Sex black guy xxx girl story

Sex black guy xxx girl story
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I noticed as soon as she walked into the classroom. She had made a mistake and she had no way of knowing it. I had already lusted after this girl and now she had gone and put me over the top. Her fateful decision was to wear maroon tights that day. It isn't fair to her that is what drove me to do what I did, but it is my compulsion. She made her way into the seat where she always sat. It was behind and a few over and given the nature of the desks in the room I couldn't see her legs.

That drove me even further of the edge and I had made a decision. It was a bit reckless, but I needed to. This girl's name is Jocelyn. She's 20 years old. She has short red hair and wears those glasses with the big frames that hipsters like to wear.

Besides the maroon tights, she was wearing a white button up top with a gold pattern on it, tan colored shorts, and black loafers. It was a long class for me. I didn't know how to execute what I was planning to do. I just hoped an opportunity would present itself. The professor released us. I'm usually one of the first people to leave, but this time I lagged behind acting as if I was checking to make sure I had everything. I followed her out. She wasn't alone, so I kept my distance, but never lost sight of those sexy maroon legs.


They were driving me wild. They got to a bike rack and her friends said their goodbyes and Jocelyn got on her bike. I hadn't really anticipated that. I thought she might walk to a deserted part of campus or could ambush her at a car, but I wasn't expecting a bike chase. Fortune was on my said, because I saw one unsecured bike on the bike rack. I rolled it out and hopped on and took off after the girl. It had been a while since I had ridden a bike and she apparently had a long way to go, because I started to get winded, but watching those tights-clad legs pump kept me going.

She was going down the main roads though and I feared I would never get my chance. Fortunately, she made a turn and rode into a park.

It was a pretty desolate park, especially on a chilly spring day and my mind raced for an idea as to how get her off that bike. I didn't just want to knock her off that might ruin the tights. It might injure her, which would make her easier prey, but I needed the tights to be in good condition. Then, a plan struck me. It was a little risky, but I was sure that it would work if I pulled it off. I spotted an area that would work.

I mustered up all my energy and started pedaling hard to pass her. I got about ten yards in front of her and looked over to confirm that this area would work and then bailed. I fell off my bike. I landed hard on the grass by the trail and rolled down the ditch, stopping near a row of bushes. It certainly wasn't free of pain, but I had braced myself for the fall, so I wasn't injured and could move on to the next part of the plan. I heard tires screech a little bit as Jocelyn brought her bike to a stop.

She quickly hopped off and let it fall to the path. She was making her way towards me. "Oh my god," she called out, "Are you ok?" "I think…" I said with a strain in my voice, "I think I broke my leg." She gingerly made her way down the grassy embankment that I had just rolled down. Once it leveled out she rushed over to me.

"Which one is it?" she asked looking down at me. "The right one," I said pretending to wince. She knelt down and gently started pulling my pants leg. I waited for a second as her hand lingered on my leg. I think she noticed right away that nothing serious was wrong. She looked up at me. "I don't think it's broken," she said, "Do you think you can try getting up?" "I'm not sure," I said, "It hurts really badly." She pressed her hand softly against my shin as if feeling for something amiss.

I think she realized a second too late that it was a ruse, because after a few seconds of her feeling my legs I barreled up and tackled the surprised girl. I took advantage of her momentary shock and dragged her behind the bushes. This spot was perfect. The bushes were thick and blocked pretty much all of the view from the path and behind us was a heavily wooded area. She started fighting. She was surprisingly strong.

She grunted and demanded I get off her, but I held my own. When I felt like she might start getting the upper hand, I quickly let go and punched her hard in the stomach. She doubled over and started coughing. "Stop fighting, bitch," I scolded as I forced her on to the ground. She still squirmed, but I held her wrists as I sat on top of her. She went to scream and quickly clamped my hand over her mouth muffling it.

She started to push and hit at me with her free hand, but there was little she could do. I let her keep fighting and screaming into my hand for a bit hoping that she would just figure that she should give up. She didn't so I leaned in close to her. "Stop yelling and fighting," I whispered menacingly, "and I just might not strangle you right now." It seemed to take her a moment for it to really sink in. Her eyes widened and a moment later she relaxed. Her voice quieted from frantic screaming to soft whimpers.

"I'm going to take my hand away and you're going to be quiet," I said. I pulled my hand away and immediately she started pleading. "Just let me go," she pleaded, "Just let me go and I won't tell. You can't get away with this." "If that's how it is maybe I should just kill you and enjoy your body," I said coldly. "No, no, no," she repeated as tears started to form in her eyes, "leave me alone…" I roughly grabbed the satchel she used as a book bag and purse, breaking its strap, and opened it.

I was looking for things that might be of use. I wasn't really prepared for this and thought it would be much easier, if I could restrain her.

"You are a wily one," I said as a pulled out the cord she used to secure her bike to bike racks. I quickly got up and rolled her over. She started fighting again.

I think she thought I was about to strangle her, because she calmed down a bit when she felt it on her wrists. "Please don't tie me up," she begged as tears rolled freely down her cheeks, "What do you want? Take my bag, my bike, whatever, just leave me alone." I tightly pulled the strong cord around her wrists several times before tying a tight knot. She wiggled beneath and pulled her new bounds. She went to scream again, but I caught her and shoved her face into the grass, which adequately stifled her scream for help.

I used my free hand to look for more things in her satchel and found the perfect gag for my tastes. She had a spare pair of tights in her bag. These ones were black.

