Bp panty big ass masturbation melanie hicks

Bp panty big ass masturbation melanie hicks
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Rachel Fucking to make a sale Lauren, the intern that I'm training and I are in the great city of Los Angeles, meeting with a possible customer to make the biggest sale in our company's history. "Hello! I'm John Cooper, Vice President of '3-D creations'. I'm so sorry for making you wait." He said walking into the conference room five minutes late for our meeting. "Hello, I'm Rachel, and this is my intern, Lauren. Thank you for meeting with us.

We have the product for you," I said as Lauren and I stood up and shook his hand. "When we spoke on the phone last week you said that you have a product that we 'Just had to have!' What is that product?" he asked taking a seat at the head of the table.

"The 3-D P model 2015 Mk 1 is a 3-D printer that would print an item in half the time, use half the amount of power, and less plastic, so you can make more, and use less." I said kicking off the meeting. Two hours later, we have yet to agree on a sale and it feels that Mr.

Cooper is going to put an end to the meeting without making a sale. As Lauren and I left the meeting as it ended with no sale, I handed Mr. Cooper my card with my personal cell phone number on it asking him to think about our product. An hour later, my cell phone rang; as I answered it, "Hi is this Rachel?" the voice asked.

"Yes it is, Mr. Cooper" I replied. "Yes, we were looking at other 3-D printers, and one of our other offers just fell through, can we meet sometime tonight? Dinner?" He asked. "Yes! Of course!" I replied excited. "What's up?" Lauren asked. "One of our rivals just fucked up, and we have an another chance!" I said excited. "That's great! Since this is a possible five million dollar deal!" She said excited. Later that night we met Mr. Cooper at a restaurant in our hotel. Talking about the sale while eating dinner.

Towards the end of our second meeting, Mr. Cooper said "Here's the one thing I don't like. The high price tag.

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That's a lot of money." "I understand. We assure you this is a good deal, we have taken 20% off, since you are buying 20 units. That's 4.4 million" I said as slid my foot out of one of my high heels and slid it between his legs. "Oh really? Well I guess we can discuss it more." He said, surprised. "Maybe we should discuss this further in our hotel room?" Lauren asked seductively, making him instantly hard as a rock.

"Uh," Mr.

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Cooper had no answer "Mr. Cooper, if you have to think about that for more than a second, then there's something wrong" I said as I continued to play with his cock with my foot. "I'm married," He said looking at his wedding ring. "So?" Lauren asks as she slips off his wedding ring and put it in her pocket.

"Don't think about your wife. I'm not thinking about my girlfriend at home." I said. As I said that, his cock got even harder.

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"Come on," I said, getting up and grabbing his hand, leading him to the elevator to head back to our room. In the elevator, I noticed that he was sweating nervously.

"Relax John, you're about to fuck two hot bi-sexual women," I said, grabbing his cock feeling it get harder in my hand. As we reached our floor, Lauren and I led John to our room where we sat him on the bed and started to take turns making out with him. After a few moments of making out with John, I got up and stripped off my suit jacket and blouse making my breasts bounce right in front of his face.

He immediately took my one of my breasts into his mouth and started to suck on my nipple. "Not so nervous now are you?" I asked seductively. Before he could answer, I pulled away, un-snapped, un-zipped and took off his pants and underwear revealing his hard cock.

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"Wow! You're cock is impressive, your wife should be ashamed for keeping this all to herself. She needs to learn how to share," I said as I took his cock into my mouth. John then put his hand on the back of my head and made me suck him faster. "Oh my god, Amanda is going to kill me if she finds out." John said nervously.

"Relax, she's not going to know a thing," Lauren replied. After a moment sucking John's cock I pulled away and let Lauren have a turn.

While Lauren was sucking his cock I kneel behind Lauren and stripped off her suit jacket, and blouse letting her breasts free for me to play with.

After a moment of allowing Lauren to suck John's cock, I got up, stripped off my skirt and laid down on the bed.

