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The next morning I woke up just as early as usual, even though it was a Saturday. I guess my body had just naturally adjusted itself to that time to get up.

I walked through the silent house and into the kitchen to get some coffee. But as I opened a magazine to read, I heard the sound of footsteps down the stairs. I turned around to surprisingly see my son. "Honey? What are you doing up?" "Oh, I haven't gone to sleep yet. My friends and I got carried away with some games. I just came down to get some food before turning in. What about you mom, how come you're up?" "Used to waking up around this time, so I couldn't fall back asleep.

Can I make you some breakfast?" "Uhm, just some eggs and bacon is fine. Thanks mom" he said, approaching me to give me a standard kiss. When he broke it off, I felt disappointed by the shortness of it. I guess Chris had taken the "pretend it never happened approach." It made me sad, but again, I didn't want to push him so I just let it go. We chatted a bit just like usual while I made enough food for the both of us.

He told me that his friends and he were going to see a movie in the afternoon after gaming all night. "Ahh, that's a nice way to enjoy the weekend! So you're trying to get some sleep before then, huh?" I said, handing him his eggs and bacon. "Yeah, all of us are" he laughed. Chris looked noticeably tired from his all-nighter so I kept the chit chat to a minimum.

He seemed to notice his own decreased energy level as well; "Sorry I'm not as talkative mom. Just really sleepy" he said with a quiet laugh. "Thanks again for breakfast. Oh, could you come and wake me up later around noon?" he asked, handing me his plate. "Yeah sure, I'll wake you up then" I replied. I moved in for our normal good bye kiss, but was pleasantly surprised when he immediately kissed me back as well.

"one sec honey!" I turned to the sink and gently dropped our plates off before returning back to him to resume our kiss. Even though he was tired, his kiss was anything but lethargic. It didn't take long until both of our tongues were probing in the other one's mouth again. The sounds of our make out session and heavy breathing filled the kitchen air, yet neither one us stopped. Our kissing grew more and more intense and I noticed that Chris seemed to develop a fondness for sucking on my tongue.

I enjoyed it just as much and voluntarily snaked my own tongue into his mouth, letting him softly clamp his lips around it. Suddenly, our kissing stopped simultaneously, as we heard the flushing of a toilet upstairs. While Chris looked slightly flustered from the noise, I found the possibility of being caught a huge turn on and returned to kissing my son.

"Mom, you heard that too right?" he asked with just a hint of fear in his voice. "Don't worry about it! It's probably just your father getting up to use the bathroom before going back to sleep.

No one ever wakes up this early!" I said, returning my lips on to Chris' before he could protest. I used the slight interruption to move myself onto the kitchen stool so that I could comfortably sit down.

When we continued, Chris' kissing seemed a bit shyer, so I made up for it by being even more aggressive; my tongue violently twisting around inside his mouth. Soon enough, Chris caught on to the fact that I wasn't worried and returned the intensity with his own enthusiasm. However, just as we were getting really into it, we both heard the sound of footsteps upstairs.

Chris instantly freaked out and was pulling himself away, but I knew from the sound of the light steps that it was my daughter and not my husband. So instead of letting Chris stop, I pulled him back into me, giggling as I continued to kiss my son.

"Mom.mhm.someone's…awake" he said through my kisses, still trying to pull himself apart. "Don't worry… it's your sister." "We'll stop if she comes down." I was too turned on to let my daughter possibly spoil it.

While we continued our make out session, I glanced at the kitchen clock and realized that we had been going at it for over 10 minutes! I wanted to slow down and enjoy it, but the footsteps were now getting louder and clearly on the steps of the staircase. "Wait!" I said, holding Chris' lips still. I continued making out with him, even as the footsteps came further down the stairs. In fact, the closer my daughter's steps got to the bottom, the more intense I kissed my son, savoring every second left.

It wasn't until her steps were clearly on the first floor, that I finally broke the kiss off with Chris. Just as I did so, my daughter came strolling into the kitchen. "What are you doing up so early, sweetie?!" I said nervously. "I wanted to watch morning cartoons!" she answered. I checked her reaction to see if she had seen anything, but she seemed completely oblivious. "Okay go ahead then, do you want something to eat?" "Cocoa Puffs!" she nearly shouted, walking into the pantry to get the cereal.

I turned back to my son to see the scared look in his eyes. Still, I took the opportunity to plant one last kiss on him, pouring in as much passion as I could in the few seconds I had. "Go sleep honey! I'll wake you up at noon!" "Thanks mom! You're the best!" "Mommy! Do you want to watch cartoons with me?" my daughter asked. "Sure sweetie, at least for a little bit." It was an odd feeling; sitting there watching harmless cartoons with my daughter when five minutes ago my tongue was shamelessly in my own son's mouth.

