Cuddly cutie spreads spread snatch and loses virginity defloration shagging

Cuddly cutie spreads spread snatch and loses virginity defloration shagging
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"Son of a bitch!!" I scream out as I see the mess left by the footbll team.

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Theres blood on the walls, theres clothes everywhere, someone through a slurpee at the wall. Let me back up to tell you my story, Hi! My names Dylan, I'm 14, 127 pounds, 5' 7'', short brown hair, hazel eyes that change color, a 6'' dick and a muscular build. I actually wanted to do some volunteer work, didn't know I signed up for this shit.

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The only way this makes it bearable is Kris, the quarterback. Hes fucking hot!!!

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I didn't even know that football players were this hot! Oh in case you didn't know, I'm bisexual, i just lean more towards the guys, i just find myself staring at Kris' ass all the time, hes 5' 7", 160 pounds, dark muscular build, deep brown eyes, short black hair.

He is a fucking baddass. So I just have to clean all this up I thought, I set my bucket down and got out my mop, trying to get all of the slurpee of the wall, i picked up all the clothes, feeling a jockstrap. "EEEEEWWWW!!!!" I looked at the name it said KRIS, I was in heaven, now I'm not one of those guys, but I took a long ass sniff, they smelt amazing. Anyway back to the story, i threw all the clothes into the box, grabbed my towel and rubbed the blood away.

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I looked at my work, "Thank god thats over!!!" I heard some voices come into the locker, "shit" I tried to pack up my things but they were upon me, "Hey Faggot!" Mitch the jackass of the team yells out, "how many dicks did you suck to get this job?" I just looked up at him and said, "Mitch being a dick doesn't make yours any bigger." All the football guys started laughing, I got a couple of pats on the back, a couple hi fives, and a little pat on the ass, I jumped turning around but i couldn't see who it was.

I looked back, Mitch was PISSED, he yelled out, "What the fuck!! I didn't do anything wrong!" "DA FUCK?" He walked up too me with clenched fists and punched me square in the eye, I spiraled down to the ground, clutching my eye. I got back up because of the ROTC training I get a high pain tolerance, and just casually said, "Mitch you hit like a pussy, that's ok because you probably never got any pussy." Laughter erupted behind me as I smiled, I felt a pain in my stomach, I looked down with his fist in my stomach.

I looked up and smiled, "My turn!" I slapped him back hand across the face, sending him spiraling down to the ground. Now I'm 5' 7" I just hit a guy to be knocked out whos 6' 7", I just looked at him and said, "Wow, cant take a slap to the face, what a little bitch!!" I smiled and casually walked out of the locker room, hearing the coach yell out, "WHO DID THIS?!?!" I heard someone's voice, "Coach I did it." "YOU GET TO CLEAN UP AFTER THE MATCH WITH DYLAN!!" I just walked out not having a care in the world, thinking about what I'm gonna do to pass the time.

Being a horny as hell freshman, i need some porn. So i went online and looked up one of my favorite sites, (Great site, check it out!) It was amazing imagining Kris going up and down on my dick, grabbing his hair, pushing him down on my cock as he sucks on me, I came from the image in about 15 mins. I looked at the clock, "Damn 10:00" I ran over back to school, seeing the mess that the Branham players left for me and this stranger, I looked down and there was this tight ass looking back at me, I coughed, "Who are you?" I saw the sexiest face look back at me, holy shit it was Kris!!!!

"Oh we've never really met, I'm Kris." I shook his hand, "So did you clean up the mess?" "Yep.

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So why did Mitch call you a faggot?" I looked at him, he must not know. "Well I'm kinda bisexual, so i go both ways." He looked at me, and out of nowhere, kissed me.

It was a gentle kiss, i tasted him on my lips. We stopped kissing, I looked at him, "What was that?" "I go both ways too, and i must say your fucking c-" I cut him off with my lips, kissing him with a new intensity, rubbing our clothed erections together.

I moaned into his mouth, feeling his tongue enter my mouth, we had to break for air.


"What do you want first? Blowjob or give a blowjob?" "You first." He pushed me down onto the bench and unzipped my pants, my dick sprang out and hit him in the face. "No underwear?" "ROTC baby." He grabbed my dick and started to suck on it, I moaned out into the air from his sucking. He started to go lower taking all of my dick inside of his mouth, he held it there as he slowly circled my dick with his tongue.

I started to buck my hips, he started to circle my little hole with his finger, I gasped as he entered me with his finger, I grabbed his head and came in his mouth, he looked at me and smiled as he swallowed it all. "FUCK!


you give good head man!" I kissed him into his mouth feeling my cum come out of his mouth, "My turn!" I flipped us around so i grabbed his dick, "Damn what you packing in there?" "You'll see" He said with a little smirk. I grabbed his pants and unzipped the pants a huge 8 inch dick popped out and stared me in the face, my mouth drooled at the sight, I started slowly to circle the head with my tongue, hearing him moan, i started to suck popping him in my mouth, i smiled, and took all 8 inches of him inside of me.

He gasped and grabbed my head keeping me there as he slowly came in my mouth, pumping my mouth full of his black cum. He let me up, "How in God's name did you do that?" "No gag reflex baby." He smiled and sprang back to full attention, "someone's ready for you." He turned me around and started to lick my hole, i felt him slide his dick in me after he got me wet enough. I started to cry at the feeling of his huge cock in me, he started kissing them away, he slowly started to fuck me, my cries turned to moans as he hit my pleasure zone, he started to buck faster and faster as he fucked my tight virgin hole, "FUCK!!

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Your hole is so tight!!" I started to jack my self off to his thusts, "Fuck me Kris!! Fill me with your cum!!!" He grabbed my hips once more and pumped all of his cum into me. As he came into me, I came too, letting my cum splatter allover the floor. I kissed him once more.