Sexy brunette chick in school uniform has her cunt and asshole banged

Sexy brunette chick in school uniform has her cunt and asshole banged
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For those of you who are like me who read many stories on this site you might have stumbled across part 10 because it is the latest addition to this story. So a small recap will help you but I would encourage you to start at the beginning.

Cody Chalmers became infatuated with his mother as he had overheard her saying to his father that she was turned on by him. He made her fantasy come true as he came home early from school and did his best to satisfy his mother. Emma Watson is a Midshipman at the Navy Academy she was involved in a three-way with her boyfriend. She came to realize that she was actually the other woman and was completely fooled by Lt.

Robert Mills. Captain Tom Wilkinson had returned from his assignment in Eastern Europe and we found that he had been in a secret incestuous affair with his 14 year-old daughter Terri Wilkinson for two years now. Carina Chalmers and her boyfriend Topher came home early from the movies and caught their parents doing the wild thing in the kitchen.

Now, Topher not being the sharpest knife in the drawer expressed how wonderful Mrs. Chalmers pussy looked and compared it to Carina's. Mark Chalmers her father thru Topher out the front door and down the front steps. As an added bonus Carina saw the full length and girth of her father's penis and something snapped as her pussy began to yearn for her father. When her father slammed the door and told her that she was never to see Topher again she pleaded with her father and fell to her knees and sucked on his manhood that was still exposed.

Mark stopped her before he fucked her and sent her to her room. There is still a great deal that you have missed but that should help you understand portions of this chapter as our story moves on.

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  Meanwhile back at the Academy: Just before Tom was going to let the midshipmen leave the room he finally announced, "Okay Okay Okay thank you for your mandatory applause as it was unwarranted.

Now, I have five names here that Lt. Commander Mertz would like to see after the lecture." Lt. Commander Henry Mertz leaned over and whispered in Tom's ear, "I guess it's time to move on with a new aide, huh, Tom?" Emma sat in her chair waiting with anticipation for her name to be called.

She was nervous she hoped that all of her hard work would catch the eye of Captain Wilkinson. This was an unexpected surprise that a week ago Emma had no clue that she could be in the running to be a top Aide to a high ranking officer such as Tom. Emma was ringing her hands and her knees were bouncing up and down like a young school just hoping to be picked. She became really nervous as four names had already been called and with only one to go and in her nervousness she began the cold sweats.

Then finally the fifth name came she heard 'E. Watson Regimental Commander will be the last name. The rest of you are dismissed.' Inside Emma was 'walking on sunshine' all the hard work she had put in over the past four years and someone like Captain Tom Wilkinson was interested in her made her feel like she was walking on air even if she wasn't picked to be his new Aide. Emma was escorted to another empty room and waited patiently for over an hour before Tom knocked on the door.

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When Tom popped his head in the door he noticed the lovely young lady he met before his lecture. Tom thought to himself, 'first female opportunity' smiling at the young lady, "Well, hello again." Emma stood immediately and snapped to attention with perfect form. Tom smiled "Easy Ms. Watson it's just you and me now.

We don't need to be so formal here." He saluted her then held his hand out to her. Emma stood with her eyes opened wide like she was meeting an actual legend and shook his hand. "Sir it is an honor to meet you!

You're reputation precedes you, sir. I hope that you are willing to give me a chance to be your aide even though I'm female sir." Tom said, "Well, well I guess that Lt.

Mills must be you're inside source, huh? Have a seat." Tom sat then pulled out her thin folder and started quickly scanning a few things and then began.


"Okay, first off Ms. Watson I want to be perfectly clear here. This interview will not have any ill reflection on your service report if I do not choose you. Also I would appreciate direct answers, in other words, speak your mind because that is what is going to happen when you're my aide.

This is not an official interview this is all about the way I selected my aides. It's just a way that I would like to find the best and brightest the Academy has to offer. Just so you know that each person is given a random number, there are no names, nor religion affiliations, no gender or age. You were selected from five separate blind tests. Emma the reason I'm interviewing you last is because you scored the highest on each of these tests.

