Teeny schwaenzt Schule und laesst sich lieber ficken

Teeny schwaenzt Schule und laesst sich lieber ficken
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After I came to my senses, I couldn't believe what she had said.

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My daughter wanted to have sex with me. I was stunned. I never expected anything like that from her but I have to admit, I had never had an orgasm like that before by some one just asking if they could have sex with me. I told her that we would have to talk about it and do some real thinking about it.

I said that to her without any intention of going through with what she wanted. After all, she was my daughter. It would be so wrong but, just the thought of it was so sexually stimulating that there was no way my pussy was going to go dry with the idea in my head.

She agreed that we would have to discuss it further but not in the presence of my boyfriend. With that she said she was going over to a friends house and out the door she went. As soon as the door shut behind her, I looked at my boyfriend and said. "What are you waiting for? Put your face between my legs and eat my pussy like you have never eaten it before!" He went down on me and I thought he was going to try to insert his entire face into my sopping wet pussy.

I laid back and closed my eyes. I was moaning and groaning louder than I ever have before. I started thinking about what my daughter had said to me. I started fantasizing that it was her face that was planted in my pussy. I instantly started cumming over and over again.

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I am a squirter and after my boyfriend was done he told me that he thought he was going to drown in my gushing streams of cum. After we cooled down and got our breath back, we started talking about the things that transpired earlier. He said to me, "While I was tongue fucking your love hole, you were thinking about sex with your daughter weren't you." I asked him how he could tell.

"Because all the times we have had sex, you have NEVER had orgasms like that." I told him that I was sorry but I couldn't help thinking about it. I was embarrassed and told him that I should be ashamed of myself because a mother shouldn't be excited at the thought of having sex with her children.

I wasn't ashamed though. As we sat there I found myself secretly wishing that my daughter was there instead of him. I so wanted to feel her naked body pressed against mine. My mouth sucking on a nipple as my fingers probed her wanting pussy. "You want to have sex with her don't you?" He asked. Again my face flushed with embarrassment. "The idea of it is so wrong but the thought of it has me so amazingly turned on. My pussy is still dripping." What he said to me next helped me to put the whole thing into perspective.

"Instead of fighting with yourself over how wrong it may be, think about this. You said you have fantasized about having sex with a woman. She wants to give it a try. You should be flattered that she wants her first experience to be with you." I told him "Yeah I guess so." Then he said, "At least this way there wouldn't be any expectations and no fear that maybe you're not doing something right.

I think that this way nobody else would ever have to know. Better than doing it with a friend and having that friend spread it all over town if there was ever a parting of ways." I agreed with him on that. He was making sense. (Something he rarely did) "Could you ever show your face around town if you had sex with one of your female friends and then had a fight with her and to get even with you she spreads it around that you're a lesbian?

And not a very good one at that?" I told him I would be mortified if that were to happen.


"Well thats something you would never have to worry about with your daughter. Neither one of you would want to hurt the other like that." He was sure making some good points but, I wasn't about to tell him that I had already decided to grant my daughter's wish. I told him that if I decided to go through with it that I would prefer it if he weren't around. "I understand." He said. As the days to her birthday passed, Karen would ask me, "Well have you given it any thought?" I wasn't about to tell her that I fingered myself every night in bed and every morning in the shower while thinking of nothing but having sex with her.

In fact, every time she walked in the door I instantly drenched my panties. I just told her that I had thought about it a little but still wasn't sure about the whole thing. That of course was a lie since I had already gone to the local lingerie shop and bought a pair of purple sheer mesh thong panties and a purple camisole top. Purple is her favorite color. I had a plan and it would all cum together on the night of her birthday after all her friends leave.

That entire week I think I played with myself more than I had ever done in all my life up to that point put together. Hell, I was taking more than the normal amount of bathroom breaks at work just so I could finger myself to a quick orgasm. I was doing that 4 or 5 times a day. The day of her Birthday finally arrived.

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I went down to the lingerie shop again. This time I bought something for her. It was a white teddy made completely of lace. I was sure it wouldn't leave much to the imagination but, I sure got turned on by the thought of seeing her in it.


It turned me on so much that I fingered myself to another orgasm in the car on the drive home. Tonight would be awesome! That evening she had a few of her friends over to the house to help her celebrate her birthday. There was 8 girls and 2 guys. they played "truth or dare" and I joined in. It was one of her girlfriends turn and I thought I would die when she asked her question.

She said, "Karen, truth or dare?" Karen answered, "Thuth" Her friend asked, "have you ever had sex with another woman before?" My face immediately turned beet red and everybody there noticed. Karen answered, "No I have never had sex with another woman before but, I have thought about it a couple of times." Then she says, "This is my party and I make the rules so this is for all of you and there is no choice. Truth, and you HAVE to answer. How many of you have had, or thought about having sex with another woman?" 7 of the girls answered that they had thought about it at one time or another but would never go through with it.

One answered that she had actually done it but she liked men better so she probably wouldnt do it again. It wasnt hard to tell that the guys were liking where this was going. By the way they were figiting around, it was obvious that they both had pounding hard ons. Then they all started asking, "What about you mom? What about you? Have you ever done the deed with another woman?" My face was so red, it felt like it was on fire. "Nope, I can honestly say that I haven't." Then all playfully and giggly they all said, "You must have thought about it because your face is sure red." My answer to that was, "Well, after hearing all of your answers, I would have to say that there probably isn't too many women in the world that hasn't thought about it." It was one of the boy's turn to go next.