I balled up the panty portion of the tights and left the legs hanging loosely. I grabbed her red hair and pulled her head back up hard. She screamed in pain, but I quickly shoved the balled up tights into the girl's mouth.

I tied the legs of the tights around her head to secure the gag. She screamed unintelligible things through her gag as I rolled her back on to her back.

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I stood up and watched the girl squirm for a bit. Her legs looked for fantastic in those opaque tights. I was surprised to see that she still had on both her shoes with all the struggling she had been doing. I would need to remedy that soon. I knelt down at her feet and grabbed her right ankle. She tried to pull it away but I held on. The material of the tights felt so nice in my hands. I just wanted to rip off her shorts and fuck her right then, but I wanted to play with her a bit first.

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I pulled up her foot and gently slid the shoe off of her foot exposing her nylon-covered feet. I could see that her toenails were bare like her fingernails under her maroon tights. I buried my nose into the sole of her foot and sniffed hard. It was delightful. I started kissing and licking all around her foot.

She squirmed and protested into her gag, but she couldn't get away from my lustful mouth. I repeated the same process with her left foot by which point her struggles had significantly subsided and she was softly sobbing.

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Once I'd had my fill there, I let her feet fall back to the grass and started to eagerly rub up and down her maroon legs. The feeling was sensational She would clamp her legs shut when I got high on her thighs, which I just thought was cute. I did this for a while before I reached up to unbutton her shorts. She started really squirming again. It made it difficult for me to get them down, but I managed and soon enough I pulled them off of her foot and tossed them aside. I found that she wasn't wearing panties beneath her maroon tights and that excited me further.

I could see her trimmed bush beneath the mostly opaque material. She started screaming into her gag, which got even louder as I reached for her pussy. She was in a bit of frenzy once I started rubbing her through her tights.

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She was trying desperately to force me off of her, to turn away, to do anything to get away from my advances. After rubbing her struggling form for a bit I extended my index finger and started to finger her through the tights.

Her protests would occasionally turn into moans of unwanted pleasure. I added a second finger as I felt her moisten. She cried as she started moving to meet my pumping fingers. Suddenly, I stopped. She looked up at me as I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans to free my erection. She whimpered as she tried to back away, but I just grabbed her ankles and pulled her back. I got between her legs and let my cock rub against her tights-covered pussy and thighs for a bit. She tried to buck me off, but she had no leverage.

After a while, I pulled back, so I could pull her tights to the middle of her thighs and then rested her ankles on my shoulders. I lined up my cock with her lubricated pussy and she screamed as I easily entered her. She had no real way to fight me, but she tried wiggle away, which just made it better for me. I thrust in and out of her with ease.

She would scream into her gag in horror and then a gasp or sigh in pleasure. She was trying to get away, but at the same time rising to meet my thrusts. I ran my hands up and down her tights and turned my head so I could kiss her feet. There was so much pleasure and I knew I was nearly about to cum. She locked as if she was about at orgasm as well.

I pick up my thrusting pace and soon felt her tense around my cock and scream into her gag. A few moments later, I shoved deeply into her for a final time and shot my load into her pussy. She seemed to not notice my orgasm initially in her own orgasmic haze, but soon she realized it.


She looked almost defeated, but I could see some hope in her eyes through her glasses that made me think she still had some hope; that it might be over now. Unfortunately for her, I wasn't quite finished. I pulled out, stood up and looked down at the softly crying girl.

My cock was still semi-hard and I felt I needed another round even if I should be fleeing the scene. I lifted her feet to my crotch and placed them on either side of my cock.

My cock started to harden again as I gently rubbed her feet with it. Once I was hard again, I started to fuck her feet. She wasn't fighting she was just staring off to the side with tears running down her face. It awhile, but the amazing feeling of her tights-covered feet rubbing against my cock soon had be back to the brink of orgasm. When I felt it was imminent, I dropped her feet. She looked up as I moved to force her to sit up. I gave my cock a few jerks and aimed right at her glasses.

It wasn't a huge load, but it still managed to cover her glasses and forehead pretty well with my cum and some landing in her hair. I wiped my cock off on her tights-gag before putting it back into my jeans. I let go of her head and she fell back to the ground. "This is a secret, right, whore?" I asked. She didn't respond. "Right?" I asked more forcefully. She absent-mindedly nodded. She seemed to be pretty out of it. I figured I should really drive the point home.

"You show up to the next class wearing tights," I said, "and I'll understand that you're not gonna talk. If you don't I will kill you, but not before fucking you and making you cum like the slut you are again.

Understand?" She nodded again as her sobs started again. "Good," I said. I knelt down at her legs and rolled her tights off her legs. I kissed both her bare feet once. I threw the tights over to her where I had taken off her shoes. I gently rolled over her unresisting frame. I started untying her wrists. "Since it's sort of cold," I said with faux sympathy, "I'm going to untie you, but you don't move for a while.

Once, you're sure I'm gone get up, you can slip on the tights in your mouth on and your shorts and go home. I'm keeping your maroon tights and shoes though to remember this by.

See you on Wednesday." I took a last look at her. She had gone into the fetal position, sobbing and wasn't going to remove her gag. As I came out from the bushes I saw her bike still laying on the path and realized that it could've given me away, but it looked like I had gotten away with it since no one had come along.

I ran up the embankment and got on her bike and rode away. I took it a pawn shop, sold it to them at the first offer and then took a cab back to campus.

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It had been amazing, but I felt that I had perhaps left myself in a bad position. I feared I'd be hearing police sirens soon.

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