Kleiner schwanz wichsen

Kleiner schwanz wichsen
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Today I m going to tell u the real story about my friend Shahida in her own words.

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I was the only sibling of my parents.My father got married to my mother who was a social worker.At that time her age was 19 wheras my father was 40 yrs old.Within 9 months I came into being.My father bought a little pathan girl who was to be my friend as well as my maid servant.She was 2 years younger than me but soon at the age of 14,she looked like a well developed woman of 20 with large breasts and bulging hips.I too developed into a young ripe girl but with less breasts and hips as compared to my maid servant whose name was Nusrat.My father often went out of the country for his business and my mother,being a social worker got a few male acquaintenances,specially uncle Anwar and uncle Manzoor who often stay at night in our house.They were also very friendly with me and eversince my childhood,before giving me my favourite chocolates,hugged and kissed me.I used to sit on their laps with crossed legs.But after I got younger,uncle Anwar started putting me in his lap with legs surrounding his waist.He hugged me putting his arms around my back massaging it with his hands and kissing me on my forehead and cheeks, included my lips in his kisses.I used to enjoy all of this without any hesitation on my part.Uncle Manzoor also do the same things except that he likes to place me in his lap facing his legs.In this position,he hugged me caressing my waist and my budding breasts.After I got young ,this all happens usally when my mother was out of sight.I think that u are getting bored, so lets hear the real fucking story.

One night,getting thirsty,I went to the kitchen to drink water and in the way seeing that my mother's room shining brightly at this late hour, and hearing mingled voices of man and woman coming out of the bedroom ,I came to sudden halt.Getting curious,with nimble footing,I went to the side window and looked inside.My eyes popped out of their sockets.I saw that On the side of the bed,with her feet on the ground my mother was leaning on the bed stark naked and equally naked uncle Anwar,with his stout organ in his hand,was inseting it in the vagina of my mother.They were exchanging words which I could not hear properly.Due to sudden surge of horror and fear,I backed away from the window.But soon my natural instinct brought me to the window and I saw that uncle's long rod was fully engrossed in my mothers pussy.He was squeezing his breasts with his hands and his cock was moving in and out of her pussy and words of "Oh my god!u r great.my dear !Oh my goodness,lovely,wonderful"were coming out of my mother's lips.My legs were trembling,my mouth dry and I was feeling wetness between my pussy lips.Now I knew that hard rod was the penis which poked between my thighs and buttocks when I got seated in the uncles' laps.I put my finger inside my cunt lips and inserted it in my slit.It easily went inside.I started finger fucking my self just like uncle's cock was doing to my mother's pussy."Oh my lover,I m cumming,oh my god,"My mother was lying flat on the bed due to his hard pumping and writhing vigorously while uncle's cock was now out of her cunt and was pouring some white fluid on her spread buttocks.He spread this fluid on the buttocks and thighs of my mother.Then he lied flat on his back alongside my mother and they both got motionless.I was astonished to see that his rigid stout rod was resting on his belly in limp and flacid form of about 4 inches of length.

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Sensing that the skirmish was over,with stagering feet,I went to the kitchen,drank water and came to my room.I lied on the bed and closing my eyes,tried to visualise the whole scene of fucking between my mother and uncle Anwar.I didnot know when sleep prevailed upon me and when I opened my eyes,mother was leaning on me and trying to wake me.I was astonished to see her so very fresh ,and beautiful too.

The next day when uncle Anwar came,mother was not at home.I went to greet him and as usual,he put me in his lap.My legs were encircling his waist and when he hugged me,I felt his semi-erect cock poking my crotch.I rubbed my buttocks on his cock teasingly and gave him a long,strong kiss on his lips.Then putting my cheek to his cheek,I whispered in his ears"Uncle!


I saw u and mother in her bedroom the previous night.What u 2 were doing?"suddenly I was amused to feel his full erection between my thighs."Nothing,absolutely nothing.What r u talking about,my dear "he answered in staggering voice.Pressing my crotch on his cock with a circular pushes ,I said"My dear dear uncle!You and mother both were naked.Mother was standing leaning alongside the bed and u were putting some long rod -shape thing inside her belly."Seeing no way out,he said,"Oh that.We were playing a game,a very lovely game,nothing more."I jumped from his lap,started taking off my clothes and said,"Lets play the same game with me.I saw all of ur game and really enjoyed it.Come on,take off ur clothes,I want to get the real enjoyment of that game.come on,hurry up."Seeing my lush young body in its full naturalness,uncle's eyes popped out of their sockets.Now he could not control himself.He lifted me in his arms and carrying me to my bedroom,said,"Oh,oh,my dear dear sweetheart!You don't know how much i have waited for such a moment.But for such an occasion,bedroom is the proper place,not the lounge my sweetie."He placed me in the center of the oval-shaped bed very very carefully.He started to caress my crotch area but I stopped him saying,"My dear1This is the first time that anybody is seeing me fully nude,and also the first time that I am seeing a naked man.You plz lie flat on your back and allow me to first examine your male body especially your handsome cock.""Ok,my darling,as you wish,"he complied.I sat between his spread legs and atonce took hold of his almost 9 inch long rock hard erection in my two hands.

The rest of the story will be posted within days in SHAHIDA-PART 2.Plz give ur comments.

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