Cuckold loving gf fucked while bf watches european teen

Cuckold loving gf fucked while bf watches european teen
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Traci's Abduction and Rape 4 It has been almost two years since Traci was taken to a remote building by her kidnapper. He had tied, whipped, caned, vibrated, and fucked her in all her holes. She thinks often of the pain and pleasure he forced on her using and abusing her. Each time she relives the experience with her unknown abductor she gets wet and masturbates to very hard orgasms.

She has dated and had sex many times since the last time he used her but nothing from any of her dates gave her the pleasure she felt while he used and abused her.

She still has her online friend in Texas and has told him every detail of her experiences she received from the friend he sent her way. She has ask several times if he could get his friend to take her again. He refused to tell her the abductor's identity and about a month ago told her his friend had moved to Texas. This news disappointed her and made her feel sad that she might never experience the pain and pleasure he had so expertly forced on her.

Traci had chatted with several men closer to her to only find that they did not have the experience to give her what she craved so badly. She immersed her time and efforts in her work and keeping her body in the best shape possible with exercise and diet. She had ask her Texas friend on several occasions if he could possibly come give her what she craved so badly. He had tried to arrange it but every time he made plans to surprise her something prevented him from getting away from his work for more than a few hours at a time.

Traci's unknown kidnapper had thought about his little black beauty many times wanting to take her and use her as before but thought it might be unsafe as he was not sure she enjoyed her experiences with him. He had not talked to their mutual friend in Texas in several months when he contacted him and was told she was craving his attention badly. This news excited him and his cock instantly got hard thinking about what he would do to her.

The next time he took her he would push her limits as far as possible. He realized even before her that she was a pain slut which made him very horny. Knowing he could satisfy his sadistic side and please her at the same time.

He started planning how and when to take her again. He had visited the hiking trail in the woods several times when he thought she might return for another abduction. When she had not returned to the trail when he was there waiting he assumed she was afraid to go through another abduction rape. Thinking about it he remembered taking her driver license and searched for it. Finding the license with her name and address he wondered if she still lived there. Saturday he drove to her address and parked down the street close enough to watch her home unnoticed.

He was pleased and excited to see her come out of the house, lock the door and walk to her car in the driveway. She looked sexier than she did almost two years ago when he had so much fun with her. She had a white crop top on that barely covered her beautiful tits, navy blue tights and tennis shoes. His cock got hard just looking at the black beauty that would soon be his again. When she backed out of the driveway and turned down the street away from him he followed.

He stayed far enough back so not to attract her attention. He smiled when she pulled into a parking lot next to an exercise gym. He thought no wonder she looks sexier than before with a firm toned body now. He knew now why she never appeared on the hiking trail again. He went back to his place and gathered the restraints, ball gag, blindfold and decided to wait until after dark to sneak into her home and take her for the fourth time. He was so nervous and excited it was hard for him to sit still and wait.

Late afternoon he went into town to have dinner at his favorite restaurant. He waited at the restaurant a short distance from her home until after dark. He drove to her home and parked down the street from Traci's home watching until the lights went out. He anxiously waited until he thought she was sound asleep before sneaking into her back yard. He checked the back door to find it locked securely. He then checked the windows at the opposite end of the house away from what he thought was her bedroom.

Finding an unlocked window he quietly opened it wide enough to crawl in. He placed the bag of equipment on the floor inside and crawled though the window. Inside he stood to let his eyes adjust to the dim light and detected the door. He was in what he thought to be a spare bed room. As he moved with bag in hand toward the door he suddenly froze in his tracks at the sound of someone asking who's there.

His head spun to the left toward the voice to see Traci sit up in the bed. He snapped out of the shock and lunged toward the bed landing on top of her forcing her down on the bed under the covers.

He clamped a hand over her mouth preventing her screaming or calling for help. He told her not to scream or fight him and she would not be hurt and if she did not obey him he would break her neck.