I am going to be frank with you here I have never selected a female aide before." Emma smiled, "The highest, huh, higher than Lenard Winslet Brigade Commander of all Midshipmen?" Tom said, "Yes much higher Emma. The other four candidates I am not going to consider at this time. So you are my last chance and if you fail then I need to go to plan B and plan B Emma well that is somewhere I don't want to go okay? So do your best to impress me. I see that you are a Regimental Commander?" Emma sat up and squared her shoulders with some pride and said, "Yes, sir." Tom asked, "And I take it you worked hard to reach that rank?" Emma smiled, "Harder than you think sir." Tom put her folder down.

"Okay, so Emma let me get to the meat of this. Being my aide is going to put your right in the thick of very important fluid situations in which you are going to have to keep your cool and think fast on your feet for solutions. As well you are going to be privy to Top Secret and Eyes Only information. I cannot stress enough that you cannot disseminate anything you see, hear or read that comes through to our office do you understand?" Emma could feel the sense of change in Tom's demeanor, "Yes, sir." Tom then looked deep into her eyes, "Being my aide has many career advantages but also comes with many family and personal tragedies.

While you will be pushed through the ranks faster than other officers your family life will suffer for the hours you will work. Relationships are going to suffer because of the late hours and last minute departures.

You will not be able to tell even your closest relatives or male companions why or where you are going. I cannot stress this enough so before you make the choice to join me in this adventure it will be hard on family." Emma let a secret, "My father is a high ranking officer and I know all too well the pitfalls." Tom was intrigued, "Then you know about transparency.

If we know who your family is then other agencies from other Governments are going to know as well. The more you tell us now the easier it will be if there ever comes a time to protect them so they could not be used as pawns against you. Are we still on the same page here?" This hit Emma hard she wants to advance faster than her other classmates but she wasn't sure at the expense of her family, "Yes, sir." Tom smiled, "So here will be your first challenge at transparency. When I approached you outside this afternoon you were in a heated discussion with Lt.

Mills. Tell me what was going on? Now, when I say transparency, it means clear, concise answers and not leaving anything out." Emma gulped, "Sir that is extremely personal and under the Navy Code " Tom laughed, "Emma there is no Code here either you tell me or this is over." Emma, "Sir this is extremely embarrassing." Tom said, "If the Government trusts me to keep classified secrets from my friends, family and other co-workers then I think you can trust me with this." Emma's face blanched red with embarrassment.

"It started a year ago. I'm from New York and Robert is from Maryland. I'm a Yankee fan and he's an Oriole fan and he had been prodding me on for about six months prior to bring a second woman into the bedroom at least once. So, we made a bet if the Yankee's won the three game set in Baltimore then we would bring another man into the bedroom for a one time experience. If the Orioles won just one of the three games then we would bring another woman for a one time experience.

The Yanks swept and I let it go about our bet but Robert insisted on paying up on the bet. We went out to a club found a perfect stranger and well we all went back to a hotel for the night. I hoped that Robert losing the bet would have deterred him but that was not the case. After Robert lost he hounded me for a second chance at bringing a second woman into the bedroom.

So, I figured I would give him a second chance and on Thanksgiving Day last year we made another bet. He took the Cowboys and I took the Lions. I knew it was a sucker bet but if he won then we would find another woman if I won then we would get married which is another idea of his.

Not wanting to get married just yet I took the sucker bet. Last night I had to pay off on that bet. We went out to a club to pick up a stranger.

We did and went back to Robert's place. Unfortunately for Robert he picked someone that he worked with and during the course of our little tryst there were little tell tale signs that they were letting out that they had been together sexually more than a few times. Within a few hours I realized that perhaps perhaps I wasn't his main girl and that I could have been the other woman in our little three-way.

That's it." Tom pushed his hand across the table and tapped the back of her hand, "I know that was very difficult for you." Tom sat back in his chair and thought for a few moments and said, "I think that uh yeah you know what I don't think we need to go any further I think you're the one for me.

So this is what is going to happen going forward. I see that you have less than a month to graduate." Emma's smile stretched to both ears, her heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was going to explode thru her chest. Her mind was racing with excitement trying to stay focused on what Tom was saying and nodded her head, "Yes, sir that's true." Tom continued, "I see your grades are such that there is no possible way for you not to graduate and it looks like you will graduate with honors." Emma once again nodded, "Yes, sir I'm at the top of my class, sir." Tom said, "That's very good.

