Con mi ex Gordito de perrita

Con mi ex Gordito de perrita
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Casey had partied way too hard. She had drank too much in an effort to warm herself up from the blizzard. But now she had to walk back to her dorm in this blizzard, and she was too drunk to know even where she was going. Sophie guided her along, holding her tight to keep her warm as they plodded through the mounting snow.

Sophie was completely sober. She had intended to drive away from the party, but the snow had piled too high on the roads and no one from the party wanted to leave. In fact, it was only she and Casey that had left. They had been trudging through the snow for a good hour or more by the time they reached the Lyndon building. It was the nearest building within the campus that was open. It was always open because one of the computer labs was always available for students to stay in and study late.

Of course, the lab at this hour only housed a few computer nerds running on caffeine, battling each other with "plus ten swords" and such. And so it was when Sophie and Casey came in and passed by the lab that each of the geeks took a salivating glance.

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Designated driver Sophie was dressed much more conservatively of the two, with a turtleneck and jeans. Even so, bumps in her sweater were visible indicating her frozen nipples. It was drunk Casey that was truly in party garb.

She wore a tight shiny pink one-piece that stopped at such a mark that if she had protruding lips the geeks would have seen their first live pussy.

This was especially true because Casey was wearing no underwear. She had come to that party with every intent of getting laid with the intent to lose her virginity, in fact.

She promised herself that she would lose her virginity during the first week of college life, but she had so far failed in this task. Her first party to celebrate this new phase in her life was tonight, and to celebrate she got hammered. She fell all over the guys, but her breath was stinking so bad of JD that the guys thought she was a skank. So she left the party after starting to feel sick with only Sophie to guide her home. I was cleaning a men's room in the Lyndon building at the time.

Sophie ushered Casey in, and headed for the nearest stall. They knew I was there, but paid no attention. Sophie dropped Casey to her knees in front of the bowl and pulled back her hair. Casey gave a few dry heaves, and Sophie stood straight up immediately. "Sorry," Sophie said, "I can't stand puke." Sophie left without another word.

I finished cleaning the toilet nearby and stood. I would have been aggravated under normal circumstances, since I was going to have to clean Casey's toilet again, after I had just made the porcelain shiny new.

But as I took a peek around the stall, I saw a pair of beautifully curved legs leading to a splendidly tight bottom.

Below the tiny starburst of her asshole lay her beautiful virgin vagina. I instantly sprang half a hard on at the sight. Her clit didn't protrude, nor her lips. It looked like a baby's pussy. And I desperately wanted to rob the cradle of this one. Hell, she wanted to lose her virginity, right? And she didn't care to whom. I went to the door and braced the handle with my cleaning bucket and mop, and returned to this beautiful creature.

I tore off my clothes in anticipation, and knelt beside her, rubbing my wood along her thigh. I licked my middle finger and slid it up and down her cunt crack, massaging. I could feel her hymen with my fingers sliding down her pussy. Casey heaved twice more, but couldn't seem to puke. "Sophie…" she quietly called, "help me…*hau*…help me puke…" "I'll help you," I suggested.

She turned her head and looked at me for the first time. She glanced at my dick but didn't seem to really care about it. "Thank you," she moaned. I lifted her torso as I stood up, so that she could have my dick in front of her face. "Gag on this," I said, and pushed her face into my cock. She opened her mouth, and I slid my dick in. I felt my penis head barely brush the back of her throat when he gag reflex set in, and she violently pulled away and spewed chunks all over my cock and balls.

I pushed my barf soaked dick back in her mouth, faster this time, and she vomited again. Yellow liquid went everywhere. I started jamming my cock into her mouth, and each time more bile came up, gushing out onto my parts. Soon she had no more puke to come up, and she seemed to stop heaving altogether, even with my prods in her throat.

A gigantic amount of saliva and vomit was forming in her mouth, and she hocked the sticky, slimy substance onto my dick. I pounded her face some more, jabbing her throat. She opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate me. She gurgled and burped as I pounded her face. I grabbed her hair with two hands, and pushed her face back and forth, slamming it hard down around my cock. She gagged and choked over and over, until she outright fell unconscious from drinking.

