Skinny blonde babe sucks and screwed in storage room threesome reality

Skinny blonde babe sucks and screwed in storage room threesome reality
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Our first Threesome. Jan and I had been together for about five years.


We were not in love but we did love each others bodies and we had a great sex life. She was about 45 years old, about five foot two, a very petite slim body with small tits but beautiful big nipples (I could make her cum just by massaging them!). She was always horny and I only had to kiss or cuddle her and she wanted sex. She often started on me both during the day and as soon as we got into bed.

By far the most remarkable thing about her though was her pussy. She had a lovely dark brown beaver that was divided by a very open vagina.

It would open as soon as she widened her legs exposing pink wet flesh inside which tasted divine. She also had quite a prominent clit which would erect from its long hood and she loved to rub it whether I was sucking or fucking her. She was not embarrassed in any way when it came to sex and would always tell me what she wanted. This led to my first anal sex in my 50 years and the knowledge that she fantasised about having two cocks to please her.

We would tease each other about it often during our long sex sessions. She was multi-orgasmic and I got immense pleasure feeling and hearing her cum. She was a genuine squirter too (not piss!) and she would cum in my mouth or over me almost every time.

Needless to say I returned the favour to her delight.

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Jan got extra horny in hot sunshine so we always had very sexy holidays abroad every year. Our second holiday together was in Turkey and we managed to have quite a lot of outdoor sex as we easily found out of the way spots where she loved to get naked to sunbathe. This always led to her climbing on me cowgirl style and fucking her brains out.

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She wanted to get caught by a couple (she was bisexual) or a horny bloke on his own so she could have another cock. I teased her to her first and second quick orgasms before she concentrated on me. That's not the way the threesome came about though, as much as she wanted it to.

We were walking through the Marmaris market one day looking into the local as well as the tourist shops when we came upon a leather shop with a beautiful man's jacket in the window and the price I worked out was about a quarter it would have been at home. We looked at it for a while and talked about whether I should buy it when the usual happened. The salesman inside spotted us and came out and asked us in.

We thought what the hell and followed him into the shop. We knew that we could walk out if he came on too strong. He was young, about 20 I thought and very charming as he immediately offered us apple tea as he took the jacket from the window and handed it to me.

We sat down as he served us the hot tea in little glasses and he then took the jacket and came behind me to fit the first arm on me. As he pulled it over my shoulder he said in a heavy accent that I was very taught and would I like a massage! Jan and I fell about laughing but he said that he was serious and that he did massage as well as working in the shop. He was already working his thumbs between my shoulder blades so I just let him continue.

There was some small talk about where we came from and what work we did etc but as I looked at Jan I could see she was interested in this boy and she said that she too could do with a massage.

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" Why?" I asked and she gave me a certain look that meant she was turned on. "You know How much I like it" she said. I knew exactly what she meant and I asked the young man if he would do it. " I cannot close shop" he said, "will you stay here and watch shop? I give your wife a good massage". With that he moved behind Jan and stated to kneed her shoulders.

She closed her eyes and emitted a low moan. "come, we go in back" the boy said as he took her hand and led her off to the side of the shop. Jan looked like the cat that got the cream as she winked at me when she disappeared into a side room. There was no door so I could hear what was going on and she started to groan very sexily very quickly. I kind of knew where she was being massaged and felt my cock getting hard at the thought.

It didn't take very long before I heard the familiar sounds of Jan's approaching orgasm and she called my name and told me she was cumming. There were more muffled sounds from the room for a few more seconds before they both emerged adjusting clothing. I could see quite a bulge in the boys jeans and Jan had a really big smile on her face! My temporary job was over! " He couldn't have fucked you in that time" I said to her and she shook her head.

" I can fuck her if you come back after shop close" the boy said and I told him he should come to our hotel later and we arranged details for about 8pm that night and we found out his name! Kamal. At least that's wat it sounded like! Jan gave him a kiss and we left the shop after getting a very big discount off the jacket.

We walked very slowly down to the sea front and Jan told me in detail exactly what took place. He had sat her on a chair and knelt down in front of her. She parted her legs and he immediately put his hands up her very short skirt and rubbed his fingers through her panties.

Then he pulled them aside and pushed two fingers into her very wet cunt. It only took a few pumps of his hand and she was cumming, pushing herself up off the chair and thrusting herself at him.

He stood up and took out his cock. She grabbed it and took it in her mouth but before she could enjoy herself he blew his load down her throat and it was over. Talk about a quickie! We were leaning over the dock railing by this time and I put my hand up her skirt and felt her panties were very very wet.

She would have fucked me there and then if I asked but we managed to make it back to the hotel before we both stripped off and sucked each other for a long time. She asked me to fuck her in the ass and laid on her back so that I could see her plunging her fingers into her delicious cunt.

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She orgasmed over and over until I told her she ought to save some energy for her new lover later. At Eight o'clock the telephone rang and it was reception asking if we were expecting a visitor.

I was asked if I knew his name and was told that they did not usually allow locals into guests rooms but I assured them that I was expecting Kamal to talk about some business and he was allowed up.

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When he came in the room he was very flustered and told us that he must be quick as the reception had told him that he could not stay. " You come to beach with me. I know good place" he said but fearing some sort of mugging or worse I insisted that if he wanted to fuck Jan he must do it here in the room. " Not possible. I need more time" he pleaded but Jan took matters into her own hands, literally and began touching his cock through his jeans.

"Come on Kamal I want you to fuck me now" she purred at him, by now having his cock hard and out of his jeans. A quick suck on it and he was hers! She laid back on the bed already naked and spread her legs. As soon as he saw her opened cunt he was stripping off like lightning! I handed him a condom and Jan put it on for him. He urgently manipulated his cock into her and began fucking her rapidly like a sexed up dog.


I lay down beside them and took off my shorts so that Jan could wank my cock as she took a second cock into her for the first time. We had planned to get my cock into her mouth later when we really got going but as I moved closer to a position where it would be possible Kamal started moaning, shoving his cock hard into her and quivered as he emptied his balls into the condom.


Another disappointing quickie! He got off her, took off the condom and started dressing. He said thank you, (Such a gentleman!) walked over to the door and left. Jan had the condom and saying "That was so horny", she held it up and squeezed the contents over her tits and massaged Kamal's cum into her nipples. "Lick my pussy and finish me now" she said as she opened her legs and raised her hips into the air.

It only took a few seconds for her first cum and we continued to fuck and suck until we had to sleep. We agreed that it could have been a whole lot better and when we got home we would join a club or agency and arrange proper meetings where we could both get what we wanted with no strings and much more time. Still I had to admit that it was still very horny watching another cock go up my favourite cunt. My own real life porn!