Naughty chick delights with moist blowjob and wild ramrod riding

Naughty chick delights with moist blowjob and wild ramrod riding
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*Author Note: This is the first sexual story I've written in a long time. I'll try to do my best so be easy on me! This is just a first chapter, a back story on the main character, Emma!

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Also, both sisters are 18 :)* My sister's eyes grew to the size of walnuts when she saw me, naked from head to toe and in a very compromising position with our dog. It's not as if my sister had never seen my body before, but we grew up in a very modest house hold and by the time we turned 10, neither one of us were comfortable changing in front of each other as we had done when we were children.

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After puberty, our lives took two separate paths. While neither one of us were religious, she took the path of becoming a book worm and hanging out with the same friends she had since kindergarten. She blushed whenever someone mentioned anything remotely sexual. I, on the other hand, took an entirely different path with life.


When I turned 14, I started smoking cigarettes and hanging out with a darker crowd at school. Most of the girls I hung out with were older then me and into other woman. For the most part, they left me alone until I turned 16 and began to take notice of my quickly growing body and brought me to where I am now.

I'm into a lot of things my sister may consider taboo. We lived on a farm our entire lives and as soon as my dad passed away, my mom stayed in her room for the most part. We spent our days after graduating high school working long days on the farm trying to keep up with all the work that he had left behind.

The heat must have been getting to my head that day my sister saw me naked because I felt my body slowly becoming more and more excited as I brushed out each of our horses manes. We had 6 of them on the farm, including a younger one that wasn't quite to adulthood yet. By the time I had gotten to him, I grew curious about the older horses large cocks. I shook my head and remembered what one of my friends had told me about horses when I was younger.

Their sperm is powerful but their cocks feel so good inside of you. I had decided from then on, I would have rather had my dogs. I checked around me to see where my sister went and dropped my underwear, revealing my shaven pussy. One of our dogs, Jack, had been following me for awhile now, sniffing at my butt and pawing at my leg.

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I decided to humor him and I patted between my legs and whistled gently. Jack nuzzled his head between my legs and sniffed before taking a long lick between my pussy lips, hitting my clit at just the right angle. Letting out a soft moan, I pulled my shirt and bra off and tossed them over the railing of the younger horses cage.

I wasn't concerned about where my sister was as my dog licked furiously at my clit.

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I watched my younger horses cock as I thought about having it inside of me instead of the small dog cock that was growing hard while my fingers massaged his balls.

I was so close to cumming so I patted my chest gentle, allowing jack to pounce on me and I helped him guide his dripping cock into my pussy. Grunting slightly, I grabbed my nipples between my fingers and twisted them, feeling the pain all the way down my body as he jumped me furiously.

I didn't hear the leaves rustle in the trees by the horse barn. I certainly didn't hear the gasp coming from my sister's mouth. I only heard her when Jack finally finished into my mouth, when I threw my head back and caught a glimpse of her innocent face.the innocence that I would soon take away from her that same day.when she found me furiously rubbing my clit while our family dog released his sperm inside of me. **** I pulled my pants up quickly, giving my sister a sheepish smile.

I felt the cum dripping out into my panties but I didn't care.

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I had more things to worry about. "Amy, wait!" I yelled, following quickly after her. She took off running into the house after she found me with our dog.


She didn't get any further then our pigs before I tackled her into the dirt. "Get off of me, Emma! I'm telling Mom!" She hissed under her breath. I never thought she could be so menacing. Her general demeanor was usually sweat but she had a look of pure anger in her eyes.


Straddling her lower back, I held her face down by her arms. "Amy, stop. Do you really think that is what she needs right now?" I tightened my grip on her arms, digging my knees into her sides as she squirmed harder but loosened them as she relaxed a little bit.

"Dad just died a few months ago. She doesn't need this!" "That is just gross, Emma! Why are you doing that! You just let Jack stick his." She paused. "Cock." "Emma! His.penis." she grimaced, as if she was 12 again and she didn't want to cuss in front of our parents.

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I couldn't help but laugh at my sister. She was 10 minutes younger then I was but she was almost 50 pounds smaller throughout our entire childhood. She grew slower then I did and blossomed slower but as she was being held under me, I realized that my sister was beautiful. I couldn't see from this angle but by the gap between the ground and her, I could tell that her breasts had grown a significant size from the last time I had truly noticed her.

Not only that, but as she squirmed under me I realized that I didn't want to let my sister go. I wanted to hold her there, in the dirt, for as long as I could. But was I really OK with taking advantage of my twin sister? How did I know that she wouldn't tell anyone if I did? And as we sat in the dirt, I formulated a plan that I could make my sister my bitch.and make her like it too.