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THP: JESSIE LISA AND ARON PART-1 1.01 The House of Pleasure THP: 1.02 Jessie, Lisa, Aron: 1.03 Jessie, Lisa, Aron, HDTV Condition: 1.04 Mira, Jessie, Introduction: 1.05 Mira, Jessie, First Lesbian Orgasm: 1.06 Mira, Jessie, Jacuzzi: 1.07 Lisa, Aron, Hair Removal: 1.08 Lisa, Aron, Deepthroat: 1.09 Lisa, Aron, Sibling Mating: 1.01 The House of Pleasure THP: The House of Pleasure, THP, is a high end, sexual complex in the Center of Bangkok.

It opened two years ago and has become a must layover for business travelers a sexual getaway for vacationers. To insure its appeal to International guests, the staff is highly trained and the prices of its 'services' and suites are beyond the reach of the local residents. The minimum age for its 'services' is fourteen. It is not uncommon for adults to bring their children to THP for sexual education and guidance.

The reasons vary from extreme shyness, gender confusion to birthdays and graduations. A trained staff of specialist are available, 24/7, for these personal services. THP is proud of its sexual diversification and support. The sprawling complex is a transient home to Heterosexuals, Lesbians, Gays, Hermaphrodites and Shemales.

The large entertainment floor is designed so all can gather and get to know each other. There are 400 hundred luxury suites with a minimum of a three night stay.

In addition to the standard services, THP offers its guests alternative entertainment in the form of in room sexual devices and the services of bestiality. Two theaters are located in the lower level. The first is available to all guests and features live sex performances.

The second theater is for THP's investing clients and special guests. It is used for 'requested' transgendering of males and females. On occasion, it is also used for forced transgendering. All suites are stocked with free coffee, snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages of the guest's choice. A separate locked room in each suite is reserved for preferred guests and is known as the fitness room.

It includes automated female and male Sybians, a mattress with a support rail for bestiality requests and mating machines for all genders.

THP does not exclude itself from using drugs. While drugs are used primarily in THP's performances, guests may be given drugs to calm their anxiety or enhance their sexual performance. As a rule, the guests are not aware that they have been given these drugs which are put in their snacks and beverages. These will make a guest compliant and open to suggestion from the subliminal messages that are transmitted from the HDTV's in all the rooms of the suite.

Restocking takes place every morning or before room service appointments and/or performances. All performances are video streamed to a list of preferred international clients. THE BIDET The customized Bidet has a 'U' shaped seat with no lid. Within the bowl, is a vertical, accordion like 4" x 1/2" probe which can lengthen to a maximum of eight inches and thicken to three inches.

Internal lasers position the probe anywhere within a ten inch radius and internal mechanisms move the probe upwards and downwards. The tank has four compartments, one for an enema or douche solution, the second for the for warm water, the third for chemical solutions that would sexually enhance a female's vaginal sheath or a male's rectal sheath and a fourth for the probe's thick ejaculant. A coiled tube is attached to the right side. At the end of the tube is an eight inch accordion- like sheath and its diameter can expand from 3/4 inch to three inches.

This is be used to fit over a male's erection. The connecting tube suctions the male's fluids into a collection container. A condom catheter and connecting tube is used when only semen and sperm samples are required. THE CHAIR The transformation Chair is similar in function to THP's standard Bidet.

Its vaginal and rectal probe provides the same enhancement technologies but has noticeable differences. When not in use, the Chair is under the stage floor of the theater and is raised up when required. The Chair is self contouring to meet the user's body frame, allowing the user to be comfortable for longer periods of time.

The 'U' shaped seat extends outward to support the user's legs and arm rests have been added.

The major change is the removal of the bowl and its probe. These have been replaced with separate rectal and vaginal probes which are within the sides of the Chair's supporting base.

The probes have gel-like like ends that attach themselves to the anus or labia. An accordion-like vaginal sheath and condom catheter are also part of the support base. The tube attached to the sheath is dual purpose. The first is to route preseminal fluids and semen to containers under the stage and the second is to guide an enhancing tube into the urethra that will deliver transforming chemicals to the prostate, testicles and the penis.

The rectal probe and its rounded 'mouth' delivers enema or enhancing solutions and draws the expelled contents to containers below the stage. The probe is expandable from 2.5" to 8" with a maximum diameter of 2" and delivers enhancing chemicals that will give the rectal sheath the properties of a female vagina.

The vaginal probe and its oval shaped 'mouth' delivers enhancing solutions and draws the orgasmic fluids into containers below the stage. The probe is expandable from 2.5" to 8" with a maximum diameter of 3" and delivers chemicals that will enhanced a female's vaginal passage and clitoris.

The final addition to the Chair are clear silicone cups that extend from both sides of the Chair. Each can be expanded from two inches to a cup size of 'DD' and deliver nipple and breast enhancing solutions. All the probes and silicone cups are laser guided and computer controlled. 1.02 Jessie, Lisa, Aron: Jessie is a thirty five year old single mother and works as a consulting agent for a telecommunications company.

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Summer time is a troubled time for Jessie when she takes her sixteen year old twins, Lisa and Aron to the beach. All her life she has suppressed her inner feelings for other females and feelings of guilt and shame come to surface when she sees other women walking along the beach with scanty bikinis covering their bodies. On one of her overseas trips she met a couple who told her about a hotel in Bangkok called The House of Pleasure and its unique services to males and females.

When she returned home she looked it up on the internet and couldn't believe what she was seeing and reading. She learned that THP provides discrete surrogate services for first time Gay and Lesbian experiences. For the next few days, Jessie's mind was a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts and indecision. What about Lisa and Aron? They are used to accompanying her on her long trips and was concerned about them staying in a hotel that specializes in sexual pleasure.

She felt more at ease when she read that these services were not openly displayed or advertised. Fate took a hand when she was appointed as the agent to a customer in Sydney.

She returned to THP's website and filled out the reservation forms. With nervous fingers, she checked the box for 'Lesbian, First Time'.

As she scrolled through the forms she came upon the selections for fourteen thru seventeen year olds. For Lisa, she entered, Female, Sixteen, Promiscuous and the 'Not Sure' box for her Virgin Status. For Aron, she entered, Male, Sixteen, Shy, Has not masturbated, Virgin.

After entering their favorite snacks and beverages she reviewed the forms and came across an entry that initially shocked her. It was bestiality. Golden puppies were available for fourteen thru seventeen year olds and mature Goldens for adults.

She checked 'Undecided' for herself, Lisa and Aron. Jessie entered her credit card number and clicked Make Reservations. Within minutes, she regretted what she had selected for both her herself, Lisa and Aron but didn't cancel her reservations knowing she had to find out if she was a Lesbian.

All that Jessie told Lisa and Aron was that they were going to have a five night stay in a hotel called THP in Bangkok. Lisa, being somewhat internet savvy, looked up THP on the internet and smiled when she found out what the hotel offered and the positive reviews from guests that had stayed there.

Two weeks later, a nervous Jessie, an excited Lisa were standing in line at THP's reception desk. Aron didn't know about THP and to him it was just another hotel. When Jessie's turn came, her voice trembled slightly when she said her name. The receptionist smiled and said, "Your three bedroom suite is ready for you and your requested beverages are in the refrigerator and the snacks are in one of the cabinets.

