Pretty Whores Humped by Large Cocks

Pretty Whores Humped by Large Cocks
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The knife came up to my chin before I knew what had happened. I was backed up against my car and had no where to go. The kid holding the knife smiled and pushed it until it broke skin and a trickle of blood oozed out. Shit! My gun was in the cruiser.

I had just wanted to take a quick piss and get back on patrol. I hadn't seen the car pulled over in the weeds off the pull -out when I stopped. "Here's the deal cop." He said as he pulled the knife away from my chin. "I'm not gonna hurt you. Just do what I say and you'll be back on the road in 10 minutes. Okay?" He smiled at me as he waited for an answer.

"Yeah sure kid, what the hell. Just tell me what you want and nobody gets hurt." My voice was shaky as I spoke. I didn't know what he wanted but I knew right now wasn't the best time to show my independant side. "I want you to pull your pants down and your underwear too. Then I want you to play with your dick and get it nice and hard." The kid was a queer! He just wanted to give me a blow job and be on his way. With relief I did as he said. "Okay. I can do that buddy.

If that's all you wanted, you didn't need a knife. I like showing off my dick. It's always been for a girl but what the hell!" I lowered my pants and pushed down my jockeys and let the kid get a good look.

"whatcha think? You like it?" "Just get it hard for me." He said. I played with it till it got to it's full 7 inches and waited for him expectantly.

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"Jack it man." "What?" "I said jack it." "Don't you wanna suck it?" "Fuck no. man I just want you to jack off. Thats all." Well, I thought Different strokes for different folks. I grabbed my dick and slowly began stroking it while the kid backed up a little and pulled down his pants. Wierd I thought. He stepped closer to me so that my dick was almost touching his shorts. "That's good officer.

Just jack it off for me." I pumped it faster as I neared a climax and soon shot my load all over his tighty whiteys. "There ya go bud." I said as my cock went limp in my hand and I squeezed the last drop out of the tip and it fell on his tenins shoe. The boy smiled as he slipped off his shoes and pants. He laid them on the hood of my police car and and then pulled off his briefs. I stood there with my dick in my hand and wondered what he was doing.

Not for long. He pulled a plastic zip lock bag out of hs pants pocket and then took off his shorts and stuffed them in the bag and sealed it. "Gee thanks for this officer. I really appreciate this." He put on his pants and shoes. "I'm gonna take real good care of this." I figured it would be jack-off material for him.


I stuffed everything back in my pants and zipped. "You don't remember me do you?" He asked and then continued. "You stopped me for speeding a couple months ago and busted me for a bag of pot. Lost my license for a year 'cause of you. Remember?" I remembered then. Beer too. I was surprised it was only for a year. He was getting ready to get back in his car when he stopped and looked back at me.

"You shouldn't be driving now you know? It's only gonna make it worse for you when you get stopped. Maybe even tonite, maybe even by me. I opened my car door and saw my gun sitting on the passenger seat. "Yeah, I guess right. But ya see I'm only sixteen years old.

I guess that makes me a minor. Right? I also have a baggie with my underwear in it and you jizz all over it. Hm, let's see now, me,16. You're how old? 25? 30? Officer, can you spell pedophile? I don't think you'll be stopping me anytime soon do you?" He got in his car and started it and drove away leaving me there to ponder. I couldn't believe how stupid I was to fall for that whole thing. I had only been on the force for three years but I should have been smart enough to figure more of that out.

Shit!! What was I gonna do? I could lose my job over this. Go to jail. This was not good. I drove back on the road and finished my all night shift in a haze. When it was over I turned in my car and left the station as quickly as possible. I wanted to get home and think this out. There had to be an answer if I could just think. I pulled in my driveway and got out of the car and started for th house when I heard a car drive up and stop. I casually turned to it as I unlocked the front door. It was the kid.

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He got out of his car and walked toward me. "Hi officer." "Look kid. I'm tired and I don't feel like playing any games now. I just wanna get some sleep. I opened the door and waited for him to speak. "Well, I'm tired to ya know. You aren't the only one to be up all night ya know. Can I come in?" "No." He squeezed past me and went in. I followed and closed the door. "Now," he said. "You know what I have of yours. I don't have to keep reminding you and I'm not going to.

