Fudendo a Namorada dentro do carro

Fudendo a Namorada dentro do carro
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Stefan & Damon, Part IV Chapter 1: Unexpected Visitor "What the hell?" I screamed at the shocked looking Human standing in front of me behind the open door. Matt didn't answer a thing. "How did you, get HERE?" Matt, stunned just stared. After a few minutes of awkward staring, the guy finally answered. "Jeremy was with Bonnie, and there was like, spells and fire and smoke and then some big ray of light opened up! Jeremy just jumped in there! I didn't know what to do so I waited for Bonnie to go and just followed him in, then the circle disappeared behind me!" "It's been like a day since Jeremy was here, where were you?!" "How the fuck should I know!

It was MAGIC!" Matt was now shouting in confusion, the guy had just seen magic. Then I turned around to see Jeremy standing right behind me, also in his shorts. "What's happening?" "Matt got here by the portal. Bonnie left it open," I explained to him. "Oh" was all he said. "So, yeah I'm gonna crash here…" Matt answered back.

Jeremy stared at me, knowing that I didn't want Matt around. Matt was straight, and with all the sex that's been going around here we can't have him, especially that he would not be okay with it.

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And if he crashed here, we wouldn't be able to have sex. Jeremy approached me and whispered in my ear "Compel him." I leaned forward, looking into Matt's blue eyes. "Go away, find another hotel room." I said, throwing in all of the compulsion I had. "Nahh I'm staying here!" Matt got in the hotel room, smiling as if it wasn't the awkwardest thing to do. I closed the door, thinking about the failure of my compulsion. Matt has probably some vervain in his system. Weird, who got it to him?

Damon and Alaric were both up too, staring at Matt, shocked. We were all in just a pair of shorts each, except for Matt who was in jeans and a tshirt. Damon, first to recover, said lazily, "Well, I'm off to bed." And he headed into one of the rooms of the hotel, probably the one he had put his stuff in. "Okay so we should go to sleep… Wait!

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There's only four rooms and we're 5!" I said. Jeremy was near his own door but he turned around and said, "How about I sleep in your bedroom?" "Sure" I smiled at him, understanding what he was getting at. He spun around and headed to my room, Alaric then went to his and I motioned Matt to the remaining room. While he was heading to his room, I realized he didn't have any luggage. "Do you want something to sleep in?" "Naa, thanks braah!

I'll just sleep in my underwear." "Okay then!" I walked back to my room to see Jeremy in under the covers, waiting for me with a shy grin on his face. "You ain't wasting no time, are you?" I said, smiling back at him. I closed the door and took off my shorts, leaving me naked.

I jumped in bed and got under the covers. Jeremy approached me and started kissing me, running his hands down my back until he arrived at my ass cheek. He squeezed it a little, and pulled me to him, deepening the kiss. I lifted my right foot and wrapped it around his feet, pushing him even closer. I took my arms out and turned the human between my hands, handling him with ease and care, turning him so that his back faced me. My hands traveled down Jeremy's smooth body, caressing him, provoking his moans, until they reached his butt.

He instinctively arched his back, exposing his ass.

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I didn't waste any time and I placed my cock on his opening. He moaned in anticipation and I was sure he was ready for my huge cock. I pushed in the tip of my cock in his opening and he moaned even louder.

I dug in my dick as much as it would go, then pushed back. Afterwards I just shoved my member in Jeremy's ass so hard, that he barely screamed! I then started pumping him, harder and faster by the minute.

Jeremy was moaning like crazy by then until suddenly, we heard a gasp coming from the foot of the bed. We both turned around to see Matt just standing there, with his mouth wide open.

Oh, God! We didn't even hear him come in! "What the fuck are you doing here?!" I shrieked at him. "I came in when I heard your screaming and I find you fucking around?!" "It's none of your fuckin business anyway!" Matt just stood there.

He didn't know what to say, and neither did we. Chapter II: Join us. "Fine. I'm going back to sleep." Matt turned around, heading for the door before Jeremy yelled back, "You can join us if you want…" Then Matt turned his face to show the most horrified expression on his face. "As you wish", Jeremy said, going back under the covers. Matt continued his way out, closing the door behind him. "That was fucked up.

