Amazing schoolgirl knows how to please a guy

Amazing schoolgirl knows how to please a guy
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My name is Brittney, everyone just calls me Brit. My brother Jim, and I have been on our own since the last guy divorced my mom about six months ago. Ever since I was about six she would hook up with some bum, get married and about a year latter get divorced. Mom isn't exactly there for us, so we have to fend for ourselves. Jim has been great, I am 13 now and he has looked out for me as long as I can remember. He is 15, and pretty big for his age. He plays running back for the high school football team, and is pretty popular with the girls.

(Although, lately his has been kind of an ass.) I got my first boyfriend over the summer and Jim does everything he can to make Chuck (boyfriend) feel uncomfortable. The worst part is we never seem to get any quality time alone. Last week we were making out, and Chuck was laying on top of me when Jim burst into my room grabbed Chuck and threw him out of the house.

I'm still pissed, and to make matters worse our TV stopped working tonight. It's Sunday, and mom was working late again. I asked Jim if he could fix the TV, and he actually tried (I think he was trying to make up for throwing Chuck out.) "I can't get this damn thing to work, but why don't we go watch mom's TV. I know it is a small piece of crap, but it is better than nothing," he said in exasperation. "Mom's TV doesn't get any channels, we would have to watch a DVD, and I am going to choose," I snapped.

"And since you still owe me, lets watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." "I hate that show, so we are totally even," he said with a grin. When we got into mom's room, I opened the DVD player. Mom didn't use her TV very often, so I expected it to be empty, but to my surprise "NO MAN'S LAND PART II" was in the player. The DVD had a picture of two chicks kissing on the cover. "Jim check this out. What the hell is mom doing with a lesbo porn film?" "Her X must have picked that film, I am surprised mom still watches it though.

I mean I'm sure she needs a little stimulation on lonely nights, but chicks screwing other chicks?" I was starting to feel a little naive. I had recently starting developing into a woman (a little late I know.) I have big A sized breasts. They are shapely, with small perky nipples. I have a pretty good bikini tan, and my tan line really highlights my pink quarter sized nipples.

I have a thin waist, and skinny hips, that were starting to fill out nicely. I am only 5' tall, but my legs look great in my swimsuit.

I also have a small patch a hair right above my pussy that is light brown, and thin. I haven't had a real boyfriend yet, and Chuck has only touched my breasts through my t-shirt (thanks to Jim the asshole.) With that said, I didn't really know what Jim was talking about when he said mom needs some stimulation.

I didn't think Jim would make fun of me so I asked what he meant. "Little Sis, I forget how inexperienced you are sometimes," he said teasingly.

I was getting mad, and I was about ready to stomp out when he said, "seriously you don't know?" "Would I have asked if I did, you dumb ass," I growled. "Brit, answer me truthfully, what do you do when you get horny?" he asked.

Embarrassed I replied, "well I think about Chuck taking my clothes off and well you know." "Is that all, I guess I am relieved to here that you are still a virgin. So you don't do anything else to stimulate yourself?" he asked. "Like what?" I said. "Look Brit, were close so I am going to be really blunt, don't you like to rub your pussy when you get horny?" He was actually getting a little red in the face.

"I am sure mom is watching porn to help her cum." I must have looked confused, because then he said, "Masturbate." Some of my girlfriends had had sex, and seemed to brag about it every chance they got, and I'll admit I felt ready for it myself, but we never talked about masturbating. "I thought that was something only guys do, I mean you do it don't you?" I said. "I don't know any guys that don't," he said. "Of course, I thought you started rubbing your pussy to climax years ago, after all I started masturbating when I was about 11." He seemed to be relaxing -- getting more comfortable with subject all the time, and so was I.

"I tell you what," he said, "lets watch mom's porn video for a little while, and you can tell me if you don't want to touch your pussy while watching." I agreed, so we started the DVD. The show started out with a couple of women with C sized or bigger breasts kissing and talking. Eventually, one of the women started to pull the shirt up over the breasts of the other woman.

She wasn't wearing a bra, and her big boobs flopped out of her shirt.


Her nipples were twice the size of mine and brown not pink. At this point I was feeling a little put off. How could mom get off watching two women? By this time both women had stripped down and one of the women was sitting down in front of the other woman's pussy rubbing the woman's legs and thighs.

She then knelt down and started to lick the other woman's pussy. I looked over at Jim, and I could tell his cock was fully erect. I think he was actually breathing hard. "You love this don't you" I said. "It has been almost a week since Jennifer went on vacation, so I could really use some action.

Besides, don't you like this?" he asked. "I can't get over the fact that two women are doing this together." "Just pretend one of the women is a man, and that it is you he is doing all of these things to." "OK, but I am starting to think you are a bit of a pervert," I said.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was me and Chuck doing the things in the movie. I was having a hard time focusing, I couldn't get Jim's huge bulge out of my mind.