She started to kick and fight as hard as she could. He had no choice but to grab her throat with a strong grip and choked her until she went limp. Taking a ball gag, blindfold and cuffs from his bag he cuffed her hands behind her back, gagged and blindfolded her.

When he pulled the covers from her body to tie her legs he saw she was sleeping in a lace bra and panties. He saw a door leading into a bathroom and slipped off the bed moving to the door. He found the light switch and flip the light on. It lit the bathroom and gave him enough light through the open door allowing him to see in the bedroom. He moved to the bag for more rope and tied her ankles together before tying rope around her legs above the knees.

She began to move slightly and gasping for air as she regained consciousness. She started thrashing trying to free herself from the restraints and screaming into the tight ball gag in her mouth.

He slapped her across the side of the face and she went limp and stopped screaming. The light showed her face. THIS IS NOT TRACI !!!! Oh shit what has he done and what to do now.

He is trying to regain his composure when he heard a voice at the bedroom door. Traci at the closed door knocked and ask Tammy if she is alright. He quickly moved to the side of the bedroom door. Traci not getting a reply from her twenty year old daughter opened the door with him behind it.

She turned the light on stepping inside she saw Tammy tied, gagged, and blindfolded. Her first reaction is to rush to her aid. Suddenly she felt a strong arm wrap around her pinning her arms to her sides and a hand squeezing her throat blocking her breathing. She struggled to get free, kicking at her assailant. The grip on her throat tightened until all went black as she passed out.

He gently laid her face down on the floor at the foot of the bed where Tammy was grunting and squirming in her restraints. She is wearing a see through short nightie and nothing else. He admired her firm ass and long toned legs. It made him want to drop his pants and ram his hard cock deep in her perfect little ass and fuck the shit out of her. He had to restrain his urge for now. He took more rope from his bag, stripped the nightie off Traci and tied her wrist, arms, ankles and legs.

Taking his hunting knife from the bag he cut the panties from Tammy's body using them to stuff in Traci's mouth and wrapped rope around her head between her lips over the panties to keep her from spitting them out.

He took the pillow case from the bed slipping it over her head tying rope around her neck over the pillow case to hold it in place. He made sure the rope was tight enough to hold the pillow case without restricting her breathing.

He moved to the bed beside Tammy's head. She jerked and tried to scream when he placed his hand on her face gently. He slapped her lightly to get her attention.

She lay still and he calmly told her he is about to remove her gag to ask her some questions and he does not want to hurt her but will if she tries to scream for help. Now if I remove the gag will you be quiet and answer my questions? Tammy lay still for a moment then nodded her head yes as he sounded sincere that he did not want to hurt her. He removed her gag. She worked her jaws to relieve the ache from the pressure the ball gag caused on her jaws.

He waited a few minutes letting her compose herself. As she did he looked up and down her body taking note that she was about the same size as Traci like a younger version. He also noticed that her pussy glistened with moisture as her cunt was leaking juice. He smiled thinking she was getting off on his treatment.

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Now Tammy what are you doing in Traci's house and who are you? Her first thought was and she ask how do you know my name and Traci's. He snickered and said I heard her call your name and let's just say I have met Traci before. Now why are you here and who are you? I am Traci's daughter and I am here visiting on a break from college. Well Tammy I had planned on abducting Traci but since you are here I have no choice but to take both of you.

She opened her mouth wide to scream but before she could he pushed the ball gag back in her mouth and buckled it tight. She struggled and tried to scream for a bit as he watched. You know, Tammy, I am glad you are here. I have never had a mother and daughter at the same time. This could be a lot of fun. Traci is now conscious again. She started moving testing her restraints unable to free herself. She heard him next to her and she tried to tell him through her gag. Please don't hurt my daughter.

Do what ever you want to me but don't hurt my daughter. She was crying and trying to get her message across to him as best she could.

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He slapped her hard on her ass cheek. He tied her ankles bent in a hog tie to her wrist. Did the same to Tammy and said you ladies don't go away.