So, I will have your instructors put together finals for you to take and within the next week and you will take them. Also a new SEAL class will be starting with in the next ten days and your name will be on that list with two other well deserving female names." Emma's eyes went wide with shock, "You want me me? You want me to become a S SSSEAL?" Tom's head was now nodding, "Yeah that's right. I hope you don't have an aversion with becoming an elite soldier?

I am sending you to San Diego for SEAL training. All of my aides have been SEAL's and so will you. I will settle things up with the Chancellor but you will report to my office tomorrow morning at 06:30. I will make the arrangements to have your credentials ready for you. Don't be late and one suggestion is to be a sponge when you show up." Emma's knees where bouncing up and down under the table as she couldn't contain her excitement.

Things were so fluid as her career path was already being plotted out for her and she asked, "A sponge I don't understand sir?" Tom said, "Be like a sponge and soak up all that you can. That's it for now." Tom stood up and Emma flew over the table and hugged Tom.

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Tom wrapped his arms around Emma pulling her in tight and was treated to her perky breasts smashing into his chest. Then after a long uncomfortable pause Emma stepped back and saluted Tom. Tom saluted her back and said, "When we are alone no salutes." Emma smiled as she lowered her hand, "Yes sir." Then he said, "Also when we are by ourselves just call me Tom, I like to keep things relaxed." Emma's smile wasn't hard to miss and she moved forward and hugged him yet again while she was bouncing up and down as her young perky breasts rubbed up against his hard masculine chest, "No problem sir I mean Tom." Meanwhile at the same time at Walter Johnson High School: Carina Chalmers just finished changing into her track uniform.

She was wearing her sports bra with a T-shirt and shorts that just barely covered the cup of her ass. As the boys and girls long distant teams were gathering outside of the gym Carina started looking around for her brother Cody. She turned to Danny one of Cody's closest friends and asked, "Hey where is my bro?" Danny looked her up and down as he always thought she was a hot piece of ass, "I overheard him in the coach's office he said his stomach was bothering him and he had diarrhea so he let him skip practice today." Carina's face was one of shock, "Thanks Danny." Then she turned and as she was walking away she thought to herself, 'that little shit is going home to try and put the moves on mom that little son-of-a-bitch.' Coach Segal gathered everyone in, "Okay guys and gals today like we do every Monday we do our ten mile run.

When you go through the wooded area we all stay in pairs and remember the markers okay. That's it. Have a fun safe run guys and I'll see you back here soon. Remember pairs okay guys everyone stays in pairs. The twenty or so boys and girls started out. Carina being one of the better runners took off with the boys. She has yet to beat the top boys but today she felt really good plus knowing her brother was probably back at the house fucking their mommy fueled her aggression.

It took about fifteen minutes and to reach the wooded area and she was keeping up with the best boys. Several minutes in the woods Carina noticed a sign hanging on one of the trees. It was pink and it was a cartoon character of a cat and written across the face was "LOVE YOU WHISKERS." Whiskers happened to be her nickname that her boyfriend Topher gave Caria.

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Unfortunately Topher was kicked out of the Chalmers home on Saturday night. There was an arrow a few trees down pointing to the left. Carina stopped pretending her shoelace was undone and with about fifteen other runners behind them the boys didn't stop as this was a common occurrence. As the boys ran away from her she was on one knee pretending to tie her shoe as the next group of runners passed her by. Carina was looking through the trees when she spotted Topher about thirty yards away.

Her heart began to pound hard with excitement inside of her chest. She bit her bottom lip with anticipation. Topher was the hottest guy she had ever been with and when he fucked her she felt like she was floating on a cloud.

As the next group was coming up and Carla said, "Hey Carina the last group is about two minutes behind okay don't forget pairs in the woods for safety." As the girls were moving away from her she dashed off the path towards Topher. Carina approached and Topher quickly pulled her behind the big tree and pushed her up against the tree and began kissing her without saying anything.

Carina spun him around so his back was against the tree and Topher let out, "Ouch damn baby be careful I hurt all over." Carina noticed the last runners as they are always the last runner's everyday they were freshman and just didn't have the stamina to keep up. As they passed Carina smiled at her 22 year old boyfriend and said, "Oh mwhy poor widdle baaaaby did daddy hurt you when he tossed you down the steps?" She started kissing him on the cheeks and mouth as she was kissing him she was making soft seductive 'hmmmm' sounds with each kiss.

