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Hot blonde milf first and big boobs squirt Street Racers get more
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I have been extremely busy here as of late so I haven't been able to write much. I am currently working on the next installment of "The Goth" and three other series that I think you will enjoy. However I have been given some stories from a friend of mine that wants to know what you think.

Here is the third. Bedtime Story. Sara smiled as she watched the pair of them leave on whatever adventures he had planned for them before turning her mind back to the task at hand.

Even if she had seemed to just let it go in one ear and out the other she had taken every command to heart he had given her and she would make sure she completed them to the best of her ability, but for now she had to finish this up first. Knowing Erica was doing a perfect job in order to earn her reward she smiles that much more as she pulls on the strings to make their servant's rear lift even more in the air, making her cry out even more because it gave Erica that much more access and the pulling on the chains and ribbons pulled at varous parts of her body though the rings and piercings giving her the pleasurable pain she so enjoyed.

Erica works diligently on the girl's pussy and anus making sure it would perfectly cleaned and there for pleasing to Master and if Sara so desired she would do this daily to keep the girl in such a way. She didnt need to be told not to say the servants name anymore since the only ones she did speak were His as Master and Sara's as Mistress, when she spoke at all in the home. She had learned her role well and knew that pets such as her and Anita did not need to speak unless spoken to.

The only other times were in public when they were coming across more of a normalish family but never even seeing them could they be considered normal at least not together. The servant once known as Tina knew nothing of who that person was anymore, she was Their servant and nothing more, nothing less, that was just who she was now.

Even as she cries out in pleasure and pain as Erica works her tongue repeatedly over her sensitive and sore entrances even biting and pulling at the clit ring to change up the sensations, and as Sara worked the corset strings causing her to move only as she wishes, as well as pulling on the chains to her piercings she tenses and and trembles as more and more pleasure storms her body.

It wasnt the same as his cock taking her roughly in the ass but exciting and pleasurable in its own right. It hits her suddenly as it always does, hard and fierce, her pussy tightents around Erica's delving tongue as she cums, her pussy spasming again and again as Sara pulls harder on the chains and corsets making the actions harsh just to add to her pleasure.

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Her cries fill the bathroom and echos around the other empty rooms up the private upstairs as she screams out her body trembling against the side of the tub where she is being held in postion. Even as she begins to come down Erica contintues to clean her new excitement from her pussy and her upper thighs where the power of her orgasm and Erica's tongue working in her had made it drip from her.

Sara reaches down and runs her fingers through Erica's hair before grasping it to pull her away from the servants ass and pussy so she didnt have to clean her once more but instead to rinse the girl's off once more. Having Erica stay put for the time being as she leads the servant to the bedroom to have her lay on the edge of the sprawling king size bed that was in the bedroom, cooing to her to rest for a bit as she goes back to tend to Erica who waited paitently still in the bathroom.

Smiling once more she strips Erica out of her puppy suit, checking her over throroughly even making her lean over the tub so she could give her a minor inspection. Running her fingers into her pussy and then her anus to be sure she was not only as sensitive as Master would wish but also being sure there was no damage or any abnormalities to be concerned over.

It wasnt a thorough inspection but good enough for her to continue with the girls reward. She had thought of bathing Erica first but deemed it pointless at this time just taking a damp cloth running it over her body in a 'Bird bath' type deal. Even as Sara had checked her Erica had whimpered and moaned quietly,pressing back into her fingers pressing the issue wanting more even if it was just a minor inspection, she always wanted more, needed more.

When Sara stopped and gave her a quick wipe down she pouted a bit which earned her a slap to her bottom to make her behave once more.

"Nuhuh, you want your reward you be a good girl now." Which was enough to make Erica behave not wanting to loose the reward she had happily even enjoyed working for. "Yes, Mistress." She answered quietly even if she had let her tone get more sultry in her want and need. One satisfied with her care and behavior Sara retrieved a light collar and chain leash and placed it on Erica letting her know just because Master was not here it did not mean her role would change any and lead her to the bedroom, with Erica on her hands and knees.

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Once there she tugged on the leash to have Erica sit on the foot of the bed or more lay on it like a puppy curling up as she went to check on Their Servant. Seeing her almost asleep from the vigrous activities of the afternoon she smiles even more pulling on the chains to shift her more to the corner of the bed leaving the middle and ends open.