I will be back very soon. Remembering the motion detector light at the front of the house he moved out the back door back to his van. He drove the Van with the lights off down the alley to the back gate of Traci's house. He went back inside and releasing Traci's hog tie he picked her up and carried her to the van.

Putting her inside her retied her wrist and ankles in a hog tie. He then went back and brought Tammy to the van.

Once he had them both hogtied he got back in the van and drove away with both his captives. He drove to his country place passing the house parking the van in the large barn where he had used Traci the last time he took her.

Traci and Tammy heard the side door on the van open. Both whimpered and tensed fearing the unknown. Tammy tried to scream as he untied the rope between her ankles and wrist releasing her from the strict hogtie she had been forced to endure for the past hour.

It did feel good to straighten her legs and wished he would release he arms from behind her back as her shoulders and arms were suffering pain from being tied for so long.

He pulled her from the van and carried her to a bed sitting her on the edge. She was still blindfolded, gagged, arms tied, ankles and knees tied. She was going no where he did not want her to. He pulled a chain with a two inch metal collier from under the end of the bed and padlocked it around her pretty neck. He had to admire the beauty of her young face, pert tits, small waist, long toned legs and perfect hips. She is as pretty or prettier than her mother, Traci.

He was so horny he had to fight the desire to bend her over the bed and fuck her tight little pussy. Shaking the thought from his mind for now he moved an old mattress to near the bed butting it against a post.

He then took Traci from the van forcing her to kneel on the mattress he had placed on the floor. Tammy sat on the edge of the bed listening to his movements hoping to figure out what he was doing.

She heard the muffled sounds coming from her mother as he removed the pillow case from her head and fastened a blindfold over her eyes before she could adjust to the light enough to see anything.

He stared at her naked body kneeling before him. His cock came to attention. He removed the panties from her mouth and shoved his hard cock down her throat making her gag, sputter and drool while struggling to get his cock out of her mouth. She could not dislodge his cock with his fingers tangled in her long hair working her mouth back and forth on his cock as he forcefully fucked her throat showing no mercy. Skull fucking her felt so good he will not last long.

He feels his orgasm coming and pulled out of her mouth slapping her face hard knocking her onto her side. He grabbed her waist at the top of her hips, pulled her to her knees, head down, ass up and rammed his raging hard cock balls deep in her hot wet pussy.

She screamed and clamped down on his cock buried deep inside her love canal. He rammed in and out of her a half dozen times and let his cum erupt deep in he cunt. Her grunts and moans changed to a loud long scream as an enormous orgasm took control of her body and she thrust back onto his cock hard trying to get him deeper and milk all his cum from his pulsating cock. He lay over her hips on her back with his cock buried deep in her cunt.

He felt her cunt muscles milking his cock as she kept having mini orgasms one after another until she began to relax moaning quietly. His cock softened and slipped from her hot hole letting their mixed cum drip down the back of her thighs. He could see a smile on her lips as she came down from her orgasms. Tammy heard her mother's screams turn to grunts and moans of pleasure as if she were making love to a man.

She could only wonder what this bastard was doing to her mother. She tried to scream for him to leave her alone. Traci, I am going to untie your arms now. You will turn on you back with your hands to your sides and lie still or I will punish you. Do you understand? She did not answer and he spanked her ass until it turned read making her scream with each harsh blow to her tender ass cheeks. Finally she screamed, Yes I understand.

He untied her arms and she rolled onto her back flexing her arms to regain feeling a couple of times before placing her hands down beside her on the mattress. She could not do much else with her ankles and knees tied together. Do not try to remove the blindfold or you will suffer extreme pain. Yes Sir she replied. She lay still without moving as he moved away from her.

A few minutes passed when she heard him move onto the mattress. He handed her a large glass of ice water. You must be very thirsty. Drink and I will prepare you for the night. She thanked him and began drinking the water.

