Indian girl has fun with her boyfriend sunny Leone

Indian girl has fun with her boyfriend sunny Leone
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Night Burglar Pt. 2 Once Jason opened the lock box he had stolen from the Henderson's home he was surprised to find almost 50,000 dollars cash inside. With that kind of money on hand he could stash the jewelry he also picked up and pawn it later after the case had gone cold. Feeling good about how he handled the Henderson family and wanting to experience that high once again, Jason reflected on what he might have done differently if he'd had planned the murders prior to getting there.

Although Celeste had startled Jason when she stepped into the hallway he recovered nicely and took control of the situation using chloroform. Looking back however, Jason knew he could have been detected by either her father or mother if Marilyn had made any noise. He's going to have to figure out a way to subdue his victims before he enters the home next time. When Jason closed his eyes and relived the taking of Celeste and Marilyn before snuffing them he'd get excited and have to jack off immediately.

Watching Celeste having to perform oral on her father while her mother watched was a turn on also, but in the future Jason hoped to have only women to deal with. He was young and virile and had no trouble remaining hard and cumming 3 or 4 times back to back and from now on he will make the fun last until he's completely spent.

She was a tall slender woman and Jason figured she was around 5' 10" and maybe 135 lbs. Her breasts seemed firm even though she had to be sporting D cups and Jason guessed she was probably a 38D. Her long tanned legs suggested she either lay out in the sun a lot or frequented tanning salons on a regular basis. Although Jason hadn't determined exactly where she worked, he knew it was in the Chatterdon Towers and by the looks of her car she wasn't a secretary.

She drove a practically new Lexus sedan and lived in a neighborhood where the average cost of the homes were in the mid six figure range. She had twin teenage daughters and they were mirror images of their mother. Long slender but well defined legs and nice firm breasts.

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The mother and the twins had a rich dark auburn hair and all three had let their hair grow so it was below their shoulders. Jason's cock responded as he thought about running his hands through their long hair and smelling it's clean fresh smell.

Jason had the luxury of taking his time checking the family out properly thanks to the Henderson's nice nest egg they had kept in the house.

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He now knew from checking their mail that the mother's name was Monica Sheffield and the twins were Chasity and Hope. Jason smiled a wicked smile thinking about how those girl's chasity and hope will both will be short lived once he took control. All three of the women spent hours each week in the sub division's fitness and spa center so that meant they were well toned and would be a nice challenge when it came time to test their endurance.

Going through his notes for the umpteenth time since first following Monica and tracking her routine, Jason was confident that like clockwork every Monday evening the trio ordered take out food from Chang lee's Chinese restaurant and had it delivered to their home.

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Planting an almost undetectable camera in the shrubbery just outside their dining area Jason noticed the one thing constant with their weekly order was each one of the ladies would have a cabbage roll.

After dinner the women would retreat to the lower lever where the large family room was located. Jason had taken photos of this large room through the windows located at the rear of the home. This would be the perfect room to execute his plan with its seclusion from anyone passing by since the only windows were the ones at the rear and the back yard was surrounded by a large privacy fence. Going through the photos he had taken of the room, Jason notice there was a nicely appointed wet bar at one end, a bathroom attached and thanks to one door being left ajar, he could make out what probably was a spare bedroom off to one side.

The other two doors Jason figured went to a utility room and possibly a storage area. The driveway went around to the back of the house and the attached garage was accessed at the rear of the home as well. Hiding in the bushes a couple evenings when Monica came home Jason surveyed the garage's interior while Monica was pulling in.

The twins drove to school and they would park their Volkswagen Jetta on the right side which would afford Jason the luxury of slipping into the garage and hide next to it when Monica would come home a few hours later. Although they had a hi-tech security system installed, they didn't activate it until right before they were ready to prepare for bed. This made sense to Jason since all exterior doors had alarms attached including the door going from the garage to the living area.

It would be too easy to forget to switch off the alarm if one of the women went into the garage or outside for some reason. Jason had his plan all mapped out and was pleased with his self for his detailed agenda to make this happen. His devotion to every detail tonight was crucial since tomorrow was Monday and he had to put everything in motion. Jason was setting outside of Chang Lee's at 6 O'clock Knowing that at anytime the delivery man would start loading up his orders to leave for delivery.


From watching the operation over the past couple of weeks Jason noticed the driver would load up 3 or 4 different orders into the van before leaving and the orders were clearly labeled on the side of the bags. After loading a couple orders into the van the driver then returned to the restaurant to prepare more to load.

