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Hot breath slid over the expanse of my neck, the anticipation was killing me as I squirmed in the hard wooden seat. The dainty pale fingers held me stiffening as she held me in place, my squirming being held fast then becoming frantic feeling the long thin line of saliva drawn from nape up my neck to the lobe of my ear. I just wanted her to do it. End it. It was weeks into spring break almost over in fact and I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

The water cascaded down my body, loofah in hand as I tried to scrub my body clean. The past couple weeks had been somewhere between bliss and hell as Jace had been true to his word, on his part of the deal anyway being outside my apartment building every morning to take me someplace different that his parents owned or had something to do with to have his way with me.

His way hurt I've found, but I couldn't deny I responded to it there was plenty of my DNA shot out beneath us to prove I did. But I would come to terms with that eventually. I still hadn't gotten over the fact that Jace Hoskins the all star was gay, well maybe not gay I'd heard plenty around campus of the girls he's slept with so maybe bi like me? I went rigid scrubbing shampoo in my hair as I caught myself calling myself bi. I mean I never thought of guys as disgusting but you have to understand growing up in the bible belt you just hear gay bashing as normal talk, I thought about it for some time but decided I was undecided, I wasn't attracted to men that I knew of but Jace was the first guy to come out to me (If that's what you call it.) And I certainly wasn't attracted to the man who spent all his time on physical efforts and hurt people during sex as his primary enjoyments.

Then again though. "Ooouuuch." I ran my finger over my backdoor, being rammed full everyday was beginning to be taxing.

During our time together Jace would do everything he could think of to hurt and/or embarrass me like yesterday when he was sliding multiple fingers into my hole as he had me bent over a love seat at his families summer home. Pushing his fingers outward pulling my hole taut as he chuckled in his deep tone saying how stretched out he's made me.

I came off the arm of his furniture with the full intention of swinging around decking him but he kept me pinned down with his other hand as he planted it on the small of my back. Standing he replaced his fingers with his large cock in my hole, I remember feeling the stretch of him entering me again then back to animalistic moans, bucking and sounds you only hear come out of you by accident as he tore me up.

Stepping out into the steamy air I began toweling myself off, the soft beads of water being wiped away as i looked myself in the mirror for the first time, I saw a somewhat taut pale young man with wispy body hair standing before me, his dick hung limply slightly below his balls not big and not small I was more on the cute side than handsome the blue in my green eyes the curve of the cheekbone I've had many girls say I was adorable, and for the first time I realized I looked like someone guys would like.

It was an odd feeling, seeing yourself like this for the first time not as odd as seeing yourself on video doing stuff with another man the first time but odd enough. It was late afternoon and I was clicked on the t.v. picking up my 10lb. dumbbells, I put on the last season of Game of Thrones as I began alternating different lifting exercises. I did ten reps then switched to another glancing all the while at my phone, Jace said he'd be in town later today for some reason.

Usually he'd been here a couple hours before noon but who was I to complain, this was the first day I wasn't being bloodied or bruised by this time. Also the first day I hadn't had an earth breaking orgasm.

Letting out a long breath I decided to just relax setting the weights down plopping on my couch as the commentary went up with brianne and samwell talking about who watched GoT with commentary on. The redundancy wasn't lost on me as I nearly jumped off the couch with my phone alarm going off, it was time for me to be ready from here on.

He didn't say so but didn't want to know what he would do if I was napping when he showed up. I sighed resigning myself to watching the episode as the day grew long and the night was fast coming.

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Impatient? Me? "I'll be over soon I had family stuff today, reunion and all that." "Oh ok I'm ready swear you coulda told me, I've been sitting around bored all day." He finally called on the third episode well into evening now, I was sprawled on the couch resigned to my fate of waiting. "Awww has my girlfriend been feeling lonely?" He said it laughing, it made it hard to tell if he was joking or not but I wasn't gonna ask as I threw the phone down the couch hanging up. Heat crept in my face, I was out of breath, and I nearly jumped across the room as if he said it in my ear and was sitting next to me.