"Eat me John!" I begged as I spread my legs. Just then John started to eat me out making me cum in a matter of moments covering his face in my cum and pussy juices. "Oh wow! That's was amazing, you really know how to use your tongue to please a woman, you eat pussy like an experienced lesbian." I said surprised. Just then Lauren took off her skirt and laid back on the bed.

"My turn!" Lauren said, spreading her legs. "My god! This has got to be the best deal I have ever made!" John said as he started to lick Lauren. A few moments later, Lauren had a powerful orgasm covering John's face in more cum and pussy juices. "Wow! He really does know how to eat pussy!" Lauren said "John baby, I want your cock in me" I said spreading my legs.

John slowly inserted his hard cock into my tight pussy making me moan loudly. He slowly started to fuck me, fucking me faster and faster as I moaned louder and louder, making me cum in a powerful orgasm John stopped and pulled out. "You're not done yet" I said as I climbed on top of him and continued to fuck him.

"Baby, your going to make me cum!" he said as I continued to fuck him faster, "Oh yeah baby! I'm cumming!" He said as he came in my pussy. I climbed off and sucked his cock clean "Now it's Lauren's turn" I said as Lauren spread open her legs.

John slowly inserted his cock into Lauren's pussy making her moan loudly. "Oh my god, your tight!" He said, surprised as he started to fuck her. "Faster John! Faster! Fuck me!" Lauren begged wanting for more. Just then, John started to fuck Lauren faster, increasing in speed every time Lauren moaned, making her cum in a powerful orgasm. Shortly after Lauren came John came in a powerful orgasm inside Lauren's pussy.

"Oh my god!

You two are sexy! I need a break," John said exhausted. While John took his break, Lauren crawled in between my legs and started to eat my pussy which was oozing with my pussy juices, cum and John's cum. Her tongue on my pussy was amazing; seconds later she makes me cum.

"Yummy! This tastes good," Lauren said as I pulled her up to me so I can give her a kiss. "My turn!" I demanded as I rolled over so that I'm on top of Lauren. I maneuvered down to and started to eat her pussy making her moan with pleasure. A minute later I made Lauren cum in a powerful orgasm covering my mouth in her pussy juices, cum mixed with John's cum. "Yummy! Your pussy soaked with your pussy juices, cum, and John's cum taste really good!" I said excited.

"Ready for round two?" I asked John in a seductive voice. "Oh my god! I'm ready" he replied excited. John put his cock back inside my pussy and started to fuck me again.

"Oh baby! Fuck me! I want you to make me cum over and over again!" I begged. John fucked me faster and faster, making me cum again. John kept fucking me cumming again inside me. John then stopped and started to pull out his cock. "No! keep going! Keep fucking me John!" I begged. John put his cock back in my pussy and continued to fuck me making me cum again seconds later.

"Keep going! Keep fucking me! Fuck me faster!" I begged, as he continued to fuck me. "Fuck! I'm cumming! Holy fucking shit!" He moaned as he came in my pussy. John then pulled out and collapsed onto the bed between Lauren and I. "Your wife really needs to learn that she needs to share," Lauren said as she started to make out with John.

As Lauren and John were making out, I went through John's phone and found a contact that said 'Amanda' and copied her contact info into my phone. I then took a group selfie of all 3 of us in bed. After a short break, John sat up and asked Lauren, "Ready for some more?" "Oh, you read my mind, baby. Fuck me!" She replied, excited as she spread her legs.

John then inserted his cock into Lauren's pussy and started fucking her making her moan loudly. "Oh yeah fuck me! Keep going! Make me cum over and over!" Lauren begged. As John fucked Lauren, I played with Lauren's breasts. Seconds later, Lauren unleashed a powerful orgasm.

Even after Lauren's powerful orgasm John kept fucking cumming seconds later. John pulled his cock out and laid back next to Lauren. "Wow!" he said exhausted. "What the fuck? Do you think we're done? Lauren asked. "We aren't done yet," she continued as she climbed onto and started to ride John's cock.