Sara, a member of our special staff, will meet with you, Lisa and Aron in about an hour. There are HDTV's in every room including the Fitness Room. Sara will give you the key cards to that room. Lisa wondered why Sara was meeting with them and suspected that her mother had something planned that she had not told her or Aron about.

They were shown to their suite and neither of them could believe the luxury or hugeness that met their eyes. They toured all the rooms except for the one that was locked. When the Concierge left, they picked their bedrooms and unpacked. Lisa went to her mother and asked, "Why is Sara meeting with us?" Jessie knew the question was coming and fumbled for words. She also knew that Lisa is mature beyond her age and would hopefully understand.

"As you know, I have rarely dated or gone out ." Lisa smiled at her mother and whispered, "You mean you haven't had sex for a long time." Jessie blushed at the words and nodded. "Lately, I seem to be attracted more to women than to men and have asked THP to help me experience a Lesbian relationship." Lisa felt compassion for her mother and hugged her.

It was now 4:30pm Bangkok time and it had been a long twenty hour flight. All were tired and hungry. Jessie suggested that they have some of their snacks and beverages supplied by THP and when Sara leaves, they get some much needed sleep. A knock was heard on the Suite's door and Jessie Sara introduced herself to Jessie, Lisa and Aron.

Sara said, "I know you are all exhausted from your flight and want to get some sleep but I just wanted to welcome you to THP." As they were talking, the maid service arrived and turned down their beds with pillows propped up against the head boards. The HDTV's were turned 'on' and tuned to the Welcome Channel.

All that was required was the pressing of the 'Start' button. The maid's cart contained their snacks and beverages which she put on the night tables.

Sara handed her card to Jessie and told her to call her when she was ready in the morning. She suggested that each of them watch a short video on the HDTV's in each of their bed rooms before they fell asleep. The 'open to suggestion' drugs would ensure that they did. She put the key cards for the Fitness Room on the coffee table and told them that the maid had put fresh condiments in their bedrooms.

Sara whispered in Jessie's ear that someone very special would be waiting for her in the morning. Lisa and Aron saw the blush on their mother's face and Lisa told him she would explain it to him later.

They hugged each other and went into their bedrooms. Each smiled when they saw that their bedrooms hand been prepared for them. Jessie and Sara undressed and sat on the bed, resting against the pillows. Aron left his underpants on and climbed onto the bed. When they were ready each pressed 'Start'. They nibbled and sipped on their condiments as their HDTV screens showed videos with 'messages' targeting each of them specifically.

Each began to feel a wonderful warmth spreading throughout their bodies as their eyes became fixed on their HDTV's. 1.03 Jessie, Lisa, Aron, HDTV Condition: Jessie saw and heard, The video started by describing the sexual services that were available for all adults.

Soon, it showed a reluctant woman being seduced by a Lesbian. The woman's nervousness quickly faded as the seduction progressed and soon became a willing and passionate partner. The next video showed a woman kneeling on a mattress with her hands grasping a support rail.

Her face and voice registered her rising arousal as a Golden's tongue lapped at her sex between her upraised buttocks. The sounds became more urgent as the Golden's erection drove the toward her ultimate orgasm. Two more videos showed a woman having sex with a girl and boy. As the videos were repeated, Sara and the Control Room watched as a highly aroused Jessie began masturbating.

After she orgasmed, a video was shown on how to prepare herself in the morning. It showed a woman in having a shower and using a depilatory to remove all the genital hair between her thighs.

A liquid soap was then used and the woman's face showed the pleasure that her slick hands were giving her breasts and hairless sex. After drying herself off, the woman applied a silky body lotion, put on a sheer pink robe from the closet, made a call to 'Sara', The woman then waited on the sectional for her arrival. The HDTV was turned 'off' and Jessie stretched out on the bed and fell asleep. Aron saw and heard, The video started by showing two naked siblings getting into a shower and the brother had a nervous look on his face.

His body squirmed trying to evade the liquid that the sister was using to remove his genital hair. When finished, the sister used a silky soft soap to clean her brother's thighs, penis and balls. He blushed as his penis hardened and shortly his hips thrust his erection outward into the massaging hands as he ejaculated for the first time. A second video showed the brother having first time sex with his sister. It was designed to be educational with the emphasis on foreplay and how to avoid premature ejaculation.

Aron would remember what he had learned. The third video showed the brother straddling a strange machine. He was moaning and gasping as his erection massaged and milked. The sounds got louder as the machine slipped into his rectum, enhancing prostate and rectal sheath. 'Suggestions' were flowing into Aron's mind that he would be more comfortable if he were to remove his underpants. Aron did and Sara smiled when she saw the sixteen year old's endowed erection jump into air. Sara knew, from the forms, that Aron had not masturbated yet.

As the videos were repeated, Aron's arousal soared and his six and half inch hardness began twitching rapidly between his thighs. Suddenly, his hands grasped the sheet, his hips bucked upward and his head pushed back against the pillows. Sara and the Control Room staff smiled when they saw Aron's 'hands free' ejaculation shoot into the air and splatter back down onto his abdomen and thighs. In a few moments, Aron was staring at the screen as if nothing had happened.

The 'suggestions' that flowed into his mind told him that in the morning he should wait in his bedroom, naked, for his sister Lisa to arrive. The final 'suggestion' was that he go the bathroom and clean himself.

Aron did so and returned to the bed and fell asleep. Aron would remember what he had learned.

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Lisa saw and heard, The video started by showing two naked siblings getting into a shower and the sister smiled as she removed the hair from her brother's genitals.

She then used a soft, liquid soap to clean her brother's genitals and watched with excitement as her distraught brother became aroused. A second video showed the sister sucking on her brother's penis and then guiding him as they had sex. The third video showed the sister holding her legs apart as a Golden puppy lapped at her flared labia and clitoris. As the videos were repeated, Lisa's fingers were adorning her pink, rigid clitoris and exploring her youthful vagina. She orgasmed as she watched the boy thrusting into the girl's sex.

The videos were repeated three times and the screen went dark. A text message appeared. "In the morning, you will appear more 'sexy' to yourself and your brother if you remove all of your genital hair. The walk in shower has a liquid depilatory that you can use for this purpose. Aron will need assistance with his hair removal which will add to both your excitements. The liquid soft soap and your hands could cause him to ejaculate in the shower. Your brother will be waiting for you in his bedroom." The videos were repeated three times and then the HDTV was turned 'off' and a happy Lisa pulled the sheet over her body and fell asleep.

1.04 Mira, Jessie, Introduction: Jessie awoke at 8:30 in the morning, refreshed and excited. She went to her closet, picked out sheer, pink robe and put on the bed. She then walked into the bathroom and unconsciously followed the 'suggestions' that had been planted in her subconscious mind. She removed her genital hair and anointed her curvaceous body with the silky body lotion. She put on the sheer pink robe and sat on the sectional, picked up Sara's card and called her.

Sara had been watching Jessie as she made herself ready and was already on her way to the suite when she got the call on her cell phone.