I felt so naughty! Luckily, the time I spent with Jessie helped alleviate some of the built up sexual tension inside me. Without it, I wasn't too sure if I'd be able to resist not sneaking up into my son's room to continue our session. I continued to spend time with my daughter until my husband got up and came down the stairs.

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"Good morning, dear!" I said, handing him a mug of coffee. "Good morning" he responded. "You want some eggs?" "Yeah, that sounds great. Wow, when did she get up?" he said, pointing to my daughter in the living room.

"A few hours ago to watch TV" I said, rolling my eyes a bit. "I guess the only person I beat waking up this morning is Chris, huh?" "No, you lost that one too!" I said cheerfully. "He pulled an all-nighter and just went to sleep!" "Ah…games?" I nodded my head softly while drinking my coffee. "I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I remember those all night gaming marathons in my day!

So, he won't be joining us for lunch?" "No, he won't, but not because of sleeping. He's meeting his friends to watch a movie." "Oh?! Is it about a girl?" he asked quizzically. I hadn't even considered that possibility, but now that my husband mentioned it, a sense of jealously came over me.

Was that why we had made out this morning? Was he worked up because of another girl? "oh.uhm… he didn't say" I said, trying to hide my disappointment. "Well whatever the case, good for him! He always takes his studies seriously!" 'Yeah…" I responded blankly. I did my best to enjoy the rest of the morning with my family, but the looming fear of another girl in my son's life kept pressing on my mind.

I had no idea how to deal with it and found it ridiculous that I was being jealous of a phantom teenager. Waiting for the clock to strike 12 felt like an eternity; I was dying to ask my son who was going with him. It was so bad that at 11:45 I couldn't wait any longer. With my husband on the grill outside and my daughter still mesmerized by the TV, I hurriedly walked to Chris' room.

I didn't bother knocking since I knew he was asleep and just opened his door. He looked so peacefully sleeping that I almost didn't have the heart to wake him up, almost. The sight reminded me of how I use to wake up my husband back in the day. I creepily crawled into his bed, straddling myself against him and doing my best to not wake him preemptively. I moved his head from the side so that it was facing me and started making out with him.

He really did seem tired and it took a few seconds before he woke up. "Hello, honey!" I whispered through my kisses. Chris' eyes widened and he quickly pulled himself up to a sitting position, resting his back against his bedframe. "Mom, is " "We're good, honey!" I said, scooting up with him and continuing our kiss. I could feel that he was about to protest but my lips were locked firmly around his, preventing him from saying anything. I even softly bit on them, trying to get him in the mood.

He finally seemed to relent to the moment when I felt his mouth digging into my mine, looking for my tongue. I giggled loudly at just how badly he wanted to suck on it and happily brought my tongue to him. His lips instantly clamped around it, sucking hungrily. When I started to moan, he took it as a sign of encouragement and took in even more of my tongue.

In the mist of our lewd act, I could hear the voices of my husband and daughter outside on the backyard porch. " that dad?" Chris said, pausing for a second. "Yeah, he's grilling outside. So that means " My words were interrupted by Chris' phone ringing on his night stand. He went to grab it and checked the caller ID. "It's Pete; he's probably calling about the movie. I should get it" he asked, looking for my okay. I nodded in approval, but only waited a few seconds after he answered before returning to kissing him.

I could feel him squirm in his bed and badly fumbling his words on the phone, trying to sound normal. I again giggled at the effect I was having and decided to make it even worse. I disregarded his ongoing conversation entirely and instead of just lightly kissing him, I went back to the heavy petting that we were doing a minutes ago. He continued to juggle both tasks but was finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

"Yeah, okay I'll be ready soon" he said, tossing his phone aside and returning his full attention to me. "Mom…I have to…mhmm…get ready now" he said through our lips. "Okay" I answered, yet showing no indication to let him up. Chris didn't move either and so, our lips remained glued together.

It wasn't until a few minutes later when his phone rang again, that we stopped. "Yeah, yeah! I'm coming now!" my son shouted into his phone.

He returned to give me one last deep kiss. "Okay mom, now I really have to go" he said through his chuckling. I got off him and Chris rushed to his closet, grabbing a pair of random jeans and began hastily sliding them on. "Oh Chris, who are you going with?" I asked, almost forgetting why I came up in the first place. "Just Pete and Jake" he said, while scrambling through his other jeans to find his wallet. A huge sigh of relief overcame me from hearing it was just those two.

Pete and Jake had been friends with Chris for years, ever since they were in elementary school. And even though I didn't know their parents or interact much with them, I did know they were good kids. "One of their parents is picking you up?" "Yeah, Pete's dad's already been waiting downstairs for the last few minutes" my son said nervously laughing. "Ah, found it!" "What!