He wasnt, but he would be soon and I just had a heart attack over being called a girl I laughed at the absurdity of it. Was I this messed up? That I develop feelings for this guy that raped me as the first conversation we had, my head swam going round and round how I felt.

I was still stuck chewing on my thumbnail when I noticed the blaring truck horn outside was directed at me. Stuffing my phone in my pocket I nearly tripped over the leg of my folding table. Brushing myself off I shook my head closing the door behind me, the evening air was sweet just that edge of moisture that made it good to be out in. Climbing down the metal steps I wasn't able to see him over the glare of the headlights but I could feel him looking at me, he had an intensity that was palpable most the time.

He must have had something planned, I was getting to where I could tell when his sadist side was revved up. I was worried about that but had to deal with tonight I climbed into the truck cab grabbing onto the door, sometimes it's annoying being short this being one of the times I notice it.

"So where we going?" Closing the door I got a good look at how large Jace was in a three piece suit, obviously expensive and tailor made he sat there looking poured into the deep blue suit.

It matched his eyes I noted as I noticed him about to bust up laughing, his hand was hitting the steering wheel chuckling as I sat down closing the door.

Heat crept up my face, I had stopped mid climb into the truck looking at him. Which was bad enough but I was biting my lip, he was laughing cause I stopped and started looking at him like a meal. Or a handsome boyfriend. "Fuck." I said it under my breathe glancing out of the corner of my eye to Jace. What was wrong with me?

He wasn't interested in me, just using me. He was blackmailing me essentially. He did send me the video of our first time together though. He was taking us uptown, the buildings were getting noticeably newer as we went through stop light after stop light.

We were on the outskirts of the North side of town now and I realized he hadn't answered me earlier, we had gone out of town other times in the week so I wasn't worried but would've like to known.

Turning to him to ask I notice the case of liquor in the back seat, even in the dim light I could tell they were the expensive kind. I really wasn't much of a drinker so I hoped he wasn't planning on getting plastered or I'd be sick long before him. "What's with all the alcohol? We getting drunk tonight?" I was slightly worried after all this was the man who typically did what he wanted with little consequences, lawyer dad saw to that. He answered with that devilish smile.

"Probably, but most of it's for later. We're going to my uncle's house he wanted me to restock while he was out of town." "Your uncle's? He split for spring break?" Seemed odd for an older person to bother with the young rituals. "Yeah he likes to head to the beach you know soak up Sun and maybe score a drunk undergrad.

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He's sort of the black sheep of the family." He chuckled, it sounded like knowing the punch line to a joke. We were pulling into a driveway blocked off by stone pillars supporting a durable looking iron gate, it looked like we could have rammed it and maybe dent it, but I doubted it.

I had a bad feeling about tonight, the others sent a confusing mix of excitement and dread but watching Jace lean over punching the code that opened up the wrought iron jaws made the pulse in my chest leap up a notch. Taking a deep breath I looked up to the house at the end of the winding driveway, flood lights dotted the outside that kept it illuminated almost like the owner wanted vagrants kept at the gate to still look in awe at what they didn't have even kept so far away.

He parked us at the front door, turning off the engine the well dressed man turned to me with that gleam in his eyes. You know the one. "I'll get the alcohol, go unlock the door" he ordered in his deep tone handing me the keys. He stepped out of the cab opening the back as I hopped out, the truck seemed normal size for him. I approached the oversized door, it was a very deep red wood and was unreasonably heavy for a door I complained to myself swinging it open for Jace as he stepped through the darkness inside his designer shoes thumping on what I assumed to be hardwood floors too.

I was feeling around on the walls for a light switch when from the ceiling dim lights grew to a seeable level. Turning I smiled as Jace held up a remote, he was standing between a black curve around couch and what was probably the largest ottoman I'd ever seen, it was almost a bed. Everything in the room was quite modern considering it belonged to his grandparent he even had a huge flat screen covering one wall, I couldn't say how big it was it would be more sensible to measure that in feet than inches.