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I had no intention of killing her with my cock, and knew that if she wasn't aware that I was fucking her mouth, she probably wouldn't breathe properly. So instead, I opted for her pussy. I propped her head over the toilet, just in case she woke and had to puke some more. She was hunched over on her knees.

I rubbed her pussy some more with my hand, spitting on her twat and rubbing in the saliva. I needed her to be moist if I was to pop her. I couldn't bear it any longer, so I shoved my puke-covered cock into her cunt. I pushed hard, and felt her hymen give way. Her vagina was the tightest thing I'd ever fucked.

I pushed deeper until my dick was all the way in, my balls touching her clit. Her hot wet cunt dripped blood from her first experience, the first dick piercing her open. I slid my dick half out, and shoved it back in again. I gathered speed slamming her crotch, widening her hole. I wanted to make her a dirty ho by the end of this. Certainly, sliding a dick that had been puked on into her crack made her dirty enough.

She bled more, and a puddle was forming on the floor, drop by drop. As her pussy opened, I pounded her faster and faster, harder and harder. I balls slapped her clit over and over as I buried my dick deep into her crevice. As I pumped, I reached around and groped Casey's tits with my right hand.

My left hand held the top of her leg, keeping her on her knees as I fucked her. I didn't like her dress being in the way, so I pulled the string on her back, and the lace came undone. The dress stayed around her lower back, but drooped further up. I squeezed her right tit once again, this time making real contact.

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I could grip a whole tit in my hand, with the nipple rubbing my palm. Her nipples were hard but small, but warm and wet. Casey seemed to wake from consciousness, and made some small belching noises. She moaned, oscillating with each slam of my cock. I heard her heave again, and puke splashed the toilet. Her supply of barf seemed endless.

It was at that point, as I continued to pound her pussy as hard as I could, that she farted. At first I thought it was just a queef, but she farted again, and I watched a tiny brown bubble pop out of her asshole.

She had to shit. Her cunt contracted as she pushed, tightening around my dick as I pumped. Slimy brown and green diarrhea squirted out of her ass, dripping onto my dick and down the crack of her pussy. I let her ass cream cover my cock, a slimy lubricant of shit. I pushed crap into her cunt with my cock, slamming and sliding into her womb with ease. When she stopped shitting, I shoved my finger up her ass, covering it with her slime.

I fingered her asshole, cleaning her colon with one finger, then two. My fingers slid in easily. I jammed my fingers in her ass, poking her anus with the same motion as my dick in her twat. I felt my climax starting. As I reached the point of no return, I bent over her and gave her the ol' Dirty Sanchez. With my shit covered fingers, I wiped a slimy mustache across her lip.

The horrid stench of shit up her nose made her heave with all of her might. Her pussy squeezed around my dick, squeezing the juice out. I creamed in her cunt, driving my cock in as far as it would go.

When I was all out of steam, Casey stopped retching, loosening the grip on my dick. In exhaustion, Casey fell unconscious again, and her ass fell to the left, thumping against the ground. My dick slid out of her hole as she fell my barf-covered, shit-covered, blood-covered cock slid out of her barf-filled, shit-filled, blood-filled, cum-filled cunt. She had fallen on her side.

I rolled her over and got a great look at her tits. Her mouth had trickles of spit and puke, her cunt was just fucking gross, but her boobs were still perfectly clean and pristine. My dick was half hard now, so I knew I had to get to work straight away. Sitting on her abdomen, I wiped my cock over and between her tits. I tittie-fucked her until my dick was clean or at least until the major shit chucks were off and when her cleavage was significantly soiled.

My boner was gone at any rate, but my penis wasn't as clean as I wanted it. Toilet paper wouldn't do very much help, and I didn't want to wash it with nothing but cold water.

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There was, however, a nice, warm, moist place that might still serve the job. I picked up Casey's torso and seated her against the wall of the stall.

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Her mouth hung limply open as her eyelids hung limply closed. The slick of shit on her upper lip was solidifying. I slid my tiny flaccid dick into her mouth, wiping the feces and vomit and blood on her tongue.

I guided her face back and forth with her hair. She salivated and drooled. After a moment, I figured she'd done all she could to clean me up, so I let her drop back to the floor, and I waddled out of the stall with my pants at my ankles.