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Before I realized what I was doing, I was imagining that Jim was doing those things to me (I must be the pervert), and I was getting hot. I quickly opened my eyes, the one woman on her knees was sliding fingers into the other woman's pussy, and the other woman was quickly rubbing her clit and moaning.

This time I could understand why Jim had an erection.

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I was getting horny, hot, and I could actually feel my pussy start to leak into my panties. All of the sudden the woman getting the action started to scream "Fuck me you Bitch.

Fuck me. Fuck me." She was erupting into an organism, and I suddenly knew what Jim was talking about. I wanted to have an orgasim and feel like the woman on the screen felt. I slid my hand down my stomach and let a few fingers explore deeper into my pants. I wanted to touch myself so badly, but I wasn't about to do it in front of Jim. Jim must have notice my change, because he got up and said, "Why don't you finish this movie on your own," and walked out with a smile on his face.

I immediately rammed my hand down to my wet pussy. I started stroking slowly like on the movie, but it felt so good in a few seconds I was going a hundred miles an hour. I could feel this deep sensation in my chest, like I was about to explode, and with every stroke the feeling intensified. Suddenly, my whole body jerked and tensed up. Pure pleasure seemed to flow from my pussy to the rest of my body. I couldn't breathe the feeling was so intense, and it seemed to last forever.

When it finally started to subdue, I could feel my cum all over my pubic hair and on my panties, I was definitely going to need a change of underwear. I just lay there on my mom's bed feeling myself and listening to the two women on the TV. After a few minutes I got up, turned the TV off and went to bed. Jim was talking to his girlfriend on the phone so I just lay there in my bed and thought about the night's experience. My mind was doing circles -- masturbating was fantastic -- I couldn't help but think what sex must be like, and the scary part was it was I always imagined it was with Jim.

The next day after we got home from school, and were waiting for mom to come home Jim asked me how I liked the movie. I admitted that it was good, and I understood why mom would use something like that when she is alone. Jim said, "I really liked it to, we should watch it together again, next time mom has to work nights." "I'd like that." I said.

I needed to get out of there, I felt like I was flirting with my older brother. Before I left Jim said, "Mom works nights this Friday, so don't make any plans." I said ok as I walked back to my room. Football practice started that Wednesday. Jim always came home at about 8:00 pm, exhausted, and stinky.

He would usually eat, shower and go right to bed. I didn't think Friday was going to happen, and I was bummed out. Every night I would fantasize about last Sunday while rubbing myself under the covers. I hadn't gone all the way yet, I was always too worried that mom would hear me since her bedroom is right next to mine. By time Friday finally rolled around I had worked myself up into a constant state of wetness.

When Jim got home from football practice Friday night, he showered and then changed into some sweats and lay down on the couch. He fell asleep almost instantly. Put out I decided to watch mom's movie by myself. When I opened the DVD player the disk wasn't in the machine.

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It took me a minute to find mom's stash in her closet, but my work paid off. She had about 10 different movies, and a rubber penis (I seriously about threw up when I saw it.) I grabbed a film called "Gang Bangers 54" and put it on. It started with a team practicing football on the school field with cheerleaders on the sideline. The coach called the players over, and said that since they had worked so hard they deserved a reward.

He called over to one of the cheerleaders and she came running over.

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About ten guys pulled out their cocks, and the cheerleader started taking turns sucking on each one. Then one of the guys pulled her outfit off and rammed his black cock into pussy from behind, while she continued to suck on different guys' cocks.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum again, and I knew it was going to be good, like it was on Sunday. I was admiring all the different cocks, and couldn't help but wonder what Jim's penis must look like. I decided I might be able to sneak a peak with him in such a deep sleep. I walked into the living room and called out his name to see if he was going to wake up.

He didn't even flinch. I kneeled down beside the couch and carefully touched the small bulge in his sweat pants. My heart was beating a thousand times each minute, and my mouth was totally dry. I reached up and slowly pulled his pants down a little. He was wearing blue boxers underneath, and I was happy to see that they looked pretty loose on his body. I slowly pulled his boxers down as well.

He had way more hair than I did.

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As I pulled his pants down a little farther I could see the top of his limp dick. After I had pulled his pants down far enough for me to see most of his dick, I reached in with my right hand and pulled his dick out. It was so soft, and so warm. If felt good just to touch it. I pulled the skin back and exposed the pink tip. His dick was much smaller than the ones on the show, but he wasn't erect either.

I leaned in and smelled his cock, I can't describe the sensation I felt as the aroma of his dick filled my senses, but I suddenly wanted to do more than masturbate. I slowly licked his dick, and then I put the whole thing in my mouth, which fit easily. I wanted it to get hard, I wanted to suck on a big cock like in the movie. As I played with his dick with my tongue, I could feel it start to swell.