She wasnt going to deprive her of the show if she could keep her eyes open.

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Satisifed with the current arrangement Sara moves to the closet to get some ropes to use on Erica, Erica's gaze following her ever move and step from moving the girl to going to the closet and returning. Sara rembembered from Anita how extreme this could be and she was going to use the ropes to keep the girl in place for the toy to abuse her body, much as Master had the girls. Tossing the ropes on the bed she reaches for Erica's leash once more, keeping it held where the girl had to crawl up the bed on her hands and knees to the center, before hooking the end of the leash in a hook at the head of the bed smiling more and more.

Sara decided she was going to change it up just a bit knowing Master wouldnt mind once her learned of it and her plans, for all she knew he had cameras around the place so he could keep an eye on what was his when he was away.

Half crawling onto the bed now as big as the bed is, she reaches over and catches the leash right at the ring on her collar and pulls her hard down on the bed, the corner of her lip quirking up just a bit as Erica collapsed with her face against the sheets leaving her hips in the air. Taking up one of the pillows from the head of the bed she tucks it under Erica's hips before sliding off the bed once more to take her feet and pull them out from under her.

With the pillow under her hips, even though Sara had pulled her flat down, it kept her hips and but in the air slightly exposing her to Sara as she then spread Erica's legs out on either side of her.

Looking Erica over for a moment Sara grins a bit more quite pleased with the current position and she planned on keeping Erica in that pose until she was done.

Hitching her sundress up just a bit she practically crawls over the top of Erica pressing down against her back, her own knees between the girl's legs as she purred in her ear.

"Now you will stay just like this and not move until you cannot move on your own little pet." Erica shivers a bit at the purr in her ear nodding carefully as not to bump Sara's face as close as it was, feeling Sara's body pressing hers down more into the bed and on the pillow for a moment.

"Yes, Mistress." As much as their Master had been gone, he hadnt really seen how well Sara had moved into her roll, unless he did indeed of course have cameras around their private domain.

"Good little horney bitch, you have earned your reward for following Master's wishes and cleaning our servant well." Slowly moving off of Erica letting her body brush against hers as she did, she reaches for the ropes once more and slides off the foot of the bed. Starting at her hands, she binds both of Erica's wrists securely together, but not tight enough to do any damage to her, depending on how hard the girl ended up pulling against her binds of course.

She then pulls the up above her head to secure them into a ring placed in the wall there securing it tightly as well, even pulling on it roughly to check the hold.

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Moving then she moves back to Erica's legs gathing up another piece of rope binding her ankle with it, shifting the servant a bit more she brings it to one corner of the bed tieing it off to a ring underneath once more checking the hold before doing the same with the other, leaving Erica's ass in the air a bit from the pillow, arms bound above her head and her legs spread eagle tied to where the girl barely had any wiggle room to move.

Smiling brightly at her work so far she takes the final piece of rope mimickign what she had seen him do before and ran it around and under Erica's upper body above and below her breaths before taking the ends and running them under the bed to secure her even further tieing them together. She grins as she moves back to the closet getting a couple toys from it, one the machine that would be used to fuck her silly, a ball gag to stifle her cries, and a smaller dildo she would attach to the other device to use it her anus.

Smiling happily at her plan she moves back to Erica's head to place the ball gag in her mouth. Erica had obiediently moved and allowed Sara do place her as she wished on the bed as she bound her making it almost impossible for her to move more than maybe an inch in any direction and that would cause the ropes to bind a bit on her breasts though not as tightly as it would have if Master would have done the figure eight on her just the pressure of the ropes on either side of her breasts.

She whimpers a bit when Sara comes back around to her head with the ball gag, all of it so far making her extremly excited to the point she was already becoming wet in expectation for the fun to come even if she did not know about the addition to the device Sara was going to use on her.


When Sara brings it to her mouth she opens it taking the ball into it and holding it with her teeth as Sara runs the straps to the back of her head to hold it in place.

Once secured Sara runs her fingers through Erica's hair leaning in to kiss her cheek ever so sweetly before disappearing from Erica's sight once more.

From her spot on the bed the servant watches not making a move or sound except with Sara had her move once more, now position between the ropes going across the bed and one of the ropes securing her leg.


