Cheating wifey Jen films herself masturbating

Cheating wifey Jen films herself masturbating
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It was a long day at work I was still in my suit I was sometime so tided how the men would treat me like I was straight.

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Yes I would let them buy me drinks after work when I just needed to wine down and yes their was one guy I liked and sometimes I'll let my mind slip about him and me, but not tonight. I walked in to the bedroom ready to take off my blazer, unbuttoning my red dress shirt and I take off my pants and slipping out of my heels.

I'm only left in to my undergarments and I can tell by the mood that my girlfriend Lisa is also in the mood.

She always makes the room smell good by spraying something as well lighting a candle right now it smell like Mangos. She walked out of the bathroom in a transparent black bra and panties, around her nice wide hips were, and clips holding up he socking while she walked over in some black three-inch high heels. When she walks over it reminds me of the first time we met she has her long flowing red hair down and she was in a black fitted dress and white leather heels.

She comes in to the cafe everyday around this time and I always sit back and watch her. The way her body simply moves and how she keeps her head high and how the boy flirts with her behind the counter. Then she looks over in my direction, but I don't look away I keep my eyes on her even when I sip my coffee. She blushes a little, but she looks at her watch and give me a little smile when she walks out this time.

The next day she comes in with the same stride she had last time, but her hair was up and she was in a white fitted dress with shoes matching the dress.

The way she moved was amazing and she happened to drop something I could she her perfect round breast. The boy behind the counter was biting his bottom lip when he looked at her round ass and I know what that was she had nothing on underneath.

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I smile a little she walked on the wild side when it came to it because she worked with men or a respected perfection. She looked up at me with a smile and walked over. She sat across from me like we know each other she held out her hand "Hi I'm Lisa' she said with a sweet smile we talked till noon it was Sunday, but I came just to see her walk in and out and I like her when she walked out.

Ever since then we have been dating for three years and we still have wild sex like we just met. Right now, her sweet smell rolls off her body she gives me this thick spell-bounding kiss on my lips and when she pulled away I wanted her more.

She walked over to the bed I could see tonight events roll in to my head, I gave her an evil smirk, and she did the same. I walked over straddling her I gave her the same kiss she gave me, but with more lust at the tip of my tongue. Then I slowly worked my way down first it was her neck and I unhooked her bra while I was there.

Her breast were free from her bra and I quickly sucked one of her harden nipples while I rubbed and pinched the other.


Her body would respond by her squirming and loud moans that seem to echo on the walks of the candle lit room. I looked over at the nightstand and got out some handcuffs because I know I would need then I left the drawer open because I know I would need most of the tools for this job.


I hand cuffed her and she had a smile the whole time and that's when I was prepared to go down on her she sent was strong through the black lace. I easily loosen the material around her hips expose her swollen pink petals.

I sucked on each layer of petals with care and I made sure that her Cunt was the last thing I got to and when she came she dug her heels in to my back almost I tried to soak up all of her that I could, but I let it go.

I pulled out one of her toys form the nightstand that I gave her one day, I slid in in to her slick birthing canal, I brought the toy to the life, and it vibrated inside of her.

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I kept my hand on the toy as I laid next to her whispering the endless possibilities of things I could do with her next and when I was ready for her to come I rubbed her cunt with my thumb I kissed her as she came along with the bead of sweat rolling down the side of her four head.

I straddled her once more to get the key to free her.


But I got off the bed, walked to the kitchen, and came back with a glass of ice water. I took a sip catching a cube of ice in my mouth then set it down on the night stand.

I laid next beside with a smile on my face then I straddled her body placing my mouth on one of her nipples and I moved the ice cube around and she moved and moaned under me I did the same to the other nipple.

Then I went lower I took the ice out of my mouth and I shoved it in to her hot wet pussy she really moved with it inside her and the look on her face was amazing as she took the temperature change in her body. "I want you draw yourself a bath." I said with a smile, unlocked her handcuffs, and happily tossed them back where they came from.

She was slightly wobbly when she walked but I know she would not get far.

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As soon as she walked away, I strapped up in one of the devices she loved to use most of the time when she wants to get rid of some frustration. Then it was like music to my ears when I heard the sound of the cube hit the floor. I walked in to the hallway and she was just outside the bathroom door.

She was on the floor and the water from the cube left a trail of water down her leg. She was on her knees and I came from behind here and inserted the dildo in to pussy from behind and I rode her till she came and I slid it one more time in her ass with the dildo now lubricated to my liking.

I road her this time to her limits as well as my own and she laid on the floor in her heels fully drained of her energy. With her head rested on my chest and her heart beat trying to return to it's normal rate as we just laid their and I was almost ready to drift off to sleep almost.

When I felt her fingers intrude in and out of my body and I moved my leg so she could get a better angle.

Then she went straight for my cunt and I forgot about almost everything.

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Then she looked at me when she was done with me then she licked my juice off one of her fingers. "I can't wait till it's your turn tomorrow." she said with a smile on her face. 12/28/11