No goodbye kiss?" I asked sarcastically, before he could bolt out the room. He looked at me, almost dumbfounded. Then, realizing my joke, he gladly sprinted back to kiss me goodbye, even pulling me in roughly against his body. "Bye mom!" "Be safe" I shouted. After seeing him leave, I plopped down on his bed, a bit exhausted from the two make-outs I had with him. The calmness caused me to realize that because of how high up I was on his body, I didn't actually get to feel his erection.

That was something that wouldn't happen next time! The rest of the weekend was much more boring. Chris begrudgingly went with his father to a football game on Sunday and was gone most of the day. We did get the opportunity to make out a few times, but it was never too long. Chris was also extra nervous that someone would walk in and catch us; I guess one of us had to be! And even though we didn't say it out loud, I could tell both of us were looking forward to the weekday again so we could have our alone time in the morning and afternoon.

When Monday finally did come, it was exactly as we both wanted. Chris woke up earlier than usual so that after breakfast we had a free 15 minutes or so to make out. And when he came home in the afternoon, I was there waiting for him by the door. Our lips were all over each other, not wanting to waste any time before Jessie came home. He also seemed very content with just making out, his hands never really roaming anywhere below my shoulders.

I didn't know if it was because he was scared about how I would feel if he tried, or if he wasn't ready, or if he didn't know how far he wanted it go with me. Regardless, I didn't want to pressure him and made it a point to myself that I would not take the next step, that he must be the one to initiate or at least show a major desire to move forward. I already felt slightly guilty that I was using my position as his mother to take advantage of him, so morally, I really didn't feel comfortable pushing him any further.

To relieve myself of any built up desires, at night, after my husband fell asleep, I would play with myself until I came.

The next few days were much the same. Chris and I grew even closer together; talking and laughing with one another whenever we were alone and not making out. When we were with the family, both of us blended in perfectly; never giving any suggestions that there was something else going on between us.

For the most part, we respected each others boundaries; I still let him live as a normal teenager and he never tried to interfere with my duties as a mother just because he wanted to make out. We also never really discussed what was actually going on.

It was as if both of us knew that we shouldn't be doing it, but enjoyed it too much to stop. It was just an understanding that the time after breakfast and before Jessie got home was our special time alone together. It wasn't until Thursday afternoon that we took another step in our relationship. I was making my son a snack and we were just chatting like usual when the topic of his gym class at school came up.

"Mom, are you still doing yoga?" he asked, nonchalantly. "Yup, still a few times a week" I answered, concentrating more on the pan then what he was asking. "Have you gotten better results now?" That question however, reminded me of the week earlier when he was checking me out. "hmm… I'm not sure. Do you to want judge for yourself?!" I exclaimed.

Chris glanced over at the clock, noticing that it was only 10 minutes before his sister got home. But, before he could suggest me to do it tomorrow, I interrupted his thought. "Wait right here! Let me go change!" I shouted, already sprinting upstairs to my bedroom. I ran to get my shorts, but noticed from the corner of my eyes the yoga pants I had at the foot of my bed.

Because I was pleased with how my legs looked, I had begun concentrating on my ass the last few workouts. The extra squats and lunges I did over the week had shaped my ass very nicely to compliment my legs; giving it firmness that once wasn't there before.

I knew the yoga pants made my ass look even better and happily changed into them. "I've been concentrating on another body part lately, can you tell which one?" I asked, spinning myself around slowly.

I stared at Chris while he watched me twirl for him. His eyes almost instantly went to my ass, but it seemed he was still afraid to admit so. "I'll give you a hint" I said teasingly, turning my back to him and slightly squatting down a little.

Seeing that he was still cautious to actually say it, I decided to stop tormenting him. "My butt, honey! Doesn't it look better?" "Ah yeah.


I see" he said, blushing brightly. "You don't like it? I've been working really hard!" I said, feigning a hint of sadness. "No, no, mom! I.just… can't see it well in this lighting" he said, moving to the kitchen light to turn it on. "Well?" I said, arching my back as much as I could.

Seeing the huge smile on my face and all my excitement, Chris' face relaxed. "Yeah it looks really good mom! But, could I get a better view?" he asked hesitantly.

Knowing what he meant, I smiled devilishly back at him.

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I turned around to grab a napkin and purposefully dropped it. "Whoops!" I said, bending down slowly to pick it up. I took an extra-long time getting to the ground and did my best to stick my ass out as far as I could for him to stare at.

When my hands did reach the ground, I held the position and turned my head back to Chris to see his reaction. "Well, is this position better?" My question momentarily jerked his eyes back to my face.

"Mom your ass looks great! I.mean your.butt! Your butt looks great." "Thanks, honey! And it's okay for you to call it my ass! That's what everyone else says nowadays anyways, right?" I said, standing back up to kiss him.