The boy next to me. Tom said, "Julie, truth or dare?" Julie said she'd take dare. Tom said, "Ok, I dare you to show us all your tits." I was shocked. I couldn't believe he asked her to do that. She answered back with an even more shocking answer. "I will show my tits if you show us your cock." With that, Tom abruptly stood up and unzipped his pants but before he pulled out his tool he said, "If I do this then everybody here has to make sure Julie keeps her end of the bargain." Everybody agreed, including me.

I wanted to see what he had to offer. Plus I would get the best view because he was standing right next to me and his crotch was right at my eye level. He reached inside and pulled out what had to be the biggest, and hardest cock I had ever seen! All the girls and I were amazed.

One of them asked if she could touch it. I dont know what came over me at that point but I said, "NO, you can't touch it" and with that, I reached up, Wrapped my hand around his cock and told him to put that thing away. It felt so good in my hand. I just wanted to start stroking it and telling it how happy I could make it. I know it could make me happy but, tonight was for my daughter. I let go and he put it away.

All the while he was staring at me with a strange look on his face. Then Julie raised her shirt over her head and gave us a glimpse of the most beautiful set of tits I had ever seen. Karen then reached up with both hands and placed them on Julies tits. As Karen squeezed them, she said, "Julie, put those away or we're all going to have wet dreams tonight.

I got up from my seat and went to the kitchen. As I was heading in there I asked if anyone wanted a soda. They all answered with a resounding "YES!" I was bent over getting the sodas out of the fridge and placing them on the counter. When I stood up and turned I was startled to see tom standing there. He whispered to me, "Did you like what you felt?" Embarrassed, I said, "Yes, very much so." He then says to me, "Have you ever heard the saying, turn about is fair play?" I told him I had and asked him what he was getting at.

"You felt something of mine. Can I feel something of yours?" I told him that if he promissed not to tell another living soul that something might be arranged.

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He said, "I promise." At that, with one hand I took his hand, and with my other hand I unsnapped my pants and pulled the zipper down. I guided his hand over my T-shirt covered braless tits and then down to the open front of my jeans. I guided his hand inside and he slid his hand down to my wet swollen pussy lips. He trid to put a finger inside me but I stopped him. I pulled his hand out, zipped up, and snapped my jeans closed. I whispered in his ear, "Did you like what you felt?

Are we even now?" He answered with labored breathing, "Yes." Again I don't know what came over me. I said to him, "I don't think so. I think I still owe you." With a confused look on his face he asked me what I meant. I then told him that if he wanted to, he could come over the next afternoon after Karen was gone to work and I would suck that gorgeous hunk of man meat that he was packing around untill it stopped throbbing.

I added, "Now that I have said that, I know it will be throbbing all night and into tomorrow untill the time comes that you shoot your hot sticky load down my throat. Can I count on you being here tomorrow afternoon?" All he could do was stand there and stutter. He finally got out the words "I'll be here." I told him I was happy to hear that and that I had only one request of him.

"Do not even think about jacking off between now and tomorrow afternoon. I will be pissed if you do and are only able to give me a half load." All he said was, "OK." Tom and I took the sodas into the living room to the other party goers.

I then told them, " I don't mean to be a party pooper but, I am getting tired and am going to take a shower and then head off to bed." Everybody agreed that it was getting late and it was time to go. After every one had left I told Karen that I had a couple more presents for her but she'd have to wait till I got out of the shower. "Ok" she said. I then went into my bedroom and got my bathrobe and rolled up the purple outfit in it.

While I was taking a shower I made sure my pussy lips were shaven as smooth as possible. I started to finger myself but then thought, "No, I want the next orgasm I have to be given to me by my daughter." I got out of the shower, dried off and got into my outfit.

I wrapped my robe around me and went into the living room where Karen was sitting. "Are you ready for one of your presents now?" I asked her. She told me she was.

I went into my room and got the package that I had wrapped for her.

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As I handed it to her I told her that I hoped she liked it. She opened it up and pulled out the teddy and said, "I LOVE IT! It's beautiful!" I said, "Why don't you go try it on and come out and model it for me." She jumped up and headed to her room to put it on.

While she did that, I went into my room, closed the door, took off my robe and layed on my bed in a very provocative pose. I layed back on my elbows with my legs partially spread so that when she came in, the first thing she would see was my eager pussy through my sheer purple panties. She came out of her room and hollered, "Mom, I thought you wanted me to model this outfit for you." I hollered back that I did and that she could come into my room and let me see.

When she opened my door and walked in, we both said in unison, "Oh my god! You're beautiful!" She looked amazing. I was right, The teddy didn't leave much to the imagination. I could clearly see that she kept her pussy neatly shaven too. She then said, "Theres no need for you to tell me what my second present is, I can see it right there on ther bed and it's saying to me in sign language, Come here and give me a kiss." I told her that she was very perceptive and that she should do just that.

She then came over to the bed where I was laying, crawled on top of me like a man mounting a woman, and she gave me the longest, most passionate kiss I had ever gotten in my life. I know this story went on and on but you'll have to wait for part 3