He watched her drink as he untied her ankles and knees. Don't try to kick me bitch. He placed a three foot spreader bar between her ankles and put leather padlocked cuffs on her ankles padlocking them to the ends of the spreader bar.

Splitting her legs apart causing her pussy to open releasing more cum to drip down her ass crack. Traci's legs spread and ankles cuffed He moved behind her and knelt with a bundle of rope. Put your hands over your head. She did as told and he tied her wrist together pulling her hands higher he tied a length of rope to a ring hanging above her.

Hands tied above her sitting spread legged on her ass he double a long rope and circled her chest below her tits threading the ends of the rope through the fold he pull it tight taking her breath. He tied it tight so it would not slip before taking a wrap around her upper chest above her tits.

Bringing the ends back around to the knot behind her and looped the rope around the double strands and tied it. He then split the ends placing an end over her shoulders each side of her neck. Bringing the ends together in front above her tits he threaded them under the ropes over and under her tits pulled the rope tight and wrapped it around both horizontal chest ropes pulling them together tight causing them to tighten her tits making them bulge.

He released her wrist rope from the ring laying her on her back he tied the rope around the base of the post at the top of the mattress then pulled the loose end up the post out of her reach and tied it. He moved to the spreader bar tied a rope around the middle, looped it through the ring above her and pulled hard raising her spread legs up toward the ring until her ass raised slightly off the mattress.

He tied the rope to the ring holding her spread legged with her ass and pussy exposed. He tied a doubled rope around her waist knotting it in the small of her back. He pulled the double rope between her legs tightening it between her ass crack and pussy lips pressing hard on her clit.

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She screamed and wiggled her ass trying to relieve the pressure of the crotch rope. Her pussy started to leak juices around the rope and down her ass. He smiled when he saw her swollen pussy lips glistening with her love juice. He got a Hitachi from his work bench slipped it between the crotch rope and her mound turning it on medium speed. Traci jerked at the sudden vibration telegraphed through the rope to her clit and started moaning as she hunched the rope. She could feel the sensations of pleasure mixed with pain forcing her on a steady climb to an orgasm.

She was about to explode with a mind blowing orgasm when he pinched both her nipples between his thumb and finger. He squeezed hard telling her not to cum without his permission. Just the sudden pain in her nipples pushed her over the edge and she could not hold the orgasm back. Her body shook violently as she screamed from the extremely intense orgasm wracking her cunt and body. He laughed a sadistic laugh and twisted her nipples very hard. She thought he was going to tear the nipples from her tits but it increased the intensity of her orgasm.

She orgasm so hard she passed out and her body went limp spasms shaking her body as she orgasm one after another in her unconscious state. He left her walking over to Tammy he placed his had on her cheek.

She screamed into her gag and jerked back away from his touch. He grabbed her hair pulling her to him.

He released the ball gag letting it drop on the bed. She screamed at him. What did you do to my mother? Did you kill her? He chuckled. No she just passed out from all the pleasure. What do you mean from all the pleasure. It did not sound like pleasure to me said Tammy. Oh don't worry my little black beauty you will see. She screamed fuck you bastard.

Touch me and I will kill you. His sadistic laugh sent chills up her spine. I saw how wet you got just from being abducted and tied up my little bitch. I think you are just like your mother and don't even realize it. That is yet. You will before I am finished with the two of you. The thing you need to think about tonight as I let you rest is do you want to fight me and make it a lot more painful or do you want to endure what I do to you and enjoy what you really want to start with. Your decision will determine if I use the two of you and let you go home or if I kill the two of you and bury your dead bodies where you will never be found.

She broke down crying very hard as her whole body shook with fear.

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She thought will he really kill my mother and me if we don't please his sadistic desires. She was crying so hard she was about to hyperventilate. He could tell she was about to blackout and slapped her face bringing her back under some control. He said I am going to untie your arms now. Your legs will remain tied, you will not try to fight me or remove the blindfold or I will punish you very harshly.