Just remember okay dude?" "Alright." I stood stock still. "Good. What's your name?" "David." "Hi, Dave. My name is Kyle. You got anything to drink here?" "Just some beer and pop." I said. I was going to make coffee." I'll have a pop if you don't mind." I went in the kitchen and got him a pop and decided to forget about the coffee and grabbed myself a beer. I handed him his pop. 'Open it." He stared at me.

I stared back and opened it and handed it to him. "Hold it while I take a sip." I held the can to his lips and slowly tipped it up so he could have a drink. What the fuck was I doing? "You can just sit it down somewhere. I gotta pee. Can you show me where the bathroom is?" "It's just down the hall. Second door on the right.?" I said.

"Show me.' I led the way to the bathroom door and stood to the side for him to enter. "You first. Go in and stand by the piss pot." I did. He followed and said. Unzip me and get it out and hold it while I pee." I unzipped his fly and reached in to take out his dick.

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He wasn't wearing underwear. Yeah right. I pulled his limp cock out and for the first time in my life I held another man's dick in my hand while he pissed. He started out with a pretty good stream and it went down to a trickle. "Shake it off." I shook it. "Put it back in." It was semi erect from my holding it but I managed to get it back into his tight jeans and get him zipped bac up. I waited for the next stupid order. "Back to the living room." "Down." "What?" "Down." I squatted down in the middle of the living room.

"On you knees." He walked up to me and stopped with my face brushed up against his crotch. "Sniff." I sniffed. "More." I sniffed more. "Keep going. I'll tell you when to stop. I sniffed him over and over. I could smell the salty smell of piss and whatever that boy smell is. I kept doing it until he pulled away and backed up to my recliner and sat down.

He started at me and I stared back. " David. I want you to listen to this real good. Remember everything I tell you." He paused. Then continued. From now on when we are alone your new name is "little willie." My name is "Master Kyle sir" Always address me that way. Always speak in comeplete sentences and always use my name at the end of each each sentence when speaking to me.

You under stand little willie?" "Yes Master Kyle Sir." I said as I knelt there in all my humiliation. How was I going to get out of this. "Good. I expect you to do as I want. I don't like to repeat myself. I expect you to do it without thinking. If I tell you to do it you will do it. We're gonna have a nice long time to get to know each other. I will be kind to you when you deserve it and you will always respect me and obey. You must obey always." "I will Master Kyle Sir." He leaned forward and patted the floor in fron t of him.

"Come." I started to satnd and go to him. "No." He said. I looked at him puzzled. "Down." I went back down. "Come" I got the idea and crawled over to him and stopped between his legs. He got a hand full of my hair and gently pulled me into his crotch. "Mouth closed." I sealed my lips.

"Sniff" I sniffed and kept sniffing because it seemed to make him happy. He leaned back and patted my head. "Nice boy little willie" "Thank You Master Kyle SIr." I said and went back to my sniffing.

After a while he pushed me back and started back into the bathroom. "Come." I crawled after him as fast as I could on all fours and stopped when I got in to the bathroom. "Sit." I sat back on my ass as best I could with my arms still on the floor.

"Pant." I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and panted for him. "Good boy!" "Stay." He left the bathroom and I heard the front door slam and a few moments later open and slam shut. When he came back in he had a pastic bag.

He laid it aside and reached down and pulled off my shoes and socks. He pulled my pants and boxers down and past my knees and off. Then pulled off my uniform shirt right over my head and off. Unclasped my bullet proof vest and then t-shirt. I was buck ass naked and waiting. And panting of course. He pulled out of the bag a jar and held it under my dick and push my ass down until my dick was in the jar.

"Piss." I pissed in the jar nerly filling it. Must have been a quart.


