Son spy in mom while changing clothes

Son spy in mom while changing clothes
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Jordan (The usual disclaimers apply to this story. Do not read this if you are not Supposed to. It was written as a piece of fantasy fiction, not as a Description of any actual true events.) I moaned in ecstasy, my large hairy hips pounding off of the boy's smooth buttocks.


I looked down and grunted, seeing my thick veiny cock slipping in and out of his smooth mounds. "Oh god Jordan!" I gripped his hips and pounded his ass harder.

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Shit this kid was tight, I am not going to last much longer. "Ugh Im going to cum!" the grip on my hands tightened as I pulled him closer, my cock pulsing inside the boys tight hole feeling his insides fill with my cum, made me groan I rose my head with a smile looking at the Blondie in the mirror, he had a blissful smile plastered on his face. "How was that babe?" I pulled out of his ass with a pop, watching my thick eight inches of man meat hang between my legs.

"Oh shit." he collapsed onto the sinks. Damn I didn't get a good chance to look at his ass before I sunk into it, shit I could feel my cock hardening again. "Mmm are you ready for another go?" He asked wiggling his ass, I shook my head and pulled up my jeans "no sorry babe, I need to get going" I gave his ass a pat "I will be seeing you again baby" I left the toilets while he pulled his pants up.

The loud groaning of the car sounded as I lifted it high up in the air with the jack "Jordan!" I groaned and stood up, the chubby guy walked over to me.


"You were fucking late again." he growled in my face, I couldn't say anything or do anything, this fucker decided if I stayed here or if I left "your failing maths aswell, is there anything you haven't managed to fuck up?" my dirty greasy hands turned into fists. I wasn't normally violent but this guy was pushing it.

"Look Mark I just cant remember the function of the graphs." If I didn't stop him now he would keep on going. "Im the best fucking welder in here the best mechanic, you've said it yourself.

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So why cant you get off my ass?" I was trying to keep my voice down, but in this large area I couldn't help it echoing and catching other students attention. "Listen I don't give a shit I can get rid of you and get someone else, just get it done or your gone." I gripped the handle of a crowbar and swung it into the panel of the beat up Astra, when he left making an audible crash.

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"He's chewing your ass today." Jake said kneeling down next to me. For a big guy Jake was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

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"Im fucked mate I was up all night, my coach had me running around the gym time and time again" Jake laughed patting my knee.

"You should take a break from boxing" I glared at him. "Im Harehills finest." He put his fist up "yeah but your not Beeston's finest." I laughed heartedly and stood up. I finally noticed Jake had a sledgehammer and a crowbar in his hands.

"Im going out to destroy some cars, you wanna come" I needed to let some steam off.

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After about two hours the once panelled car was no longer a car, it was just a big junk of metal by now. "Thanks for your help." I rubbed my bicep.


"Oh I think I pulled something." I heard him laughing as I walked back into the large garage, cursing when I saw my maths teacher stood at my locker.

"What's up Sage" I asked pulling my dirty overalls off.

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"Jordan you have your exam in a month, have you been revising?" I nodded grunting as the overalls stretched. "Im serious this is your last time." I spun around causing him to jump back. "I know, but everything I read it doesn't stay up in my head. I forget about it the next day." he sighed, rubbing his forehead. "How about I get you a tutor?" I shrugged agreeing, anything to get this cunt off my back. "Good I'll get someone for Wednesday." I waved my hand flipping him off on his way out.

I finished changing and went out to the parking lot, seeing my bike propped up on its kickstand. I owned my very own Triumph Rocket 3, it was the first thing I bought on my own.

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My fists were screaming with pain. I looked up into my opponent's face his nose was bust his eyes were swollen, I raised my fists again and attacked, using my heavy arms to damage his body, I saw my opening and connected my right hand with his lower jaw. "That's it!" was the next thing I heard; looking down I saw the toned guy on his back panting hard.

"Jordan Lees wins the championship, yet again Harehills holds the five year winning streak!" The crowd roared with cheers, I shrugged the reff off and knelt down, holding my hand out the fighter took it. I helped him up and held his hand high up. I was a fighter yes but I wasn't a sore winner. "Big'an lets go" my coach a huge black guy said. He was the only person I wouldn't dare talk back to, along with my own mother.

But that was obvious; he escorted me out of the ring and through the crowd finally back to his van. "I need something to eat." I said finally taking my gloves off, checking my fists I heard my coach laugh.

"You did great today Big'an" I never stayed after a fight, right after I needed something to eat, even though I was big I still had my gut that is one thing I wouldn't lose, it wasn't so bad that it affected my performance just it would show in some skin tights and when I was topless.

"What you want?" my coach asked. I leaned back and sighed. "Anything that has meat in it" we got four burgers and both wolfed them down in the van.

"Shit, you out did yourself tonight Big'an" I gulped my mouthful. "You can take a few weeks off of training, give me a ring when your healed up" I nodded and slammed his van door closed.

Infront of me was a huge three-story house. It was only myself and my mum here, she was an inspector for some construction company or something. So I didn't really see her that much, I was mostly on my own. I looked after myself I guess that was the reason I would cruise parks bars and clubs to pick up guys.

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