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Sara smiled at Jessie and whispered, "You look beautiful." Sara and Jessie left the suite. Mira was in one of the Theater's Performance suites and was also watching Jessie as she was preparing herself.

She smiled as Jessie got carried away with the soft soap and brought herself to a quick orgasm. The audience and online viewers also loved it. She saw Sara leading Jessie toward the elevators that would take them to the Theater level.

Jessie couldn't believe the wonderful warmth that was sweeping throughout her body. She visualized a naked woman waiting for her and a need began building between her thighs. At the same time nervousness and apprehensions made her wonder if she was doing the right thing. Sara knocked on the door and Mira opened it. It was as though time was standing still. Jessie saw a beautiful woman standing in front of her wearing only a light blue, sheer robe which highlighted her curvaceous body.

Somewhere within the reaches of her mind, Jessie heard a voice saying, "Hi Jessie, my name is Mira." Jessie stammered an apology for staring so intently and Mira asked her to come in.

She didn't know what to say or do, but Mira did. Sara left and went to the Control Room. Mira said, "How about you and I just sit on the sectional and get to know each other." In about five minutes, Mira had put Jessie at ease and the nervousness and apprehensions were fading from her mind.

Mira chose her words carefully, words that would work with the consumed conditioning drugs. In a few minutes, the conversation switched to boyfriends and sex. She asked Jessie if she had ever considered a relationship with a woman and Jessie told her about the fantasies at the beach and that was as far as it went.

Mira switched the conversation to THP and asked her what she thought of suite. Jessie quickly smiled, it is incredible and she loved the large Jacuzzi.

She also said that the 72" HDTV was the largest she had ever seen. The Control Operator switched 'on' a video to Mira's HDTV called, 'Blue Is The Warmest Colour'. It wasn't the full movie, only selected Lesbian sex scenes. Mira saw Jessie staring intently at the screen and soon, Jessie, either consciously or by some internal guidance, snuggled just a little bit closer to Mira. The soft fabric on their bodies touched ever so lightly.

Mira saw Jessie as she stared at the HDTV watching the two women kissing deeply as their hands massaged each other's breasts and nipples. She heard Jessie's breath quickened and the flush that5 spread across her face.

Mira thought to herself, 'Jessie honey, your moment has come.' Mira turned toward Jessie and laid her right hand on the soft fabric that lay over Jessie's abdomen, Jessie fidgeted but didn't pull away. As they continued to watch the lesbian scenes, Mira's hand began to lightly massage Jessie's abdomen through the robe. Slowly, the hand worked its way upward to the underside of Jessie's right breast. Mira felt Jessie flinch ever so slightly and she just left her hand in place.

In a few seconds, Mira could feel Jessie pushing lightly into her hand. Her hand applied a little bit more pressure and she felt, rather that heard, a small sigh from Jessie. Mira rubbed her hand upward over the soft fabric onto Jessie's nipple. Jessie pushed her breast a little further into the robe's fabric and Mira's fingers began to play with Jessie's stiffening nipple.

The sigh change to a short gasp. Mira's right hand slipped between the robes slightly parted folds. Her warm hand came to rest just below Jessie's left breast and she saw Jessie close her eyes.

The hand moved upward, cupping and lifting the underside of the firm breast. Jessie sighed again as she shifted her breast into Mira's massaging hand. Mira moved her kneading fingers upward and began caressing and fondling the erect tingling nipple.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh . Mira ." Mira stopped and removed her hand from under Jessie's robe and said, "I want you to close your eyes. I am going to do something that will make you feel even better." Jessie closed her eyes and Mira slowly undid the sash to Jessie's robe, causing the folds of the robe to part.

Mira pushed the left part of the robe away from Jessie's left breast. Mira leaned over Jessie and lowered her head. Her moist, warm breath bathed Jessie's nipple just before it descended onto it with a delicious sucking and suckling action. Jessie gasped as new and exciting sensations raced across her chest. Her body, for the first time, was responding to the touches of another female and her mind wasn't sure what to do about it as unexplained ripples of pleasure followed Mira's lips and hands.

"Ahh . Ahh . Ahh ." Both sides of the robe were now resting by Jessie's sides. Mira's eyes roamed over Jessie's curvaceous nakedness, from her firm breasts down to her hairless labia. Mira's hand returned to the kneading and massaging of Jessie's right breast and Jessie moaned again when Mira's mouth descended onto her excited right nipple.

Mira now used both of her hands to knead and massage Jessie's breasts and her suckling mouth switched between both engorged and tingling nipples. Jessie's moans got louder and her hands grasped Mira's head as she pushed her breasts upward into the suckling mouth. "Oh Yes .


Oh Yes ." Mira smiled, everything was going perfectly, only one thing remained to be tried. Mira's right hand left Jessie's breast and massaged its way downward.

Jessie felt the warm hand on her abdomen but her mind was too occupied with what Mira's wonderful mouth was doing to her nipples, to think about where the hand was going. Mira's fingers reached the top of Jessie's labia and slowly the kneading finger tips slipped onto Jessie's clitoral hood and began caressing and manipulating the emerging clitoris. Another surprised gasped was heard at the contact and Jessie's thighs spread apart.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Jessie's mind was telling her that Mira's exploring hands and mouth had to stop but her body wanted more of the wonderful sensations. The hand and fingers slipped further downward over Jessie's swelling labia and Jessie's open thighs quickly closed in an effort to stop the hand from going any further.

Jessie, in a gasping and quivering voice, said, "No . Mira . No . Not down there ." Mira's hand continued to massage the folds of Jessie's labia between her closed thighs and her thumb continued to caress the engorged clitoris. Soft cooing and mewing sounds escaped Jessie's mouth and Mira smiled when she felt Jessie's thighs slowly spread apart, allowing the exploring hand access to her open sex. Jessie heard moans from the HDTV and looked with dazed and stunned eyes as a woman was thrusting three fingers into the other woman's vagina.

Mira didn't miss the moment and slipped a finger between Jessie's the moistening folds and began to explore Jessie's female treasures. Jessie arched her hips against Mira's exploring hand and gasped loudly, as the fingers nestled into her wet, clasping inner lips. Two fingers slipped inward twisting and turning and Jessie's mind reeled with new sensations. Her aroused and dazed eyes watched the erotic scene on the HDTV as Mira's fingers stroked into her excited vagina.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." The last obstacle was removed and Mira knew that Jessie was now ready for her. Mira stopped and pulled away. Jessie looked at Mira with questioning and pleading eyes. Mira smiled and said, "There is a better place for this, let's go to my bedroom." Mira help Jessie stand on her shaky legs. As they stood facing each other, Mira pushed Jessie's robe off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

The scent of Jessie's arousal drifted up into her face and her breath quickened. Mira undid the sash to her robe and soon it was laying on the floor. She smiled when she saw Jessie's firm curvaceous body, the erect nipples on her full, firm breasts and her engorged organ of joy that stood out like a beacon at the top of labia. Mira snuggled closer to Jessie's body. Their lips met and Mira ran her tongue along the opening of Jessie's lips.

She felt Jessie's body begin to tremble, knowing that she was about to be kissed by a woman for the first time. Mira slipped her tongue inward and found the tip of Jessie's nervous tongue.