While we kissed, I could see Chris' eyes trying to look over my shoulder and get another peak. "Oh, did you want another look?" I asked rhetorically, turning back around and crouching over a bit. "Mom your ass looks amazing; especially in those yoga pants!" "Yeah, I know right?! It also makes my ass feel extra tight! Here, feel!" I said, moving back towards him while still bent over.

"Really?!" he asked in excitement and surprise. "Sure honey! I'm not going to just tease your eyes with it! Go ahead!" I said encouragingly. Chris nervously took his right hand and slowly palmed my ass, getting just a feel of the surface of it. Seeing his tentativeness, I scooted back further into his hand, letting him know it was okay.

With that, he began squeezing my ass to feel its firmness. It felt great, but with my bent over position, my ass didn't have much give and I could tell he couldn't get a good handful. "Here, let's try this" I said, standing back upright and turning to face him again. I started to kiss him and then grabbed his hands, placing each one on a side of my ass.

From there, teenage hormones took over. His hands roughly groped each cheek, kneading the flesh of my ass while we continued to kiss. "Mom! Your ass feels so nice, it's firm but so soft too!" he muttered out.

"I think you're not the only one that likes it…" I said, looking down towards the tent in his pants that was poking against my leg. Chris looked down at his hard on and became slightly embarrassed. "You better go take care of that later" I said jokingly. "I will" he chuckled. He returned to kissing me while his hands continued to explore, sticking the tips of his fingers between my cheeks whenever he grabbed them.

I could also feel his hands playing with the fabric of my panties. We were going at it so heavily, that even when the front door was opening, neither one of us stopped at first. "Mommy! I'm home!" my daughter yelled.

I could hear the thud of her backup on the ground. We were still going at it until the sounds of her footstep indicated she was picking up speed and we stopped just in time to see her round the corner into the kitchen. "Hello Sweetie! I'm sorry, mommy didn't hear you!" I lied. "How was school?" "Horrible! I have so much homework! Chris can you help me with math again?!" she pleaded. "Uh…I have to go check my email" he said. When my eyes met his, we both burst out laughing, unable to stop ourselves.

"You guys are weird!" my daughter said, giving us an understandably perplexed look. "Well can you Chris?" "I really should check my email now!" he said, between his laughs. "Sweetie, how about you go work on something else first. Then when your brother is done, checking his email, he'll go help you" I said, barely able to suppress my laughter. "hmm…Okay" she sighed. Jessie turned around to grab her stuff and headed for her room. Before she was even out of sight, Chris' hand was on my ass again.

I responded to his touch by kissing him tenderly. "From now on, you better check your email before she comes home" I said teasingly. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea" he chuckled. "Okay, I'll see you later mom" he said, squeezing my ass one last time. For the rest of the afternoon and evening, Chris and I tried to find a decent opportunity to be alone again, but it was never for too long.

My husband was in fairly good spirits and we spent most of the nights chatting and enjoying each others company while Chris eventually gave up and returned to studying, making up for some of the lost time in the afternoon.

When I woke up the next morning, instead of immediately heading downstairs, I went to my closet and took off my panties. If Chris and I were going to get frisky again, I wanted to surprise him! I didn't want to go too far yet, so I still just wore my normal pajamas. I was surprised to see the lights on downstairs and quickly checked Chris' room to see that it was already empty.

"Hey mom!" he greeted, while eating a bowl of cereal. "I just felt like eating something quick today." I giggled, understanding what he meant. "Not really hungry? " I asked rhetorically. "No, in fact I think I'm full already" he said smiling, pushing his barely eaten bowl aside. "Well your bus doesn't leave for another 20 minutes, what should we do!?" "I can think of something…" Chris said with a grin, walking towards me.

It seemed he was enjoying his newfound "toy", since before our lips even met; his hands were already all over my ass. I think our kissing distracted him, because it took him about a minute before he realized the surprise I had given him.

"Mom…mom…are you not wearing any underwear?" he asked in shock. "Not right now! Do you like it?" I asked, kissing him teasingly. "That's so hot!" he said, smashing his lips into mine. It seemed my little surprise had just the intended effect I wanted; Chris' hands and mouth went wild with lust.

His kissing was so aggressive that I could hardly keep up and his hands were so rough that I was afraid he was going to tear right through my pajama bottoms! In our previous make out sessions, Chris had always positioned himself so that I couldn't feel his erection, but after yesterday's joking, he wasn't shy about it anymore.

In fact, as we made out, his hips started swaying towards me, pressing his cock against my leg. I enjoyed the feeling just as much and made no attempt to stop him. The longer we went at it, the bolder Chris got. His hands pulled my ass into him, while he started to grind his cock against me.

I could tell that he was desperately trying to put pressure on it, but was having difficulty due to his jeans. "Honey, one sec!" I said, breaking our embrace. I turned around so that my ass was now facing him, hoping that it would give him more comfort. I backed up into him, snuggling my ass against his erection.