He reached back in the bag and pulled out a turkey baster and stuck it into the jar of piss. I watched him squeesze the rubber ball on the end and fill it with my piss. He disappeared from my view and I flt his hand spread my ass cheeks. " Don't say a word.

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Don't make a sound." I felt the point of the baster enter my backside and in no time felt the warm piss make its way inside me. He went back to the jar for more and kept doing it until it was mostly empty.

I felt very bloated. I struggled to keep the piss in my ass. He pulled out a butt plug and held it in front of me. It wasn't a regular one. It was about four inches long and came to a point at the end. It mushroomed out to maybe the size of a beer bottle and then went in again like a butt plug. I knew what was probably coming but continued to pant. "Open." I opened my mouth. "Wider" I opened up as much as I sould and he put the butt plug in my mouth until the mushroom head was past my lips.

He stood back and looked at me. "Not bad. That'd make a good pacifier too wouldn't it." "Wouldn't it?" I said yes Master Kyle Sir which came out as "Mff mmfft mfff mfff.

"Good boy." He popped out the butt plug and went around to my pis filled ass and pushed it in. I whined with pain as it stretched me out back there. I could hear when it finally got far enough for the lips of my ass to pop back into place around it. "Come." I followed him down the hall to my bedroom. He rumaged around in my closet and came up with an old blanket. He spread the blanket down on the floor by the bed and then sat down on the mattress.

"Come." I crawled over to him and nuzzled my face in his lap." He reached down under my chin and forced my head up to look at him. I panted. "Now, boy, here's the deal. "You're off the whole weekend right? Don't talk." I looked at him puzzled.

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"Aren't you? Don't talk." "SPEAK." "Once for yes twice for no. "Woof." I said. "Good." He said. "I have to leave for a little while. Maybe all day. Gotta do school shit.


While I am gone I expect you to be good boy. that means not getting on any furniture. Stay on you blanket. Don't take out your butt plug. I trust you to do all this because you want to please me right?" "Woof." "When I get back we'll do fun stuff. I promise." He held his hand down to my face and I sniffed it and licked at it until he took it away and wiped my spit on my hair.

He got up and left and came back with a large soup bowl from the kitchen. I watched as he took out his dick and let it hang over and started pissing into it. When he was done he sat the bowl down in front of my blanket and said.

"Come." I crawled over in front of him and he shook his dick of all over my face. I didn't close my eyes because I didn't want tp piss him off but I winced at the thought of piss all over my face. "Drink." I looked at the bowl and then back to him.

"Drink." What to do I thought. After a moment I crawled over to the bowl and lowered my head to it and sniffed. It was warm and sort of watared my eyes as I smelled the aroma of a guys piss for the first time. "Go on." I stuck out my tongue and started lapping it. It gagged me at first but the more I lapped the easier it got. It splashed all over my face as I worked to empty my bowl. "Good boy." He said as I licked it clean and he patted my head.

Then he touched my blanket and snapped his finger. I crawled over and he patted the blanket. "Lay." I couldn't lay on my back because f the butt plug so I sort of got down on my side and curled up. I continued to pant. "I'll be back later. I expect you to be a good boy.

Don't piss my piss out of you dick or shit your piss out of you ass. Got it?" "Woof." "Later little willie." He went out of the bedroom and I heard the front open and close. His car start and get fainter as he drove away. I got up and went into the bathroom. Reached behind me to take out the butt plug and take a shit. I paused. No, I better not. I better keep it full of his piss.

He sort of trusted me to do the right thing.

I didn't want him to come back and get pissed off at me. I went back into the livingroom. I couldn't sit down because of the plug in my ass so I kneeled down on my knees and thought of what I should do. Every single thing I could think to do had a consequence. Nothing seemed to have a good ending. Except maybe just doing what he told me.

That would be the least of all the bad shit that could happen. I smiled and shook my head. Here I was in my own house wilth a shit chute full of my own piss and a butt plug holding it in. A bladder full of another guys piss and chapped lips from drinkingit, I mean lapping it down. I got back down on all fours and slowly crawled back into the bedroom and laid down on my blanket and waited for Master Kyle to return.