She played with it for a few seconds and Jessie slowly returned the kiss. Soon their tongues were dancing and playing together.

They wrapped their arms around each other and Jessie moaned into Mira's mouth. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ." While they kissed, Mira reached down and palmed Jessie's swollen labia, her thumb pressed and swirled the rigid organ in ecstatic circles causing Jessie to break the kiss gasping loudly. "Oh God . Miraaaaa ." Mira removed her hand and kissed Jessie on her forehead and whispered, "Come with me Jessie, I will show you that only a woman knows how to make love to another woman." She held Jessie's hand and led her into the bedroom.

1.05 Mira, Jessie, First Lesbian Orgasm: Mira turned off all the lights except those over the bed and adjusted those so they bathed the bed in a soft warm glow.

Finally, she switched on the sound system so soft, romantic, mood music filled the room. Mira drew close to Jessie and whispered, "Jessie honey, I want you sit down on the edge of the bed and lay back with your feet on the floor." Jessie quickly did so.

She shyly kept her thighs and legs close together. Mira put a bottle of oil on the floor. She knelt down on the floor in front of Jessie's bent and closed legs, rubbing her hands softly along Jessie's inner thighs and heard her sigh as she spread her thighs apart.

As her thighs parted, so did the swelling folds of her labia. Mira's eyes feasted Jessie's sexual treasures. Mira stood up and leaned over Jessie's body and they smiled at each other. Her hands began massaging Jessie's face, neck and shoulders. working their way downward to Jessie's breasts, lifting them with her hands as her fingers played with the stiff rubbery nipples. All the while, Mira planted soft butterfly type kisses along her shoulders and neck.

Her fingers slipped deliciously around the nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading of the firm mounds. Jessie closed her eyes savoring the feelings that another woman was giving her. Both of Mira's hands started a massaging action down Jessie's abdomen toward the apex of her thighs. Jessie knew where they were headed and this time, she panted with anticipation.

"Uhh . Uhh . Uhh ." Mira stopped her hands at but not touching Jessie's folds. She then started back up toward Jessie's breasts. She found the eager nipples standing up like bullets and once again started to massage and knead them. Jessie's engorged clitoris was begging for attention and her swollen labia oozed with her early wetness, making the folds glisten in the light. Her body moved where ever Mira's hands moved and she cooed and mewed as her arousal heightened.

Mira repeated the massaging sweeps over and over again. Each time her hands coming closer and closer to touching Jessie's swollen labia. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped and tantalized the engorged nipples. Mira felt Jessie's breathing become rapid and she smiled as Jessie's head weaved back and forth as she pushed her breasts into her suckling mouth and kneading hands.

"Oh . Mira . Please ." Mira slipped down over Jessie's body into a kneeling position in front of her spread thighs. "Jessie honey, bring your feet up onto the edge of the bed." Jessie did so, presenting her raised and open sex to Mira's adorning eyes.

Mira's hands reached outward, the left grasped Jessie's thigh near the hip and the right hand molded itself over Jessie's labia and began massaging the swollen folds.

Mira's thumb pressed onto Jessie's engorged clitoris with an ecstatic swirling action and her fingers slipped between the flared folds, nestling into the clasping inner lips.

Jessie moaned and ground her sex into Mira's hand. She leaned inward and her lips replaced her thumb on the straining organ with an ecstatic suckling action. Jessie squealed with joy as the mouth and fingers gave her sensations that she had never felt before. She arched upward off the bed and her hands grasped Mira's head tightly, pulling the devouring mouth further into her enraged sex.

Mira's firm grip on her hip prevented Jessie's twisting body from breaking the contact. While Mira's lips and tongue suckled Jessie's clitoris, she nudged two fingers into Jessie's eager entrance. They ecstatically twisted and turned as they slowly inched into Jessie's enflamed vaginal passage. Jessie had never felt such sensations of joy. She threw her head back and her hips ground her exploding sex into Mira's mouth and stroking fingers.

Her mind and body were thrown into a sexual frenzy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Mira slipped a third finger into Jessie's clenching vaginal sheath. Her thrusts were deep, then fast, always twisting and turning. "Oh God . Mira . Something is ." Mira lifted her head from Jessie's engorged throbbing clitoris and whispered softly and gently, "Orgasm for me Jessie.

Orgasm for me now." She restored her mouth and tongue to the swollen and enflamed folds and begging clitoris. Jessie swung her hips with a sense of urgency as that loving mouth returned and sucked the throbbing organ deep into the warm, moist mouth.

Jessie's erect nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Her vaginal muscles clenched around the lunging fingers and her suckled clitoris was sending jolts of joy cascading throughout her body. She felt the long twisting fingers circle around the lining of her vagina as though they was looking for something.

Mira's exploring finger found the rough, bean shaped area of her elusive 'G' spot and began to massage and caress the hyper-sensitive tissues causing Jessie's hips to buck and jerk wildly. Mira's finger's, mouth and tongue were pushing Jessie toward her orgasmic edge. Jessie squealed in joy as jolts of ecstasy exploded across her sex.

Another finger joined in on the manipulation of her excited sweet spot and her body exploded with its first orgasm. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ." Mira didn't stop her massaging fingers or the deep suckling of Jessie's engorged organ of joy.

Mira knew she could coax another orgasm from Jessie's flailing body. She skillfully played the rhythm of Jessie's orgasmic spasms like a symphony conductor. Suddenly the orgasmic pulses of her clitoris and vagina came in sync and Jessie's body and mind exploded.

Her hands fisted tightly, her toes curled. Her body arched and froze. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across Jessie's mind and eyes. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward past the thrusting fingers drenching her thighs, the sheet and the floor. Jessie broke out of the orgasmic freeze and her wail echoed around the room. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ." Jessie slumped down onto the bed, gasping as delicious aftershocks rippled throughout her body.

Her lesbian virginity was gone. Slowly, Jessie's aftershocks eased, and a warm glow radiated across her body.


Mira smiled at Jessie, "Let's relax together in the suite's large Jacuzzi" Jessie smiled and nodded her head. 1.06 Mira, Jessie, Jacuzzi: Mira took Jessie's hand and led her to the large Jacuzzi. Jessie stood as Mira adjusted the water and the nozzles.

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She then found what she wanted from one of drawers. A large bottle of creamy, satiny bath additives and she smiled at Jessie as she poured a generous amount into the filling tub.

"This will make our bodies feel smooth and satiny." The Jacuzzi was now full and the jets swirled the water all through the large tub. Mira motioned for Jessie to get in first. Jessie sighed as the creamy waters came in contact with her body. Wonderful sensations flowed over her legs, thighs and abdomen and breasts. When she was settled, Mira slipped in behind her, sliding her legs on either of Jessie.

As she settled down, Jessie felt Mira's hard nipples and firm breasts press against her back. Mira whispered softly, "Nothing is better than a warm Jacuzzi and wonderful companionship." Jessie smiled and leaned back against Mira as a pair of warm silky hands begin caressing her neck and shoulders.