"Oh my god!

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You girls are amazing!" John said surprised. Shortly later, Lauren had another orgasm followed shortly by John cumming in her pussy. As we took another break, I asked, "So John, ealier you said that Amanda is going to kill you if she found out about you fucking us. Is that your wife?" "Yeah, she's also my high school sweetheart. She's currently in San Diego, for work.


She's a lawyer." He replied nervously. After an hour break, I said, "Get ready, were coming again," I said as I started to suck his cock again. "Oh damn, you are really good Rachel!" John moaned. "Your turn Lauren." I said as I pulled away, letting Lauren suck his cock. After a minute, of letting Lauren suck John's cock I pulled her away and got onto all fours "I want you to fuck my ass!" I demanded. John put his cock in my asshole and slowly started to fuck me. "Oh my god! That feels amazing!" I moaned as I started to play with my pussy.

Lauren crawled underneath me, and moved both of my hands onto her breasts as she started to rub my pussy and started to kiss me. A short minute later, I had an extremely powerful orgasm; cum and pussy juices flooded out of my pussy onto Lauren's legs. John didn't stop he kept fucking my ass, and soon I felt an another orgasm building.

A very intense minute later, John and I came in two simultaneous orgasms. John then pulled his cock out of my ass and collapsed next to Lauren and I. "Oh my god! You two are going to kill me with all this fucking!" John said exhausted. "Don't die yet, it's my turn," Lauren said as she crawled on top of me and started to play with my breasts, and me playing with her pussy. "Fuck me in the ass John!

Fuck me baby!" Lauren continued begging. John slowly inserted his cock into Lauren's asshole making her let out a loud moan. "Holy fuck! That feels amazing!" Lauren moaned. John started to fuck Lauren faster and faster, making her moan louder and louder. A few intense moments later, Lauren's pussy erupted with a powerful orgasm covering my legs in her pussy juices and cum.

Followed shortly by another powerful orgasm. John came seconds later. John pulled out of Lauren's ass and collapsed next to her. "FUCK!" he said, exhausted. "That's going to have to be it for tonight, I got to home to my daughter, and let the babysitter go home." He said getting out of bed. "Want to come by the office in the morning to make this deal final?" He continued. "Sure. 10:30 okay?" I asked. "10:30 sounds great. See you then." He replied as he got dressed.

Lauren climbed out of bed and took John's wedding ring out of her pants pocket and gave it back to him. He left with Lauren and I sill making out in bed. As the door to our room closed, Lauren and I maneuvered into a sixty-nine eating each other's pussy for one last orgasm. In the morning as we were driving to John's office, Lauren asked, "Rachel, this is a deal worth more than five million dollars, how are we going to make money if we sigh this deal for 4.4 million dollars?" "Ahh, good question Lauren." I replied as I handed her my cell phone.

"Look for the contact named 'Amanda' but don't call it." I continued. "Oh, Amanda. His wife? We're going to blackmail him? But with what?" She asked. "Look in my photos," I replied.

"Oh, damn! You are one evil bitch Rachel!" She said, letting out an evil laugh.


As we entered John's office, "Morning Johnny." I said seductively. "Hi, girls. Ready to sign a 4.4 million dollar deal?" "A deal? Yes." Lauren said. "But a five million two hundred eighty thousand dollar deal." I continued. "What about that 20% you took off?" He asked surprised. "We put it back," I replied. "Why?" he asked. "To keep us from telling your wife Amanda about last night." I said, showing him the selfie I took last night.

"How would you send that to her without her contact information?" He asked worried. "She copied your wife's contact info last night while you were fucking us." Lauren said with a smug look on her face.


"Fuck" he said with a deep sigh. "Looks like I have no choice. We have a deal." He said as we shook hands. A few days later, back in San Francisco, our boss Tom congratulated us on closing the biggest deal in our company's history by giving use a few days off with pay and an additional 10% bonus.