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Gay twink in tight briefs AJ was deep throating on Hollywood  and AJ
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It was the last Friday in November.

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Recently the one day a year where it's almost acceptable to hurt somebody in order to get a few pounds off of a television. I didn't care much for Black Friday.

Don't get me wrong, a girl loves to shop, but I wasn't the biggest fan of people. I don't do close spaces, being pushed and shoved as I try to look at something. I much prefer shopping online, however sometimes it just isn't the same as seeing what you're buying.

As I sat at home looking through the thousands of deals on Amazon, I couldn't help but procrastinate.


I lay on my king size bed in my barely knee high silk purple nightie scrolling up on my iPhone. Deal after deal, discount after discount, on toilet paper and toothbrush heads. I lay wondering to myself, "Who buys toilet paper for Christmas?" At 22 years old I had recently moved out. I lived in a small 3 bed new build on an estate that popped up from nowhere. I wanted the space and independence and splashed out as soon as I could to get on to the housing ladder.

Memories of moans from my parents echo in my ears, "When are you moving out Ellie?. How much have you saved?. You're old enough to live on your own aren't you?" I sighed. It was fine to leave it all behind, I was happy to have some space from the chores and the whining but there was something missing. There's being "home alone" and there's being "lonely at home".

I was leaning more and more towards the latter as the weeks went by. Occasionally I would have a few friends over and we would eat pizza, watching the x factor in comfy pyjamas. It only lasted for a night, sometimes I missed having somebody else to make me a cup of tea or clean my odd pot. Being long term single didn't help either, it wasn't that I couldn't get guys, as I've already said, I'm just not a people person, talking didn't come particularly naturally to me.

I continued scrolling through Amazon's many departments; Christmas, films, television, entertainment, electricals. And that's when I noticed the category "For Women". It peaked my interest, I needed some inspiration for my own wish list so I diverted from the stream of deals and took a look at that category. I was met with a few pages of Razors, Straighteners, curlers, hairdryers until I noticed something very different looking.

It was long and purple, at least 8 inches long.

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It was rounded at the top and black at the base with a little hook like attachment with a little bud sticking at the top. I didn't have a vibrator myself, I'd thought about getting one a number of times but never seemed to bring myself around to the idea. It made perfect sense to have one, I racked my brains trying to remember what excuse I had used last time but realised they were weak.

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This however was rather cheap. It had fallen into the black Friday deals and was heavily reduced. Intrigued and curious I clicked into it and explored further. 4 star reviews. Brave.

I thought to myself, if I'd bought it, the last thing on my mind would be to review it publicly. Nevertheless I read onwards, it went into detail about batteries and the works, the fact it came with some sort of "Positions Guide for beginners".

I read down the page and began to notice myself getting hot under my nightie. I could feel the warmth between my legs and suddenly found reading very difficult. My concentration shifted and slowly my right hand moved down between my legs.


I gently rest a finger on my mound and could feel the heat. The mere brush of my fingertip sent a shiver along my spine. I cast my mind back to when I last felt like this but struggled to remember how long ago it was. My finger traced in little circles around my clit. The thought of the item on front of me was making me more and more excited. I lay my phone to the side and took off my nightie.

I spotted myself on the mirror at the end of my bed, 5'5", slim with 30C breasts.


I spotted the sliver of silver of my belly button piercing dangling down and I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed. I returned my right hand to my pussy and began tracing my clit again. It felt good. There was a wave of pleasure that I had not felt in so long reaching through my body. I had an urge, a desire for sex. My eyes were firmly closed and my lip caught between my teeth as my left hand relaxed on my breast. I gave it a gentle squeeze and arched my hips towards the sky pushing my right finger deep against my entrance.

I felt the tip of my finger gently push inside of me and felt another wave of pleasure and excitement rip through my body. I squeezed my breast again, this time harder and arched my back, pushing my finger halfway into my pussy and feeling the pressure inside me take hold of it and try with all its might not to let it leave again.

I drew my right finger out and gently placed it into my mouth. I continued to squeeze my breast as I placed my first two fingers inside of my mouth, my tongue racing over them.

The thought of what was to come was making me beg myself to just get on with it but I couldn't. I sucked on my fingers for around 10 seconds and then returned them to my wanting pussy. I pushed firmly and slowly and felt them enter me. I drew them back out and back over my clit, placing it between my fingers as I withdrew.

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I pushed back against my pussy harder and felt them shoot deep inside of me. I gasped. I couldn't control it. It had been such a long time since I had gone this far and the excitement kept building. I squeezed my breast again as I quickened the pace with my right hand, curving my fingers slightly to catch the top of my pussy.

As they rubbed against the walls I felt wave after wave building inside me.


The more excitement I felt the quicker my pace went and it got faster and faster until I could feel the orgasm shaking through me. I gasped loudly as the air left my body, I felt the pleasure overcome me and my body shook with the pressure of my climax. It felt amazing, it had been so long since I had felt that pleasure. I relaxed and picked up my phone, unlocking it I was met with the sight of the vibrator that had encouraged my excitement.

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I pushed my thumb against the yellow button, "buy with one click". Realising what I had done, I smiled. Expected delivery, tomorrow morning.