Teen moka mora loves fucking with black boner after massage

Teen moka mora loves fucking with black boner after massage
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COME OVER AND ENJOY THE VIEW Katrina and I showered together and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. We both were too tired to continue our fun and agreed just to wash each other down. Katrina opened a new package of sponge pouf's and gave me one, while she took the other one.

She lathered my back first, paying extra attention to my ass. I turned her around and returned the favor. We then faced each other and worked on lathering up each other from head to toe.


While she did my tits, I did her coochie area. Each time I stroked her extra-sensitive coochie, she gave out a low moan. Katrina had her eyes closed and was trying her best not to let her hips take over. When it was time to switch, I tried to move my hand but Katrina grabbed my wrist and guided it, to continue the motions with the pouf on her pussy.

Katrina did not let go until she had a mini-orgasm. She laid her head on my shoulder and keep saying, "Shit, shit, shit!!! Bitch, I told you I was too tired to play." I grabbed her head by the hair, so that she was now looking at me.

"You know that was all on your horny ass. I just did what you wanted." She thought about it and we both started smiling. She quickly finished my pussy area and I did the same for her tits. Katrina hit a few more switches and turned the water jets on us from all angles. This felt so good on my tired body. We were finally finished showering and were now drying each other off. Katrina used some of her Bath and Body Works lotion all over my body. I did the same to her. Katrina reached behind her bathroom door and pulled out two of the smallest Japanese Kimono robes.

Handing me one, I put it on. It barely covered my ass and was cut so low that my tittys were just about hanging out. Katrina looked the same in her robe. We exchanged quick glances at each other as we walked out of the bathroom, hand in hand. I tried to pull away from Katrina and walk out of the door and over to my room.

She was having none of that. "Gurl, come on over here and snuggle with me in this big bed." Katrina said in her sexy voice. I was way too tired to object, so up in her bed I went. I turned my back to Katrina and could feel her immediately latch onto my waist and push her pelvis hard against my ass.

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I can't lie; I started to grind my ass back onto her pelvis. Katrina nuzzled her head onto my back and used one of her hands to reach into my robe to grab one of my tittys. I gave a low moan to show her how good I felt. Katrina tightened her hug from behind.

I whispered to her thank you. The next sound that I heard was some deep breathing. She was out like a light. I must have been worn out because I slept through the night and when I woke up Katrina was gone. The clock on her nightstand read 10 o'clock. As I sat up in her bed, I noticed that my kimono robe was wide open. When I looked down, I saw a trail of bright red lipstick kisses going up each leg and meeting at my Kitty Kat.

From my Kitty Kat the trail led up past my navel, through my cleavage and around both of my tittys. To top it off each nipple was encased with a red lipstick kiss.

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My smile was from ear to ear. Big Sis had marked her territory.

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Just then I could hear the distinctive ring of my cell phone. I was surprised to see it sitting on the bed next to me and wondered how it got there.

I remembered leaving it on my desk charging last night. It was a Facetime from my sister Katrina. I accepted her call and told her, "Good Morning, beautiful." "Good Morning to you," Katrina answered back. "I see that your fine ass is just now getting out of the bed. Some of us have to work for a living. You will be in this position soon." I yelled back to her,"Hell fucking no.

I am going to make the most of the next two months before college starts. My days are going to be fun and my nights are going to hot. A'int that right, my BITCH?" "Depends on who is making the fun and who is creating the heat." Katrina yelled back to me.

I gave Katrina a wink of my eye and shook my head in agreement. "Did you enjoy my little gift of love?" Katrina asked. I was giggling and cheesing like the school girl I was. Katrina chimed in, "Girl you silly as hell. Look in front of you" I looked up from the phone and immediately saw what she was talking about. Katrina had set up her webcam. This BITCH is watching me. Katrina later told me that she was watching me on her I-Pad and Facetiming me on her I-Phone.

I thought about being devilish with her. I laid my head back onto the headboard and made sure that my legs were cocked wide open. I asked her directly, "Do you like what you see? Come get some of this fat juicy pussy." I held open my pussy lips for her to see. I gave her the sign to come get it. I heard her say over the phone, "If I could I would be right there to tear that shit up. Rub that shit for Big Sis." I started rubbing on my clit. It was so sensitive.

Rubbing it back and forth with two fingers was getting my engine racing. My body was taking over from my mind. I even started using my thumb on my other hand to finger myself.

Katrina was on the phone still encouraging me on. "Karmen, take it slow, make it last. I need to see that fat pussy cum." My mind tried to slow my body down but it was not having any of that. I was going into pure bliss again and felt my Big "O" building.