"Hey eyes on me." I heard him approaching from the side as I tore my gaze from peering round. My breath caught cursing myself as his dark green eyes bore down inches from mine, a warmth was pressing from my stomach to groin. He grabbed me arms denser than wood wrapping around my back as he wheeled me around to where my back was to the red leather ottoman. He began walking with me crushed against him the expensive suit straining, with my breath being restrained so forcibly it rekindled that ember inside, the part that of me that wanted it.

I bit my lip restraining a soft coo feeling the growing thickness of his cock push up against my stomach, his grip keeping his manhood pressed downwards on my body.

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He let me go abrubtly, dropping me onto the leather with a soft woosh, it was even padded. I wondered how many drunk undergrads say where I did as the tip of Jace's cock hit my chin, the swollen mass looked truly intimidating at this angle. Drops of pre cum smeared against my lips as he drew around the soft flesh with his cock with one hand, untying the satin tie around his neck with the other. My own dick was pressing uncomfortably against the zipper of my jeans, the darker flesh of the head pressing out of a small hole in the denim.

It made me squirm slightly, my hands fidgeting in my lap to relieve the pressure as I ran the length of my tongue over the seam of his head pressing the courseness of my tongue over the burning hot slit leaking pre cum, the salty liquid dropping down my chin. "Oooohhh yeeeaaahhh. lick that big cock." I could tell he was already getting worked up his breath becoming ragad as he flung off his jacket to the couch beside him, smiling down to me with his perfect smile as he took a swig off a blue bottle pushing the racquet ball sized head past my lips, I could feel him throbbing as my jaws stretched to take him in.

I stopped trying to undo my pants as he let go of his shaft taking a hold of the back of my head forcing himself into my throat, the stretching was painful as tears flowed out in reflex. My mind was racing now as I choked around his cock as he thrusted in slow shallow strokes always being sure to stay in my throat. My frantic breathing attempts only spurred him on his throbbing shaft glided over my tongue. I tried backing off his cock as my vision was going blurry around the corners only to have him flex his arm holding my head with a deep growl making me whimper.

Bucking his hips toward me forcing the rest of his throbbing bulk in my throat as he erupted straight into my stomach cumming with a guttural sounding moan keeping himself buried. The throbbing from my lips to my throat, the burning warmth spreading in my stomach and pants, and the look of satisfaction on Jace's face was all too much I thought as it all faded to black.

The first thing I noticed was an ache, my stomach felt knotted up. Groaning I craned my neck around the room trying to see what happened but the ceiling lights were barely on. Wait what did happen? The pit of my stomach fell out remembering the rough throat fuck.


Not my proudest moment. My vision wasn't clearing what the hell? I realized my arms and legs were numb to me, panic was setting in through the fog in my mind. Struggling to sit up I could feel the restraints now, my arms were pulled back around my head, secured below but how?

Ottoman, I was still on the ottoman. The leather was the giveaway I could feel it in the small of my back, whatever outfit he had me in covered my chest and ass. I couldn't flex my legs, I lifted up with all I had but I only made it half way up before the restraints pulled me back down. My legs were held together by a belt and pulled almost to my chest by a strap a connected to the ottoman. What in the hell. My weakness was caused by drugs this I could diagnose at this point I wasn't familiar with the sensation though.

My balls were hurting, I could feel it now all the adrenaline was counteracting whatever that asshole Jace had given me. I realized there was little point in struggling though, I was fully pinned down and couldn't think straight for more than a minute.

My vision began blurring a little around the corners again as I waited for what could have been hours, there were no other noises around it was maddening, the floaty drift in my mind was making the silence draw out the time, what the hell did he give me I couldn't maintain!

I was on the verge of losing my mind it felt like as the lights illuminated fully and a swaggering Jace entered from the doorway opposite the front door. Nude except for a tailored dress shirt he was now using a glass as he came over to me. "Hey there sweet heart, sorry bout the scare earlier." He sat down next to me I could smell he'd been partying after tying me up, his hand disappeared behind my legs as a sharp jolt shot from my balls, my aching testes were pulled taut by something and he was squeezing them together working them painfully.

