?" "W…with B.Ben, we bumped into some of his mates" I say looking down "WHO?" "Carl Stephens and Terry Michaels" "YOU BEEN OUT ALL DAY WITH THREE BOYS?

I BET YOU LOVED FUCKING THEM DIDN'T YOU SLUT?" he screams wobbling towards me, he pulls my covers from me and pulls my legs open "no please uncle I didn't, we didn't, we just went shopping" I try to say but his fingers move straight to my private place and push straight in, I scream in pain but he doesn't listen, he just pushes into me hard, then seems to relax again, his fingers moving slowly, this time his thumb moves over the top of my private place as he presses against it I feel a sudden tightening in my stomach, he pulls my night dress up and stares down at my breasts.

Suddenly he jumps off me and walks out. I start to cry again as I roll to my side and cry myself to sleep The next few days are pretty much the same, every night Jim comes to my room, even if I tell him I haven't seen Ben it doesn't matter he still comes into my room. It doesn't hurt as much now sometimes it feels good but not for long. The last two nights Jim has told me to come in his room so he can check, he says he has a stomach ache and while he check he keeps his other hand under the cover to rub his belly, on Thursday we are told that there will be a teacher training day on the Friday so school will be closed.

As usual ben and I walk home together with Carl. I have started to notice Carl keeps looking at me but I still don't think what bens says is true. They start messing about teasing each other about girls at school when we get to mine, waving goodbye I watch them walk off laughing I'm still smiling as I walk in the door but my smile soon falters, I walk in to find Jim sitting on the sofa with Tony sitting in the arm chair watching football, I try to walk in quietly, at least with Tony here he won't want to check me "Jane?" he calls "come in here!" Sighing I walk into the living room and put my school bag on the floor "Yes uncle?" I ask "Get me and Tony a beer" he says.

Walking to the kitchen I grab two cans of Foster's and take them back to Jim, handing them to him I go to make my way upstairs but Jim garbs my hand "Where do you think you're going?" he asks "I need to check you remember" shocked I look at Tony to looks at us "don't worry about him take your knickers off and sit on the table" "B…but Uncle" "DO IT JANE" he shouts at me, quickly I shuffle in front of him and pull my knickers over my hips and down my legs, I hand them to him like I know he wants so he can check them.

"NOW SIT ON THE TABLE AND OPEN YOUR LEGS" as I sit down I notice how cold the glass table feels against my naked bum, I want to laugh as the thought occurs to me but I know Jim will be annoyed. He pushes my legs open wider and tells me to put my feet up on the sofa beside his As his fingers slide into me I try to look away but look straight at Tony and see him watching closely as Jim's fingers slide in and out of me, I screw my face up in discomfort and embarrassment trying to think of something else "WHY CANT I FUCKING FEEL YOUR BARRIER?

HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKING SOMEONE?" my uncle suddenly shouts at me making me jump "N…no Uncle, I promise" I squeak "Maybe it's the way you're sitting, get here and sit on my lap" standing up I go to straddle his waist but be shouts at me again making my eyes well up "NOT LIKE THAT YOU FUCKING IDIOT, TURN AROUND AND FACE THE TV" As I do what he says and sit on his lap his hands move up the back of my thighs spreading my legs and placing my feet flat onto the sofa beside his legs "Tony do me a favour, would you mind sitting in front of her and making sure she keeps her legs open?

Maybe you will see her barrier" he smirks behind my back "Of course" Tony replies as he stands up and kneels in front of me, I feel Jims fingers slide back into me his other hand spread wide against my lips between my legs giving his friend a clear view of his fingers inside me.

They move deeper now and the pain is sharper but Tony has his hands on my thighs keeping them open, "Maybe you should see if you can smell or taste sex on her" Jim says, I see Tony smile before his head disappears between my legs and I feel his finger slide into me just before I feel his warm tongue, shocked I jump Jim has never done anything like this to me he usually just uses his hand.

"STAY STILL YOU LITTLE BITCH, OR I WILL HAVE TO KEEP YOU STILL MYSELF!" I try my hardest but it feels strange as Tony's tongue slides up and down my private place and sucks on the little hard button at the top.

A hot feeling come's over me and I start squirming, "I SAID STAY STILL" Jim shouts in my ear, The hard present he still has for me I feel in his pocket, it digs between my bum cheeks as his hands try to hold me still, I must be moving a lot, though it doesn't feel like I am, because his hands slide up my school shirt and cup my breasts, they grip them hard and then loosen before gripping hard again.

I try harder not to move but I must still be moving as his hands lose their grip and he ends up pinching my nipples. A good feeling runs through my body as he keeps doing it, Tony's tongue is trying to feel my barrier by pushing deep into my private place.

Suddenly I feel a tightening in my stomach and the good feeling flows all through my body and I feel a strange gush of liquid pour out of me. I panic thinking I might have just wet myself but Tony's tongue still moves between my legs now licking there like he's licking an ice cream cone. I didn't realise before but now I hear my breathing is short and I seem to be moaning loudly. Tony moves away from me and Jim sits me up "Your barrier is still there, good." He says, weirdly his breathing is a lot like mine, it must have been hard trying to keep me still, he tells me to go up and shower and change "Fuck James that girl tastes amazing, I hope soon your let me go further I wanted to break that little bit of skin inside her so bad" I hear Tony say as I make my way upstairs on weak knees.

"Believe me I know how you feel. It won't be long before I lose control and just fuck the bitch!" (Hey I have a lot in mind for this story but it depends on the feedback if i post more or just write more for myself.

let me know what you think xx)