Hubby And Wife Cum Over For A Surprise

Hubby And Wife Cum Over For A Surprise
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I had my first orgasm at the hands of my Grandpa. I had just turned 18 but was still a virgin. Not only physically; I was also a sex knowledge virgin. My parents were strict, especially my Dad and when it came to sex, all my Mom told me was that it was only for married people and that my husband would teach me when the time came.

When I got my period I asked her if I was finally a woman and she answered that until I had real breast and a husband, I was to consider myself as a child and steer clear of dirty thoughts. If truth be told, it was the last thing on my mind anyway.

The girls at school all had boyfriends at one time or another, but guys did not look at me. Not that I wasn't pretty with my deep blue eyes, long auburn hair and freckled face. But I looked so young and inexperienced that I did not attract them. So I focused on school and academic and was top of my class. That day was the last one before summer break and I didn't have any plans for the summer yet. Maybe get a part time job? I would figure it out.

I came home from school one day at lunch time as I always did because the school was just around the corner. My grandpa had been living with us for a while, he was retired and drank a bit but he was a good cook and I loved the meals he made for me.

My Dad didn't seem to like him much, but he was always really nice to me. Both my parents were at work as usual that day and by the time I got home, lunch was already on the table and grandpa said he would finish reading his newspaper.

He had made my special lunch since it was the last day of school before summer break. After I ate and cleared the table I went to the living room where grandpa was looking at a magazine.

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When he saw me he quickly slipped it under the newspaper as if I had caught him doing something nasty. - Why are you hiding your magazine pappy?

- It's an adult magazine honey, not for your young and beautiful eyes. His voice was different and I could tell he already had started drinking early today. - What's in the magazine? He didn't answer but I insisted. - Naked ladies honey, just naked ladies. - I don't understand, why do you look at naked ladies? - Because your grandma has been gone for a long time and a man has urges honey.

Looking at the naked ladies helps me feel like a man again and it helps me pleasure myself. I really didn't know what to say to that. Quite frankly, I had no clue what the hell he was talking about.

- What do you mean by pleasure yourself pappy?


For a second he looked at me unsure, took a drink from his scotch bottle but went ahead anyway and said: - Well it's kind of like when you rub your pussy to get pleasure.

Us men, we rub our penis and get a similar sensation. But I shouldn't be talking about this with you honey, it's not my place. Rub my pussy? For pleasure? The man was nuts, my pussy had one purpose only and that was to pee.

- I've never done that pappy. Ever! - I'm sorry to hear that my love. It feels so good, I was sure you were doing that already. Maybe your body is not ready yet. It's too bad, you don't know what you are missing. - Really? How do I know if I am ready? He took another sip from the scotch bottle and said: Come closer and lift your skirt for me honey. He gently teased the fabric of my white panties slowly approached what I later found out was my clit and delicately but expertly found the little bud between my lips and pressed on it.

My legs immediately buckled and he caught me before I could fall. - Wow, what was that? - Looks like you are ready my love he said giggling. - So you can teach me then? - If you really want to honey, but we need to hurry, you have to be back at school in 30 minutes. It may be your last day, but it's not over yet. - Ok I said eagerly. - Come sit on my lap honey. I jumped on his lap and he positioned me with my back to his chest, spread my legs a bit and made me wrap my feet around his knees.

- There you go honey. Are you comfortable? I nodded but was starting to feel unsure when he lifted my skirt and tucked it in the waistband. Was this ok? Should I be doing this? I could feel his warm breath mixed with the smell of alcohol on my neck and also something get hard under my butt.

He slightly lifted me up by my butt, gently spread my butt cheeks open as to position his penis along the crack. - What is that thing I'm sitting on Pappy? - That's my penis honey; it's hard because grandpa is happy to teach you how to make yourself come my love.

When a man his happy, his dick, that's another word for penis, well it gets hard. I could imagine my grandpa's penis just by looking at the stretched fabric of his pants. His penis seemed huge. From what I was seeing and feeling, it spanned from the top of my butt's crack and it was curved over my pussy and ran half-way to my belly button.

I thought for sure the fabric of his pants would give out to free his 'salami like' male organ. His dick as he called it was so thick that I could feel the holes of my butt and pussy spreading open from the tension created by his male organ.

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I shivered. I've never felt or seen a penis before. This was exciting, yet frightening at the same time. With the tips of his nails he started teasing my almost nonexistent nipples over my blouse and sent an electric shock down to my pussy and the uncomfortable feeling was replaced by something totally unexpected. I felt warmth spread in my body and it relaxed me. I felt safe. I wanted to feel more. - It helps if you are aroused; your orgasm is going to come faster and stronger.

Tits are sensitive, teasing them or rubbing them should start making you horny. Do you like that honey? As he said that he started pinching my now semi erect nipples and sent new sensations through my entire body.

- Oh my god Pappy, that is wond…wonderful. What…what's an orgasm? My voice was shaky and my breathing was getting shallow. What was happening to me? - It's the best feeling you will ever have. Nothing compares to that baby, but don't worry honey, you'll find out in a few minutes.