I began moaning softly at first but whatever he gave me was reacting with the pain or the euphoria the pain gave me but I was soon panting and crying out with each rub he made. He was smiling, I could make that out and then it was over.

He let my parts go, I was laying there sweat forming all along my pale skin feeling the haze as I ached for more, or release just something. "We dressed you in one of my little sister's old cheerleader outfits, it actually fits you." His finger traced the taut fabric covering my chest sending small jolts through me.

I couldn't understand him. "We? Why? What did you give me?" I was panting slower now. I was thrown around as Jace stood up, the ottoman also rotated. Awesome. The world spun around me as someone else came in the same door way as jace, I could see him walking towards us with each slowing rotation but I couldn't make out much as my head swam sickening me to my stomach.

Jace was laughing hysterically as he grabbed my cock in his iron grip stopping me, I was ass up to whoever came in my legs blocking my view. Who was it?


I was panicking through the drugs as I felt a warm touch on my backdoor. Trying to look around my numbed legs I could see a white knee sunk into the cushy leather as Jace came around to my face, his cock head brushing across my forehead as he spoke. "Now now all in time, just relax. Here, take a drink?" He was offering not forcing me. For now. Deciding to not fight in my state I opened my mouth as Jace smiled down to me lifting his cock placing it across my face.

With the tip smearing his warm pre cum on my bottom lip he poured the glass slowly down onto his hardening tip, the alcohol was very smooth as I gulped down the trickling cascade while licking it from his cock. I had forgotten about the man about the fuck me as I felt his head slide through my sphincter, it was smaller than Jace's so it was sliding in easier.

It wasn't small, the fullness I felt was from a thickness. I let out a high moan as Jace was sliding his cock along my face, the unknown man sliding his cock fully out then slamming back in almost like he was trying to drill through me. Jace knelt over me dragging his heavy sack over my forehead to my open lips, I sucked hungrily on his balls the slight taste of salt filled my mouth stubble grating against my tongue. The cock in my ass was going at me like a possessed man, grabbing ahold of my dick and bound testicles using them like a handle in his sweaty grasp as he pulled and pushed me away with his thrusts in his pursuit to break me it felt like.

My mind was fuzzy all I could focus on was the orbs filling my mouth licking them over as I moaned into them the euphoria overcoming me. My world shattered in a crashing orgasm, my spine bowing against the restraints as my cock spewed out in my assaulters hand, hardening to keep ahold of my pulsing organ as everything went white. I was about to fall asleep when my legs were let down beginning the stinging sensation of waking up, I was still panting as the strap hit the floor drawing my attention to Jace standing there smiling the lights illuminating his features.

"Yeah you were right Jace. You got the better deal with his ass." The grumble in the voice sounded familiar as my head slowly came around to a nude man I knew well even through the haze. "After trying it I'm not so sure, our little cock sucker is pretty talented Unc." Jace sounded smug, he was watching me I could feel it. Standing opposite him was the Dean, his flaccid cock still slimy from my ass smiling a very drunken satisfied smile. I was horrified, no disgusted with myself.

Anger bubbled up as I pulled against my arm restraints kicking my legs out trying to free myself but the leather clasps stayed fastened around my ankles and wrists. They shared in a laugh watching me kick and squirm but I was worn out, my body not wanting to move it felt like I was trying to pass through glue I layed on my side panting sluggishly as I fought passing out.

I was so tired, tired of it all. A strong hand grabbed under me by the hip pulling me up to my knees, the straps on my wrists twisting them together as I was turned ass up. The hard grip on my hip kept me there as I tried wriggling away, the stretching sensation in my anus let me know it was Jace as he slid himself into me.

Tears were stinging my eyes as I bit the leather beneath me stifling soft moans. The woosh of air let me know the Dean sat down on the couch behind me now, his age getting the better of him probably.

Or he wanted to watch. Jace was going slow, I could feel every vein in his shaft as his oversized head plowed through me then he'd pull back just as slowly and I could feel my bowels closing behind. It was tortuous, all I wanted was to do was for it to be over for them to be done using me. A hard slap on the ass brought me back to the moment, Jace was pulling out of me with a slow deliberate squelch. His head popped free and I felt the emptiness inside, I buried my face in the ottoman hoping he was done and I hadn't noticed.

