What do bad girls want scene threesome and piercing

What do bad girls want scene threesome and piercing
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The Best Week Ever Chapter 1: Hey, my name is John.

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I am 16 and I am 5 foot 5. I am small for my age or so people say. I have short brown hair and brown eyes and I am also physically fit. I am joining the army so I train most days. If it wasn't for me joining the army then I probably would not have had the best week of my life. I had to go for a formal interview and a couple physical exercise days to show that I was capable to join but for this I had to go and stay with my grandparents (who live in the middle of nowhere with very few houses around) because my interview and physical activities that I needed to do were closer to their house then my house and so I stayed there for a week.

My grandparents lived on a very quiet, narrow road and there was only 4 houses altogether along it even though it was about a mile and a half long. Down the road from where my grandparents lived was a girl called Lisa.

I knew of her and I had seen her before when I had previously visited my grandparents but I had never actually spoken to her.

She was 14 and very beautiful. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was the same height as me and she had one of the finest asses that I have ever seen. Her breasts weren't huge but they weren't tiny either. For me they were just right as I never liked big boobs. I love them perky. Up the road a bit form my grandparents' house was a girl called Jenny. Again I had seen this girl many times before but never actually spoke to her either.

I would often see her riding her horse on a nice day and we would salute each other but that was all. She knew who I was and I always got the sense she liked me in some way. She always seemed to stare at me in the same way that I would stare at someone if I liked them which I actually did to her and Lisa. Jenny was only 13 but only a few months away from 14. She had long, brown, straight hair and brown eyes. She too had a very nice ass, which I often watched bouncing up and down while she rode her horse and she also had the same size tits as Lisa.

Medium size and perky, just how I like them. It all started the Sunday I arrived there. I got there at around 11am and got my things unpacked and sorted everything out and then I decided to go for a jog. While I was jogging I saw Jenny leaving her house to go for a jog in the same direction as me.

She was wearing a pair of shorts which was tight on her and I could see the outline of her underwear, as I got closer.


She was also wearing a tank top and from what I could see a pink bra. I almost got a hard on just form looking at her rear. She wasn't very fast so I caught up to her and I over took her until she said, ''Wow, your fast''. ''Thanks'' I replied. I slowed my pace so she could keep up with me so we could continue talking. We continued our conversation and asking each other questions to get to know one another better. Then somehow the conversation got on the topic of relationships and she asked me, ''How many girlfriends have you had?'' I couldn't think of the exact number as there were some that only lasted a day or two but I only counted the main ones that lasted a few months each and that added up to 3, so I told her.

I asked her the same question but instead saying boyfriends and she said she had only had one and apparently he treated her like shit. I was then caught up in the moment and asked her a stupid question to ask a girl who you have only just started talking too.

I asked her, ''How far have you gone with a boy?'' To my surprise she answered but she told me that they only kissed and he tried to feel her boobs once. She asked me and I told her that I was still a virgin, which I was, but I had slept in the same bed with my friend's sister and we got frisky during the night and that she also let me watch her in the shower. I told her that I had been given a hand job by her and I had fingered her.

I also told her that I have had phone sex, been on webcam with my ex and that we watched each other masturbate and also that I had sexted girls and they sexted me.

That was how far I got with girls but that would soon all change. She was amazed. In her eyes I was experienced but I wasn't. I had a couple of opportunities to have sex before, both with my friend's sister, she was very easy but for some reason declined both times. Something I do regret. The next thing to enter my ear was the sound of her voice saying that she liked me and has for many years. She confessed about staring at me and checking me out.

I felt that I could use this to my advantage. I told her that I was always checking her out when she would ride by on her horse. At this point we had slowed down to a walking pace and we had just both said to each other that we liked one another. She knew that I never stayed long so she asked me how long was I staying at my grandparents for and I told her that I was only here for a week.

Then she did something that made me get a boner straight away.

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She first said, ''Then we best make it a special week'' and then she stepped in front of me and kissed me. I returned it and pulled her close to me with my hands on her hips. She flung her arms around my neck and opened her mouth to let my tongue enter and she put hers in mine. She was pressed right up against me and she could definitely feel my dick pushing up against her but she didn't mind.

She broke the kiss and grabbed my hand and led me into a field that was off the road. We found a nice patch of grass to lie on and we both laid down and started kissing again. After a few minutes of intense kissing, I started to let my hand wander, not to her boobs or pussy, I didn't want it to seem as if I was going to fast but instead to her thigh. I left it there for a few seconds and then slid it up to her ass.


She didn't stop me so I squeezed slightly and slid my hand back down her thigh. I repeated this a few times rubbing up and down her thigh. She then started it to me but accidently, or at least I think it was, grazed the side of my hard penis. She did it a couple of times and then I started to gently rub the inside of her thigh. I was trying to turn her on, if she wasn't already. Every so often I would go a bit high and just touch her pussy until about the fifth time I did it, I felt a wet patch there.

