DL nigga getting some head

DL nigga getting some head
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CUCKOLD FOR KELLEY By Cuckold for Kelley I sat on the bed and watched as Kelley got ready to go out. She adjusted the short, tight skirt that barely covered her cute little ass. She glanced over her shoulder at me and asked "What do you think?

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Does this look hot on me?" She stuck her ass out a bit and wiggled it slightly. It did look hot on her, especially combined with the skimpy top. Her breasts were small, but the thin fabric allowed a sexy outline of her perky nipples. I was turned on looking at her, but the outfit wasn't for my benefit.

"Tracy says this guy Kevin is hung like a horse. I hope she's right. I'm in the mood for some serious fucking." She wiggled her butt again and looked at me as if to see what my reaction was.

As usual, I kept quiet and tried to look unconcerned. I had learned in the past that anything else would only result in nastiness and put-downs from Kelley. She opened her mouth to say something more, and from the contemptuous look on her face I could tell it wasn't going to be very nice, but just then the door opened downstairs and Tracy called up.

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"Hey! You ready to go girl?" "Oh yeah! I'm ready to go all night!" Tracy came upstairs and entered the bedroom. She was almost a total physical contrast to Kelley. Her figure was well defined, with large breasts and a round, womanly ass. Her hair was straight and blonde, unlike Kelley's wavy, auburn locks.

Her outfit however, was almost as revealing as Kelley's. Her tight jeans hugged her butt and her top, though not as slight as Kelley's, allowed for the obvious protrusion of her nipples. Kelley looked at me and saw me eying Tracy.

I tried to look away, but she caught me. She stepped over to Tracy and put an arm around her waist. "Hah! You'd just love to have her, wouldn't you? But guess what, she isn't interested in your little dick." Tracy giggled and Kelley continued to give me a scornful look.

"Hey Trace, is it true about that guy Kevin's dick? Is it really that big?" "Well, I never saw it, but from what his ex told me, it's the biggest one she ever had and she's had a lot!" "God I hope so!

You think he'll want to show it to me?" Tracy looked Kelley over, smiled and said "Girl the way you look tonight, any guy would want to do you." They both laughed and Kelley led Tracy toward the door. Over her shoulder she called back to me "Don't wait up.

I might be out all night." She wiggled her sexy little ass at me once more as she exited. It hadn't always been this way. A lot of things had led up to this point in our relationship, many of which I recalled as I sat home alone that night. I also reminded myself that most of the time Kelley was sweet and affectionate toward me, but I also became bitter when I thought about how long it had been since she had sex with me. Sometimes she would let me go down on her, but there was no reciprocation.

After she came I would jerk off while she either ignored me or worse, belittled me. And recently the "girl's nights out" had started. Tracy, who lived next door, was her companion for these. It got late as I ruminated and eventually I went to bed. At first I couldn't get to sleep, but I must have dozed off. I woke suddenly as the bedroom light came on and Kelley was standing there. She looked over at me, saw I was awake and then turned away to take off her clothes. She pulled the top over her head and I got a brief look at her small breasts and dark nipples.

She wriggled out of the skirt, her back to me, and then pulled off her white cotton panties. She turned to face me, naked, her tight little body turning me on as it always did. She still held the panties, which she tossed to me. "Here. Present for ya." She looked at me and giggled. "You're gonna have to wash those out tomorrow." The panties were wet and sticky at the crotch from some other guy's semen.

Kelly turned out the overhead light but turned on the lamp beside the bed as she climbed in. She didn't used to go to bed naked, in fact she still wore a nighty most nights, but when she had been out, it was different. She brushed the covers off my upper body and draped herself over me. I started getting erect as her little breasts rubbed against me.

She put an arm around my head and drew it toward hers so we were almost touching lips but not quite. I was compliant, following her lead as I had learned to do.


"Let me tell you about tonight." Kelley breathed at me. Her voice was low but firm. That edge of scorn and contempt still there. "We met up with that guy Kevin and a friend of his at the club. I could see right away that he was hung. I danced with him and then there was a slow song. I could feel how big he was when he pushed up against me. After the slow dance, Trace wanted to stay and keep dancing so I left with Kevin.

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He only lives a block away from the club." "We got to his place and we made out for a while." Her warm breath brushed my face and she flicked her tongue lightly across my lips. I ached to respond, but I knew better. If I tried anything, Kelley would push me away and stop. "He's a real stud.