Jason went to the van and luckily he saw one of the orders were for the Sheffields. Quickly reaching into the bag Jason removed the inner small bag containing the egg rolls and replaced them with the ones he had just purchased. The only difference between the ones the driver had loaded into the van and the ones Jason replaced them with was Jason had laced his with the date rape drug commonly referred to as GBH.

With the amount he applied to each of the rolls should take approximately 20 minutes to take effect and once under its' control he would have around 2 hours to finish his play.

It was easy earlier to slip into the garage as the girls pulled in since they have the same routine. Once they park the car one of them exits and goes to the mailbox to check it before coming back through the garage and entering the house. This gave Jason plenty of time to reach into the car and grab the remote control for the door. Now all he has to do is watch them eat the rolls and once they go down to the family room he would let himself in through the garage.

Monica and both of the twins were sitting on the sectional as Jason entered the family room and although they were awake they obviously had very little resistance to his tying them up one by one.

Jason had tied Monica to their swivel computer chair so he could move her around if needed to give her a better view of his torture of her loving daughters Hope and Chasity. Monica and both girls also had a ball gag in their mouth to prevent them from screaming even though there was a good chance their screams would go unheeded since they were in the lower level of the home. Jason had taken one of the twins and handcuffed her to the foot rest railing running around the lower portion of the bar.

The other twin was temporarily incapacitated with chloroform while Jason stripped her naked and strapped to the support post in the center of the room. Jason had to move the sectional to give both Monica and the twin secured to the bar a clear view of the other twin.

Once the girl came to, Jason told her he was going to remove her gag and ask her a few questions.

If she screamed he not only would put the gag back in her mouth but her would walk over to her mother and slit her throat. When the girl nodded she understood, Jason removed the gag and first thing he asked was her name. She was Hope they were 16 years old and they lived alone with their mother Monica. Jason told her she was very wise telling him what he wanted to know and then he told her he was going to touch her and fuck her and if she resisted, he would kill her mother.

Hope tensed up and began begging him not to touch her so he knew he had to let her know he meant what he said. Not wanting to slit Monica's throat just yet because he wanted her to watch him snuffing the girls he walked over to her and grabbing her fingers on her left hand, he bent them back until all four fingers snapped like twigs. Tears immediately ran down Monica's cheeks and her moans of pain was evident even with the gag in her mouth.

Walking back over to Hope he asked her again if she would let him fuck her and do all she could to please him sexually. Hope said she would do anything he asked as long as he didn't hurt her mother anymore. Jason promised she wouldn't see him touch her mother again as long as she done exactly as told. Hope's skin was so smooth and tan and her lips tasted just like honey as Jason kissed her while running his hands over her body.

Hope's disgust was evident in her eyes but she endured Jason's touches and even opened her mouth to let him stick his tongue down her throat. Now with only her hands still bound Jason told Hope to get on her knees and suck his cock and she better do a good job if she wanted him to keep his promise. Damn, her mouth was so hot and when he shoved all of his cock into her mouth while gripping the back of her head, the gagging and slobbering was so exciting.

Jason knew if he kept his cock down her throat long he would cum and it was too early to shoot his first load. Taking his cock from her mouth and pulling Hope to her feet by her hair Jason told her she was only mediocre in her sucking and he would have to punish her mother.

When Hope begged him not to hurt her mother he asked her if she was willing to take the punishment instead. With tears running down her cheeks and her body shaking all over she told him yes, as long as he didn't hurt her mother. With his right hand wrapped tightly around her throat Jason leaned down and bit Hope's left nipple off completely.

Her screams were silenced by the force of his hand on her throat and Jason just smiled at her as he kissed her while pushing her own nipple into her mouth, Jason immediately put his hand over Hope's mouth and pinched her nose shut and told her to either swallow the nipple or he'd suffocate her right there and then. Hope swallowed her nipple but immediately her body retched and she vomited violently. "You fucking pig" Jason yelled as her vomit splattered on his leg.

"I'm going to fuck you like the worthless slut you really are". Jason went behind Hope and while holding her in place with one arm around her waist, Jason forcibly shoved his hard menacing cock up Hope's dry ass. Ripping into her like a hot iron Hope tried in vain to scream out but Jason's hand was holding her mouth so tightly she could taste the blood from her teeth cutting into her inner lip.

As Jason fucked Hope's ass with brutal thrusts he watched in glee as Monica was straining against her ropes and Jason knew if she could get to him right now she'd kill him. Hope's body was limp from resigning herself to being tortured in this manner and all she wanted is to have it over with. Just as he was ready to cum Jason took his hand from Hope's mouth and taking the knife from his other hand, Jason pushed all six inches of the blade into Hope's flat firm stomach.