I then got the nerve and put my hand down her shorts but so I was cupping her ass. She didn't object so I squeezed it a number of times, some soft but some hard. She was enjoying it. She then grabbed my hand and lead it around to the front of her panties and motioned me to start rubbing her pussy.

So I did. This was her first time ever that someone, other than herself, had touched her pussy. She loved it and she was letting out moans of pleasure.

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I then grabbed her hand and invited her into my pants. I slid her hand down under my boxers and she knew what to do from there. She surrounded my dick with her hand and started to rub up and down. I then put my hand down her underwear and slipped my middle finger in gently.

She had never been fingered by another guy, she may have done it herself but I don't know, and so I didn't want to hurt her. She stopped rubbing my cock and told me to push in deeper. She was in a bit of pain as I could see from her expression but that subsided after couple of minutes. I was then able to pick up the pace. I couldn't believe it; I was fingering and receiving a hand job from a 13 year old girl.

I might be considered a pedo but I didn't care. Some minutes went by and I decided to get more comfortable.

I pulled my finger out and told her to undress me and that I would do the same to her after.


She willing agreed. Without hesitation she pulled of my t-shirt, my pants and then my boxers. She paused for a moment and admired my cock. She then snapped out of it once I started to pull off her top. I leaned in to kiss her and while we were kissing I unhooked her bra and threw it to the side. I stopped kissing her and leaned back to admire her nice perky boobs.

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My dick got even harder at the sight of them. I leaned in to them and started licking her left nipple while caressing and gently pinching her right one.

She couldn't believe what was going on and she didn't want it to stop. I love boobs so much so I spent a good few minutes playing with hers in different ways and getting her to moan out in pleasure.

With my other free hand I pulled down her shorts to her ankles and she kicked them off.

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I started to kiss my way down her belly to her white panties with a pink love heart in the middle. It reminded me of her innocence and how young she was but that didn't stop me from grabbing the hem of them with my teeth and pulling the down. Once they were off I started to kiss the inside of her thighs and eventually made my way to her pussy, which was now soaking wet.

She doesn't shave her pubes but I think that was mostly because she barely had any. I buried my face inbetween her legs and started to lick her pussy. This was the first time I had ever given oral sex to a girl so I wasn't too sure how she would feel but by the sounds she was making she was in heaven. I then stuck in my finger into her pussy and fingered her while licking her clit.

I was glad that we were in the middle of nowhere as she was making very loud pleasure moans. After about 5 minutes of this she said that she was going to cum. This didn't stop me; I wanted to be the first person ever to give her an orgasm, so I picked up the pace. She then let out a really long moan and her body started going up down as if she was having a fit or something.

She had just cum. I pulled my fingers out and I got up and lied next to her. It was a few minutes before she spoke and when she did she said, ''Thanks so much for that. That was the best feeling that I have ever had. Now I must return the favour.'' She moved down to my cock and took it in her hand and started to rub it. She then slowly put it in her mouth and gradually took more and more until she had three quarters of it in there. She then bobbed her head up and down and got quicker and quicker until I just couldn't take it and I blew my load in her mouth.

To my surprise she actually swallowed it all. She came back up and lied next to me. We stayed quiet for a while and all we could hear was each other hyperventilating. ''Thanks that was the best orgasm I have ever had'' I said. ''Are you in school for the week?'' I asked her and she replied ''yes but I have Friday off due to a teacher meeting thing. We can do this kind of stuff during the week though, if you want.

I get home at 4 o'clock and my solder sister gets home at 5 so we have an hour window to do stuff.'' ''What kind of stuff?'' I asked. ''Well I loved that orgasm, so you can give me a few more of those and you can do that by any means you want, including sex, as long as you have condoms.'' I was shocked, here was a 13 year old girl, who I thought was an innocent little girl and here she was saying that she wanted me to fuck her.

!3 or not I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip through my finger.

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''I have a few condoms that I bring with me when I go away just in case anything happens like this and I would love to have sex with you but you have to promise not to tell anyone as you are underage and it is illegal for me to do it with you.'' I said. She promised me that she wouldn't tell anyone and she came up with the idea that she would fake being sick tomorrow and stay home.

Then I could come over and we could do it in her bed. As my grandparents are retired and are at home all the time there would be no way I could have sex there without them knowing. We exchanged numbers so she could text me when to come over but we agreed that it should be around 10a.m. So then we could have the whole day to fool around in many different ways.

We got back into our clothes and walked back the way to our houses while holding each other's hands. Just before we got to her house, we kissed each other goodbye and I cupped a feel of her boobs. ''See you tomorrow and prepare yourself for a wild wide'' I said. ''Don't forget the condoms'' she said and then walked in to her house. I carried on back to my grandparents' house thinking of all the things that we could do tomorrow and when I got back I started to plan it all.

It was going to be a special day for both of us where we would lose something that we would never get back.

Our virginity.