Topher was enjoying her display of affection as he thought Saturday night he had lost her forever, "Well, your dad being a Navy SEAL doesn't give me much of a chance to fight back." She smiled, "I felt awful baby but you're lucky he didn't really hurt you. I couldn't believe that you stood there looking at my mother's bare ass and then like a dumb fuck you compared her pussy with mine with my father standing not more than six inches away from you.

You're lucky that the only thing he did to you was toss you out the front door on your ass honey." His hand went to his ass and began rubbing it, "It's still sore as hell and by the way your mom has a great ass!! And if your pussy looks like that when you're forty then I'm all in baby." She smiled, "Does it hurt anywhere else my whiddle baby?" She pulled his hand to her mouth and sucked on one of his fingers.

Then with the same loving kiss she pressed her lips to the back of his hand and said, "My poor baby." Kiss hmmm, kiss hmmm, kiss hmmm. Topher moved forward kissed her on the forehead, "I've always liked you honey but thinking that I could never see you again made me crazy Carina Chalmers I love you." Carina's heart skipped a few beats as Topher never professed his love to her before, "Where else does it hurt honey?" Topher said, "Right here on my neck." Using his finger he pointed to the area.

Carina spun him around and came up on her toes and kissed him on the neck. "My poor baby!" Kiss, kiss kiss, then she whispered in his ear, "It's about time you realized you loved me." Carina's hands came to his neck and massaged his shoulders.

My poor little baby then she licked him on the ear and blew softly.


Then she moved her hand around his waist directly to his cock taking advantage of Carina's good will towards him Topher said, "Be careful honey that hurts too?" Carina's smile went from ear to ear it was kinda exciting being outside in the woods where they could get caught at any time. "Poor bA—bEY." Squatting down she undid Topher's zipper and pulled his shorts down with his underwear to his ankles.

Carina was greeted with a slap across the face with Topher's cock. "Baby spin around and let me kiss your boo-boo's." Carina continued to kiss her man with hmmm's attached to them.

She loved treating her man like a little baby. Her kisses were sensual and her light touches around his shaft excited Topher all the more. Topher standing there in the woods on a sunny spring afternoon had his girlfriend behind him kissing his ass and stroking his cock all he could think was, 'nothing could get better than this.' Then he felt Carina open his cheeks, "Does this hurt too my whiddle BA—BY?" Carina's lips went between Topher's ass cheeks, kiss hmm, kiss hmm.

Then pushing just the tip of her tongue between her lips she began to circle Topher's anus. Carina went for it he hadn't had a bowel movement and it was still clean from his morning shower.

Ass play has never been a problem for her, "Does it hurt right here baby?" Topher was biting his bottom lip as he stood there as his ass was being ravished by her glorious thin tongue, "Yeah, my little whiskers yeah right there it hurts the worst right there put your tongue inside baby." Carina reciprocated and with her tongue buried deep inside of her man's ass she was happy that he took the time to clean himself.

"Are you feeling a little better, pappi?" Topher bent over creating greater access for his girl, "Baby you do that so good." Carina moved deeper with her tongue and stroking his cock, "That's my girl play that rusty trombone baby you play it so gooood." Carina gave him a couple of minutes playing the trombone she said, "I don't have a whole lot of time Topher I need to catch up to the others." He offered her his hands and helped his angel up.

Topher pushed her once again up against the tree and moved his hand down her stomach under the waist band of her shorts. Once his hand between her legs he moved her thong to the side and began to finger her. "That's it baby play with me!" Then she cupped his face with the palms of her hands and kissed him.

Topher moved his tongue inside of her mouth as his finger was dancing between her legs, "Honey I have big boo-boo and the only thing that's going to make it feel better is your pussy honey." Carina smiled, "Okay, I'll make your boo-boo feel better but I haven't taken any birth control the last couple of days so you're going to have to finish somewhere else like my mouth or tits okay, honey?" Topher pushed her shorts down to ankles and she stepped out of them.