"Oohhh!" Chris moaned. "do you like that?!" I asked seductively, grinding it slowly against him. "Ooohh Yes! Mom that feels amazing!" he said, grabbing onto my hips. Chris was grinding back into me, but with both of us moving, I was having a hard time standing up. "Chris, honey, just let mommy do the work, ok?!" I said, turning my head to speak to him. Chris just nodded silently. I twisted my head back to kiss him and slowly started to gyrate my hips again, gently backing my ass into him.

Each time my ass landed on his cock, I made sure to bend my legs slightly so that I could grind against its entire length. I took Chris' hands and guided them to the sides of hips and showed him how to support me while I continued to work.

As I experimented with his cock, I noticed that he developed a liking for whenever I tried to nestle it between my ass cheeks. Within a minute, I had developed a comfortable routine and Chris' breathing was getting really fast.

"Mom…mom…wait! If…you keep…going, I'm - " "Are you close, honey?" I asked looking back at him. He bit his lip and just nodded. "It's okay, honey! Just don't go in your pants.

Here, use mommy's pajamas!" I said, smiling warmly at him. Chris smiled in approval and began unzipping his pants. In what couldn't have been more than 10 seconds, I felt his juices soaking through the fabric of my bottoms. "Aaaaughh!!" my son moaned. When he was finally done, my bottoms were a mess; Chris must've shot almost half a dozen loads.

I turned around to look at him, with his cock still in hand, completely exhausted. "You okay there honey?" I asked with a smile. Snapping out of his post-orgasm euphoria, Chris turned me around to look at my ass.

"I'm sorry about the mess mom. I should've " "Don't worry about it honey! I can always go wash them" I said, turning back around to kiss him. "Now get your pants on and get ready for school!" I said in a sarcastically demanding voice. "Okay, mom" he chuckled. "I'll see you this afternoon!" With Chris off to school, I quickly sneaked back up to my bedroom and threw my pajamas into the laundry basket.

When I took them off, I was astounded to find some of it had landed on my sleeve as well. I had forgotten what teenagers were capable of! After both my daughter and husband were gone, I went around the house collecting everyone's dirty laundry. When I got to Chris', I was a little surprised to see his so full. Then I realized that he had gone through almost 2 pair of boxers a day!

My poor baby! He must've been so worked up from our sessions that he had to change twice a day! Mommy will have to do a better job from now on of making sure his son was left satisfied! Before I started my yoga workout, I went through my wardrobe to pick which pair of pants I wanted to wear later.

My first instinct was to just wear the yoga pants I had on, but then I thought it might be even better if I wore workout shorts, that way he might cop a feel of my bare ass! I went to the back of my closet trying to find a reasonable pair. It took a while, but I finally found one that seemed good. I put it on and was really happy with how it looked.

It still covered my ass, but showed a lot of my upper thigh. And more importantly, the fabric didn't cling to my legs; meaning if Chris wanted to, it wouldn't take him much effort to get a feel of my ass without any interference. All throughout my workout, the thought of Chris kept my mind busy and my form perfect. It felt so exciting to be working out for my son's sexual desires! When I finished, I was drenched in sweat. As I was debating whether to use the 15 minutes before Chris got home to shower or not, my phone buzzed.

"Mom, would you be able to drive my friends and me to the movies?" "What time?" "They want to catch the 3:15 showing : ( " Seeing the time, I understood why Chris had given the sad face since I felt the same way.

Still, I knew that he should hang out with his friend, especially on a Friday. "That sounds okay. I should be able to get back before your sister comes home." "Thanks mom! Also, they'll be coming with me on the bus." "Ok! I should shower quickly then, bye!" I ran to the bathroom and took an extremely fast shower, mostly just doing my best to wash off the sweat so that I didn't look disgusting in front of his friends.

When I finished, I quickly threw on a pair of panties, jeans, and a plain t shirt. I held my workout clothe, disappointed that I wouldn't be able to use the shorts this time, and reluctantly tossed them into the laundry basket.

Just as I did, I heard the front door open and the sounds of teenage voices echoing loudly through the house. I grabbed a fleece hoodie from my closet and was about to head downstairs when I heard footsteps coming towards my room.

"Sorry mom, it was kind of last minute" Chris said, rushing in to kiss me. "I protested to go later, but they wanted to go now…" "It's okay honey! You should hang out with your friends when you want." "I know, but there's something else I want more right now!" he said, grabbing my ass. It was only then that he noticed I was wearing jeans and instant look of disappointment filled his face. I glanced over at the clock and noticed that we didn't have to leave for another five minutes.

"Go tell your friends to wait downstairs for a few minutes" I smiled seductively. Chris smiled back at me and bolted out the door. I heard him shout something to his friends over the bannister before sprinting back to my room. In the time he went to talk to his friends, I changed into my still clean yoga pants. After closing the door behind him and turning back towards me, his eyes widened from seeing what I had on now.

