Jamie valentine and rayna rose hot some on the couch

Jamie valentine and rayna rose hot some on the couch
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This story is for the most part true. Names have been changed, and some creative license has been taken in the storytelling and dialogue.

Still, these events basically did take place, and are still a source of fantasies for me. It was an ordinary summer night for Brian and Jospeh. Brian was spending the week at Joseph's family's vacation home just outside the city.


It was an older house, from the '70s or '80s, and the basement where they stayed showed that: plush beige carpets and wood paneling were hallmarks. The boys were both thirteen, both going into eighth grade. Both were around 5'8" and slightly nerdy. Both were wirey and tall for their age groups, but Brian was brown-haired with large hazel eyes, bedroom eyes by most standard. Joseph was a redhead with deep brown eyes and glasses. Each had cute yet strong face the sort of cute that comes from being young teens on growth spurts.

That evening Brian had brought his Xbox to Joseph's vacation house and was playing an RPG while Joseph watched. Little known to Brian, but Joseph had far more interesting things on his mind than just playing video games&hellip. "Man," said Joseph, "I've been so horny recently.

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I'd love to get laid." At thirteen, both boys were virgins. Both were attractive enough and had kissed a few girls, and they had even felt some budding teen breasts, but neither had gotten any further than that. "I know what you mean," replied Brian, who was more giving a response brought on by a video game trance. Joseph shifted in his seat a bit.

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"You know, I have a friend who says that he might try some bi stuff with a friend of his soon." This was out of the norm enough to get Brian's attention. "What do you mean?" "You know, like experimenting. Messing around.

He says that he might do some stuff with a friend of his the next time they have a sleepover. Like touch each other and stuff." Brian thought about this, and for some reason he felt a bit of heat in his young crotch. "Honestly," said Brian, not worried about saying something like this to such an old friend, "I think that's kind of cool. Two people making each other feel good without any strings or consequences or drama." "Yeah," Joseph replied.

Brian was still watching the video game, but he did notice Joseph shift his thighs slightly.

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And then the conversation ended. The boys moved on to talking about the video game, taking turns trying boss fights as each of them died, passing the controller back and forth. This lasted for an hour until Joseph once more stole the conversation. "Hey, you have a laptop with you, right?" "Yeah," replied Brian. There was a brief pause, followed by Joseph saying "Wanna look at some porn?" "Sure.

I am kinda hard." Brian didn't consider this to be at all odd.

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After all, he'd known Joseph since they were both five, and they had looked at some porn together before. They had even confided in each other that they each found incest in porn to be a huge turn-on.

Knowing tastes and limited bandwidth, Brian decided to pull up XNXX's sex stories section in his Internet Explorer browser. He scrolled through the recent updates, Joseph watching over his shoulder, until he came to a story which listed incest, lesbian sex, and anal among the topics.

"It's not that I would necessarily want to do it," Joseph offered as the two read through the start of a story about two daughters who sucked each other's' pussies, "it's that incest is so forbidden. There's something really hot about something you're not supposed to do." This last sentence he uttered while looking at Brian… and at Brian's crotch. "Yeah," said Brian, "I totally know what you mean. I'd never want to fuck my mom, but these stories are just super hot." They read on together, with Joseph telling Brian when to scroll further down through the raunchy tale.

At this point the sisters' father was secretly watching his two daughters get each other off from a doorway while he stroked his hard cock. "Hey, Brian, do you think you'd ever try some taboo stuff?" "Sure, I guess that could happen.

Any sort of taboo stuff specifically?" "I just mean in general, like how my friend said he'd be up for messing around with another guy." Brian took a moment, and then said "You know, I don't know if I'd ever do it, but if it feels good, it's probably fine." Brian tried to keep his focus on the story, but Joseph was watching his friend intently.

Joseph moved his hand to be next to Brian's thigh on the couch. "I bet it'd feel amazing," whispered Joseph, as he moved his hand onto Brian's thigh.

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Brian turned to face him, his gaze drifting back and forth between his friend and his friend's hand. Then, as they looked into each other's' eyes, Joseph moved his hand to Brian's turgid, young cock, and began to slowly rub his hand back and forth.

Brian craned his head up slightly, his eyes closing while he let out a small moan. "Does that feel good?" Joseph asked his question in a seductive tone as he slowly rubbed his friend's hard dick. "Yeah," moaned Brian softly. Brian felt as if electricity was coursing through his dick everywhere that Joseph's hand touched. He felt each stroke and caress a thousand times more intensely than he ever felt his own hand on his body.

After a few minutes, Joseph held his hand steady over his friend's blue jeans as he felt what he had longed for: Brian's hand moving to his own jeans-encased dick.

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Brian circled his hand around Josephs hard dick, almost as if he were painting a picture of Joseph's cock onto his pants with his hands. The two friends continued to rub each other, each of their gazes transfixed on their hands as they worked the other boy's dick.

After a while of pleasuring each other, Brian said "Hey, how about we make a rule: we each have to do whatever one of us does to the other." Through this Brian kept rubbing Joseph, still feeling the pleasure coursing through his young body.

"OK." With that, Brian did something Joseph did not expect: he reached into the elastic band of Joseph's jeans (the sort only young boys have), and began to rub Joseph's cock through his white briefs. Joseph let out a small moan at this. Brian could feel his friend's manhood far better now. He could feel the bulging veins on his friend's shaft, as well as the circumcised cockhead which was wet at the top, even through the underwear.

Joseph breathed quietly but heavily as he felt the greatest sensation of his life. His best friend was rubbing his cock. The hand felt so good, as if there were a warm fire trying to draw the cum from his balls. Yet after only two minutes, Brian stopped. "Remember, you said whatever I do to you, you would do to me," said Brian, reminding his friend of their agreement.

"Yeah, ok." With that, Joseph reached down Brian's own jeans and started feeling his friend's dick through his boxers.

He enjoyed the heat emanating from the other boy's cock, and began a mid-tempo rub, using his palm to pleasure his best friend. With that Brian resumed rubbing Joseph as he was massaged in turn.

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The two boys sat there, feeling someone else's hard cock in their hands, only separated by a thin layer of fabric. They moaned and breathed heavily, each of their dicks hard and hot with pleasure and lust.

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Soon both were creaming with pre-cum. Joseph felt his orgasm coming, which caused him to rub Brian faster and harder. Brian responded in kind, working harder to coax the cum from his friends' balls. Just then, the boys heard a creak coming from the stairs leading to the basement.

Quickly, they each removed their hands from each other's' pants, and Brian grabbed the Xbox controller, resuming his attempt to beat the boss of the dungeon he was on in his video game. As soon as they had resumed their video game position, Joseph's dad came through the door. "We're going to bed now. You guys should finish up what you're doing and get to sleep, too," said the man.


"OK," said Brian, his voice not betraying the jitters he felt, "just after we get this boss." "You kids just put too much time into those games," said the man disapprovingly, leaving the room and heading back upstairs.

When Joseph's father had left, the boys just continued to play video games, occasionally talking about something in game. When they were tired, they shut down the Xbox and climbed into the two beds prepared for them in the apartment-style basement. "Well, goodnight," said Brian. "See ya in the morning." After a few minutes of silence, the boys got on one of their slumber party bedtime conversations, a sort of event that had become ritual for them.

As they talked, they slowly drifted to sleep. And though their conversation was about girls, each was excited at the prospect of spending the week together, and not just because they wanted to play video games…