Lifting her leg around his waist Carina took hold of his warm throbbing shaft and guided it inside of her wet wanting vagina, "Carina that's it make boo-boo feel better." Carina smiled and kissed him again, "You okay with tasting your ass on my tongue baby?" Topher didn't care about the taste of his ass as he was concentrating on pumping his girl with his cock, "You're the best baby I love that you're willing to fuck out here like this and we may get caught!

You're the best piece of ass I've ever had." Carina said, "Is mommy making baby happy? Boo-boo is doing such a good job baby. Come on smack my ass I'm such a bad dirty whore come on fuck the shit out of me!

Let my pussy kiss your boo-boo and make it all better." Topher did his best as his thrusts were fast and hard as Carina was thrusting down and just as hard then Topher's eyes began to go wide, "Honey whiddle baby is going to finish real soon." Carina backed away and squatted down in front of him, "Ooh let me kiss boo-boo and make him feel so happy." Opening her mouth she began to suck on Topher's rod wanting his sperm, "Honey let me know when you're ready I want to you to put your cock down my throat finish inside my throat honey send your seed to my stomach honey." Topher cherished these moments when Carina was being totally freaky, "That's it baby I'm going to finish right now!" Carina opened her mouth as Topher pushed his head past the opening of her esophagus and when Carina's lips came to rest at the base of his shaft Topher let out a primal scream, "Do it baby take my seed." Rope after rope of sperm bounced down the walls of her throat giving her a delicious afternoon snack.

When Carina could no longer hold her breath Topher's wet slimy penis withdrew nice and slow. Carina took in a deep breath and wiped the tears from under her eyes. When she recovered then she pulled up her thong and shorts then kissed Topher on the cheek and said, "Don't forget don't call me at home or my dad will kill you baby.

Love ya have a good afternoon and thanks for fucking me." Carina jogged off leaving her man standing there with his shorts around his ankles and a cock that was deflating for all to see. A few hours later: Terri Wilkinson arrived home late from school.

She stayed after school as she was having some problems with her advanced Calculus class. She was a freshman in high school but mathematics is one subject that Terri truly excels and she needed a little help to keep up. It was about five in the evening.

She made her way to the kitchen and the ground beef she let out to thaw was perfect for her to make meatballs. About twenty-five minutes later she had her sauce finished as her balls where in the oven cooking. She went up to her room fired up the computer and noticed that her new beau (Cody Chalmers) was online. She typed, 'hey Cody' There was a long pause then a response come back on the IM, 'hey u ok?" Then his face popped up on the computer waiting for acceptance.

Terri accepted and they were both face to face on the computer. "Yeah, I'm okay my dad is pretty understanding. He even told me that he was happy it was you and not some strange guy." Cody didn't have his shirt on it was just a small treat for Terri she loved the six pack that he carried. There was some idle chit chat between them and then Cody unleashed his monster and asked, "So do you have time to you know?" Terri pulled her pants off and spread her legs for Cody, "You are just going to have to live with the image for today.

I'm cooking dinner for me and my dad. Are you okay with waiting until tomorrow when you get back from track practice?" Cody was semi-disappointed but he did fuck his mother not more than an hour ago.

He might have only lasted a few minutes inside of her but being a young stud he could go several times a day if he had to. "That sounds like a plan besides I have a ton of homework to do. Don't shut your phone off I might need some help with my Geometry okay?" Terri said, "Sure thing!

Listen I have meatballs in the oven gotta check on them talk to you later. Bye." Later that evening: Lt. Robert Mills had gone out to one of the local dive bars and had several drinks to drown his sorrows because of the loss of Emma. When he arrived back at his apartment there at the top of the stairs was Annie of all people and she said, "Where were you?" Robert wasn't drunk just depressed, "At the Green Top having a couple of beers.

I didn't cook dinner do you mind if we order out tonight?" Annie gave him a big smile and said, "Anything you want." Late last night when she, Robert and Emma were all fooling around Annie had an epiphany that she wanted to try things again with Robert. She made sure she fucked his brains out and won her man back. "So, Rob, what do you think if I move back in here with you? I could always send a 'Dear Chuck' letter to Chuck and be done with him." Robert had a small smile cross his face, "You would really come back to me after I cheated on you with Emma?" Annie said, "Of course you silly dope.

