Girl with hairless bawdy cleft enjoys hardcore copulation from behind

Girl with hairless bawdy cleft enjoys hardcore copulation from behind
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Jenny was a very cute girl.

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Too cute for her own good. I always knew it would get her in trouble some day.

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she was just so innocent looking, but still with a wild streak to her. Ok so Jenny was 15. She lived across the street from mefor quite sometime. I had noticed she had become quite a beautiful girl.

She had shoulder lenght blonde hair and the most adorable eyes, baby blue. big round cheeks with the cutest dimples when she smiled. She was about 5'4'', and very slender. Nice lil B cup titties just budding through her lil bikini she wore mowing the yard. Her legs were well muscled and nicley tanned. She was a very curious girl, always at my place whileI was working on my truck or doing something. I had noticed her a few times before, but never before this day had I thought anything really sexual for this girl.

Until she fucked up. See, There is a group of men, we will call the Game Players. a league of select men who play a high stakes game. The Game, as women refer to it. 10 of us are in on the game.

The most women, of highest quality. We all rate the girl and average her score out between the 10 of use. Then the guy that bags the girl gets points on a percentage basis of what base her got to with her. (I.E> girl averages out to a 8, Jimmie could only get to 3rdw ith the prude bitch, so he gets 75% of 8. 50% for 2nd base.

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you get the idea). We also gave bonus points for anything extra, such and nude pictures, or getting the chicks sister and her. IF a THREESOME is achieved by a player, the girls averages are multiplied together and that is the number of points you get (a7 and a 8 in a 3 way are a 42. I think. I cant do math) At the end of every year, On New Years, points are tallied and a winner announced.

Its 5 grand to get in, and winner takes the pot, plus what ever accomodations the winner needs for his new years eve celebration are paid for by the losing players. Its THE GAME> Jenny Found the rule book. ( and yes, this is a real game invented by a group of my freinds with strict rules and guidelines, *send a message for complete GAME rules) The rule is, no, and we mean NO bitch ever finds out about the Game.

Punishment is for the bitch to provide points to the group. She was looking through my toolbox for a screwdriver when mysteriously she uncovered the book.( which was hiddenbeneath the tray liners) Joe and I saw her flipping through it first.

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It was a record of points for the past year. "What ya got there, Jen?" She looked at me. "I don;t quite know. Looks like a lot of girls names and pictures." "The drop the fuckin book and shut the fuck up" I ordered.

she tensed and I knew she was scared. She dropped the book to the floor as I walked twoard her. "Hey, what the hell man, its jsut a book, cmon, Im sorry. I wont say anything" she started to plead. "I think he said to shut your fucking mouth whore" Joe yelled at her. She jumped and started to tremble. "I I III I Dd DOnt know what yoou guys are doing, bb But I a mgetting scared" Jenny stammered.

The bitch had to pay.Joe and I grabbed her and she started kicking and screaming for help. We got her gagged quickly and tied her legs and hands. Joe hoisted her up and took her to the barn, and I called the group.

they all arrived quickly. 10 Men of but one thing in common, A penis over 8inches long.

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All of us are quite well enowed, its a requirement for the game. We circled around Jenny, who was in the middle of the barn, tied laying in the fetal position. "Get the Barrell" Dave yelled. A few men got a 55 gallon barrell and picked Jenny up, laying her on her stomach on the barrell. They pulled her limbs in 4 seperate directionsand tied them down to the floor. she was spread apart beant over the barrell, still clothed.

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I walked up and smacked her ass hard, she jumped. " Welcome to being the world largest fucking cumslut." I spit on her face. "I know your gonne love all this cock up inside your tiny lil twat.


I have seen you fucking yourself in your window at night." I knew she was because she would often leave her window open while she laid in bed playing with her lil pussy. "We are all gonna run a cum train on you bitch, and before tonight is over, youll forget everything" I smacked her cheeck and told her the rules, no biting, no screaming,(she will be gagged) no fighting, or we get worse.

We began cutting all of her clothes off with scissors.

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Her jeans were a little difficult, but she fought less when a dick was shoved in her mouth and down her throat. soon we had cute every piece of clothing off this young bitch, and we stared at the fresh pink meat before us. She squirmed and mumbled, but it didnt matter what the bitch said. I walked behind he and spread her ass cheeks, spitting on her pink pussy.


I worked my finger around. she was a lil wet, and I spit again to get her real wet. I dropped my jeans to the floor and showed her my massive erection. her eyes bulged and she gasped at the sight.

She gasped again when I rammed all 8 fat inches of my man meat right up inside her cunt. I dunno if she was a virgin, but she sure as fuck wasnt anymore. With a cock in her mouth and a cock up her twat, she boucned back and forth from one to the other.

I started playing with her ass hole, working a finger up inside of itand ripping it out off her fast.I fucked her tight lil pussy deep and harder while she was gagging and Joes monster.I felt my balls tights when I actually felt the lil slut cum hard with my cock deep inside her lil body.

I couldnt help but unload into that sweet pulsating pussy.

my cock jumped and swelled in heer pussy, send my seed deep into her. I felt so good cummin inside this lil slut for the first time, and I knew that bitch loved it. I got off of her to watch 2 of the other players start fucking her. They untied her and position her to take a cock in her ass and pussy. Joe still had his cock in her throat as she did her best to suck him off.

As the men below her violated her cunt and asshole, Jow shot is thick load all over Jenny pretty lil face, giveing her plenty of slut juice. the players fucking her ass shot thier loads off deep inside our little cum bucket, and the next player dove in to fuck her a lil hard and deeper.

Jenny had came about 3 times when she started to ask us to stop. I reminded her sluts only beg for. she kept pleading to stop, but eventually, she gave in. thinkin she could help herself by beggin for more, she asked me to fuck her more. "No slut, You aint no good to me no more. All them guys have cummed inside your nasty lil cunt. YYou think you deserve this fat cock bitch?" "PLease sir, fuck me with your fat cock" she begged and grunted, taking another huge load of hot man juices into her womb.

"Fuckin bitch, you would haveto beg for some cock. Nasty fuckin Whores like you always do. Do you like beaing a our lil fuck toy slut?" She grunted, and started crying, felling her asshole ripped open as Ed, the House Horse as we call him, rammed his 12 inch hoss all the way up her ass to the hilt. she bawled until I started to throat fuck her. Nothing worse than a bitch crying when you fuck her. I let her up her air and shoved my cock back down her throat, Her face was covered in cum.

She had cum in her hair and down her chest. cum was dripping from her cunt all the way to her knees. Her masscara and blush was smeared and mixed with sweat and cum for at least 4 or 5 different guys. Almost everyone came in Jennys twat at least once, and many numerous time.


We fucked Jenny for over 6 hours, cummer on her, over her, In her. Her pussy and asshole gaped open as the seed of 10 men oozed out of the filthy fuck hole. Her hair was matted down with cum and her eyes bloodshot. We finally finished unloading our weapons into this lil fuck bucket for the night, and left her laying in the barn in a pool of cum. She passed out.