What do we do now that he knows?" "We'll just pretend that nothing happened and see where it leads us." Jeremy leaned in to kiss me and we exchanged a few lip locks, and when he was getting near me, I stopped the kiss. "No, not now. Some other time. By the way, Matt is on vervain, so he can't be compelled.

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I'm thinking about waiting a few days for it to go completely off his system, and then compel him." "No, I hate this whole compulsion stuff! It's like cheating, you know?

We'll just see what happens." "Alright, but I'm still planning to get his body vervain free." We slept in each others' arms until the next day. We woke up and we both got in our usual shorts and headed out of the room to see everyone on the breakfast table. "Morning everybody!" I greeted everyone, who all greeted us back, except for Matt who kept glaring at us.

"Here you go, bro!" Damon tossed me a bloodbag and I quickly ripped off the top, sucking the liquid. Jeremy sat down next to Alaric and poured himself some coffee, while devouring a chocolate donut.

Breakfast went on and then we all went in our rooms to shower, we were doing some tourism afterwards. I got naked and opened the door of the restroom of my room, to find Jeremy cleaning himself off. "Oh, sorry I'll just wait." "Hey, don't be stupid come on in!" I blushed and while getting in the shower, I locked the door. We wouldn't be interrupted that time. I was in and I quickly went to Jeremy, kissing him, my tongue exploring his mouth.

He kissed me back fiercely, his hands traveling down my back and grabbing my ass cheecks. I approached him and we were kissing even more passionately, our tongues to tigers in a battle, our cocks grunting against each other.

Jeremy then started kissing down my lips, licking my throat and arriving at my nipples.

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He continued nibbling at each and then traveled down until arriving at my throbbing member. He gently teased it, licking at my ballsack and licking lightly up the shaft. Then he just went for my cock, taking down 4 inches into his mouth, and sucking. He started sucking, then he took my cock in his hand, taking it out of his mouth and making a slurping sound.

He jacked it off and then he spit on it. Then, he took it back in his mouth and started thrusting his head forward. I rested my hands on his head and I helped him, pushing his face forward, face fucking him. We went faster and faster, his mouth taking more and more of my dick until I reached my climax.

"I'mmm about to cuuum!" "Cum in me, baby!" He screamed with my dick still in his mouth. I thrusted a few more thrusts and then I couldn't take it and I came into his mouth, shooting load after load.

Jeremy continued sucking and swallowing until the last drop of cum. I withdrew my member from his mouth and saw a few droplets of cum dripping off the corners of his mouth. I approached his face and kissed him, licking away the remains of my male essence. He kissed me back, passionately licking the insides of my mouth. I got on top of him and continued the kiss, him wrestling to be on top of me, I guessed he didn't like to be controlled.

We were kissing, me on top of him, in the shower. How hot was that? The hot water was warming us and cleansing us at the same time. Suddenly, the door flew open and someone stepped in the bathroom door.

I didn't have time to shout who it was, when Matt opened the shower's curtains to find me lying on Jeremy, our mouths joined. I quickly got off of him and started mumbling: "Hey, Matt What the fuck are you doing here?!" "I heard a loud thump and thought someone fell while taking a shower! I got in to see you two kissing?!

EW!" "Hey, don't diss it before you try it" Jeremy responded, winking at him. My lust was way overwhelming and I didn't want to deal with this. Jeremy stared at me and I knew what he meant with his gaze. I got out the showers and went, locking the bathroom door. "What the- "Hey, wanna join in with us, Matt?" I said, teasingly.

I couldn't compel him so we had to convince him the same old way. "No fuckin way, get away from me!" But I already was ripping off his shirt. Jeremy got out of the shower and unlocked Matt's belt. He then took down his jeans, while I was taking off his shirt and his flannel. Matt was now standing in his underwear, which Jeremy was now kneeling down to take off. "Hey, seriously get away from me!" Matt then pushed Jeremy off, knocking him down.

His head hit the ground and he screamed. He had been wounded. "Shit!" I yelled, and got to him as fast as my vampire speed could get me.

