Teen webcam bath and solo sucking stepbros banana

Teen webcam bath and solo sucking stepbros banana
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My First time with Rolf A little about myself and my husband John would be appropriate before the story I think. He is just a plain Texas country boy, nothing outstanding except his ability to fix anything that runs. He has been a little kinky as long as I can remember. I am on the other hand very shy and quite. Raised in a very religous family, well Mother anyway.

I was a virgin when we were married at 21 and my Mother had told me sex was bad but it was something I would have to put up with when I got married. After the first time we had sex I knew my Mother lied to me about sex, it was great.

I knew nothing about pleasing a man but I was a quick learner and really loved to study if you know what I mean. When we got married I was almost 5"3", weighed almost 100 pounds, had long brown hair, a really nice figure and long legs for someone my height. John spent a year teaching me everything he wanted me to know about sex and I never ever once said no I don't want to do that, I trusted John and knew he wouldn't hurt me.

After that first year I got pregnant and we had our first child. It was great and as soon as we could we were right back fucking like rabbits. Three years after our daughter was born I had us a son, with a black guy.

John gave me to a black guy that worked for him.

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He fucked me bare and unprotected and I got pregnant. That is not what this about so I will stop there on that part and continue where this story leads. So the story takes place around six months after our son was born.

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So now that part is out of the way I will tell you what happened that night. We had been out to a party and I had just a little to much to drink, I was not falling down drunk but all of my inhibitions were gone. As soon as we sent the baby sitter home I was ready for sex, John just barely had time to let our dog in for the night. I was taking my clothes off in the living room as John came back from letting the dog in. He immediately grabbed me and we went to the floor making out and he was rubbing my pussy, which was still shaved clean.

Our youngest was a little over 6 months old and John had talked me into keeping my pussy shaved slick like a new born. As he rubbed my pussy I was squirming around on the carpet while trying to take his pants off so I could suck his dick. Finally I succeeded in removing his clothes so we were now nude on the carpet in the living room.


I had got on my knees to suck his dick when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eyes to my left. John told me later he heard me make a funny noise so he opened his eyes to see what was happening. I still had his dick in my mouth but I was now looking at our German Shepard, standing beside me with his cock hanging out of his sheath. I could tell by what I could see he was very large in the cock department. I reached out my hand to rub his cock back and forth, I pulled my mouth off John's cock and looked at him.

He had this wild look in his eyes. I remember saying in a whisper, his cock is so hot it almost burns my hand. I continued to rub it until his knot had started out of his sheath and his cock was swelled to huge proportions. Out of nowhere John pushed my head toward Rolf's hot, red dog cock. I instinctly took his cock in my mouth, as soon as I had my lips around his cock he started fucking it in and out of my mouth rapidly. In seconds his knot was hitting my lips and he was sliding his cock down my throat.

It didn't take long before he was squirting in my mouth and I was trying to swallow as fast as I could. When I pulled my lips off of his cock I had dog cum running down my lips onto my chin and then down on my tits. John said I had this wild ass look in my eyes as I turned to kiss John on the lips, the same lips that I had just pulled off of Rolf's cock.


Before I was thru I had dog cum in his mouth and on both of our faces. John said suddenly I looked as if I had been electrocuted, Rolf had stuck his tongue 4 inches up my wet pussy. I said aaaggggh God that feels goooooddd.

I had my ass stuck in the air and my head laid on John's chest. I knew absolutely nothing about women having sex with dogs or any animals actually but I was begging Rolf to keep it up and I was trying to look around to see what was happening.

Finally after 10 minutes and many orgasms I almost passed out and kinda went limp as I laid on John's chest. I was moaning don't stop and I looked back to see what Rolf was doing just as he got on his back legs to mount me.

John immediately wrapped his arms around my back so I couldn't move, Rolf now had his legs wrapped around my waist as he was poking his cock around my pussy, John was whispering to me to help him get it in.I remember shaking my head no but I was reaching back to find his cock.

When I did find it I guided it right to my pussy. As soon as he felt my pussy around his cock, he lunged forward putting all of his cock up to his knot in at once. He fucked me like a machine as I howled and moaned the whole time he was fucking me. It didn't take many thrusts of his cock before he drove his knot inside my pussy.


God I was stretched and he had swelled inside me as he had got longer. I could feel the pointed tip of his cock trying to get into my cervix. I don't know how many times I cummed but I must have had 5 or 6 orgasms over the 20 minutes he fucked me and he seemed to be cumming the whole time. Since his knot was swelled up in my pussy there was hardly any cum leaking out, as he fucked me like a machine gun. We both got sated about the same time and Rolf tried to pull out but with his knot swelled he couldn't pull his cock out.

By this time John had got out from under me and he was keeping Rolf from pulling out and hurting me. However that didn't keep him from telling me how good I looked getting fucked by Rolf and how I was now Rolf's bitch.

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He said he is probably going to want some of that pussy every day now that he knows its his. Of course I told him to fuck off and was about to tell him off good when Rolf's dick started vibrating and I had a rockets going off, mind blowing orgasm. When I caught my breath I told John, Rolf can have this pussy anytime he wants. Finally after what seemed like an hour I felt Rolf's knot starting to shrink. It was just a minute until he pulled out with a pop.

Rolf must have cummed a quart because it gushed out of my pussy all on the floor and down my thighs.

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I slumped to the floor and then rolled over on my back, John leaned over and kissed me. He said the was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I had came back to reality and started crying. I was saying how could I let Rolf fuck me, I said how could I do that. John started rubbing my clit that was swollen to twice its normal size. He told me it was ok, it was just sex and that all 3 of us loved it. He said of course my dick was as hard as it had ever been in my life, so I put my hand on it and he told me, see how excited it made me.

I rubbed his cock with tears on my cheeks and I guess I still didn't believe him so I said eat my pussy before you fuck me. Well he had to make a decision, he knew if he didn't eat my pussy there was no hope of me ever doing anything like that again.

So he leaned down and did the best job of eating my pussy that he had ever done. I could tell that Rolf's big cock had stretched my pussy which really left a lot of his cum in me. When he was finished he moved up my body and put his dick where minutes before Rolf had me impaled. My pussy was still hotter than it had ever been and I loved the stretched feeling as he fucked me. As soon as he got in my pussy he leaned down and kissed me and let his mouthful of Rolf's cum slide in my mouth.

I took all of it and then licked all around his face to get all of it. When we finished he picked me up and carried me to our bed, he also shut the door as he didn't think we needed Rolf again that night. When we got in bed we talked about what had happened again.

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I told him how good it all felt. I said I couldn't believe how hot Rolf's cock was in my pussy and I said that I loved him eating my pussy after Rolf had filled me full of his dog cum. John asked if I would do it again and I said I didn't know, but that I loved it while we were fucking. I said I know it was wrong but it just felt so good, John said it didn't hurt Rolf so he didn't think it was all that bad.

By then his dick was as hard as stone again and he put my hand on it to show me it had him excited again. I said I believe you really liked me fucking Rolf, then I said you know his cock is twice as big as yours don't you? He told me yes but he wasn't jealous as long as he could still fuck me too. The next morning neither of us mentioned anything about last night so I thought things were going to be cool and I couldn't wait to get Rolf's cock buried all up in my pussy again.