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Whose idea was it to have a three-way in the first place? It took me a year but I finally got you back." Robert opened the door and plopped down on the couch and Annie fell right on top of him, "You know you were always a better piece of ass! If we do this then we are going to have to work harder on being nicer to each other agreed?" Annie smiled, "Agreed." Meanwhile at Roosevelt High: Carina got back from her run much later and missed the final bus home she called her father to come pick her up.

Sitting out front of the school her father finally arrived, "Sorry honey but traffic was much heavier than expected." Carina put her books in the back seat and jumped in the front seat. She leaned over and gave her father a big kiss on the cheek, "Thanks daddy! I know I can always count on you to help me." As her hand was on her father's chest she let her hand fall gently into her father's lap.

Mark moved Carina's hand from his crotch area, "Be careful of the family jewels okay honey." Carina thought for a moment and decided now would be a good time as any to bring up their conversation on Saturday night, "So, we are still on for this weekend to go to Rutgers?" Mark said, "We sure are." Carina took another shot and moved her hand back over her father's penis and began to rub, "Have you thought about the sleeping arrangements?" Mark once again loved the way she touched his cock, "Yes, as a matter of fact I have, there will be two twin beds." Carina said, "Cool, good idea daddy, if we get two beds no one will be the wiser.

We will just push them together and have our fun all weekend long." Mark pulled up to a red light, "Did I miss something here? Do you actually think that you and I are going to do something with our clothes off?" Carina moved closer to her father and whispered in his ear, "You can pretend all you want but I know you want me don't deny it.

You loved the way I sucked your cock on Saturday night didn't you? I don't deny that I want you! Ever since I've seen that monster of yours fucking mommy (Carina put her hand between her father's thighs and began to massage his shaft) I just can't get you out of my head.

Every time I see you I get hot every time daddy." Mark turned his head and Carina's face was still right next to his and she pushed her lips forward and kissed her father on the lips, "Please don't do this honey." See daddy l want to show you something.

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Carina moved back into her seat and took her father's hand, "Here daddy, feel this." She pulled her shorts down and she wasn't wearing her thong. Mark nostril caught the aroma of her vagina and looked down at his daughter's clean shaven pussy. His mouth began to swallow hard as his eyes were in a trance looking at his daughter's forbidden fruit, "Honey please you are pushing for something that we shouldn't be doing." Carina took her father's hand and spread her legs open.

Her left foot came to rest above the steering wheel and then she placed her father's big masculine hands over her tight wet pussy, "Don't be afraid, daddy, you won't hurt me." Mark's hand was shaking between his daughter's legs and could feel the heat pouring out of her vagina.

His finger could feel her lips opening and then Carina helped her father's finger enter her pussy, "Honey we shouldn't be doing this." Carina sat deep in the chair enjoying her father's big fat finger separating her lips as her juices began to coat her walls like fresh morning dew, "Daddy oh my!

If you are getting me hot with just your finger just imagine how insane it's going to be with your cock inside of me all weekend long." Carina moved her face back to her father's and kissed him. Even though they were on a back road Mark pulled over and pushed his tongue inside his attractive daughter's mouth, "Honey this is so wrong we both don't even realize what we are doing.

Please don't make me do this." Carina smiled, "You keep saying that I'm making you do something. Daddy you're a Navy SEAL I can't make you do anything! Your finger is still inside of me and your kiss is making me even hotter for you." Carina moved both hands down to her father's crotch area and unzipped his fly.

Her hand went into the darkness of his pants and fished out her father's penis. She began to pant looking at it then it was her turn to have her hand shaking as her father's penis grew in her hand. "My god daddy I forgot how fat that snake of yours is. Daddy please I want it in my mouth! Please daddy let me suck your cock! I promise I'll try to give you the best blowjob. I really want to see if I can fit the whole thing in my mouth daddy, please?" Marks' cock was standing upright in his daughter's hand, "I guess that I don't have a choice do I?

For some reason I could never really say 'NO' to you princess." Mark pulled down the road with his daughter velvety mouth providing an insatiable lust that he never knew ever existed. Mark found a small lane in the tree-line that was off the back road they were on. Mark pulled off the road as Carina never broke form as she sucked on her father's manhood.

The sheer delight of watching his daughter's head move up and down on him brought him to the point of climax rather quickly, "Honey you are going to make daddy finish." Carina lifted and tilted her head looking up into her father's eyes as her right hand stroked him, "Don't worry daddy I won't let any of your cum get on your uniform. Let me know when you're ready and I want you to push your cock down my throat.

