Beautiful raven haired filly gets her twat nailed cumshot and facial

Beautiful raven haired filly gets her twat nailed cumshot and facial
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I was 16 when i first had sex, like any other teen i had sex on my mind and would jerk off at any given time over any porn i could find anywhere. Enough was enough, and i scoured a certain social network site for a girl who lived close, and got talking to Natalie. She was also 16, and lived in my town, we chatted on msn for a while, and basically i was honest and told her I wanted sex.

She was proper pretty, blonde hair, i guess big tits, and a rather nice puss. We arranged to do it in a few weeks time, as we were both nervous. Fast forward two weeks and we arranged to meet at my house, my mum works often in London and this weekend was no acception, other then Paul, her boyfriend, an alright guy, we got on well. He was due for work and I waited to hear him leave, as soon as he did I ran in the shower, and got clean and proper sprayed Lynx spray on me (I was 16, it was the rage and seemed like a cool choice).

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Before I knew it it was 1pm, and I had my shorts on and a vest, i already put on a dvd in my room, so it looked all casual. Then the knock at the door, I ran to open, all nervous, we both said 'hi' at the same time and laughed, she came in and I made the drinks and off we went up stairs, we had a very weird conversation, and talked about what we would do.

. First, the kiss, and it was really soft, then developed into kinda horny kissing, she was a little more forward then me, but i liked it, and i developed a tent in my pants.


She moved her hand and touched it, stopped, and looked down. again, we laughed. 'Sorry' I said. all bashful. 'It is ok, looks big, can I. you know. see it?' she asked. So I dropped my shorts and showed her, to which I asked if I could see her naked. I almost cum myself seeing her naked and we kissed as she touched my dick and i rubbed my hands on her snatch. I slowly moved down and licked/kissed her pussy, no idea what i was doing but she liked it, i acted like i knew what i was doing.

This is when it went weird. we never heard Paul come in, and he was stood at my door. 'what the fuck. oh, sorry guys, eerrrrr'.


and he ran off out into his and mums room, we lad there and did not dare move. i stood up and so quietly went to get dressed, then he appeared naked, and hard. We looked at each other, no idea what was gonna happen.

'carry on, get some Alex' he said, Natalie sort of smiling, but looking at Paul and his big knob, was actually big, i was sort of surprised but did not look, 'I neve, its our first.' then Paul finished my words, 'aghhh, i see' He went up t Natalie and kissed her, i was stood like dick, watching them get it on.

'You do it like this Alex' and moved on top of her, I heard her moan loudly, and he slowly went in and out of her. they started to fuck, and i was hard as nails, almost cumming. Then he stopped and pulled me over and told me to do the same, i did, and went harder and faster then him, to try and show off, 'go on lad' he shouted 'fuck her cunt off' but i stopped, as i knew i was going to cum, but we had no condoms. I stood up,and he ended up moving her on all fours, and sort of mounted her, shagging away, he looked back on me, i could see his hard on and balls hitting her, and he stopped and told me to do it that way as it felt 'amazing' so i tried it, and went at her, THEN.

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I felt him kiss my butt. not my butt cheek, but butt hole. I sort of loudly moaned and jerked, but he carried on.

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it felt REALLY good, but weird, and i ended up being scared, Paul is a big tall guy. could kill me if he wanted too. he licked my more and i felt him rub my hole with his finger, before he put on in, it hurt, a little and i ended up stopping, as i was going to cum in Natalie., he told me to lick her out and he ended up fucking me in the butt as i made Natalie gush in my face. it hurt so bad, a 9 inch dick in me, not what i planned, then he fucked her, we both just laid there taking Pauls sex before he ended up cumming on her cunt and made me lick it off.

Natalie ran off QUICKLY after saying 'thanks' . to him, not me (bitch) and i laid there, kind of in pain. i showed her out and went to my room to shower, Paul had gone, about 10 mins later, i came out to my room and he was there!

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Naked, hard. i said 'no paul fuck off you gay' and he laughed, stood, pushed me to the wall, turned me round kissed my neck, and shagged my ass twice other. then he allowed me to cum in him (felt good). Before my mum got back, we had sex about 7 times, me and Natalie talk still, and are happy with our first time, and have had sex alone twice since.


I regularly have sex with Paul when my mum is at work and have had him allow his 'mates' to gang shag me, so, one crazy first time experience. I now have sex with girls and men, threesomes, watersport sessions, anything, me and Paul try all sorts of stuff, I still have no idea if I am gay or bi, whatever, all i know is im one horny guy.

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