Do you understand? She silently nodded her head indicating she did understand. He untied her arms letting her flex them for a bit. She felt him move from the bed and walk away telling her to stay still as if she could do anything else. A few minutes later she felt his weight on the edge of the bed beside her. Every muscle in her body tensed from fear with him so near her again. She was sobbing as he handed her a large glass of ice water and told her to drink.

She was very thirsty. After smelling the water she began to drink. He waited until she had emptied the glass. Better now he ask. She nodded her head but did not speak. Your welcome he said. She replied thank you.

Now put your hands together in front of you. She did not react quick enough and he punched her left tit with his fist. She screamed and grabbed at her tit which hurt like hell.

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Now hands in front or do you want one to the other tit. She reacted by covering her right tit with both hands. He punched her left tit again knocking the breath out of her and she tried to scream cupping her left tit. With no breath her mouth flew open with a silent scream. Do you need another? She quickly held her hands together in front of her body trying to regain her breathing. He quickly tied her wrist together raising them above her head securing them to the ring hanging from the ceiling.

She started breathing better and tears flooded down her cheeks. He bound her tits the same as he had Traci's earlier. He released the rope from the ring and laid her on the bed pulling her hands up to the slotted metal head board he tied them to the middle vertical rung then pulled the rope over the end of the mattress to tie it under the bed out of her reach.

He moved to the foot of the bed and untied her legs and ankles. She worked her legs up and down flexing them to loosen the muscles that had been restricted movement for so long. He told her not to kick at him or she would think her tit felt good compared to the pain she would feel. She managed to say yes sir. He spread her ankles wide apart attaching them to a spreader bar holding her legs apart opening her pussy lips exposing her inner cunt lips.

Her pussy was wet and her little love knob protruded. Ahh. I see you are getting aroused from this experience. She blushed with embarrassment. Have you ever been tied up and fucked hard bitch. Her pussy pulsed and her hips flinched but she said nothing. He brought his big rough hand down hard on her open pussy.

She jumped and let out an ear piercing scream. I ask you a question bitch. No sir she screamed. But you have fantasized about it haven't you?

She bit her lower lip but did not answer. He slapped her open pussy harder than before. She screamed louder raising her hips high off the mattress and yelled YES SIR I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT !!! He let out a bone chilling sadistic laugh and said well my little black beauty I am about to make your fantasy a reality. She suddenly felt her feet being raised high above the bed by the spreader bar. What are you doing she screamed? I am going to fuck you hard while your are tied up bitch he replied.

He moved on the bed between her spread legs. She felt his cock poking her open pussy as he tied the spreader bar to the ring above the bed. She felt her juices leak more with each touch of his cock to her hot wet open pussy. His cock rubbed across her clit sending a shock of pleasure deep inside her cunt.

Her juices coated his cock and ran down the crack of her ass pooling on her little rose bud. She was crying and begging him to stop. She felt him move into position and at the entrance to her pussy and her hips involuntarily pushed to his cock. She hated herself for wanting him to ram his cock deep inside her cunt and fuck her brains out. He laughed and said patience bitch you are about to get the fuck of your young life.


She cringed at his words but her pussy almost gushed juices from the unavoidable fucking she was about to get. She bit her lip, squeezed her eyes shut anticipating the expected pain of the intrusion of his hard cock in her pussy.


She felt him rub his cock head up and down her open slit pressing on her hard clit. The unwanted orgasm that had been building was teetering on the edge.

Suddenly her eyes flew open behind the blindfold and her mouth flew wide open with a loud gasp as she felt his cock head move to her rose bud at the opening to ass hole. She screamed NO NOT MY ASS. I'V NEVER HAD ANYTHING IN MY ASS. PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY ASS. PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY &hellip.PLEEEEASE.

The head of his cock pop in her ass opening. He held still with about two inches of his eight inch cock inside her ass opening Tammy screamed from the sudden pain and intrusion to her virgin ass. Her ass muscles squeezed his cock head so tight he thought she would pinch it off. He told her to relax and it won't hurt so bad.