I know you can make it fit just shove my head down on you, okay? You promise to finish in my throat daddy?" This would be the second cock to be shoved down her throat in the past two hours and leaving their deposits in her teen stomach. Mark held his daughter's head over the head of his penis as he fucked her mouth.

He watched as his cock was disappearing inside of his daughter's mouth almost all the way down his shaft he thought to himself, 'where in the hell did my little angel learn to suck cock like this?' The thought had barely slipped from his mind as he was brought back to consciousness by the impending explosion from the bowels of his shaft, "Honey Honey daddy is going to finish." Pushing her head down slowly and carefully his whole penis expanded her esophagus to fit it into her throat and then he deposited a large sum of his semen into his daughter's throat.

Carina let her father's gooey cock escape it's constraints of her throat. She lifted her head rubbing her throat and smiled, "Thank you daddy that was fucking amazing. I can't believe that you got that whole thing down my throat. I hope we get to do this more often with each other. I want to practice so that you can fuck my throat and I can take your whole penis.

I just want to make you happy daddy." Mark sat in his seat panting heavily shocked at what he was hearing from what he thought was his little angel.

Mark had to re-evaluate his daughter she was a real slut. She was a dirty teenage slut that wants to fuck him and suck him and make him happy sexually, "Carina that was by far the best blowjob that I have ever gotten. I think that you and I are going to have a wonderful weekend together. For now I think we should get home before mommy gets suspicious and starts calling the hospitals for us." ¬¬¬¬ Meanwhile at the Wilkinson home: Tom pulled his SUV into the garage after a long first day back from his last assignment.

As a trained operative he shut the engine off and then walked around his car. He was double checking everything in the garage making sure it was all still in its place. He hit the garage door button and the door closed.

As always he stood there until the door completely shut. When he walked into the kitchen he could smell the wonderful smell of spaghetti and meatballs. Tom was startled as he heard the voice of an angel, "Welcome home daddy." Tom turned to his left and sitting on one of the kitchen chairs was his 14 year-old daughter.

She had on a very small apron that covered her b-cup breasts that were bare underneath. Terri had her legs spread open and a very large smile on her face. Tom smiled as he stood there and said, "Nice apron honey." It was just like the scene out of Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, "Come on daddy everything is ready.

Come and sit." Terri closed her legs and walked to her father slowly and seductively. Shall we eat first or would you like to just get to the fucking tonight?" Terri fell to her knees and loosened her father's belt and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor. Next were his boxer shorts, "I guess it wasn't fair of me this morning to start fucking you on the kitchen table and then finishing so quickly." Terri looked at her father in the eye and with the help of her hands she managed to entrap her father's mushroom head in her mouth and her tongue began to move in circular motions making his penis grow in her mouth.

As Tom pushed forward entering her mouth deeper Terri widened her jaw to allow access. On her knees looking at the pleasure she was providing for her father made her the happiest girl in the whole world. She could taste her father's pre-cum on her tongue and she released his penis from her mouth.

"That is enough for the appetizers; we don't want to ruin our meals. Go and take a seat daddy and let me bring you your plate." Tom was pulling his trouser back up and said, "Spaghetti surprise I've missed this honey." Terri turned her head as she was placing the spaghetti on their plates and said, "Hey mister if I'm not wearing pants at the table neither are you!" Tom giggled it was just a game they played, "Well you don't have a top either so should I take my shirt off." Terri was almost done and said, "That would be terrific." Tom stared at his daughter's perfect round ass, "Do you think it wise to be naked while eating scolding hot spaghetti sauce?" Terri giggled, "Only if you're a slob." She laid the plate gently in front of her father then hers across from her father.


Then she moved her face to her father's and they shared a passionate kiss like they were long-time lovers. Tom new best and that he should complement the chef for the meal, "It smells wonderful honey." Terri knew that her father has dined in some of the most expensive restaurants in the world and he was just being polite, "Dig in." Tom broke open a meat ball and tasted it and gave a yummy sound then the same to the spaghetti, "Nicely done baby." Terri followed suit as she with her legs crossed her foot began to wonder under the table and found her father's thigh.