Now we don't have much time so let's move on. While teasing my nipples with one hand and slowly rocking his body under my sensitive pussy with his penis between my butt cheeks, he took his other hand and started teasing my tummy, then the inside of my open thighs. Oh my god, he was lighting a fire in my innocent pussy. He then started tickling my pussy with his nails over the light fabric of my panties.

It felt wonderful and my little body started to arch. Still playing over my panties, he pulled me back with his other hand and said: - Take a deep breath and relax baby, I don't want you to come right away. We are not ready yet. At that moment, he slid his hand down under the elastic of my panties and gently caressed the slit sending more shocks through my body. My head was spinning and my heart was beating faster and faster. He took his other hand for a second and also put it in my panties.

He spread my pussy lips with his thumb and index finger while his middle finger rested at the entrance of my virgin hole. By doing so, his hand was pushing the head of his penis away from my body and gave room for both hands. He then took his other hand, brought it to his mouth to put saliva on his fingers. The wet and slippery finger then started exploring the inside of my lips pushing lightly on each side to free my still pure but hungry clit that was growing and pulsing to the rhythm of my heart.

Wetting his fingers again, he positioned his finger on the top of my yearning clit and started rubbing in circles, slowly at first, then faster and faster, harder and harder all the while rocking me back and forth on his huge manhood.

I wanted him to push his finger inside of me. I know it wanted to because it was circling my now dripping pussy. But he never penetrated me. As he promised, it didn't take long for it to happen. Suddenly, my body got rock hard, my tiny toes curled uncontrollably, my back arched in the air and I exploded in spasms of intense pleasure, suspended in mid-air in ecstasy. When the orgasm subsided, I fell back on grandpa's lap which was warm and felt wet.

We didn't say a word. We were both catching our breaths. I could feel his penis throbbing, just as my pussy still was. Are you OK honey? Did it feel good? I wanted to say yes, nut my heart was pounding and the feeling of shame returned. If this was OK, why didn't Daddy show me? I just nodded my head.

He lifted me up and put me down with a gentle slap on the butt and said. Go get ready; it's time to go back to school. I ran to my room, took off my soaking wet panties, dropped them in the hamper and put on a new pair. Grandpa came in my room and said: - You know honey, its best if we keep this between us. Mom and Dad would be very upset with me if they found out.

Normally it's not a granddaddy's place to teach this kind of stuff to his granddaughter. I said: - Don't worry pappy, it's going to be our secret. I promise. And I meant it. The old man had shared a very intimate moment with me and had given me nothing but pleasure. He kissed me on the forehead and I left for school.

I could not concentrate at all at school. All I was thinking about was the over the top insane pleasure I felt at the hands of my grandpa. When the bell rang, I said bye to my friends and ran home. When I got there, Grandpa was in his bedroom apparently napping. I noticed the scotch bottle was now empty. I rushed to my room, hopped on the bed, took my panties off and with the help of a mirror, I started examining my newly found pleasure parts.

I had thought about what happened at lunch all afternoon and my clit was so swollen that it was popping out of its hood way and beyond my pink pussy lips. Remembering what Pappy had done, I put the mirror on the bed and started pinching my nipples through my blouse. The feeling was nice, but not as intense as what I had felt at the hands of my Grandpa.

I ran my finger nails over the fabric and that got better result. I wet my fingers and started rubbing my clit in the same manner he had showed me. I was missing the dick sensation. I ran to the bathroom and brought back a towel. I rolled it real tight and kneeling on my bed, I put the towel between my legs.

It was in no way the same as Pappy's dick. It was too big but the terrycloth felt amazing between my butt and pussy cracks. I started rocking back and forth on the rolled towel while playing with my inexperienced clit. I put saliva on my fingers and started rubbing in circles as Pappy had done. Oh it felt good. I was starting to feel the pressure building in my pussy when I heard my Dad scream at my Grandpa.

Needless to say it interrupted my first solo experience in a second. - What are you doing old pervert. Put your dick back in your pants before I cut it off. You deprived old man; I come home with you spying on Lily with your dick in your hand? Are you insane? What if she caught you beating your meat? I told you when you moved in that I would not tolerate any of that. Lily is an innocent child and doesn't need you old pervert's influence.

You better keep it in your pants old man. And don't get anywhere near here, you hear? I heard the door of grandpa's room slam shut. Ran to my bed and pretended to sleep when Daddy came in the room to check on me. Thinking I was taking a nap after school, he slowly left the room and closed the door. By then I had figured out that Pappy had been spying on me while I tried to get an orgasm and had been caught with the evidence in his hand, literally. At dinner time I sat in silence with Mom and Dad and asked where grandpa was.

Mom said he wasn't feeling well and was in his room. I told them I hadn't slept much the night before, was tired and asked if I could be excused and go to my room. I was really exhausted by recent event so I went to bed early. Later that night, as I was about to go to the bathroom, I heard my parents in a heated discussion.

- Your farther is a fucking pervert. I'm not going to let him do to my princess what he did to you, your sisters, your brothers and who knows who else.