"Well?" I said, turning sideways and posing my ass for him. I remember you liking the yoga pants, right?" Chris rushed to me and started kissing, with his hands exploring my ass.

I loved the feeling of him groping me, it was fast becoming addicting! As he continued to fondle me, his eyes kept staring back at the clock. "Mom, I don't want them to wait too long. Could…could you…-" "Do what I did this morning?" I asked, finishing his sentence.

"Yeah! It felt so good!" he exclaimed. "Of course honey!" I said, turning myself around. Just like in the morning I started to push my ass into him, making sure to do my best to keep his cock between my cheeks. My head was turned to the side and I could see Chris trying to adjust himself through his jeans, but wasn't having much success.

I saw the frustration mounting on his face and wanted to relieve it. "Chris, go ahead and unbuckle your jeans, it's okay!" I said sincerely. "Really, it's okay mom?" "Yeah! Where else did you think you were going to finish!" I said, reaching back to kiss him. With my words of encouragement, Chris unbuckled his jeans and dropped them to the floor.

He didn't seem too sure of what to do with his boxers so he kept them on. I didn't complain and knew we were running low on time so I went right back to grinding against him. He naturally started to thrust into me as well, but every time he did so, I could feel his cock slipping out of the opening of his boxers.

When it was almost completely out, I straightened myself up and turned my head to kiss him; nuzzling his cock against my ass and giving it no space for him to try and put it back. My lips kissed him passionately while my ass grinded up and down on him. "Just tell mommy when you're -" "I'm close" he muttered out, between our kisses.

Without even breaking our lips, I slipped my yoga pants off until they were at my knees; my panties were now the only thing between my pussy and his cock. Chris' eyes widen when he felt my bare skin. And without the fabric of my pants, I was now easily able to nestle his cock between my cheeks.

It only took a few more seconds before I knew Chris was going to cum. "Ooohh! Mom I'm going to cum now!" he said, as his hand was now jacking himself off. "Cum on mommy's ass!" I exclaimed, while bent over, still trying to grind against him.

With his right hand busy, Chris grabbed my hip firmly with his left and pulled me towards him; he then began to shoot load after load on my ass.

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The first two big shots landed on my cheeks, but he was able to reposition himself so that the last few landed in my ass crack. When he finally seemed done, I backed my ass into his cock one last time. "Make sure you get all your juices off, honey! I did your laundry today and noticed you're running out of clean underwear!" I said teasing him.

Chris smiled at me, "I wonder why mom!" he shot back. He took his cock and started to rub the tip on my ass smearing any of his leftover cum on my panties. When he felt satisfied, he stopped and stepped back.

"I'm done mom" he said, starting to pull his jeans back up. I looked at the clock and saw that we had pretty much made it and wouldn't have any trouble getting to the theatre in time. I didn't think I'd have enough time to change though, so, not even wiping his cum away, I just pulled my yoga pants up. "Chris, can you see anything?" I asked, posing my ass for him.

"Not really" he said, after taking a few seconds to check. "Okay let's go then!" I said, giving him one last kiss. We headed down the stairs, Chris first and then me about half a minute later. Aside from a little bit of traffic, the drive to the movie theatre went rather smoothly. Along the way, Chris and his friends chatted quietly with one another. "Do you need me to pick you guys up?" I asked before they left the car. The three of them looked at each other, realizing they hadn't accounted for how to get back home.

"Chris, just text me if you guys need a ride later, OK?" I asked, seeing their struggle. "Ok, Thanks mom!" Chris waved, getting out of the car. His friends quickly said thanks as well and the three of them hurriedly moved into the theatre. I myself, sped back home before my daughter got back from school, just barely making it. The first thing I did was change out of my yoga pants, Chris had soaked it with his cum!

I was about to take a shower as well, but the idea of walking around with his jizz all over my ass was such a turn on that I decided against it! It was a constant reminder of what my body could do to him. The rest of the afternoon was like any other; spending time with my daughter and preparing dinner.

Just about 15 minutes before my husband usually got home, I got a text from my son. "Mom, we are going to get some food at a restaurant nearby." "Ok, that sounds good!

Do you need me to pick you guys up later?" "Yeah, probably in an hour or so." "Ok just text me when, honey!" "Thanks mom, you're the best ; ) " What a naughty winking face! Well, I guess it was well deserved after what we had done today, twice! "Good evening dear!" my husband said, interrupting my thoughts. "Evening. Go get washed up, dinner's ready!" "Where's Chris?" my husband said, sitting down at the table.