He works out a lot and his body is sooo sexy!" Her breathing was getting a bit shorter as she got excited thing about Kevin and telling me what they did. "I put my hand on his cock I could feel it through his pants.

He was already hard and so fucking big!" That sort of language wasn't something Kelley used to use. Back when we first got married, she would call a cock a "thing" and her pussy was her "place".

The F word was out of the question. Times change. "So we end up in his bedroom and I made him keep the light on 'cause I had to see that big beautiful cock. Geez! It was huge! I had a hard time getting it into my mouth at all. But I did!" Kelley gave a wicked little chuckle at that and then darted her tongue quickly in and out of my open mouth. "Then he ate me out a little.

I wanted him to just fuck me, but I knew I needed to get wetter before he put that thing in me." Her nipples had hardened to pointy nubs that pushed against my chest. Her breathing got even more ragged and she clearly was getting more turned on. "Then I opened my legs as wide as I could and let him put it in me. God! His cock stretched me open more than I've felt before! And he just kept pushing it in deeper and deeper! He has to be a foot long when he's hard.

And so fucking thick!

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Jesus! It even hurt," She pulled my face to hers and gave me a long, wet, tonguing kiss, then pushed me back. "But I fucking loved it!" "I started coming right then and, God, I must've come four or five times.

Kevin had his cock all the way in me. His balls were slapping against my ass and he fucked me harder and harder. Then his cock started getting even bigger and hotter and I knew he was gonna come too." At this point Kelley was almost panting as she talked.

Her voice was louder and I knew it wouldn't take much to make her come again. My cock was rock hard and my own breathing was rapid as I realized I wasn't too far off myself. "Then he started coming. Oh my God! He shot so much inside me! I could feel his hot, thick cum filling me up. He was fucking me so hard I thought we might break the bed! He showed me later, where my nails drew blood on his back!" Kelley paused there and shut her eyes tight, no doubt remembering just what it felt like to have that monster cock spew inside her.

After a moment, she opened her eyes, looked directly into mine and continued. "Then, after a while, he pulled out of me. Even soft, his cock has to be twice as big as yours ever gets. By the way, is your little pecker hard now? Are you getting all turned on hearing about how I got fucked tonight by a real man?" I was, but I said nothing. Kelley went on. "So then I went down on him. I sucked his cock some more, tasted the cum that stuck to it and Goddam!

He started getting hard again.


So this time I got on top of him and rode that big hard cock. I came again before he was all the way hard. It was easier to take him 'cause I was so wet from his cum." "Then he pulled it out of me and we did it doggie style. He was shoving it in even deeper than the first time! I've never come so many times in one night. He was fucking me so hard I thought he would ram my head through the headboard!" Kelley's breathing was getting faster again. Her hand was moving up and down across my body, but never touching my hard cock.

She kissed my deeply again, then guided my head down to suck on her stiff nipples. They were salty from her sweat and perhaps, I thought, from Kevin's saliva, left over from earlier. "Then he started coming again. I did too I almost passed out! He was just fucking me like an animal, that big hard cock slamming me, then his cum shooting inside me God! So much cum!" Kelley was completely aroused by the combination of her remembrances and my oral attentions to her sensitive nipples.

She pushed one of my hands down between her legs. Her soft pubic bush still contained spots of Kevin's dried cum. Her pussy was wet and as I put a finger inside her, left over cum dribbled out. She moaned and used both hands to push my head down to her crotch. I used two fingers inside her as I licked and sucked her clit and labia. Kevin's cum was flowing out of her and I sucked that up as best I could.

As Kelley's panting and moaning indicated she was near a climax, I put one finger, first on, then gently in her asshole. That put her over the edge.


She roughly pushed my face against her cummy cunt as she yelled and came. Then she was done. I wasn't.

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I was rock hard and ready to shoot. I slid back up the bed and tried to stay between Kelley's legs. She closed them up tight and pushed me off. "I don't think so! Get out of here! Go jerk off in the bathroom. And take these with you!" She tossed the cum stained panties at me. I did as I was told. It only took a moment for me to shoot my load as I stood in the tub with the panties in my mouth.

I had an incredible orgasm, but I felt so stupid almost immediately after I was done. I cleaned up, put the panties in the hamper and slunk back to bed. The light was out and at first I thought Kelley was asleep but as I pulled up the covers, she rolled over and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"By the way, I've got another date with Kevin next weekend. This time he's coming here." So to speak, I thought to myself.