She sighed as the slow, sensual manipulation of her neck and shoulders sent relaxing ripples throughout her body. Mira's skillful caresses soon had Jessie sighing as the relaxing ripples turned into feelings of pleasure. "Oh . Mira . that feels so good ." Mira started planting delicious suckling kisses across Jessie's neck and shoulders. Tendrils of arousing warmth spread throughout Jessie's body, her hardening nipples felt tingly and her labia started to swell. Mira's hands massaged their way up and down Jessie's sides.

Almost but not quite brushing against the sides of her breasts. Jessie moaned, as she felt the tingling in her flared folds begin to intensify. Mira slipped her arms under Jessie's arms and her hands molded themselves to Jessie's firm breasts.

She massaged and kneaded the firm mounds and her fingers slipped up onto Jessie's nipples and began to caress and manipulate the erect buds. Jessie was savoring the sensations and was barely aware that Mira's hands were trekking downward under the warm water until she felt two hands form onto her labia. Jessie gasped loudly when she felt two fingers slipping between her swollen folds and begin to ecstatically explore the silky furrow.

Jessie's juices flowed out and mixed with the swirling waters. The expert fingers moved up to her long, thick, organ of joy and Jessie's hips bucked and jerked at the ecstatic contact. Jessie gasped and panted as her arousal soared. "Ahh . Ahh . Ahh ." Almost instinctively she pushed her sex down on the Mira's loving hand. Her whole body was on fire, raging with a hot fierce need that Mira had created in only a few minutes.

The silky Jacuzzi water made Mira's fingers slip ecstatically over Jessie's throbbing and aching clitoris. Her hips thrashed in the water as she tried to thrust her enflamed sex into Mira's loving hands. Suddenly Jessie's body bucked and jerked frantically and she wailed loudly as a quick and surprising orgasm rippled across her loins.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Mira smiled knowingly. Jessie slumped back against Mira, her head rested on Mira's shoulder. Mira whispered in Jessie's ear, "It only gets better." Mira wasn't thru yet, she felt Jessie should have one more orgasm. She reached around Jessie and pulled both of Jessie's knees up and back so they were near the outer sides of her breasts.

Jessie's labia was moved upward and it flared open like a flower. The water jets pulsed into and around her still clasping inner lips and throbbing clitoris. "Miraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ." Mira placed both hands in either side of Jessie's labia and began a tantalizing, slow massage.

Jessie moaned and panted as her folds swelled and once again her juices flowed and mixed with the swirling waters. The fingers of Mira's left hand slipped into the parted furrow and again made their way up to her hard organ of joy. Mira's right hand started to circle Jessie's flared folds. She could feel the oozing warmth of Jessie's juices flow past her fingers. Jessie's engorged clitoris pulsed and throbbed as Mira caressed and massaged the sensitive organ. Mira slipped two fingers into Jessie's eager and waiting vaginal opening.

Jessie wailed and her vagina clenched around the twisting, intruders trying to draw them further into her steamy passage. "Oh .God . Oh God ." Jessie tried to thrust her hips but her position wouldn't allow it. She arched her breasts outward and gasped and panted as waves of ecstasy flowed all through her body.

Mira's actions on Jessie's clitoris and vagina increased and she could feel Jessie's body begin to spasm and undulate. Jessie was being pushed rapidly toward her second orgasm. A third finger nudged into her clasping vagina, followed by a forth. All four began to relentlessly thrust, lunge and twist into Jessie's seething passage. Jessie's breath was coming in deep gasps and heavy pants, her body shook and trembled. Her orgasm exploded upon her and her hips bucked out of the water.

Mira's hands followed Jessie's contorting body and continued their relentless assault on her orgasming sex. Jessie's thick vaginal juices gushed out past her spasming labia and swirled into the water. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ." Jessie slumped back onto Mira's soft body and moaned softly as Mira's wonderful hands let her come down slowly from her orgasmic high As delicious aftershocks rippled across her body. Mira whispered, "That must have felt real good." Jessie still hadn't caught her breath.

She panted softly. "Oh God, yes ." They stayed that way for several minutes. Jessie closed her eyes and savored the wonderful feeling of being held in Mira's loving embrace. Mira whispered, "Let's go back to the bed." 1.07 Lisa, Aron, Hair Removal: Sara awoke shortly after her mother had left. She saw her nakedness as it lay on the sheet and smiled when she thought of her brother.

She got off the bed and stood in front of the mirrored wall admiring her youthful body. She saw the patch of hair between her thighs and her mind told her it was time to remove it.

She went into the bathroom and walked into the large walk-in shower. She smiled when she saw the bottle of depilatory and liquid soft soap sitting on a corner ledge.

The viewing audience now had a choice between Jessie and Lisa. Some screens were switched to show both. Lisa picked up the depilatory and stepped back out of the flowing waters. She squeezed a liberal portion onto her arms, legs, the junction of thighs and between the cheeks of her buttocks. She squeezed more onto her hands and then began mixing the thick liquid into all the hair that she could find. Lisa wasn't prepared for the delicious sensations that the liquid was giving her body.

The tingling sensations slowly changed into 'popping' sensations. It was as if millions of bubbles were forming and exploding across her body. She kept her eyes closed and spread her arms and legs apart so all of her body could experience the wonderful 'popping' sensations.

When the sensations faded, Lisa stepped back into the flowing waters and gasped when saw all the hair on her body being washed away. Within seconds she saw her nuded labia and thighs and she smiled as a sense of excitement filled her mind. She stepped back out of the waters, picked up the bottle of liquid soft-soap and squeezed a liberal amount of the silky soap into her hands.

She spread and massaged the silkiness over her young breasts and tingling nipples. The slippery hands soon found their way down to her nuded labia and clitoris.

She saw her clitoris peeking out if it protective cover and another gasp escaped her mouth as her slick fingers made contact with her hard organ of joy. "Oh . Jesussss ." Her arousing fingers didn't stop there, her breathing quickened as they slipped between the swelling folds and teased the entrance to her womanhood. A long moan was heard as two fingers slipped past her twitching inner lips and into her vagina, twisting and turning.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Lisa stood back, gasping and panting, 'No . Not here, not in the shower." She got the removable shower head and took a deep breath before she started rinsing the silky soap from her body.

The pulsing spray soon found its way down to the junction of her thighs and Lisa squealed as her excited clitoris exploded. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ." She smiled sheepishly at herself, 'Just couldn't resist it could you.' She turned off the water and dried her glowing body.

A flushed Lisa looked at herself in the mirror and a smile crossed her face when, she couldn't remember the last time she had a clear view of labia and clitoris. She hunched down a bit and spread her thighs for a better look at her nuded sex.

Lisa turned off the water and dried herself off. Her mind told her that her brother Aron was waiting for her. With a beating heart she opened the door to his bedroom and walked in. They looked at each other's nakedness for the first time and their breathing quickened as an unknown attraction seeped into their minds.

Aron couldn't understand the tingling sensations that were seeping into penis as he looked at his sister's breasts and that compelling region between her thighs. Lisa sat down on the bed and each looked at the other's body.

Aron blushed and Lisa watched spellbound as her brother's penis slowly but steadily grew longer and thicker. It kept growing and a gasp escaped her mouth when her dazed eyes saw her brother's six and half inch erection angled upward over his abdomen. She remembered her telling her that she was pretty sure that Aron was not masturbating yet and he had only experienced a few morning erections.