When your ass adjust to the size it will feel good for you and me.

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She tried to relax her ass to reduce the pain. He felt her relax and pushed in a couple more inches. She was crying and begging him to take it out. Please take it out it hurts so bad. It's so big. You are tearing me apart. Enough of this bull shit he said as he pulled back to the opening.

She sighed a relief thinking he was taking it out and relaxed with the relief. Her relief was short lived. He grabbed her waist and shoved his cock balls deep in her ass. Her body bucked, her ass clinched on his cock and she let out a blood curdling scream that threatened to burst the ear drums.

Then she went limp unconscious. He held his throbbing cock deep in her ass and waited. He started to move slightly in her gripping tight ass canal.

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She started coming back to life then started to cry hard. Please stop.

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Take it out. My guts are on fire. I can't take the pain. He laughed. Why did you squirt cum all over my belly and cock if you did not like it. I knew from the start that you are a pain slut just like your mother.

She gasp and realized her cunt was twitching and tremors of her orgasm still radiated in her cunt. She relaxed and started to squeeze his cock with her ass muscles. He moved out and in and she started to moan and work her ass with him.

Fuck my ass harder you bastard. He started ramming in and out fast and hard until his orgasm sped up through his cock. He slammed balls deep in her ass and released a large load of hot cum deep in her bowls. She pushed on his cock and screamed as a mind blowing orgasm took over her whole body that lasted longer than any she had every had.

He pinched and twisted her hard nipples sending extreme pain through her nipples straight to her pussy intensifying her orgasm even more. She passed out with her body convulsing with the hardest orgasm she ever experienced. He pulled his limp cock from her ass and watched the cum gush from her gaping rose bud. When she came to she felt the crotch rope and the vibrator pressing on her clit buzzing on low speed. The vibes were sending shock waves of pleasure from her clit to her nipples.

She started moaning and wiggling her ass trying to get the pleasure to build to a full blown orgasm. The devilish thing on her clit kept her on edge but would not let her peak. Traci and Tammy heard him say. Ladies get some sleep. You will need it for tomorrow's fun.

There is going to be lots of pain and pleasure. Traci began to think this was the same man that had used her almost two years ago. No it can't be. He moved to Texas. But if it is there will be lots of pain and pleasure as he said.

The thought made the vibrations on her clit intensify and she busted into a hard orgasm. She screamed and bucked on the crotch rope and vibrator until she calmed down with a smile on her face.

Tammy was having her own demons to deal with when she heard her mother scream. Are you alright mother? Traci heard Tammy talking to her and said. Oh baby I'm better than alright. What did he do to you? Did he hurt you bad? I heard your screams but could not get free to help you.

No mother he did not hurt me bad even though I thought he was going to rip my nipples off when he made me cum so hard and he ripped me a new ass hole which hurt beyond belief at first but then felt really good.

They both giggled. Traci told her. Baby there is nothing we can do to keep him from using and abusing us. I will tell you if this man is who I think he is he has used me on three different occasions and I could not bring myself to report him to the police. He absolutely knows how to use a woman making pain turn to pleasure and making pleasure almost unbearable.

But when he is done with us if you are like me you will wish for it again and again. It has been almost two years since my last encounter with him and I have missed it so much. He is the one that made me realize I am some what of a pain slut.

"GIGGLE" So that is why he said that I was like you when he was hurting me. But you can't be serious about liking this kind of treatment.

Traci ask her. Did you feel the pain turn to pleasure and which did you like the most.


Tammy said now that I think about it the pain sort of increased the pleasure. Does that mean I am a pain slut. Traci laughed and said Like mother like Daughter. Tammy. Yes mom. Tomorrow is going to be tough and exhausting but try to embrace it and it will be a lot easier. Mom, I am not sure what you mean but I will try.

What is going to happen tomorrow? How will Tammy take it? Find out in the next Chapter. Please excuse any typos and bad grammar and enjoy the story.