I was pulled from my bliss by sister's voice. "Karmen, Karmen, stop. I got something special for you." I finally was able to stop. Cursing Katrina up and down, I told her, "BITCH this had better be good. My shit was about to explode." "Take that damn thumb out of your pussy and reach over into my nightstand drawer." Doing as I was told, I reached into the drawer and pulled out one of her toys.

It was a small battery operated vibrator. Katrina started giving me instructions. "Karmen, turn it on the medium setting. You are not ready for high just yet." Doing as I was told, I switched it on to low and felt a light vibration on my hand. I flipped the switch up one setting and could really tell the difference between low and medium. "Now start moving the vibrator over one nipple while you pinch the other one.

Switch after a few minutes." The sensations that I felt on my tittys was great. My moaning was getting loud. Katrina cut in saying, "Start moving the toy down past your navel and onto one of your pussy lips.

Do the same for the other pussy lip. That's it let Big Sis hear your pleasure." "Oh this shit feels so good." I managed to get out. I moved it over my clit and I thought that a bolt of lightning hit my ass.

I was writhing and twisting like I was having a fit. When I put it into my coochie, I thought that the world was getting all black. I was screaming, "Katrina, Katrina, help me." My world went all black. "Karmen, Karmen you okay? Karmen wake up." Katrina was able to wake be from my blackened state. She told me I was out for about 3 or 4 minutes. She described me as having cum very hard and even squirting fluids everywhere. Katrina said that my eyes rolled up in my head and I fell over.

Gaining back my senses, I realized that the vibrator was still humming and lying between my legs. "Katrina, why did you do this to me? You are turning me into a real virgin sex addict. If this is so good, what the fuck am I going to feel like when I actually get some dick and fuck?" "Hhhhhmmm, you think you ready for some real sexing? Hang around me long enough and you might find out." Katrina said in her sexy voice. I thought a second before I asked.

'Katrina, what are you up to now?" She just smiled and told me to clean up her toy and bed from my funky pussy juice. We both just broke out laughing before Katrina hung up the phone and I turned off the webcam. It took about an hour for me to change the sheets on Katrina's bed and to clean off her vibrator per her specifications. I still had time to jump through the shower and clean up before Connie got here. She had tried to call me several times last night (A sister was kind of busy.) and finally she finally left me a text.

"I will be over at about 11:30 or 12:00 today. Bringing my outfits over so that we can model for each other. See you then" By the time Connie finally arrived at 12:15, I had finished doing everything and was ready for our afternoon of fun.

Connie brought over about 5 or 6 bathing suits, 6 pieces of lingerie and 4 other outfits. As soon as Connie got into my house, her first words were, "Strip, strip my chocolate honey. Mama is here to check out the goods." I took one look at her and we both fell out laughing. Our laughter soon subsided and we were left just staring at each other. Connie took this as an opportunity to show her affection towards me. She put her and under my chin, (I was two inches shorter than her.) and moved her lips to mine.

We were now locked at the lips. It's funny how females can get it right the first time. Connie was not messy or sloppy with her kisses, they were on the money. We went from lip kisses to deep soul tongue kisses. She and I were now swapping tongues and playing grab ass. When we finally came up for air, we became silly school girls again. We were holding hands and walking arm in arm up to my room.

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Connie let me undress her first. She turned her back to me, moved her pony tail to one side and then let me to unzip her sundress. I removed the straps slowly down her arms, until her bra and panties were all that were left.

I took my opportunity to grab hold of her tittys and give them a good squeeze. She put her hands on top of mine and started to help my hands turn circles on her nipples. My pelvis mysteriously found the cheeks of her ass and did a slow grind. Connie started moaning and said, "Baby, mama loves the feeling. Keep it up." I clutched her tittys a little harder and even started to pinch her nipples. My grinding was even more intense on her ass.

She loved it. "Karmen, I love you. Karmen, don't stop. My pussy is just getting warm." I wanted to finish what I started but decided to stop before we got too heated. Connie objected and called me all sorts of names.

She perked back up when I told her to unwrap her chocolate bunny. Connie said, "Come to mama!!" I walked over to her and tried to turn around. Her response was, "Hell no!

I want to see it from the front." As I faced her, she pulled my tank top over my head to reveal my braless tittys. Connie tried not to react but her eyes opened wide. She could not help herself and leaned forward to give each nipple a quick suck and pull with her teeth. No lie, that shit felt good and it took all of my will not to hold her head to my hardening nipple. I started counting to get my mind off of it. Connie laughed in my face and said, "Payback is a bitch.

How you like me now?" Now that we were almost down to our birthday suits, Connie and I started our little fashion show. To surprise each other she went into the bathroom and I dressed in my room. We decided to do our outfits then our bathing suits followed by the lingerie. The outfits' portion of our show was uneventful.