Lisa took his hand and whispered, "Come with me into the bathroom and I will remove the hair so you and I can see your penis in all its glory." Aron wasn't sure what that meant but it sounded good to him. By the time Lisa had the warm waters flowing, Aron's embarrassment had softened and they stepped into the back of the shower, away from the flowing waters.

Lisa reached for the bottle of depilatory and knelt down in front of her brother. She pointed the open end of the bottle at the junction of Aron's thighs and began drenching all the hair that she could find. Her hands lifted his penis and balls, squirting the thick liquid between the spread cheeks of his buttocks.

When she finished applying the depilatory, she began working the liquid into his genital hair. Aron closed his eyes as exquisite sensations began building in penis, testicles and anal area. Lisa finished her work and leaned back on her lower legs .

waiting. In a few seconds Aron closed his eyes and his body twitched as delicious popping sensations flooded his body. Despite his efforts, his nipples stiffened and his penis slowly stirred. Soon the sensations faded and Aron opened his eyes.

He looked at the mirror and saw all the hair between his thighs dissolving. He saw his nuded, half erect penis, and groaned with embarrassment. Lisa picked up the shower head and began washing away the depilatory and the remnants of Aron's hair.

He gasped as Lisa targeted his penis and couldn't suppress a long moan as his penis soared to full erection. He moaned again, this time with disappointment when Lisa finished and removed the shower head.

He stood there with a deep flush filling his face while his sister stared at his aroused body. "Ohhhhhhh . Nooooooo ." Lisa looked up into face and whispered, "Its OK Aron, your allowed to get hard in front of me." Lisa returned the depilatory to the container and picked up a bottle of liquid soft soap.

Aron tried twisting his hips to evade the slick hands and fingers as they spread the liquid silkiness over his body. One hand concentrated on his testicles and his straining hardness, and the other, his inner thighs and between the cheeks of his buttocks. Aron sighed as new sensations flooded into his mind.

Lisa's slick, soapy, right hand reached out and curled around her brother's hard penis with an exquisite squeezing and gliding action.

Aron gasped at the contact and thrust his hardness into Lisa's hand. Aron knew that 'something' was about to happen, something that he had never felt before. "Oh . Oh . What is happening ." Lisa whispered, "Let it happen Aron, its going to make you feel real good ." Lisa felt the tell-tale throbs and jerks of Aron's erection as he neared the ejaculating point. Aron moaned as his first ejaculation surged up his straining penis.

He gasped loudly as his body thrust his straining hardness into his sister's loving hands. His liquid joy swirled around the highly excited gland then exploded outward, splattering onto Lisa's face and neck. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ." Aron slumped onto his knees in front of his sister gasping and panting as the sensations continued to ripple across his body.

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Through dazed eyes he looked down and saw the remnants of his ejaculation gushing and drooling from the from his softening penis, his mind was trying to understand what had just happened. He liked it and wanted it to happen again.

Lisa wrapped her arms around her brother and whispered, "Now that had to feel good." Aron looked at her with a sheepish smile on his face and nodded. Lisa turned on the main shower head and they held each other close as the warm waters bathed their bodies. When finished, they dried each other off with soft plush towels. Aron closed his eyes as Lisa dried his genitals and sighed as those wonderful tingly sensations returned. 1.08 Lisa, Aron, Deepthroat: They returned to the bedroom room and the naked siblings stood in front of each other.

Lisa smiled and looked into her brother's face, "I am going to kiss you Aron." Aron saw her sister's face coming nearer to his face and his first impulse was to shift his head away but Lisa's hands gently head it. Their lips touched and Lisa ran her tongue across her brother's closed lips. Aron felt the tongue slipping inward between his lips and closed his eyes as strange, new sensations flowed into his penis and testicles. The tips of their tongues touched and Aron sighed into Lisa's mouth as the sensations intensified.

She pushed her breasts into his chest and squirmed her abdomen against his. The sigh got louder as Aron was kissed for the first time. As the kiss became deeper and more passionate, Lisa felt a thickness pushing upward between their abdomens. She inched back a bit, allowing her brother's hardness to slip upward between their bodies.

Aron broke the kiss gasping and Lisa looked into his dazed and flushed face. "Ohhhh . Lisa . Its happening again down 'there'." Lisa whispered, "I will take care of those feelings for you." Lisa sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs apart. She saw her brother's eyes become fixed on her flared sex and his young manhood throbbed in front of her eyes. "Come closer to me Aron, stand between my legs." Aron walked toward his sister and snuggled in close between her spread thighs.

She reached out with both hands, one hand lifted his heavy testicles, the other wrapped itself, around his engorged member. A gasp escaped Aron's mouth as her hands massaged his balls and squeezed his pulsing erection. Lisa looked up into her brother's face and saw the highly aroused look in his eyes. Her eyes trailed down his smooth youthful body and came to rest on the thick gland of his manhood which was barely inches from her face.

She took both of her brother's hands and brought them to her breasts and watched as his erection twitched in the air. "Go ahead Aron, run your hands over my breasts and nipples." An innocent Aron began massaging and kneading the young mounds.

Lisa had to tell him to do it slowly and gently and moaned softly as her brother's fingers slipped onto her stiffening nipples with delicious swirls and presses. As their arousals soared, her hungry eyes feasted on his twitching member and the preseminal fluid that oozed from its gland.

She reached out with a finger, pressing it into the slick opening of his urethra. Aron gasped at the unexpected contact and his erection jumped excitedly.

"Ohhhhhhhhh . Lisa ." She brought her finger back to her mouth and licked Aron's precum into her mouth and thought to herself, 'Oh . I want more of that .' She looked into Aron's aroused, glazed eyes and whispered, "Aron, honey, lean inward and rest your head on my shoulder . that's good." She felt her brother's warm panting breath on her neck. Aron knew that something new and wonderful was about to happen to him.

Lisa reached out under his leaning body and lifted his heavy balls with both hands. Aron gasped into her neck and his hardness jerked wildly. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Lisa's right hand slipped up onto his throbbing member and cradled the thick tube of flesh with the palm of her hand.

Her fingers swirled the slick precum over the swollen, glistening crown causing more of his preseminal fluids to drool onto her fingers. Aron looked under his leaning body and saw the agitated head of his penis come nearer and nearer to his sister's open mouth.

He closed his eyes when he felt a warm, moist breath of air wash across his tingling gland. He held his breath waiting . waiting . and then he felt the most incredible sensation that his young body had ever felt as his excited crown slipped between his sister's lips and into her warm, suckling mouth.

Ecstatic jolts of joy gripped his member as Lisa's lips, tongue and mouth caressed and suckled on the head of his straining hardness. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ." Lisa's mouth started a slow descent onto Aron's throbbing erection. She raised up a bit and tilted her head. Aron's engorged member glided past her lips into her suckling mouth and down into her clenching throat.

He gurgled with joy as Lisa's warm throat muscles began kissing and squeezing his excited hardness. With a torturous twisting motion, Lisa lifted her head and Aron's throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the hyper stimulated gland reached her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action.

