Sexy latin chicka toying her ass and pussy

Sexy latin chicka toying her ass and pussy
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My Girlfriend and I always wanted to role play. We have an amazing sex life and we are both very adventurous and always passionate to try new things. So I told her I had this situation that I fantasized up and that I thought we should do it. She said that sounds amazing. It's time to get the ball rolling. My girlfriend is literally one of the prettiest and most attractive girls I know. She is 18 years old, blonde haired, blue eyed, and 5' 6'' tall; which is the perfect height especially for me at 6' 2''.

She has the best boobs on the face of the planet. I love the feel of her breasts in my strong hands. I love grabbing her sexy ass too. She doesn't have a "Black Booty", but it's getting close. I'm 19 years old with dark blonde colored hair and blue eyes. I'm by no means the sexiest guy on the planet but I am up there.

I had some shopping to do. The first place I went to was the dollar store and the only thing I bought there was a pack of moustaches. Then I went to a Place called "Victoria's Costumes." It took a little bit of searching because that store looks like a tornado ran it overbut I finally found the shirt I needed.

Next place I went to was the army surplus store. I got what I needed there and then headed home. I already had black slacks, a nice belt, some dress shoes and the other oddities I needed for this costume to work. We figured out when we were both free and we decided to do it the next Tuesday night.

The week was one of the slowest weeks ever having to just wait for our big night to come. I spared a lot of the details from you to keep it secretive so you wouldn't really know what was going on. I did tell you a few things I wanted you to wear. I told you to wear those black Short Shorts with no underwear and then I would give you a shirt to wear. It was Tuesday and I went about my routine business of school and work. I got out of class at 6 and went home.

I printed out two maps of where we were driving. I packed the costume in my car and headed to your house. I knocked on your door holding a shirt and a map in my hands.

It was just a small white shirt that I didn't care about and the map was to a secluded street that we found together before. You opened the door wearing a nice warm jacket and some pants. Your hair was done very nicely and your make up looked so sexy. You looked very good. "Where are the shorts I told you to wear?" I said with a smile on. "Underneath" You smirked, as you come outside and closed the door behind you.

I reached my arms out and hugged you but your arms were pinned to your waist until you reached them up and grabbed my crotch, feeling my thick cock through my jeans. I lifted your head up to kiss you as you continue to rub me to hardness. We kissed for a few seconds before I pulled back. "Have a goodnight", I said as I passed you the shirt and the map.

"You better get into your outfit when you get there." You nodded with a smile of enjoyment "Ahhhh! This is going to be so fun!" I agreed.

We both headed to our cars.

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She Pulled out and I started to put on all the parts of my costume. After about 10 minutes (It's hard to get dressed in a car) I was finished. I plugged my iPod in to my car stereo and I was off.


I made sure to drive slowly the whole way there to account for if you got lost or just got every single red light. As I reached the destination I saw you parked on the street. You were in the white shirt and sitting in the driver seat waiting for me to arrive. Even in that plain ugly shirt you still looked very attractive. I pulled up behind your car and put mine in park but I left it running with the headlights on.

I stepped out and walked up to the driver side window. I am pretty sure you knew that I had arrived. I knocked on your window and you rolled it down and saw for the first time what I was wearing.

You gasped and your jaw dropped. I was wearing sunglasses and a fake moustache. I Was wearing a buttoned up Black Shirt with A police badge on the left side of the chest. "Oh my god, Brandon!" You were obviously very excited. It took a lot for me not to crack and smile also. "You're taillight is out. License and registration please" You continued laughing. "I can't belie…" I interrupted you, "Ma'am, I'm going to need your license and registration" "Okay" You reached into your glove box and got your Registration out and handed it to me and then searched in your purse for your wallet.

When you found it you slid your license out and handed it to me.

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"One Second." I walked back to my car and gave it a few seconds so it seemed like I was entering in your information. I come back to the driver side window about a minute later. "Megan Paras?" "Yes?" "I'm going to need you to step out of the car" You shoot me a weird glance, But you follow through. When you open the door you see The rest of my outfit. You see my fancy dress shoes and you see that my shirt is tucked into some nice slacks with a belt on them. On my waist there is a black police baton and on my other hip there is a pair of handcuffs that I have my hand on.

Thoughts are racing through your mind. What the heck is going to happen!?


You step out of your car. I can see the goosebumps on your cold legs. "Place your hands on the side of the car please" You are honestly starting to get a little concerned. We're out in public I can't believe he is doing this!

You hesitantly put your hands up on the side of your car. You hear rattling of metal behind you "You are under arrest", I say as you feel your left arm being pulled behind your back.

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The metal closing around your wrist. As you feel your right arm being pulled behind your back you ask, "What am I being arrested for?" You feel the cold metal on your right wrist. "There is a warrant out for your arrest" The cuff closes and locks your arms together. "No Way! What for?" I grab your arm and turn you around to face me. "It says you were soliciting sex", I amazingly kept a straight face through all of this You smirk at me with disbelief that I made your character a prostitute.

And then you get right back into it. "Officer, I can't go to jail I have three kids" Your way of playing the game back at me "And seven Puppies! Please officer who will feed them? Who will take care of my children!?

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Please officer ! I'll do anything!" "Anything?" "Anything! Please officer!

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Please" You're acting is superb. Almost believeable. "Well…if you do something for me, then I'm sure I can pretend that… I never saw you" "What do you want me to do" I opened up the rear driver side door of your car. "Get in" You were handcuffed but you obliged. It was a little tough because of your&hellip.situation but you managed to get in and then you looked at me and smiled but then went right back to acting terrified.