I ran the electric drier over my cock, and finally pulled up my drawers.

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I had just fucked a beautiful virgin and muddied her up. I thought to myself that I wouldn't mind if she wound up drunk in this bathroom again. I gathered up my mop and bucket from where they blocked the door and prepared to leave.

I didn't bother to clean Casey's stall. I'd just wait until tomorrow for that. I left the bathroom and began mopping the hall.


It was at that point I glanced over and noticed that the door to the computer lab was closed. The lights were on so I edged over to the door and peeked in the window. There were seven naked men standing around talking. Five of them were wearing glasses. They were the same seven computer geeks that stayed up each night to fight with each other and squabble over odd words like "power-ups" and "night elves" and every once in a while "command squadron." But what the hell were they doing naked, and standing away from their computers?

I took a closer look and saw that there was another figure I hadn't seen. Lying naked on the floor, crying, was a girl. Sophie. The pizza-faced goons were conversing about something, but I couldn't hear them. Most of them looked scared, but one was being very forceful. He was the only one with a hard-on. All of the others had limp dicks they had all busted a load already.

They had all gone paranoid except him. He was too horny too aggressive to be paranoid. It seemed he was explaining to the others what needed to be done.


I saw the dominant male start to lift sobbing Sophie to her feet, and another couple of guys helped him. I noticed as she stood that her crotch was dripping. I took it as my cue to leave. I didn't want them to catch me looking in at them. After all, I have to admit that I was a little paranoid too.

I sure as hell didn't want to get caught. I forgot to grab my mop and bucket and simply jumped into an empty classroom. I hid for a few minutes, listening to the sounds in the hallway. The nerds came out of the room, and I heard them enter another.

I couldn't see which through the window in the door, but I listened closely anyway. Doors continued to open and close, and I'll be damned if I didn't hear a splashing noise at some point. When the noises completely stopped I waited another minute and finally decided it was safe to leave. I examined the hallway. Empty. Good, I thought. It was at that point I went to reach for my mop and bucket and realized I had misplaced it. I could've sworn I had brought it with me out of the bathroom, but it was nowhere to be found.

I went back into the bathroom, just to be positive. As I entered, my gaze instinctively moved to Casey's stall. My bucket was right outside of it, and the sight underneath the stall wall was…crowded.

I looked inside the stall. There was Casey, just as she had been, with her pink dress still falling off. The addition of Sophie was the strange bit. She was naked, but her clothes were nearby, scattered about the place. They positively soaking wet and so was Sophie. I edged closer and saw that her head was hanging over the toilet.

As I leaned over her, I discovered that she wasn't hanging over: her head was flat in it. The boys (probably the macho one) had drowned her in the puke and water. I can take a good guess that he had fucked her at some point to calm his raging dick, and probably after she was already dead. There was no way a nerd could hold her down when his load was gone, I had thought.

"Oh, boy," I sighed aloud. I didn't know what to do, but I figured it would be best if someone else found this mess first. I had thought that Casey would come to eventually. I grabbed the mop and heard a clanking sound. The boys seemed to have wanted to remove all evidence that they had been around, so they cleaned off Sophie.

They completely emptied my bucket on her. I dragged the mop and empty bucket back to the janitorial closet. It was getting too late by now. I just wanted to go home and maybe go over the night's events. And that's my full story of that night. I deflowered a virgin, and topped it off with a Dirty Sanchez and then some, but I guarantee to you that she wanted it. It was not rape.

What the geeks did was rape. I've been mopping floors for so long that I've learned names, faces, and philosophies within a minute of eavesdropping on conversations. She had told Sophie that she wanted to get laid, and even whispered supposing I couldn't here that she'd fuck anybody, "even the creepy janitor behind us." Her own words.

As for Sophie: she wanted none of it.

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She wanted to wait until marriage. So this is the full solution: I had sex with Casey, with her full consent, and there is nothing wrong with that. So she cries rape now, but that's just like crying wolf. As for the geeks, they raped and murdered Sophie, and I can give you all their names.

The only proof I can give you, officer, is my word. Officer, is that a wet stain on your pants?