- He's an old man Eric, let it go. I doubt he has any of that left in him. I'm sure those years are behind him now. - Well I can't be sure about that. His fat dick looked pretty hard and eager if you ask me. Anyway, I called Joe and the family would love to take Lily on the farm for the summer. She'll be safe there until we can relocate the old man.

I'll drop her at the train station tomorrow while you are at work.

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Joe was my Dad's brother. He lived in a small farming town in Alabama. They where dairy and poultry farmers and had a huge variety of farm animals. I had never met them and it had been years since the bothers paths crossed. But they kept in touch and exchanged phone calls once or twice a year. My dad on the other hand was a lawyer so it's safe to say, they had different lifestyles. The next day, my parents sent me to my Uncle's farm for the summer. Apparently, being outside and enjoying nature would be good for me and I could finally meet my distant relatives.

Grandpa wasn't there to say goodbye. He wasn't at the train station either. Part of me felt better not seeing him. Hearing what had been going on, it was now clear to me that our little sex escapade was not a normal thing.

The shame had set in and I had sworn to myself never to touch myself like that again. I didn't want my Daddy to cut my clit off, or grandpa's penis. The train ride was long and the vibration from the wheel's friction with the rails made me horny, but I resisted the urge. 8 hours or so later, my cousin Michelle picked me up at the train station.

She was absolutely gorgeous; tanned with long blonde hair and round breasts pocking through her halter top. She had on very short shorts and they were so tight you could see her pussy lips on each side of the seam. She hugged and welcomed me and we talked while driving back to the farm.

I was impressed by the size of the land and the farmhouse in the distance looked huge. They had horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, cats and dogs you name it, they had it.

The dirt road leading to the farm house smelled like cow poop and she laughed when she saw me pinch my nose. - Don't worry, you will get used to the smell in no time. Aunt Leslie was very warm and welcoming and also a very stunning woman. - Hello Lily welcome to our home. She hugged me and my face was literally smashed between her enormous boobs. She wasn't wearing a bra either. Guess they don't have them in Alabama I though.

- Are you hungry little one? - Thank you Aunt Leslie but I ate on the train. - Good, good. I wish I could spend more time with you sweet little thing, but I need to finish preparing the meal for the farm hands.

Michelle, why don't you take your cousin up to her room so she can settle down? Michael had to take a pill for the pain so he his resting for the night, but Lily can meet him and Joe tomorrow. Michelle took me to the second floor to a huge bedroom with a balcony and an amazing view of the mountains. It also had a private bathroom with a huge tub. It was like a fairytale. My room was half the entire city apartment we lived in. She showed me the ropes, invited me to take a bath, made sure there remote was working, told me if I need anything all I had to do is ask.

I slipped into the warm water, soaped my body but avoided my pubic area at all cost. I'm a good girl. Good girls don't play with their pussies. Think of something else. Even the water gliding over my young body was tantalizing me.

What is wrong with me? I got out of the tub, dried myself quickly put on a robe and was about to lie in bed when I heard voices in the next room. I approached the balcony and realized the voices were coming from next door. There was an adjoining balcony and the door to the next room was also opened so I could make out everything now. I peaked in the room and although I could not see 'directly' I could see my cousin Michael through the reflection of the full length wall mirror in his bed room.

God he was gorgeous. All I could see was his beautiful face and part of his torso. The rest of his body and arms were in a cast. He looked like Jesus on a cross. Michelle had told me he had a bad fall during bull riding and had fractured both arms, a few ribs but that the cast was coming off soon and he would be fine. - You got to help me sis. If my dick isn't relieved from this pain, I'm going to die! - Now is not the time Mike. Our little cousin his home and in the room next door.

- Is she pretty? - Yeah, she's cute, but don't get any idea, she is just a kid. Hardly has any boobs and looks as innocent as Virgin Mary. - You jealous sis? - Of course not you idiot? - Then please jack me off.

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I'll owe you one. - You owe me many more she said laughing. But this is the last time bro. He nodded in approval while she reached and pulled the covers off his beautiful erect penis.

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I was seeing my very first penis. All I wanted was to touch it myself. It was not as thick as grandpa's but it was long, strong and standing proud. It had a purple bulge at the end that looked like a hat.


When Michelle grabbed his penis and started rubbing it up and down I lost it and my hand went directly in between my legs. - Suck it Michelle. - Not today. My mouth is clean and I'm keeping it that way for Max. He is leaving tomorrow you know. - I'm sorry Mimi. I know how much you care for him. Oh my god, it's so good, a little faster. Can I see your boobs at least? She lifted her halter top liberating her huge and perfectly round breasts. Her nipples were erect.

He tried to grab one but the cast prevented him from moving his arm. She started pumping his dick faster and faster until it happened; he groaned loudly, hips thrusting forward and his dick spurt a huge load of white liquid.

It was it for me too; my legs wobbled as I reached my first solo orgasm and I almost fell to the floor. As soon as regained some sort of composure, I got myself on the bed, with my hand still cupping my pulsing pussy and fell asleep. In my dreams, I imagined my cousin Mike doing to me what grandpa had done the day before. It was heaven. Or would it be hell? To be continued…