Her tongue swirled around the excited head and played with the oozing opening. Aron bucked and squealed as she sucked up his slick precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw. "Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ." Lisa smiled inwardly at Aron's torment and then skewered her loving throat back onto Aron's enraged organ.

Aron's hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands left Lisa's arms and gripped his sister's head when he felt that ecstatic milking action encase his straining manhood when it again descended into the incredible mouth and throat.

Lisa knew that Aron's was on the edge of ejaculating and pulled upward until the head of his hard penis was between her cheeks. Her cheeks began an ecstatic suctioning action that caused Aron to pull her head further onto his raging hardness and buck his hips forward, burying his excited erection in her milking throat. Aron was catapulted into a sexual frenzy.

He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his straining member and shot up his highly agitated erection. The liquid joy swirled around the tingling head and then spewed outward into his sister's thirsty mouth and throat. Aron wailed in orgasmic ecstasy. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ." Lisa feasted on the delicious nectar and quickly pulled Aron outward so only the sensitive gland remained in her mouth.

She wanted to taste and swirl Aron's thick essence in her mouth. As her hands continued massaging his churning balls, Lisa's mouth coaxed another forceful stream to spew into her deep suckling mouth. Aron lifted his head from Lisa's shoulder and squealed with joy. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ." Lisa's cheeks ballooned as her brother's thick nectar gushed into her mouth. Aron slumped onto Lisa's arms and shoulders, exhausted and drained.

His spurting and softening penis slipped from his sister's reluctant mouth. Slowly, he came down from his orgasmic high and Lisa looked into his grateful eyes and held him close, wrapping her arms around him. She felt his body tremble and he moaned softly as the aftershocks ebbed from his body. They broke the embrace and Aron stood up in front of Lisa. Lisa said, "Now you know how good that thing' between your legs can make you feel." Lisa told Aron to stand there while she dashed to the bathroom and returned with a warm, damp wash cloth.

She smiled at her brother and hummed a tuned as she washed and cleaned the slippery slickness from balls, thighs and flaccid penis. Her hands manipulated the thick tube of flesh within the soft, plush towel and it quickly stirred as his youthful sexual rejuvenation returned.

Soon her hands had his surging penis throbbing in front of her eyes. 1.09 Lisa, Aron, Sibling Mating: Their eyes again feasted on each other's bodies and Lisa looked in awe as Aron's penis remained rock solid as it strained between his thighs.

It was time for Lisa to teach her brother the sensations of a penis slipping into a tight vaginal passage.

She put a pillow at the head of the bed and one at the center for her hips and quickly climbed onto the bed, positioning herself on the pillows, her eyes never left the body of her highly aroused brother.

She looked down her body and saw Aron at the foot of the bed and held out her arms toward him. He quickly climbed onto the bed and shuffled forward on his knees, moving between her bent and spread legs and leaned over her body. Their lips, mouths and tongues met and they kissed deeply and passionately. The instructional 'suggestions' came to the surface of his mind. Aron broke the kiss and started to plant light suckling kisses along Lisa's cheeks, neck and down to her shoulders.

His loving lips trekked further down toward Lisa's right breast. Lisa held her breath as they came nearer and nearer. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her excited right nipple and then the suckling mouth descended onto it. Aron's lips and tongue began to caress and manipulate the erect bud and Lisa gasped as she arched her breast into her brother's devouring mouth.

"Sooooooo Niceeeeee ." Aron's caressing lips slipped off of her right breast and suckled its way to her left breast. The massaging and kneading hands switched to her right breast.

Lisa's moans became louder and the contortions of her upper body became more frantic as Aron's lips and hands paid loving homage to her breasts and erect, bullet-like nipples. "Yessss . Aronnnnnn . Yessss ." Aron massaged his hands downward and placed them on her inner thighs and slowly, almost teasingly moved inward and formed themselves around the swollen folds. A low guttural moan escaped her lips when the hands started to massage and knead the flared outer folds.

His fingers soon became slick with her wetness and he started a delicious exploratory journey up and down the slick, pink crease. His mouth left her breast and started to explore its way down her across her abdomen. His suckling mouth neared the top of her labia and Lisa quickly grabbed his head and moaned in expectation. Suddenly Aron's fingers pushed and swirled onto her rigid clitoris and Lisa screamed in ecstasy. Through the dense fog of arousal, she watched with panting gasps as his head came nearer and nearer to her flared treasures.

Slowly . slowly . slowly, and then . Lisa gasped loudly as his moist hot lips closed over the swollen folds and his tongue slipped ecstatically into the pink recesses of her slick furrow.

Aron felt the quivering inner lips caress the tip of his tongue and he began a delicious tracing around the oozing opening.

For the first time, Lisa was wondering how her brother knew what to do. She knew he had never been with a girl, but yet he was doing everything right, everything perfectly, as if he was being guided. With agonizingly slowness, her brother's tongue slipped upward toward Lisa's engorged and waiting organ of joy.

Her hands tightened their grasp on his head in a futile attempt to speed that wonderful mouth on its way to her clitoris. Her hips arched up and she wailed as the hot, wet, swirling tongue curled around her hard, aching organ of joy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh . Goddddddddd ." Her hips ground wildly and soft mewling animal sounds began spewing from her open her mouth.

Aron's lapping tongue slipped back down Lisa's slick crease and once again played with the clasping opening to her vagina.

This time, the exploring tongue nudged inward, bringing a low guttural groan from Lisa, whose soft, warm thighs were opening and closing against the sides of his moving head. Aron could feel his sisters vaginal opening trying to draw his stroking tongue deeper and deeper into it. Aron's suckling mouth reacquired the hard, throbbing organ of joy and at the same time, his fingers slipped past her inner lips with an ecstatic twisting and turning action.

Lisa's hips bucked and ground against Aron's devouring mouth and thrusting fingers. His probing fingers stumbled onto the bean shaped area of his sister's elusive 'G' spot and began an ecstatic caressing of the excited tissues.

Both her hands gripped his head tightly and she threw head back and screeched loudly. "Ahhhhhhhh . ARONNNNNNNN ." Suddenly Aron stopped and leaned back on his lower legs. Through dazed eyes she saw Aron's glistening erection jerking in the air and her heart raced with anticipation.

"Oh God! Aron . It is so beautiful ." Aron looked at Lisa and smiled as he flexed his straining member. Lisa had to explore that magnificent pillar one more time. she lifted herself up from the bed and crawled toward the hard tube of flesh that was beckoning to her.

A sharp intake of breath was heard as her hands wrapped themselves around it with soft squeezes and massages. Her vagina and clitoris rippled with expectancy as the massive thickness throbbed in her hands. Her hands dropped down lifting Aron's swaying balls and her mind reeled when the heavy, soft pouches that lay within her cupping hands. Lisa saw the clear liquid oozing over the glistening head of Aron's erection and was drawn to it like a magnet.

Her hands left Aron's testicles and she renewed her exploration of the straining hardness. The fingers of her right hand slipped onto the slick gland and began swirling the slick precum in delicious circles. She heard Aron moan and his erection jerked in her hands. Lisa leaned inward and her tongue replaced her fingers and Aron moaned again as Lisa adorned the excited head of his erection. Her tongue slipped into the puckering opening and she felt the slick warmness seep onto the tip of her tongue.

