The end of my world

The end of my world
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Chapter 1 Harry sat awake in his chair, a sturdy old thing he'd found in one of the many rooms of Grimmauld Place, it was now well into another night of Harry's chosen seclusion from the rest of his society, he had taken this nearly immediately after his victory over Voldemort, he had left a brief statement where he stated that he was pleased to have finally defeated the dark lord who had been terrorising the world since his fourth year of school and that now he wished to be left alone for a while so that he could do some true soul searching and decide what he really wished to do now that his supposed destiny had come true.

It had been a couple of months since that terrible night when so many had died in his name and harry was still struggling to come to terms with the amount of death he had been an unwilling cause of; having been pushed into the limelight and expected to lead people to what only he really seemed to see was their deaths, and when they had died, Harry had taken it upon himself to learn as much as he could about each living family member and ingrain into him the look of anger and disappointment that he had not been able to protect the one's they loved.

The front door creaked open, which was the way Harry kept it in order to know when people had come into his noiseless void of a life, Harry left his place at the chair and moved slowly through the now thoroughly changed building, where silver and green had once stood, now red and gold replaced it, where the walls had been broken or any sign of damage had been there was none now.


As nicely as Harry had managed to get his home furnished it still felt cold and unwanted, partially due to Harry not keeping much company any more. As Harry reached the front hall he was greeted by the ever welcome face of Hermoine.

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"Harry, you really need to get out more you know that, right?" The young Witch sighed, "Your as gaunt as Voldemort." "I know, I know, I just don't exactly feel like living much right now 'Mione." he replied "Well unfortunately for you there have been some interesting turns so you are returning to the world of the communicative as of tomorrow." Hermione said brightly.

"Well, might I enquire as to what these turns are?


and if I am allowed to ask might I get some answers that aren't "you'll just have to wait and see?" Harry said suddenly wary of returning to a world he had forsaken but months ago.

"Actually yes, yes you can." She said smirking."So get this, The final Death Eaters have been rounded up and in an interesting turn of events many of them have asked for the death penalty and for you to become the sole successor of all estates they own.

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Not only that but two people appear to have returned from the "execution" unharmed and proven not guilty." "Who" Harry asked upon hearing this remembering full well the fate of his godfather. "Only the Black sisters," Hermione said "This being said the ministry was not exactly happy to let them go, even when it was revealed with the use of veriteserum that they had been under the will of the dark lord in a manner that bears close resemblance to the imperious curse only they acted as though of their own free will, so they have been added to your "inheritance" you could say as a pair of concubines for yourself." Harry stood there in shock and awe at the news he had just had delivered to him, as his senses returned he looked at Hermione, mouthed the word wow then realising that she had said all this whilst soaking wet, he quickly took her jacket from her and showed her to the parlour he had been sitting in previously, he asked her if she wished for anything to eat or drink, to which she asked merely for a tea, Harry sent for Dobby and instructed him to prepare a room for Hermione, find alternate clothing for Hermione, and to bring a pot of tea and two mugs.

Hermione sank into a chair opposite the one Harry had just reoccupied and when Dobby had left she began to make her move, as they chatted quietly, Hermione slowly began opening her legs wider and wider revealing to Harry that she was not in fact wearing any underwear.

Once her legs were sufficiently wide enough Hermione asked,"Harry, what do you think of my body?" "Uhh, well, can't say I've ever thought about it, but, um, at a first glance of someone who wasn't an acquaintance of yours, I'd say that you have an extremely beautiful body, with curves in exactly the right places, such as your, ehm, round and firm ass, you have an exceptionally pretty face, and your hair perfectly tops the package off by framing your amazing face." Harry said with a growing blush that would have caused blood loss in some people.


Hermione simply laughed at her friend's response and took notice that apparently not all of Harry's blood had gone to his face. At this she took her sheer stockinged legs out from her flat soled shoes and rested them neatly on Harry's crotch and placed her feet around the denim tent that had quickly sprouted and traced down the side of his leg for nearly an entire foot, as she did this she slowly began massaging the snake for which she had a burning desire.

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Harry meanwhile was now still in his charm wondering if this was really happening. "'Mione?

What are you doing?" he whispered faintly. "ohh not much, just fulfilling a goal and congratulating you on returning to us." she said matter of factly as she slipped off her seat and squatted in front of Harry, then without the use of her wand she had made Harry's trousers disappear and was now staring reverently at the large throbbing beast that was before her, veins stood out along the thick shaft, it was about three finger widths and was domed with a deep purple head, before Harry had chance to react to this, Hermione's head was covering his penis and she gave Harry the sluttiest look imaginable then began sucking and bobbing down on his immense man-meat.

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Being totally new to sex, Harry was amazed at the feeling he was having, just from the suction alone, and within a minute or so he came in Hermione's mouth, her sucking up at least a gallon of cum. She then got up and undid the straps on her dress, dropping it to the floor and revealing an interesting tattoo across her pelvis which read "sole property of a one Harry Potter" then straddling Harry she took a portion of his penis into her until they hit the barrier of her hymen "I thought Krum got that after the yule ball?" Harry questioned "Oh, don't believe everything the Patil twins tell you." she said before forcing herself down the rest of the way on to Harry's penis, braking the hymen and filling her up to her womb, "oh god Harry that feels so good!" she exclaimed in a high pitch voice, all Harry could do was grunt as he felt the tight pussy muscles contract around his member massaging it as it contracted around it.

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Harry, then began to thrust slowly at first but picked up both pace and power at Hermione's command. He soon however realised he was about to cum and announced it to Hermione who merely told him to "Cum in me and give me your baby" to which he willingly obliged before neatly passing out alongside Hermione.

Moments later there was a soft pop as Dobby returned to the room and upon seeing his master this way quickly took both him and Hermione up to Harry's room where he left them on the bed.

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