Both of us had several sundresses that were very short or cut low. Bras were optional and neither one of us wore them. "Karmen, take your panties off before we try on these last sundresses. Let's make it interesting." Following her lead, I pulled my thong off and relished that I could be commando once again.

As Connie entered the room, I was totally stunned by the look of this last outfit. I even gave her a catcall whistle to show how much I liked it. Her sundress was strapless and being held by her beautiful rack. It flared down from her waist to well above her knees.


The color was a bright yellow that truly accentuated her skin. Connie had on a pair of wedge sandals that truly made her shapely legs stand out. "Damn Connie, you look hot as hell. Take a few turns for me." Connie did a few twirls and even did her model strut.

On her last twirl, her dress flared enough to show the cheeks on her ass. My eyes popped out of my head and Connie loved it. "Your turn now." Connie yelled to me as she went and sat down on the bed. I had on a white strapless mini jean dress. It was very short and tight. My white wedge sandals just made me feel like a real hot bitch.

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Being braless and panty-less, only helped my coochie to get warmer. Connie could not stop whistling. "Mama likes, mama likes." was her first words. "Come on and sit on my lap." As I sat down on her lap, I could feel the wetness building in my coochie. The last thing that I wanted to do was to stain this outfit before I got a chance to wear it out. "What the fuck is wrong with you? You don't want to play with Mama? Connie yelled at me as she was looking really frustrated.

"I just did not want to mess up my new white dress. You know how much juice my pussy gives out when you start playing with me." Connie burst out laughing, as I rushed to take my outfit off. She did the same with her outfit. Now we were standing butt naked in the middle of my bedroom. I motioned for her to get on the bed and under my blankets. It was kind of chilly because our nipples were standing tall and hard. Connie and I just held each other under the covers for a while. We exchanged a few words but nothing much after that.

When my cell phone rang, I was reluctant to answer it. Looking at my caller id I could see that it was Katrina calling me. I went ahead and answered the call. "What's up Big Sis? I am surprised that you called me." Katrina answered, "Can't a sistah call to check up on a sistah?

What are you up to?" "Nothing much…Connie and I are just cooling out in my room and trying on all of the new clothes and shoes that you brought me." "Hhhhhmmm… is that all you bitches are up to? I know that little white hot Mama got a thing for you." Katrina blurted out. By this time Connie had started rubbing my ass and coochie underneath of the covers. "You are crazy as hell." I answered back to Katrina's questions.

"OH SHIIITTTT&hellip.You know how I roll." Trying to keep my composure while I was being stimulated was getting harder. Connie was now fingering my asshole and pinching my cheeks, while at the same time she was kissing and licking on my back.

My sexual tension was showing because I told Katrina, "I…I… I…, c…c…an't…t…t do that.

YYYEEESSSS…I can't do those things." "What the fuck? Are you playing with my toys again? Is white Mama doing you? Ha ha." Katrina laughed I tried to answer but it felt like I had cotton in my mouth. I had my eyes closed and now had the pillow over my mouth. "Karmen, Karmen, answer me. I know that you are there." Katrina was getting louder. I was able to get out a few words. "Katrina, I am here. I dropped the phone by accident." "Bullshit, but okay.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we are going to be hanging out on Saturday night and would probably find a hotel room Downtown DC or in Georgetown. It will be a Ladies Night Out. You up for it." By this time I had gotten Connie under control and was able to speak freely. "Sounds like a plan, I will dress to impress. We can talk about this later." I told Katrina. We exchanged a few more words and we both said bye.

Connie was waiting patiently for me. Our sexual high had cooled off. "So what's up with Big Sister Katrina? I get jealous at how close you all are. I wish that I had a sister, instead of all brothers." Connie chimed in. "Katrina just let me know that she was taking me out on Saturday night and that we were going to be staying in a hotel downtown." "Wow, tell her that little White Mama wants to come. Do you think that she would mind?" Karmen told Connie that she would convince Katrina that she wanted her to tag along on the Ladies Night Out.

Connie was ecstatic and started to look forward to the date. Connie and I just cuddled for the next hour or two. We watched some Springer and some Maury on my flat screen TV. It felt so comfortable to be with her. My mind was now thinking hard that being a lesbian was cool.

I even asked Connie about it. "Connie, do you enjoy being a lesbian?" If looks could kill then I would be dead. "Bitch, who you calling a lez? I like pussy and dick. You know that I am not a virgin right? Connie barked at me.

I was a little thrown by her tone. "Karmen, there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian but I love going both ways. I have been having sex with several of the football players since I turned 18 in January." Connie made sure that we had direct eye contact. "I just thought that since we had gotten so close, that meant that we were exclusives as lesbians.

I guess I have to get some dick to see the other side." We just hugged it out, laughed a lot and went back to watching TV. Connie had CUM ON OVER AND WE WERE ENJOYING THE VIEW.