I quickly bit off some of my wrist to feed Jeremy my blood, which would heal him. While feeding him, I stared at Matt who was staring at the scene. "See what you done there?" "S-sorry didn't mean it!" Jeremy was already healing, he got up and took my hand away.

I examined the back of his head and found nothing. Then, Jeremy launched at Matt, but I stopped him, and winked at him. He took a few breaths and composed himself, ready for the task we had. Jeremy then caught Matt off guard by ripping down his boxers, revealing a rock hard 8 incher.

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"Thought you didn't want to join?" Jeremy said, cockily. Matt didn't answer, embarrassed by his erection. Then he mumbled, "I still don't want to!" I took a towel and dried myself off, then threw it to Jeremy who did the same. I then attacked Matt, and carried him in his torso area. Jeremy followed my lead, but grabbing him at his feet. We carried him across the bathroom and I unlocked the door, now getting out the bathroom into my room.

I then quickly locked the doors, dropping Matt at the bed. He started trying to get off. I opened my bag and took a few ropes I had gotten, just in case. Matt had managed to stand away from the bed but I easily carried him with my vampire strength. I knocked him on the bed, and got on top of him. I took hold of his right hand, tying it with the rope on the bed, and did the same with the left hand.

He was now facing the bed, his back to us. Now he was trapped. I got off of him and stood back where Jeremy stood, taking in all of the scene. "What are you going to do to me?" Matt said, a little scared. "We. are going, to FUCK YOU!" Jeremy said, hopping under him. Matt didn't bother fighting back and tried to relax.

Jeremy found his mouth and kissed him lustily, Matt never returning the kiss. I quickly went on the bed and got on Matt's back, adjusting my now rock hard penis on his tight virgin ass hole.

"Are you ready?" I whispered in his ear, making him shiver. "Ready for what?" I pushed inside the tip of my cock in him, and he moaned in mixed pain and pleasure. I put my finger in his mouth and pushed in a good 2 inches inside him, and he bit on my finger. "Whoaa there, easy, big guy!" He endured it, never saying a thing. Then I couldn't take it and shoved my entire shaft inside him, provoking a soundless scream.

He was hurt, bad. I didn't thrust or do anything, waiting for his ass to adjust. A few seconds later, I pushed my cock out, then fast back in, and I continued pounding at the Human underneath my dominant muscled body. I pounded off, with Matt right underneath me and Jeremy, who was getting away from Matt. He climbed on the bed and got on top of me. He whispered in my ear, making me shiver, "How about a taste of your own medicine?" "I'd love that" I said, popping out my ass, ready for him to enter me.

I felt the tip of his cock at my hole, ready for him to enter me at any second. He then pushed in the full length of his member. I moaned, already accustomed of the pain that comes with the pleasure. He pushed back and then, back in, and started pounding me. He thumped as hard as he could, his balls slapping against mine. I took his cock willingly, while pumping myself inside of Matt who whimpered and shivered at the touch.

I fucked him as hard as I managed to, all the while Jeremy was fucking me. It was one hell of a scene. Then, I felt Jeremy's cock tense, and knew he was going to cum. He immediately withdrew it from my hole and went to stand in front of us.

I opened my mouth and welcomed his cock in, sucking and licking at his cock. I licked the shaft while he was face-fucking me, grunting. We were all grunting, eventually. Matt was also moaning moans of subs, as if he was getting raped. In a way, he was, even though we noticed he liked it. Jeremy remained face-fucking me until, he shot his load in my mouth.

Sprays of cum were invading my mouth, and I was silently taking it, sucking and swallowing as much as I could. He remained pumping for a few minutes then gave up. A few drops of cum were running down my mouth, and the excitement of the scene ran me over the edge, and I climaxed, cumming inside of Matt, who was now moaning in pleasure.

After a few splurts, a stream of cum was running down his asshole, down his balls and on his own now erect dick. I continued thrusting until after a couple of minutes, then I withdrew myself from him. Without a word to Matt, I went to take a shower, joining Jeremy in the shower.

