Stunning stripper fucked by fake driver in the backseat

Stunning stripper fucked by fake driver in the backseat
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This is the journey of how my wife Cindy and I came to the realization of how we both were turned on by her having sex with other guys. It starts off a little slow, but I feel the need to give a little background.

I hope you will sit back and enjoy the ride. Sharing Cindy Chapter 1 I have to say that, looking back, I can now see that I have always had tendencies to want to share my woman. It all began years ago when I was in Junior High School and was out on a Friday night with my first serious girlfriend, Shauna. We were hanging out in a pizza joint after the high school football game and while standing around, Rodney, one of the high school football players came over and began talking to me and my girl.

She was looking up to him with a glassy look and he just bent down and kissed her in front of me.

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Of course he was twice my size and I probably would have been beat to a pulp, so I didn't make much of a stink about it. Afterwards she was apologetic, but while I pretended to be upset, I was also turned on, knowing that I was going with a girl that an older guy desired.

This progressed as I got a couple years older and started to date Kym, a girl who went to another school. She was one of those girls who, while she was only 16, looked to be about 22. She was always attracting the attention of older guys and she seemed to enjoy it.

I learned early on that it was not worth getting upset about so I guess I embraced having the girl every other guy wanted to fuck.

Eventually she broke up with me, claiming it was coming from her parents, but I think she ended up with an older guy. I look back fondly on our time together, as we lost our virginity to each other. Soon I began to date Cindy, a girl who grew up in my neighborhood and I watched as she blossomed into a real woman. She was blessed with beautiful auburn hair, blue eyes and a very well developed set of large "C"/small "D" boobs.

Not to mention a very sexy tight little butt.

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It was the summer before our senior year and we were both horny teenagers. One day we were sitting outside of my house on the front porch when a car stopped at the curb and the window rolled down.


It was her previous boyfriend Rick. He called her down to the curb and they spoke for a few minutes. She ran back up to me and asked if I minded if she took a quick ride with him to smoke a joint.

There was already two other guys in the car with him so there was only room for her. She looked at me with those big blue eyes and I of course caved. She said she would be back soon and I watched as she ran down to the car, her ass encased in a tight pair of cut offs and her boobs swinging free inside of a halter top. She got in the car with them and drove off. Sitting there I was a mix of emotions.

Of course I was jealous, but then again something in the back of my mind was thinking about Rick trying something with her. I waited on the porch for about thirty minutes, but they did not return. I eventually went inside and got involved with something else. She called me about an hour later and said she was home. I asked to meet up with her, but she said she had to go with her mom somewhere so I would see her the next day.

The next day I asked her what happened and she said nothing.

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They just drove around catching a buzz and then he dropped her off. I could tell she wasn't telling me everything, but that was all I got out of her. It wasn't until several years later, when we had moved on to a relationship of sharing her, that she told me what actually happened. She said that they did indeed drive around for a little while getting high.

Pretty soon Rick was telling her how great she looked and how hot she was. He asked for one kiss for old time's sake. Of course, being a little high, she agreed. The kiss turned into two, then he began to feel her tits through her shirt. They were in the back while the other two guys were in the front. He made a few comments to the other guys about how hot she was and that she had the best tits of any girl he knew.

Soon he had her top untied and her tits out. The guys looked back and agreed with him. Cindy said it was kind of hot to be riding around with the three of them topless. At that time Rick pulled his cock out of his pants and grabbed her hand and directed it to his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and told me that at that point she knew she was going to get fucked.

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She bent down and began to give him head while they drove around. After a few minutes he pulled her off and reached for the button on her shorts. She told me that once he popped the button, she took over and unzipped them, then pulled them down and off. She laughed as she threw them at his friend who was staring from the front seat.

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Next she slid her panties off and threw them up front too. Cindy then climbed onto his hard cock and lowered herself down until he was deep inside.


She told me that while he was a little smaller than me, his dick curled upwards, so that while she sat on top of him, it would rub along the front wall of her pussy and really feel good. She said they fucked for a little while before he came inside of her. As she climbed off of him, she asked for her clothes from his friend. His friend said she could have them back for a blow job.

She tried in vain to get them back, half climbing over the seat. The whole time he was getting good feels of her tits.

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Eventually she agreed to jack him off if he gave them back. They stopped the car and Rick and his friend traded places.

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As he pulled his dick out, she saw it was pretty small and when she wrapped her hand around it, it almost disappeared. After a couple of strokes she decided that she could easily fit it into her mouth and lowered her head into his lap. They pulled back onto our street just as he was cumming into her mouth.

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Had I still been on the porch, I would have seen the top of her head bobbing on that cock as they drove by. She knew she couldn't meet back up with me smelling like sex, so she called me and gave me the excuse about her mom.

Now I know why she seemed a little hesitant to talk about it afterwards. Thank goodness we progressed to the point where we had no secrets from each other and she realized how hot it made me to hear about her exploits.

Looking back I see that as probably the single most important experience that brought me to the realization that I enjoyed other men experiencing Cindy's charms. Things progressed rather quickly after this…………………