It was like an aphrodisiac and Lisa began sucking on the head of her brother's manhood. Aron gasped loudly and gently pulled his sister away from his erection and she looked at him with puzzlement in her eyes. Her young brother was learning how to control his rising excitement. Lisa settled back down on the bed and adjusted her hips on the pillow. Her breathing quickened and her labia twitched as Aron shuffled forward between her spread thighs. His hands grasped her legs behind the knees and positioned them on the bed beside her breasts and slithered up and over her panting body.

He smiled as her enflamed sex was pushed upward and he pressed his engorged hardness between the swollen lips pushing them further apart.

Lisa cooed as Aron began an ecstatic sawing motion, up and down, up and down, causing her to twist her sex in a futile attempt to get the thick gland to nestle into her clasping inner lips. Her body and mind screamed for penetration and she reached between their bodies and grasped the hard tube of flesh with her right hand. With a sense of urgency, she guided the slick head so it slid up and down her swollen, wet crease not letting it lose contact with her sex until it was poised at the clenching opening to her womanhood.

Lisa looked at her brother with pleading eyes, "Please . Aron . Please." Aron smiled and nestled further between Lisa's clasping inner lips. Her loins rippled with ecstatic sensations as the head nudged against the entrance to her enflamed vagina and then slowly slipped inward. Her elastic entrance stretched eagerly to accommodate the wonderful thickness and a sharp hiss of joy escaped her mouth as the gland 'popped' inward and her vaginal entrance kissed and caressed the slick crown of her Lover.

Aron nudged the first inch of his hardness into her seething vagina which eagerly stretched to accommodate the throbbing thickness. Aron pushed further inward and was rewarded with a deeper groan. Lisa felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness as three inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her enflamed passage.

Lisa wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and mewed as Aron sunk into the depths of her sexual being. She gasped as the thick erection kept slipping into her until all six and half inches of her brother's manhood was nestled deeply within her young womanhood. Lisa could feel every fleshy ridge of the massive organ buried within her. Her vaginal muscles expanded and started to clench around the flexing organ. Aron waited a moment, flexed again as another moan of rising pleasure escaped his sister's open mouth.

Aron slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then slipped all the way back in. He withdrew again and stopped when Lisa suddenly arched up with a loud gasp, swinging her hips in tight circles and her moans got louder. "There . there . Oh God . Aron ." Aron wasn't sure what Lisa was trying to tell him, but he did know that he was was at that particular point in his sister's vagina that his fingers had given her so much joy earlier.

He adjusted his position so the angle of his erection pointed upward and dragged it back and forth until Lisa again arched up over the bed squealing loudly. Lisa's mind was filled with an intense wave of ecstatic joy that surged through her highly excited vagina and shot upward, connecting with her rigid organ of joy and then into her excited bullet-like nipples. She wailed as the stroking gland teased and caressed her exploding sweet spot. It was incredible. Lisa was overloaded with raw pleasure, and she knew she was rapidly climbing toward her orgasmic trip point.

Aron's strokes continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, spread open and lewdly thrust upward, unable or unwilling to move, not wanting the incredible connection to be broken. "Oh God . Yes .

More . Deeper . Faster ." Suddenly, Lisa thrust her enraged sex forcefully upward impaling herself completely on her brother's granite hardness and her legs shot outward in a wide 'V' kicking franticly in the air. Her eyes and mouth snapped open as her body ecstatically exploded with her first orgasm. The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed. Her arms curled around her brother's neck tightly and her legs locked themselves around his lower back.

Lisa couldn't stop convulsing or screeching as her body wide orgasm exploded throughout her sexual being. She was so completely full and her orgasming juices squished and gushed around the hard organ which was giving her so much joy. Lisa's foaming wetness gushed outward past her swollen and clenching folds. Her inner muscles squeezed and milked the pulsing flesh that was deeply embedded within her body. Her rigid, jerking clitoris felt as though it was going to explode.

Her whole body shook and trembled as her orgasm seemed to last forever. Aron let her rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in her. Soon, Lisa cooed again as her Lover withdrew and began to stroke into her with gentle, full length thrusts. She felt his huge, heavy testicles push between her spread thighs with each inward thrust as delicious aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body.

He lunged inward and Lisa felt incredibly full when the wonderful thickness entered her cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to her womb.

She breathed heavily with quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. Aron withdrew so the thick head teased the sucking inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of his sister's seething passage. Lisa once again moaned and gurgled as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder. Both of Aron's hands grasped her thighs and again started a slow, building rhythm as his member stroked steadily in and out of his sister's frothy, excited vaginal passage and her deep gasping sounds registered her body's rising levels of ecstasy.

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She began thrusting and grinding her hips back onto the long, thick organ that was plunging into the depths of her sexual being. For the first time she was hearing her brother's deep, gasping pants as his strokes took on a sense of urgency. She wanted to return the joy that he was giving her and began clenching her vaginal muscles with exquisite squeezes and massages. Aron gasped as his straining manhood became encased within a deep sucking and milking sheath.

Lisa now wanted, now needed and now craved for Aron's thick, jettisoning essence to flood into her enflamed sex. Aron's deep strokes intensified and Lisa tightened her arms around her brother and skewered her enflamed sex in tight circles. Suddenly Aron plunged inward and his jerking member began to thicken and flex wildly within her milking passage. Lisa felt the most incredible ballooning sensation in her seething vagina as a flood of thick, hot semen spewed from the flexing gland.

She thrust her hips forcefully upward and squealed with joy. Aron pulled his straining erection outward and then thrust inward again and again as his spasming gland unleashed another forceful, flood of semen. The ecstatic feelings spread throughout Lisa like a series of freight trains, rumbling from her vagina and connecting with her exploding clitoris, up to her breasts, nipples and then flooding into her mind. Lisa's second, climatic orgasm was total and all consuming. Her toes curled and her arms again tightened around his neck.

Her orgasmic scream drowned out Aron's deep moans. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Every cell in her body vibrated with ecstasy. His spewing essence went on and on, his hips were grinding his granite-like shaft deep into her frenzied sex, flooding her clenching womanhood again and again with his thick essence.

Lisa screamed in orgasmic joy. Her sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for several moments. Her body continued to orgasm as Aron flexed his erection as he continued to ejaculate.

He leaned over Lisa and waited for her to regain consciousness. She awoke to intense multiple aftershocks and felt his huge member still flexing within her.

She wrapped her arms around him and aggressively kissed him as her body spasmed and convulsed. She moaned into his mouth with sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. Aron hunched up his hips and slowly his softening penis slipped out of his sister's reluctant and stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound Torrents of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed out of the gaping opening and flowed down her thighs.

Aron bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of her erect nipples. His warm hands formed onto the swollen folds of her slick labia and she moaned as she ground her sex against his hands. Aron laid his slick penis on Lisa's abdomen and she reached down and massaged his slick, oozing penis. "Let's have a quick shower, some refreshments and get back here to the bed." Their audience loved what they had just witnessed between the two sixteen year olds.

Sara smiled an continued to watched the two large screens showing Jessie and her two Siblings. She knew they would be reunited shortly and would meet with them to discuss more of THP's room services and the Fitness Room.