Her toes began to tickle his inner thighs, "Honey this is delicious but it seems to be missing a certain ingredient. I just can put my taste buds to finding it." His eyebrow shot up and smirked, "Do you think that there may be an ingredient that could spice things up a bit?" Terri smiled at her father, "Now that you mention it my sauce seems to taste a little bland as well." Tom rose from the table as his penis was at full erection from Terri's stimulation and walked over to his daughter.

Terri had been waiting for her father to take command it just makes things hotter when he is in control, "Spread your legs, NOW!" Terri has never disobeyed her father and she had no intention now. Tom dropped to his knees and began to kiss her insignificant opening. It was so small that at times Tom can mistake it for her asshole in the darkness. Tom bent down and took in the musky aroma of his daughter and put tongue to pussy as to pleasure her as much as he could.

As he began to use his tongue Tom went back to the one reliable trick that he had to bring a woman to orgasm with his tongue. He began to write the ABC's out with his tongue in and around her vagina. Tom slowly and deliberately provided insurmountable pleasure for his daughter. Terri ran her fingers through her father's short stubbly hair then grabbed with both hands and pulled him deeper between her legs as her hips gyrated up and down, "Damn daddy I've missed this so much.

I don't know what I would do without you." Tom loved when Terri complimented him. Terri's body and mannerisms where very similar to her mother's even though she died when Terri was just six years old her daughter fucked him almost the same. When Tom looks into his daughter's eyes and ogles her body he cannot help to make the distinction of how close Terri is to her mother's.

Tom smiled at his priceless possession, "And I without you." Several minutes later Terri could feel her wet clammy pussy pushing towards orgasm, "Daddy, I think that I am close." Tom removed his tongue and replaced it with his middle and ring finger. Curving his fingers to hit her g-spot Terri began to buck wildly in the chair as her knees where still over her father's shoulders, "Don't stop daddy I am going to squirt all over you." Tom kept the pressure and speed but he quickly moved his other hand to the table and just as she screamed, "Daddy I'M CUMMMING" He opened her vagina with his fingers and Tom held his plate of spaghetti close to her vagina and she shot two long hard blasts onto his dinner plate.

Terri sat on the kitchen chair convulsing holding onto her father's shoulders as not to fall from the chair.

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Tom stood with his penis erect, "Now honey it is your turn." Terri fell to her knees and opened her mouth she spit on her middle finger then took her father into her mouth. Terri began to suck her father and using her one finger to jerk him off into her mouth the other hand and finger went to stimulate her father's anus. As she gagged on her father's cock her mouth was full of saliva she used that to help her move her hand on her father's shaft and also used some to coat her finger that was now penetrating her father's anus, "Very nicely done honey be just a little more gentle with your finger." Terri smiled up at her father, "Yes daddy." Tom was a man not long for his first orgasm he usually shot his first load rather quickly and with Terri stimulating his prostate it did not take any time as he watched his young teen daughter envelop his manhood.

Terri could once again taste his pre-cum, "Are you almost there daddy?" Tom smiled, "Almost honey, perhaps if you deep throat daddy and add another finger I should finish faster." Terri took the instruction from her lover. Her mouth open to its maximum and Tom pushed past the opening of her esophagus then adding the second finger as instructed Terri tasted the impending explosion.

She moved her head back and grabbing her plate Tom used his hand and erupted several large streams of cum onto his daughter's dinner, "That's what it needed daddy! I needed your special ingredient to make my meatballs tastier." Tom sat back in his seat with his plate in front of him and Terri returned to the table as well licking the fingers that were just inside of her father's asshole. The both picked their forks and mixed their partners orgasm into the spaghetti and then tasted at the same time and Tom said, "Oh my God honey that is just absolutely delicious." Terri didn't really mix her father's orgasm in she put the fork to plate, "Daddy your ingredient is exquisite!

This is exactly what my sauce needed thank you." They both ate together and when they finished dinner they both did the dishes and her father went to his suitcase and pulled a movie out.

The both sat on the couch naked together and as they enjoyed the movie they both enjoyed making love to one another late into the evening. End of Part 10 Thank you for taking the time to read yet another chapter. There are several more in development I hope you enjoyed the read. If you have anything you would like to see in the story please leave a comment.

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