This sent shivers of excitement down my spine. In about a minute his cock was fully erect. I couldn't believe how big it looked. I could only get a few inches past the tip into my mouth comfortably, but it felt so good on my lips. I looked over and Jim seemed to still be sleeping soundly, when to my absolute horror the phone rang. I jumped up and the sweets flicked his dick as I ran out of the room. I couldn't bear to look to see if he woke up. I was terrified that he might be aware of what I had just done.

I picked up the phone in mom's room, and it ended up being a damn telemarketer, I wanted to kill the bastard on the other end of the line. I just slammed the phone down, as Jim walked into the room. I had forgotten that I had left the porn on, and he said, "looks like you got an early start without me." He didn't seem to know what had just happened, but my heart was still pounding.

I tried to play it cool and said, "you haven't missed much, have a seat." He said, "Just a minute and walked out, when he came back in he had some poker cards in his hands. "I have an idea, lets play strip poker." "I don't know how," was all I could think to say. After he explained the rules of blackjack to me he said, "We will take turns dealing, if you lose the other person gets to take one piece of clothing off of the loser." I was so horny that I was stoked at the opportunity to see my brother totally naked, and to have him undress me.

I couldn't wait to feel him touch me and see me; I almost wanted to lose.

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The first hand he dealt, and I got lucky -- Blackjack. I slowly pulled his pants down. His cock was erect and practically busting out of his boxers. On the second hand I dealt, after he held I started to play my hand -- a 10 and a 3. I turned over a card, a queen, and I bust. Jim leaned over rubbed his hands down my back, grabbed my shirt and slowly pulled it up over my head. I still had my bra on, and I was wearing lose fitting shorts that almost went down to my knees.

On the third hand he got lucky with Blackjack. Again he leaned over and this time he grabbed my shoulders and slowly pulled my bra strings down. Then he slide his hands down my chest, pushing my bra down to expose my breasts. He gently squeezed both of my tits, and then pulled on my nipples. They instantly stood erect. I wanted Jim so badly. I wanted to feel his cock in my soaking wet pussy. He then reach back and undid the strap. On the fourth hand he held again. I took another card with fifteen points in my hand and bust again.

This time he pushed me back onto my back, and slowly slide his hands up my thighs. As his hands got closer to my pussy, I accidentally moaned a little. He reached up and pulled both my shorts and my underwear down.

I didn't care that he had cheated -- I was sick of the game, and I just wanted him to fuck me. "Looks like I win," he said, "The first thing I want you to do is go into the bathroom and shave your pussy." I quickly jumped up and did as he asked annoyed at having to wait. When I got back he had stripped down and his cock was standing straight out from his body. It looked at least six inches long, and I was suddenly a little afraid of having that monstrous thing rammed into my pussy.

He told me to sit in front of him on the edge of the bed facing the TV. He slid up behind me and I could feel his cock pressed up against my back. He reached around and grabbed my tits again. He slid one hand slowly down my stomach and let his fingers explore my young virgin pussy. "Your so wet, and hot. I want you to sit still while I rub your pussy. You aren't allowed to move a muscle. " He started to rub my clit up and down. I was so close; I could feel my chest tightening, and my pussy burning.

Then he slide his index finger into my tight hole about half an inch. My body erupted, and screamed out as I quickly started rubbing my own pussy as I erupted into an organism. As I relaxed I leaned back onto my brother's chest. I could feel his precum all over my back. Even though I could barely breathe I wanted more. He said, "You broke the rules and moved, now you have to do whatever I say again." He lay me down on my back and covered my eyes with a makeshift blindfold.

He then crawled up next to me and I could feel him rubbing his dick on my nipples. I could feel the wet precum all over both of my erect nipples. I could then feel him move down between my legs. He grabbed both of my thighs and pushed them apart hard. I liked that he was being rough, and I couldn't wait for him to ram his cock into me all fears gone at this point. I could feel his breath on my abdomen, and then his tongue.

He slowly let it slide down into my pussy. I was going to cum again, this felt so good. He started licking in upward strokes. It felt like heaven on my swollen clit.


My body was starting to tense up again. Just as I started to cum I said, "Oh fuck my pussy!!!!" He instantly jumped up and pulled the lips of my soaking wet pussy open and pushed his dick in hard.

I screamed in pain, and grabbed his shoulders. I dug my nails into his flesh, as he pumped hard. Despite the flashes of pain as he thrust into my body, my orgasm actually continued. Longer than before, the orgasm didn't seem to be ending and as the next thirty seconds past it grew to a painful, exotic, eruption.

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I arched my back, and flexed every muscle in my body as I felt Jim blow his hot white load all over inside my tight virgin hole. He collapsed onto my chest. I could feel our sweaty, hot skin stick to each other.

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I couldn't breath, and I hurt like hell all of a sudden. I pushed him off of me, and he rolled over onto the bed next to me. I just lay there panting like a dog. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

My big brother had just fucked my brains out, and given me more pleasure than I ever though possible. I didn't know how Jim felt having a girlfriend and all, and I didn't feel like asking, but I hoped this wouldn't be the last time we watch porn together.