Sweltering honey gets slimed at gloryhole rubbing her pussy

Sweltering honey gets slimed at gloryhole rubbing her pussy
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Amy was out for a nature walk. The trail she always walked was twisted and meandered through the thick bush for miles and miles up in the northern outskirts of the town she lived in. As she passed her favorite creek she could hear what she thought was arguing coming from down a dirt trail that followed the creek. She was not one to ever be nosy, but thought she would investigate where the noise had originated from. As she followed the path the arguing became louder.

She knew she was close as it was now very loud and clear. She could tell it was a male and female. Amy could see a couple in a grassy field which grew parallel to the creek.

The grass was fairly long and resembled a wheat field. In the middle of this field the couple stood facing each other. Amy was above them on a small hill concealed by the bush line about 30 feet from the couple. She had never been one to spy on people, but this incident intrigued her. She watched the couple from behind the large branches of a spruce tree.

Her view was perfect from up above the field. There was no wind, so the voices were very clear.


Amy guessed the woman was about 20 years old. She was very petite and approximately 5 feet tall. She was extremely thin with larger than normal breasts for her body and a nice round ass. Her hair was long and brown. It fell below her shoulders. She wore a little flowered sun dress and sandals.

The man was approximately 25 years old. He was much taller than her, well over 6 feet tall. He was well built and she could see muscles bulging from his forearms in his t-shirt. He was clean cut with short hair no beard or mustache. The couple was facing each other and it appeared the girl had been crying. She had smeared dark makeup running down the side of her face. Without warning the man grabbed the woman and threw her down on the blanket nearby.

The couple must have been having a picnic. The male hiked up the bottom of the sun dress, slid her lacy panties off down her legs and started licking the woman's pussy.

The woman appeared to enjoy this and started rubbing her breasts.

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As he licked and sucked her more she began to moan. She became louder and louder until she let out a scream of delight. She yelled loudly that she was cuming. Amy became really excited watching this sex show.


She had never done this before and was becoming quite turned on and sat down against the tree that concealed her. She hadn't even realized she was rubbing herself as she watched the argument that turned into a free sex show.

Amy slowly undid her belt and unzipped her shorts.

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She wiggled her hips and slipped them off down to her ankles. She couldn't believe she was going to masturbate to another couple having sex.

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Amy started by rubbing her clit and pussy through her soft cotton white panties. As the couple continued to fuck she gently rubbed herself getting closer to her own climax. Her panties became moister. After the man had eaten his girlfriends' pussy, he grabbed her by the waist and shoulders and spun her around.

He placed her on her knees on the blanket and undid his pants. He hoisted her sun dress up higher and entered her cunt from behind. Amy could see he had a large cock, probably about 8 inches long and thick. As it entered the woman she let out a little whimper. Amy's eyes rolled up into the air momentarily. She loved the sounds the woman was making. She was on all fours facing towards Amy.

Amy could see her face and every expression on it. The man fucked her like a large animal controlling a smaller one. He started fucking her slowly then increased his pace as if he was in a quick sawing motion, in and out.

To keep her from moving he knelt right behind her and held her tiny waist with his large hands gripping her waist just above her ass. He held her as if in a vice grip and she didn't move. She just took it, repeatedly in and out. Her face showed a bit of pain, probably from the sheer size of the enormous cock jamming right into her and pleasure from being manhandled and fucked.

The fucking went on for approximately 10 minutes in that position. The weather was warm and the exercise she was receiving showed. She was now glistening and wet from sweat dripping off her. Her dress was wet and clinging to her body. Amy watched and imagined she was that girl. She wanted to get fucked by that large cock in the field. She wanted to be manhandled and like it.

Amy started rubbing herself a lot faster and getting closer to having an orgasm. Her panties were getting really wet. She moved the fabric aside and put 2 fingers into her pussy.

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The girl in the field had received enough. Her pussy had received enough attention. She started begging quietly at first to be fucked harder and faster.

She then screamed loudly like a person in trouble. She yelled for the man repeatedly to fuck her harder and faster. As he sped up she yelled fuck about 4 times. Amy knew she was cuming again. She could see by the look on her face. A big smile came across it. Her body arched backwards.

The man grunted as he pumped her body full of cum. The woman then fell to the blanket on her stomach. She was exhausted and dripping with sweat. At that time Amy came too. Amy didn't realize how loud she was getting. She moaned as she masturbated faster her fingers going in and out of her pussy, her thumb massaging her little clit.

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She had never been turned on so much in her life. She was soaked and sweaty also. As she came she whimpered, but a lot louder than she realized.

This whimper got the attention of the man in the field. He looked up towards where Amy was sitting, propped under the tree. The man stood up with his big cock still hard, dripping cum and started walking up the hill towards where Amy was.

Amy didn't know what to do. She had her shorts around her ankles. If she moved he would see her. If she didn't, he might find her and what would he do to her?

To be cont&hellip.