She herself was physcially and mostly mentally exhausted from having her body heavily used and the rest of who she was stripped completely from her mind, but even in her current state she was ready at any given time for Mistress to request her help with the pet.

Her half closed eyes watching everything as it took place. But it seemed that Sara did not need her assistance at this time, but the scene itself still making her body react a bit even as sore and used as she was especially the thoughts of the ropes binding her breasts. Sara herself had moved back around to kneel on the foot of the oversized bed between Erica's legs running her nails lightly along her bare thighs on the outside then along the backs to the inside to rub her pussy massagingly smiling more feeling the dampness that was already forming on her petals making her lick her lips just a bit.

She couldnt resist the urge to lean down and in to run her tongue along then between her petals letting it flick off the clit ring he had added the night he gave them his mark on their ankles making Erica whimper past the gag and her hips jerk a bit in need, her position making it that much easier for Sara to tease her a bit, Sara's hair moving along Erica's legs lightly making her twitch and squrim against her binds as it seemed to tickle even while Sara's tongue teased her pussy.

Sara purrs a bit as she slips her tongue inside the girls entrance tasting her making the girl squirm more in need trying to move towards her mouth, but the way she was tied not letting her making the teasing even more fun for Sara who had all the control on how much she got.

Pulling back from her pussy Sara reached for the smaller dildo and ran it inside Erica's pussy and along her walls coating it nicely in her excitement. Sara's tongue and then the toy had the girl whimpering and moaning around the the ball in her mouth even making her bite down on it as Sara pumped the toy inside of her, it wasnt as big as what was to come but it was much more filling than Sara's petite tongue. Sara was coating it knowing unlike the servant Erica couldnt hand a good dry fuck as Master had done to her her earlier, and once she had it coated nicely she pulled it from her leaving Erica squirming and whimpering in need trying to move for Sara to push it back into her pussy unsuccessfully.

Erica suddenly gasps out as Sara runs it from her pussy up between her cheeks to her dark start slowly pressing and working it into her anus, opening her slowly to take the toy into her making her cry out around the gag until her body became more adjusted to it. Sara left it in her anus as Erica tried to shift about, her dark start tightening around it then loosening more as if trying to expel it as Sara quickly crawled across the bed to the side table extracting a tube of lube knowing she didnt want Erica's excitement to wear off and end up leaving the girl raw and in pain.

Pulling it from her after making sure she was opening up a bit Sara coats the smaller dildo in the lubricant before attaching it to the device holding the much larger dildo. Looking up and across the girls back to where her face was Sara smiles again purring out. "Hope you are ready for a fun ride my horney little bitch." Even before Erica could even think about responding even with a nod, Sara pushes the tip of the bigger toy into Erica's pussy making her whimper out. Pumping it bit by bit at first Sara puts more and more of the toy into her before the tip of the smaller reached her rear entrance once more, the in a slow steady push she presses both fully and completely into her pussy and anus making Erica cry out around the gag and squirm more against her bindings.

Setting the device up to where it would hold its postition on its own Sara turns it on low at first having it pump into her almost tenderly causing Erica to moan moreher hips trying to move as if she were riding both toys at the same time.

Slowly notch by notch Sara turns it up until it is fucking Erica hard and fast making her moan and cry out, the soudns being muffled by the gag. Erica moans as Sara starts with the dildo in her pussy the feeling of it filling her tight wet walls sending a wave of desire through her already hot body each pump of it making her needier.

The sudden fill of the second dildo pressing against her anus made her whimper then moan out at it pushed and filled her anus in time with the other until both filled her entrances deeply. She heard the hum as Sara turned it on once it was deep in her, her hands curling up sending her nails even if short cut for the mitts dig into her palms as she tries to move with it, against it, her hips moving as much as they could as it began fucking her making her cry out more and more.

The double penetration pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly Sara spanks her making her but jiggle then rubs the sting out as tremors move through Erica's body, Sara quite enjoying the show before her, even at first running her own fingers between her legs to tease and rub her own pussy, even that part of Master's list of commands staying fresh in her mind, making her whimper even as she watched. Sara looks over at the servant deciding she had plenty of time at the moment to rest and sent her after her own toy that he had gotten her so long ago that she had almost forgotten about until she watched both toys being pumped into Erica's ass hard and fast from the device no longer needing her to control unless she since she had set it to randomly change its pace even to add vibrations to it randomly.