While twisting the knife and pulling upward at same time, ripping her open, Jason filled the twin's ass full of hot cum just as her lifeless body stopped jerking. Pulling the knife from her torso and lowering her to the floor with her hair, Jason wiped the blood off the knife with the dead girls hair and let her drop in a bloody help in the middle of the room.

Walking over to Monica, Jason wiped the blood that covered his hand across her face and told her he knew she would kill him if she could get away.

She shook her hear fiercely letting him know he was absolutely correct in his assumption. Jason very slowly worked his way to the back of the computer chair and began moving it across the floor, getting closer to the bar area where her other daughter Chasity was secured. "Well Monica, if you want to kill me now for taking the life of poor Hope, I'm sure you'll really want me dead once you see what I do to Chasity. One great thing about having twins to torture is once you get done with one you have her all over again to play with in her sister.

Hope's mouth was so hot and wet and her ass gripped his cock like a vise so now with Chasity Jason will find out just how sweet their teenage pussy feels around him. Running the tip of the blade up her smooth tanned leg Jason was getting so hard again just admiring Chasity's beauty and her innocence. With the tip of the knife slightly embedded in Chasity's extended young clit Jason looked into the girls terrified face and asked her if she was still a virgin. When Chasity just stared past Jason with no indication of answering him, he brought the knife to her shoulder and pushed the blade 2 inches into the flesh, watching the terror in her eyes change to intense pain.

Jason asked her once again if she was a virgin and this time Chasity indicated she wasn't. Jason looked towards Monica and it was apparent that the mother believed her little daughter was a virgin. Moving to the chair where Monica was bound Jason asked her what she thought about her precious little Chasity admitting she was a slut and loved fucking.


Monica jerked wildly once again trying to free herself as her eyes shot daggers at Jason. Jason punched her as hard as her could in the stomach and told her to just calm down before she had a heart attack and missed all the fun of watching him fuck then carve up her beautiful daughter.

Chasity might have had sex before, but her pussy was as tight as most virgins and Jason loved the way she got nice and wet despite the humiliation and pain he had been putting her through.

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Yes, he thought, in a different situation he could see how she might be handy in securing new victims for him, taking pleasure watching her master fuck and snuff them one by one.

Although Jason had been fucking Chasity's tight teenage pussy for over 20 minutes he still couldn't complete the task. Something was missing and he knew exactly what it was. It was the thrill of feeling them expiring while he was inside their body that got him off and until she was at that point he was just going through the motions of fucking her. Dragging her across the floor he stopped right in front of Monica and after laying her head next to the office chair base Jason tipped the chair back and moved it forward at the same time.

When he released his grip on the back of the chair on rung of the chair pressed against Chasity's throat and she immediately began to gasp.

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Looking into Monica's eyes Jason told her she better lean back as far as she could to keep the pressure off Chasity's neck, otherwise she would crush her own daughters larynx and kill her. Jason got between Chasity's legs once again and started fucking her as deep and hard as he could. Monica was straining for all she was worth to keep the weight of the chair off Chasity's throat but was losing her strength rapidly.

With the veins popping out of her neck Monica groaned and strained as she heard her daughters gasp, trying to breathe as the chair exerted more pressure every few seconds.

Jason was so ready to bust a nut and when finally Monica lost her strength and the chair came down crushing her child's larynx Jason exploded inside her womb just as her body jerked violently in pure reflex as the light in her eyes went out forever. Jason spent the next 15 minutes mentally tormenting Monica by asking her how it felt to kill her own 16 year old daughter and to watch her other daughter die within feet of her. Jason could see the mind snapping in Monica as her eyes began to dart aimlessly in a crazed way.

She was past any hope of return and Jason knew he went too far. He wanted to have her completely aware of what he was doing to her while he fucked her and slowly took her life, but with her busted mind it wouldn't be the same. Jason walked behind her chair and then putting one hand on the top of her head and the other gripping her slobbering chin, with a quick jerk he snapped her neck and her head dropped to her shoulder like a limp rag.

After rummaging through the house Jason found over 2000 dollars in cash, a ton of fine jewelry and a bonus of a pair of panties from each victim as a souvenir. Loosening the gas line going to the furnace and setting the timer on the space heater he found in the utility room to kick on in 15 minutes. Jason jumped in Monica's Lexus and backed out of the garage. By the time the heater kicked on the house would be so saturated from gas fumes there wouldn't be a square foot left to sort through.

It would be chalked up to a leaking gas line where the fumes overtook the residents before it exploded. Jason was sitting patiently six blocks away when the house exploded and he responded by cumming inside his jeans just thinking about it.