Few minutes later, when we were done, we headed out of the shower, drying ourselves. The most unexpected was that we found Matt just laying there, on the bed, naked.

He looked troubled. Jeremy and I just stood there, staring at his troubled face. "I can't believe it." "What?" I said, intrigued. "I actually liked it!" he said, eyes narrowing. My mood shifted, we had actually turned a straight as an arrow guy gay! "Well, get ready, cause there's loads of this stuff going on here!" "What do you mean?" Matt asked Jeremy, quite intrigued. "Are Damon and Alaric, Er- Like you- us guys?" "Haha, yeah!

Sure as hell they are!" Jer said, grinning. We all chuckled, looking forward to all of that was waiting to happen next. Chapter III: 1, 2, 3, 4? 5! Jeremy then launched at Matt and jumped at him, his just showered body naked. He then kissed him, putting his tongue into Matt's mouth, exploring. "Oh, guys come on!

I'm super tired let's just sleep!" I said lazily to the couple making out, who seemed to ignore me. "I'm not!" Jeremy bellowed.

"I'm horny as hell and ready to fuck!" "Neither am I!" Matt quickly added. I snorted. "Teen hormones!" "You're a teen too, Stefan, you're just frozen." Jeremy said. I was dating Jeremy's sister, Elena, and since she knew I was a vampire, of course, so did Jeremy.

Not Matt. "Whaaa-t do you guys mean?" Matt said, pulling away from Jeremy. "Nothin, I'm just kidding here!" Jeremy quickly said. They continued kissing, and Jeremy said, "Hey, stop staring! Join us!" "I have a better idea!" I said, heading out of the room. I went to Damon's room, only to find him curled up naked, collapsed against Alaric. They hadn't been wasting any time.

They were kissing wildly, their hips grunting against each other.


"You guys! Matt's gay too, why don't you come around?" Both Alaric and Damon got up, screaming, "GROUP SEX!" I chuckled as I led them into the room, to find Jeremy already pounding Matt, who was on doggy style. "Hey there guys, wait for us!" I said to the couple, and made them chuckle too.


Jeremy grabbed Matt by the elbows and made him stand up, both of them kneeling on the bed, so it was like they were just too pieces of puzzle, connected by a wire. I felt turned on, and got a hard on. I quickly went behind Jeremy, kneeling behind him and readying my throbbing cock to his tight asshole. I spit on my hand and rubbed my cock and Jeremy's ass with it, and as soon as possible, I felt my way into his entrance. I slowly introduced my manhood in, trying not to hurt Jer.

I was half way in when Alaric quickly went in front of Matt, his hairy body kneeling too. Alaric was a bottom and everybody who had fucked him knew his ways. Matt then knew his queue and penetrated him, fucking him as fast as he could manage, Alaric throwing loud gasps and screams and moans and anything you could hear in a porno. Damon was left and he went to Alaric, kneeling even shorter than any of us, and grabbed Alaric's cock in his mouth.

I focused myself on dominating Jeremy's ass with my monster cock. Me and Damon were vamps, so the blood in our veins traveled thousands of times faster than any other human, gifting us with the largest meats u can think of. Jeremy was very strong to be able to take the full cock in his ass! Meanwhile, Damon continued sucking Alaric's cock, stopping once in a while to suckle at lick at his hairy balls.

His own dick was hard as a rock but never satisfied. I fucked Jeremy harder and harder, licking his neck from behind. Then I called to Damon, "Hey Damon, come have some fun over here!" He quickly realized what I meant, and got up and sped to me as fast as he could manage as a human speed. He got behind me, and with no warning pumped his whole dick into me, making it hard to me to concentrate on Jeremy, while being dominated from behind by my own brother.

Damon carried on pumping, fucking me harder than ever. We both moaned, and I kept screaming, the mixture of pain and pleasure overwhelming my senses. After a few minutes I was relaxed, and I focused on Jeremy, continuing to fuck him, pumping as fast as I could, my balls slapping against his.

