Stupid teen thought no dick will be bgi enough for her pussy

Stupid teen thought no dick will be bgi enough for her pussy
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My name is Amy. I was only 13 when my sex life took off. I just got my second boyfriend and he moved quite fast. I was starting to learn about my body and how it worked.

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I had discovered porn on the internet and could see stories and pictures of how it worked. I had often thought of touching myself but was too afraid.

My boyfriend Josh and I had been to a few movies and were getting pretty good at making out. My body had started to develop quite well at the time. I had developed a pretty wide hips and I considered myself to have a nice ass. I was still lacking a little in the chest. My breasts hadn't fully developed yet and I was a little behind the other girls in my class. We went to a movie one night in the summer. He was a really funny guy and cute too. We made out for what seemed like an hour when I felt his hand reach for my stomach.

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His hand ran up and down my body very slowly. I felt his hand starting to move closer to my tits. I was very nervous.

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My stomach started feeling very empty and like I had a million butterflies in it. I was wearing a V-Neck tee-shirt that fit very tight.

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His hand finally reached my breast. By this time I was getting very aroused. I was starting to feel things in my body that I had never felt before. He stopped kissing me long enough to lean me over on his chest. His hand slipped away from my breasts as he started kissing my neck. I then felt his hand quickly easing over my collarbone and down my shirt.


He rubbed my chest like he had done this a million times but I knew better, it was his first time too. He was very gentle as he squeezed my nipple and rubbed my chest. I had never been so aroused in my life. Three Weeks Later It was summer time and my parents were at work all day while I had the days to myself to talk on the phone and do nothing. Josh's parents were out of town for a week leaving Josh to his older brother.

He had this great idea that his brother was going to bring him over in the morning and pick him up before my parents came home. His brother dropped him off at my house at 9. I was already in the pool.


He ran around back and into the house to change. He jumped right in the pool and swam over to me. He attacked my mouth like he had never done before.

His hand reached quickly around my body and squeezed my ass. This went on for a few minutes when he reached for my tits again.


This time he pulled my top down slowly and exposed one breast and the other. He stared at them like he had never seen a girl topless before. He leaned over and put my nipple in his mouth. I was so nervous I just giggled and jumped back. I immediately pulled my top up and started swimming.

I got tired of swimming and couldn't wait to get in the house where I could attach him and kiss him all over without the fear of being spotted by the neighbors. Once inside I went and got changed in my room leaving Josh to change downstairs. When I came downstairs he was still his swim shorts. He had a very large bulge stressing the fabric of his shorts. I wondered if it was really his penis or not. I had never seen a hard cock before except on the net.

He just kept grinning at me as I poured a glass of tea and he walked to the bathroom to change. Once changed we sat down to watch a movie.

He sat at the end of the couch and pulled me in close between his legs. All I could feel as I got closer to him was his extremely hard boner. Every few seconds he would flex his cock against my back. I was so turned on. I turned to kiss him and he met me halfway. His hand immediately went to my tits as his mouth met mine.

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He rubbed very gently but with purpose. His hand made its way up my shirt and onto my bare chest. I had foreseen this event coming so I did not put a bra on when I changed. After about 3 or four minutes I definitely knew what horny felt like. He ran his hand slowly down my body and out of my shirt, but he didn't stop there. His hand ran down over my shorts and down to my groin.

He started rubbing against me very firmly. I felt his fingers slip inside of my pussy and it was very wet. I remember feeling like I wanted to buck my hips back and forth as fast as I could but being too afraid to. His hand rubbed my slowly for a minute or two and I didn't think I would ever be ready for what happened next. He eased his hand up my body and to my stomach. He slowly eased his hand down my belly and to my shorts.

He slipped his hand into my shorts and eased it down to the slit of my pussy. I was almost shaking as his fingers entered my pussy. I was so wet.

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His fingered just applied a good amount of pressure at first but he slowly eased his fingers down and up deep inside. He began to stroke his fingers in and out with much pressure. I couldn't take it anymore. My hips started bucking back and forth meeting his movements.

I moaned and screamed for what seemed like ten minutes. He suddenly quit. He grabbed my hand and eased it back to his crotch. His cock was so hard. I got on the floor and unzipped his pants and unbuckled them.

His cock flopped out of his jeans very fast. It wasn't very big. The first thought I can remember is that it was about half the size of the ones I had seen on the net. Maybe 5 and half inches. I grabbed it in my hand and started stroking his shaft very slowly. "Faster," he muttered.

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I started to stroke him faster and faster. He was playing with my hair and started pushing it downward towards his cock. I resisted slightly but finally gave in. I wrapped my mouth around it and started bobbing my mouth up and down. He was pulling and pushing on my head with every move. Suddenly I felt him blow his load in my mouth. I was shocked and had no idea what was going on and pulled my mouth off very fast.

His second and third spurts hit me right on the face one right on the cheek and the next right on my upper lip. His cum tasted a little salty but I liked it.

We did break up a few weeks later but I researched everything that happened on the web my sex life got 1000% better from here.