"He's at the movies with his friends. In fact, I have to go pick them up after dinner." "Oh, I can go dear!" my husband offered. "No, no! You just got home! I got it!" I said smiling. Thanks to my daughter's boundless energy, dinner with just the three of us didn't seem any less quiet. Jessie could talk for hours without getting tired!

Just as we were wrapping up dinner, I got the text from Chris asking me to go get them. I promptly excused myself from the table and left. I met them at a pizza restaurant near the theatre. As expected, the place was fairly packed for a Friday night. "Thanks, mom!" Chris said, hurrying him and his friends into the car. "How was the movie? What'd you guys see?" I asked, driving off. "Sin City. It was alright, but not as good as the first one, still free though so can't complain" Chris responded.

I could see from the rearview mirror that his friends looked a little uncomfortable. Chris seemed to pick up on it as well.

"It's ok guys, my mom's cool about it!" he said, turning back from his passenger seat to address his friends. "Oh, did you guys sneak in?!" I asked excitedly.

Pete and Jake's faces relaxed from hearing my enthusiasm. "Well, my brother works there, so he let us in without paying" Pete said. "Yeah, that's why they wanted to go early; less people to catch us" my son added.

"Ah, I see! Did you guys get a thrill from doing something you weren't supposed to?" I said, glancing teasingly over at my son. Chris chuckled at my comment, knowing what I was referring to. "Yeah it was fun. In fact, I'm hoping to do it again sometime!" he said, playing along.

"Oh, I'm sure that opportunity will come up again real soon" I giggled. "Wow, thanks for being so cool about it Mrs. Anderson! My mom probably would've freaked" Jake exclaimed. "Yeah, mine too!" Pete added. "Well I don't see the big deal about it. And you guys study so hard at school that it's important to have some fun every now and again!" The three of them wholeheartedly agreed.

I guess they always saw me as just Chris' mom and another authoritative figure, but now hearing my relaxed attitude, it seemed to loosen both of them up as they began chatting louder with each other. I dropped Pete off first and then Jake, noticing that both of them lived pretty close to our house.

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Before Jake even got to his front door, Chris began kissing me. "Chris! Your friend might see us!" I giggled, still kissing him back. "I can't wait any longer, mom! I kept thinking about you during the movie!" he said, kissing my neck.

"I missed you too honey! But we should drive away first!" I said, pushing him back to his seat. Chris got the message and waited patiently while I pulled away from his friend's driveway. "Where should we park?" "Can't we just stay in the garage for a bit?" "hmm. I think your father might look for us if we park in the garage without coming in." "What about the parking lot at Jessie's school.

It should be empty by now." "Yeah, that might work!" I said, starting to drive towards it. When we pulled into the parking lot, both of us were ecstatic to see that it was empty.

I parked the car at the far end of the lot, underneath a tree, giving us as much privacy as I could find. "Let's move to the backseat!" Chris quickly agreed and we hastily climbed into the passenger seat. After he sat down, I immediately sat on his lap facing him, straddling his cock. Chris' hands found their familiar spot on my ass, but wasn't able to get a good handful because I had jeans on. So to help him, I took his hands and guided them inside my jeans, so that he could get a better feel.

"I like your underwear mom!" he said, feeling out the material with his fingers. "Yeah?!

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I think I might have a few more pairs you might like even more!" "Mom…could you unbutton your pants too, I still can't get a good feel!" he said. "how about you do it for me!" Chris happily obliged and unbuttoned my jeans. I stood up; getting off of him long enough so that he could slide them off completely. Right when his hand went back to my ass, my phone rang. I angrily dug it out of my pocket, seeing it was my husband.

"It's your dad" I said to Chris. I answered the phone, but was so angry at him for interrupting us that instead of stopping, I mouthed to Chris "keep going" with a smile. Chris grinned and pulled me back onto his lap and returned his hand to my ass, only now he was groping it with nothing in between.

I moaned from his touch and kissed him hard on the lips. My phone was still by my ear but mouth was way too busy exploring Chris' to respond in a normal fashion. "We'll be back soon dear" I said to my husband, while swapping spit with his son. "There's just something Chris and I need to take care of first!" "I thought he would never hang up!" I said, tossing my cell phone to the floor of the car.

"We better hurry!" "Mom, I don't think there's enough room in here for us to " "Maybe not with my ass, but I think there's something else I can do to get you off!" I said, reaching down to touch my son's erection. "Really, mom?!" he exclaimed. "Well if you don't get off now, what were you going to do once you got home?" I asked sarcastically. Chris looked at me and nodded, "I guess you have a point!" "Of course I do.

Besides, you wouldn't want your father to see you walking around with that thing! Now, get your pants off, boxers too!" I said impatiently. I got off Chris to let him undress but continued to kiss him. When I felt him sit down again, I broke our kiss to get my first close up look at his cock.

"Oh it's grown up quite a lot hasn't it" I said teasingly, creeping my hand closer to it. Chris' cock was about 5 and half inches and had a good thickness to it too.

If it was this size now, I knew he was going to make many women very happy in the future! But today, he'd have to settle for satisfying just his mother! I brought my hand up to his lips "Spit!" I instructed. Chris did as told and my hand wrapped around his cock for the first time. The touch instantly brought a moan out of him and sent a feeling down my spine that I knew I would now want all the time. Even though he had cum twice earlier, I knew that he wasn't going to last long, so I worked slowly.

My hand pumped his cock very softly, while I continued to kiss him. He tried to return the kiss but was so overwhelmed by my handjob that his lips had no energy to them at all.


"Why don't you relax and enjoy it honey! Let mommy take care of you!" I took his silence as a yes and went to work. Wanting it to last, I switched between slowly stroking his shaft and gently massaging the head of his cock. All the while, my mouth alternated between kissing his neck and lips.

Knowing what he liked, I probed my tongue into his mouth, offering it for him to suck on. Chris moaned into me, but did accept my invitation, wrapping his lips around it and sucking gently. Below, my hand started to work his entire length, stroking it quicker while ever so slightly rotating his shaft inside my palm.


"Are you close?" "Yeah" "Do you want to cum on mommy's ass again?!" I teased seductively. "Yes!" he said with heavy breaths. I quickly got off him and turned around, sticking my ass on his cock for him to unload. I looked back to see Chris' face as he frantically gave his cock a last few tugs before shooting his cum all over me. There was noticeably less than before, but the sensation I felt from his jizz landing on my ass and then slowly dripping down, was unbearably hot.

It somehow got even stronger as he started to wipe his leftover cum on my ass, this time purposefully ignoring my panties. Chris suddenly grabbed my hips and turned me around, kissing me roughly on the lips. "Mom, that was my… first one with someone else" he said. "And how did mommy do?" I teased. "That was amazing! Mom, you're amazing! I feel so lucky!" "Ahh! Thanks, honey!! Mommy enjoyed it too" I said, kissing him. "And I have a feeling you're going to want to get "lucky" a lot more from now on!" Chris nodded.

"Every day. Probably more than once every day!" he said with a chuckle. "Well big boy, mommy can handle all he has to offer!" I said, tugging playfully on his soft cock. "Ok, get your pants back on. We have to head home before your father gets worried!" The drive from Jessie's school back to the house was short, but it did give us a few minutes to chat.

"Mom, did you mean it when you said you had even sexier underwear?" "Of course, honey! Do you want to see mommy in them?!" "Uh, yeah! But what kind?" "Well…it's hard to describe. It's best if I just find the time to show you!" "Okay! Do you also have more of those yoga pants?!" he asked excitedly. "No, and unfortunately the only pair I have is currently out of commission because of someone!" I said, getting a laugh out of both of us.

"But how about we go shopping tomorrow. Just you and me. And you can pick out some more yoga pants, and some…"really not yoga pants"…things that you want mommy to wear. How does that sound!?" "Really?! What do we tell dad?" "Oh, I'll just tell him I'm going on a spa day. And you can say you're hanging out with your friends!

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That way we can get a whole afternoon together before coming back for dinner!" "That sounds awesome mom! Should we go to the mall?" " Yeah, the mall sounds good.

That means tonight you have to figure out what you want to see mommy in!" "Oh I already have a few things in mind!" my son said, surprising me a bit. "You do?!" I exclaimed. "What is it?" I asked, almost taking my eyes off the road. "Well, I think you'd look so sexy in pantyhose!

You have great legs and cute small feet and your ass! Mom, I love your ass!" he said enthusiastically. I giggled from how excited he was. "I knew you liked my legs and ass, but you like mommy's feet too?!" "Mom, there's nothing I've seen on you yet that I haven't liked!" "What do you mean by yet? Does that mean there's something else of mommy's that you'd still like to see?!" I teased. "I guess you could say there's a pair of them" he said, getting us both to laugh again. "Well, how about tomorrow, I show them to you as a present and you pick out what type of wrapping paper you want it to be in!" "Awesome!

But if it's a present mom, then that means I should be able to enjoy it later on as well, right?" "Well of course, honey! Who gives a present to someone and then takes it away?!" We flirted with each other the entire drive back and returned back home in extremely high spirits. Chris went up to his room and I immediately went to find my husband, letting him know that tomorrow I would be away in the afternoon.

Like always, he hardly reacted and was too busy looking over his papers for work. This, I remembered, was why I no longer felt guilty about what I was doing with his son.

I loved Charles, but a woman needs some attention paid to her! And it just so happened that the attention I got was from my son!

I couldn't wait for the next day! Author's Note: The third part will most likely be a little bit longer of a wait.

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I will post it sometime Thursday or Friday. Again, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions; I am very open to including suitable ones in the following chapters!