"Ahhh! FUCK! I'm going to cum, Stefan!" And Jeremy shot off stream after stream of cum, all landing inside of Matt, whose blue eyes rolled up into his head. He then gave a loud moan of pleasure, screaming, "Imma cum too, Alaric!" And his body tensed, as he came into Alaric's hairy body, with leaks of cum dripping out of his asshole, onto his balls.

The scene developing before me was such a turn on that I readied myself to cum. And as my whole body tensed, I warned Jeremy of me cumming, and felt his ass tighten so hard against my throbbing cock, that got me off edge and made me cum inside him.

Damon was last, he kept fucking me. He didn't slow down or anything, but continued his painful attempt at dominating my hole. After 10 minutes, everyone left the room, getting bored of Damon never actually cumming and ending the fuck.

I was left alone with him, and he continued fucking away, until he grabbed my hair and pulled it, making me stand up, giving up my doggystyle position. He then took hold of my body from beneath my armpits, and had me immobilized, at his mercy. He fired away, never even giving the slightest warning of having to cum. Damon's stamina was incredible, he was such a stud! With no warning, he bit down on my neck, not to drink any blood, but to Mark me.

He had just claimed me, and my body, as his. And finally, he gave a loud moan, and shouted, "I'm going to cum, boy! Take it in!" I tried to get away from him, before he came in my ass which is pretty annoying, but he didn't even let me move a foot before he grabbed me and pulled me back, fucking me faster and harder.

"Ahhhh!!" I screamed, in both pain and extacy. And finally, he came into me, one, two, three, four, five, six ropes of cum quickly into my asshole. We just remained there, his still hard cock in me, until our bodies relaxed. We then got up and, full of exhaustion, got in bed, and fell asleep in each other's arms. Chapter IV: What next? I was laying under Damon, naked. We were both kissing passionately, our hearts beating as one.

He looked at me with his big eyes of his, grabbed hold of my shoulders and enwrapped me in an excruciating hug. "Ready for me, baby?" He breathed in my mouth. "Always" And the moment he penetrated me, his whole face changed, his eyes became scarlet, and their contours became to crackle as the veins stood out.

He opened his mouth in a grin, exposing a pair of razor sharp fangs. He got near me, his fangs pointing straight at my throat, and I yelled. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "Dude, stop yelling, I didn't know a proper way to wake u up in!" I looked around and saw Damon, his fangs sunk in my shoulder. "So you just bite me? Seriously?" He grinned at me and got up. "Get dressed. NOW." I just lay there, staring at him.

He was just standing there in his boxer shorts, with nothing else on. A very thin sheet was the only thing covering my morning hard on.

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He looked at me, and his eyes traveled to my cock. "Oh, so you need to be taken care of!" He said, chuckling as he got near me, and knelt down, taking off the sheet. He slowly got his head down, and took my throbbing cock into his mouth, slowly sucking up and down. While he was sucking me, his tongue traveled up and down my shaft, sending everlasting waves of pleasure and warmth in my whole body.

He then took it out of his mouth, and into his hand. He held it to clear some space and started licking and suckling at my balls, eating them, taking them out and licking all the way up the shaft. He kept it up for a few minutes, sometimes pausing to lick at the head as if it was a lollipop he was trying to swallow.

And then my throbbing meat began to tense up into his mouth, and so did most of my body, while I arched my back and took hold of his head, forcing it down my cock. I kept deep-throating him as he didn't complain and kept sucking, my cock touching the back of his throat. And then, I climaxed, with waves and waves of extacy and euphoria exploding my veins. I shot stream after stream of cum, into my brothers mouth, as he kept swallowing them.

We both relaxed and he got up, heading for his suitcase and getting dressed. "Your girlfriend called, she wants us all home. We tried finding some info and got it, now we go home." And this was the end of our hotel group sex, I thought.

With Elena at my side, and Bonnie on Jeremy's side, we wouldn't get to have any fun except for being REALLY careful. I got dressed, and we all gathered, leaving the hotel and heading back home… It's not the end if you don't want it to end! Would you like a Part V? Leave some commentswith suggestions. NO HATE! And please gimme a good rating (: Hope you enjoyed the stories. I will decide whether to keep writing according to the rating / comments.

Thanks again ! (: