Hot lesbians at the gloryhole getting bukkake

Hot lesbians at the gloryhole getting bukkake
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As sandra starts crying she runs upstairs and he looks at me you can leave the sameway you came in. With all do respect sir i will not excuse me i dont have to tell you how special your daughter is you already know.

But one thing you dont know is the past few days i have not only cherished her company but also her friendship and i will fight you every step of the way if i have too. Paul looks at me up and down for a few minutes and breaks out into a grin boy you got balls i like that yes you can take her.


Sir i dont understand you see John i dont want sandra dating just anyone sandra deserves someone who will fight for her and i believe that person is you lets go to see your dad. So me and paul go up to Sandras room and open the door she looks up at us sniffing daddy come on beautiful we have a high priest too vist, ok. The three of us end up in my room wow im impressed its clean for an eighteen year old thank you sir.

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Darrell you her its me Paul yup in the kitchen down the hall we all end up in the kitchen paull have a seat can i get you anything no thank you so tell me Darrell what do you think of the festival.

Well its tradition between people who love each other giving themselves to the dark lord yeah thats what i thought your still the little bitch i grew up with and dad starts laughing watch yourself Paul im still high priest.

You know i honestly thought John was going to be like u but that kid got some balls coming into my home and defending Sandra like that yeah he gets that from his mother, he didn't insult you did he no no the opposite he impressed me actually thats why i will let him go to the festival with my daughter. Really daddy yes beautiful but under one condition if John ruins the relationship in anyway i will kill him with my own hands he is not joking and i wont stop him alright Darrell im leaving yeah bye Paul.

So what time is the festival its all day but the best parts start from six pm till after midnight. That reminds me John have you two had sex yet no dad we fooled around a little but no intercourse me and your mom are going to a three hour movie so why dont you really make her your woman ok dad sounds good.

KAREN LETS GO DON'T WANT TO BE LATE yeah yeah im coming ok you two have fun just promise me one thing no vaginal sex save that for tomorrow yes dad ok bye see you later as they leave the house Sandra drops to her knees in the kitchen. Pulls down my jogging pants and boxers takes her shirt and bra off grabs my cock and starts sucking when dad walks in oops i forgot my keys he chuckles he leaves again Sandra kept sucking like he wasnt even there then stands up bends over the table lifts her skirt and says my ass is yours.

I walk up behind he put my hands on her waist and shove my cock up her ass oh baby that feels so good fuck me harder she moans as i pick up the pace. Yes keep it up im going to cum don't stop don't stop yes yes yes oh dark lord yes as she squirts down our legs leaving a puddle on the floor.

I pull my cock out of her ass she drops to the floor in the wet spot and continues sucking my dick. I grab her head and shove my dick down her throat and shoot ropes of cum into her mouth.


She Opens her mouth and lets my cum drop on her ebony tits and starts rubbing it into her ebony tits as the door opens mom and dad walk in WOW somebody had fun. You guys are home early yeah the film real caught fire Karen you help Sandra and i will get a mop what do you want me to do dad oh you your moping. After everything and everyone was cleaned up we all went to bed.

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I awoke the next morning to Sandra jacking me off mmm i cold get use to this yeah well can u get use to this she starts sucking me off oh yes i can get use to this as i cum in her mouth mom walks in. You know sharing is caring right Sandra stands up pulls mom into a loving embrace kisses her on the lips and pours some of my cum into her mouth mmm thank you that tasts so good time for breakfast. After breakfast the rest of the day went pretty smoth till about five when dad sat the two of us down for a chat look i know there is only a one in seven chance of you getting pregnant but if it does happen just know we will help you raise him or her we just want you to know you are not alone ok so go and have fun.


Actually John go on a head i will meet you there what why well i want to do something special for you so i need time to get ready. um ok so i went to the forest alone i could hear the music and see the lights when i reached the clearing twelve people dancing naked grinding on each other so i strip down to my boxers but my stuff on a tree branch and sat down at the table for food. When a red head sat down beside me hi my names Ginger do you have anyone for tonight's festivities yeah actually Sandra Johnson she will be here later good then lets dance.

What about your date is he ok with this peter? yeah he is over there with the Asian in the corner so no big deal she grabs my hand and takes me to the dance floor she starts grinding on me so i put my hands on her hips as we sway to the music.

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Three songs later i stop for a drink then the red head finds another partner i look up and see Sandra in a trench coat and hat she looked like carmen San Diego i greet her with a kiss. The DJ comes over the speaker ladies and gentlemen its almost time for the orgy so if we can get everyone on the dance floor we can start sucking and fucking.

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Sandra stands in front of me and drops the trench coat and is completely naked we get up on the dance floor like everyone else the guys all stand in a row. Women of all shapes and sizes including mine gets down on there knees and starts sucking there mens cocks are you ready for this pussy then Sanda gets down on her knees doggy style with the rest of the girls.

She puts one hand between her legs and spreads her lips im ready i get down between her legs and put my cock to the entrance of her pussy and slowly push inside her cunt Sandra and the other girls start moaning.

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I put both my hands on her hips and push the rest of my cock deep inside of her and we all fuck like rabbits one by one the guys cum inside there girls. Till its just me Sandra, Ginger, and Peter Ginger im going to cum no dont you dare i want to carry the next high priest dont you dare cum i cant help it im cuming Peter pulls out and his sperm runs down gingers leg.

As she hangs her head in defeat good job Sandra im happy for you the DJ comes over the loud speaker, one more cum shot and the festival is complete now Sandra and John can fuck any position they want. Sandra moves forward freeing her pussy from my cock turns around pushes me to the ground gets on top and impales her pussy onto my cock and fucks me cowgirl till i fill her womb with my cum Sandra rolls off of me xum dripping from her pussy.

The festival is now complete, a hole opens up under each and every one of us dropping us into our respective rooms my clothes hit the floor. The door opens mom and dad stand in the hallway so how was your night good really good we won the festival so i think you guys might be grandparents.

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