The cool tip of something foreign at the sore entrance of my ass brought me back up with a whine. What were they gonna do now?

Jace walked around to my face buried in the leather, grabbing the hairs on my head painfully to lift my neck up as he jerked his stiff cock in my face. My vision was taken up looking at the swollen cock head then up to Jace as he worked himself closer to orgasm jerking hard, I was almost afraid he'd slip and smash me in the face. The tip at my asshole pushed inward, sliding in deep with ease after Jace's fucking.

It was a dildo, I think I'd never felt one before but it was the gravely chuckle of the Dean that sent a terrified shiver down my spine. "Think this bitch can handle two dicks?" I could feel the warmth from his cock head as it pressed against the ring of my anus, the skin stretching painfully around the older man's cock as he forced it in.


"Ooohhh yeahhh. just like a virgin again." Letting his weight do most the work as he leaned into me keeping me from coming up again as I pulled against the restraints and Jace's hold, the pain in my ass becoming a sense of being too full as the dean's cock stopped pushing forward. I was starting to float in and out of consciousness when Jace began moaning at me that he was gonna cum, he shook my head when all that came out was a whine.

I opened my lips letting my tongue hang out just as the shots began splattering across my face, the hot goo was thick sliding down my face and tongue. The Dean was picking up speed his cock would pull the dildo out an inch or so then be slammed back inside held in by his balls as he fucked me, all I could feel now was shooting pain in my asshole as that part of me woke up again. It was sudden, I was laying on the leather soaked in semen when my cock started stiffening very suddenly each beat of my heart brought my dick to it's full thickness.

It was a wave crashing into my head as I let out a roar of a moan my voice reverberating off the walls as my balls emptied beneath me, it felt like I was pissing as streams of cum launched out my cock head splattering on the leather.

The Dean was lost in his own orgasm as my ass spasmed and squeezed, his dick swelling against the dildo as his sagging balls convulsed spewing his molten semen deep into my bowels. "Man this bitch is hot, sounds like he wants more!" Jace was watching us in an appraising fashion, almost like he wondered if he could top that.

I didn't care anymore, what was left of my strength was soaking into the plaid skirt as I slumped forward. I felt sticky, my ass was leaking cum around the dildo I could feel it running down my balls onto the skirt it was absolutely ruined.

I laughed in my mind at that thought as the edges of the room crept in around me. It all became quiet, let them use what they could I thought. The velvet embrace of sleep came all too late to my weary mind.

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I don't truly remember much after that, the horny duo went on for sometime after I passed out but I remember the crash, it sounded like thunder ripping through stone. The ottoman I was tethered to was flung over onto the floor jostling me awake for a minute. All the lights were off, power outage?

A pained scream got my attention, there was fighting on the other side of the room. I pulled myself up against the ottoman by the wrist restraints, a loud thump came from the wall behind me then a pained groan. A shotgun went off and I heard what I thought was an eagle screech as a body landed against the backside of the ottoman sending it with me attached rolling over itself on the floor.

Immediate pain shot through me from my shoulder as I tried sitting around to see who was coming to kill me, my wrists were twisted in the leather cords and my legs were pinned to the wall by the ottoman.

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I was sure this was it, I could hear his heels on the hardwood. His heels? The ottoman slid away from the wall dragging me by the arms back to the center of the room with it. I could make out a shape of long hair, that was glinting?

As a petite shadow grabbed my wrists snapping them free from the rape furniture the lights flickered, only a moment but what stared at me inches from my face will be etched in my mind forever. Her eyes bore through me for that second, the light brown almost honey hue drew me in then it was lost to the darkness again. I was too muddled to remember to breathe, pulling in the life saving air as a soft giggle echoed in the silent manor.

Her breath was sweet it was almost choking, I could tell she was still close her voice hit the ear with the clarity of a chiming bell and the soft caress of satin easing me and raising the cockles of my neck all in one. "Hello there, unexpected one."