All of which was making Erica cry out as Sara practically climbed over her pressing her body against hers as she took a nip at her neck right above the collar she had placed on her, before moving off to the side where she could lean back and into Erica from the side, but sitting up for the moment as she waited for their servant to return with her favorite toy. Just as the girl returned Sara had pulled her sundress up and over her head dropping it off the side of the bed to leave herself bare as well, having been the only one in of the three remaining girls to be dressed or be pleasured that day.

Leaning back into Erica or more over her back she could feel the jerks and twitches of the pets body as her need grew and grew, felt her pulling on her bindings which just made Sara all the needier herself.

Parting her legs and pushing up a bit so that she balanced on Erica's back holding the girl down that much more she motions for the servant to use her own vibrating dildo on her, gasping out as first the dildo slide into her tight wet pussy, staying tighter from not being used as much as the others so that when he did use her she wouldnt be as formed to him as they might be.

Feeling the prong press against her dark start she whimpers out shifting more so that the servant would press it more into her ass just to moan out as it fills her anus and the other prong comes in contact with her clit. The servant having an understand of the toy turns the vibrator on then making Sara moan and whimper out even as she feels Erica's body tense when she releases beneath her back. Erica feels Sara moving about her body from behind making her jump and cry out at the light nip to her neck before she feels her position herself at her side, turning her head to watch as Sara's nude form comes into view, the toy pumping into her entrances pushing her hard and fast towards her release, she cant take her eyes off the pair as the other girl comes back with the toy and Sara moves to balance on her back pressing her more into the bed even while her hips shift up lettting the devce move deeper into her own pussy.

Watching as well as feeling just turned Erica on that much more as the servant began using the vibrating dildo on Sara causing her to cum hard and fast, the dildo pumping into her pussy making her excitement drip onto the sheets below her pussy. The servant happily went and retrieved the toy to use on her Mistress knowing she was also following her Master's orders as well helping Sara please herelf as to his wishes. She works the toy into Sara's pussy and anus turning the vibrator on to make it all the more pleasurable, her own determination to serve them both making her work hard and fast to make sure her Mistress came and came again.

Feeling Erica's release beneath her as well as the servant fucking her with her own toy, Sara reaches up and teases her own breasts and nipples, pinching and pulling at them bringing them to hard little nubs adding to her own desire and need.

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The feeling of the girl working the toy into her hard and fast soon leaves her moaning and crying out reaching for her own release as she still feels Erica trembling beneath, hearing her cries past the gag just adding to the erotic scene as she is forched to climax again beneath her. The device never letting her come completely down from each high of ecstacy, just makes Sara cum quicker and harder, her excitement dripping from her own pussy as the servant continues to working the vibrator into her pussy and ass, changing pace sometimes holding it still inside of Sara so the prong can slap her clit constantly pushing her towards a second release which she doesnt have until she feels Erica tensing beneath her back for a third time.

She motions for the servant to stop them, slowly bringing her down from her release, making her body tremble from aftershocks until she finally removes it from her and sets it aside. Without Sara indicating it but knowing how her Master had commanded such things before she leans into to clean the excitement from Sara's pussy and thighs with her mouth and tongue, taking her time until every last bit of evidence is gone making Sara whimper and moan as she does until the last reminants of her ecstasy is gone from her body.

Slowly sitting up she strokes the servants hair for just a moment before turning some to Erica looking down at her ecstasy filled, dazed as the device pushes her into another release them almost becoming constant now as her body withers in pleasure. After watching her face after the last release she moves back over her slowing the toy down to bring her down bit by bit before finally pulling it from her pussy and anus.

Looking over at the amount of excitement on the sheets from Erica she smiles once more from her own release and knowing the girl had gotten a just reward for her actions. Handing the device to the servant to go clean along with her own toy, she moves to unbind Erica letting the girl curl up and rest a bit, curling up next to her laying her head on Erica's side.

When the servant returns she motions her over with them to cuddle and relax as she starts to drift off, in the back of her mind thinking it would be a good time to take a nap before finshing up the day with dinner and proper baths for her and Erica.