The Submission of Sophie Sensual Lesbian Love With Mistress And Slave

The Submission of Sophie  Sensual Lesbian Love With Mistress And Slave
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Hallo again! My wonderful, considerate employer has given me some free time as a reward for the amount of travel and associated work we have been doing recently, which was extremely generous of him! This has allowed me to continue with my story and to be honest, when I started on this project I was sure three chapters would see me reach the planned conclusion. Well even the best laid plans are subject to change, and as I wrote this chapter my principle characters, Katie and Dean, took me on an interesting and unexpected sexual detour.

As they, and I, enjoyed ourselves the word-count grew to the point that I cannot conclude with this story without cutting things short, so chapter four will now be where my story ends. I have received some PMs following Chapter two from readers who could not find the first installment, and while I'm sure most of you know this, I will provide a "how to" for those that don't. If you wish to review any author's earlier works, merely click on the name to the right of the story title.

This will take you to a complete list of their stories, so that you can read their earlier chapters, or other stories. If you think you will enjoy this chapter I would encourage you to read the previous chapters first, as the story makes far more sense if you follow the chronology.


I hope you derive some private pleasure from this installment, and that you'll leave a post if you do! XXX Cyn ******************************************************************************************************************* As they drove back from the airport Dean managed to maintain some form of compliance with the posted speed limit, which was quite a feat considering every fiber of his being wanted to mash the gas pedal to the floor.

Katie rolled down the window and luxuriated in the breeze that massaged her face and body like feather-soft fingers. She half turned and smiled across at her husband. "So, did you miss me just a little?" She asked coyly. She wasn't surprised when he laughed loudly, before grinning back at her.

"Just a little." He teased. "Which became a lot when you made a very enjoyable phone-sex call, and then went off the top of the charts when you sent me those…intimate pictures!" She giggled like a mischievous child.

"I was wondering how you'd feel about that!" He slid his hand slowly up her thigh, loving the uninhibited way she spread her legs for him. "The only thing was, you weren't here to take care of the problem you created." She giggled again.

"Well I'm here now!" She assured him. He smiled broadly before returning his attention to the road. "I'd suggest you enjoy the sunshine Katie, because you may not see it again for a while." "That suits me just fine." She responded. "Can't this car go any faster?" "Not unless you want a speeding ticket, and that would only slow us down." He replied, but still accelerated slightly as he kept a watchful eye on the rear view mirror.

He sped up their street and slid into the drive with the tires squealing in protest, both doors flying open as the car came to a halt. He popped the trunk and they each snatched a bag, before they ran laughing to the porch. Katie was fumbling for her keys in her purse, but Dean reached past her and unlocked the door, slamming it shut as they made it inside. Both bags hit the floor at precisely the same second and she was in his arms, kissing him passionately as her hunger drove her on.

He pushed her back a step and slid her jacket from her shoulders, savoring the sight of her prominent nipples pushing against the sheer fabric. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse as she took care of his shirt, until both pieces of clothing hit the floor. Her skirt and panties followed until she was standing before him wearing nothing more than her nipple jewelry and stilettos, and his shoes, socks, pants and shorts soon joined the pile of discarded clothing on the floor.

Her gripped her pointed nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing firmly as she leaned back to increase the tension, a soft hiss slipping past her lips. "You have no idea how much I've missed your hands on my body Dean." She whispered. He didn't reply, but took her by the hand and lead her to coffee table, laying her back until her head was hanging over the edge.

She smiled up at him as he took his long, hard cock in his hand and stroked it firmly as he gazed down at her. "In the mood for some cock-meat?" He enquired simply. "I told you, I'm in the mood for anything you want!" She hissed back at him, so he knelt down and slid his cock past her cherry-red lips. "MMMMmmmmm!" She moaned around his cock, her lips and tongue skillfully attempting to draw him deeper. He fed her another couple of inches and she moaned again as she felt the head nudging gently against the entrance to her throat.

A familiar feeling of undeniable lust was sweeping over him and he thrust forward firmly, his desire to have his heavy balls brushing her chin impossible to resist. He watched as her cheeks sucked inward, marveling at her ability to take his full length without gagging, and started rocking back and forth as he made love to her sweet mouth.

Again he thrust his full length deep into her throat and again she moaned in wanton expectation. He leant forward and brushed his fingers across her glistening labia, not surprised to find she was already wet to his touch. He slid one finger easily inside, feeling the heat radiating from her moist cavity before adding a second, stretching her slightly as he continued to slide his cock into her eager mouth.

A familiar tingling sensation started pulsing from his heavy balls, and while cumming down her throat was a pleasant prospect, he reluctantly slid back and moved around the table. He knelt between her legs and pushed them further apart, his slick cock in hand as he lined up the head with her glistening pussy.

With one firm, deep thrust he buried himself inside her, hearing her groan in appreciation. "Yes, OH FUCK! YES!" She groaned. "I've missed you so much babe!" He smiled as his cock started thrusting as though moving of its own accord, enjoying the additional pressure provided by the butt plug nestled firmly in her tight ass. "I loved the pictures of you fist-fucking your pussy Katie." He whispered.

"Then give my pussy a good stretching, pump me full of cum, and you can sit back and watch me do it again if you'd like!" She hissed in hedonistic encouragement. His cock twitched and he struggled hold back the cum that felt as though it was boiling in his balls. "You'd do that?" He groaned. "You'd let me watch you fist your cunt?" "If that's what you want, I'll put on a show you'll never forget!" She assured him. He was thrusting harder and faster, knowing he was seconds away from granting her wish as she grunted beneath him.

"So…fucking…good!" She squealed in time with his firm thrusts. "Come on; fuck my hot cunt&hellip.PLEASE!!!" His response to her lustful encouragement was immediate and explosive, as he just had time to gasp a warning before he started pumping his cum deep inside her.

She squealed as she felt his hot juices bathe the walls of her clenching pussy, and joined him in blissful release as her fluids mixed with his in a steaming cocktail of primal release.

They both realized how much they wanted and needed this, and she marveled at how long he continued thrusting and filling her pussy with his sweet cum. Their juices were oozing past his shaft as his thrusting finally slowed, until his softening cock lay lodged between her labia and he realized his body was coated in sticky patches of sexual cream from the waist down.

He knew his satisfying release was merely the first of many he would enjoy over the coming days, little more than a pleasant precursor to the erotic intimacy they both craved, and he gazed down at the steady flow of juices that oozed from her freshly fucked slit. He slid free, crouched down and inhaled deeply, his sense of smell savoring the primal scent before sliding his moist tongue along the length of her labia.

She groaned, a low deep sound that came from deep within, as he used his tongue to scoop up the excess liquid. His reluctance to taste his own cream had been left in the past, and he gently folded her labia back and gazed lustfully at her cream-coated passage before slowly scouring her clean with his pointed tongue. She was whimpering now, surrendering to the exquisite sensations radiating from her slick pussy.

Dean continued to lovingly clean her, his senses registering the tangy flavors of their lustful coupling as he probed deeper, before she trembled and bathed his working mouth with another spray of orgasmic juices. She came again and again until she pleaded breathlessly for him to stop, simply unable to take any more, and he sat back on his haunches, his face glistening with fluids as her shudders subsided.

Her got slowly to his feet and walked unsteadily into the kitchen, taking a bottle of chilled champagne and two crystal flutes from the refrigerator before heading back. He popped the cork which had Katie's eyes flicker open as she reacted to the sound, and she smiled dreamily as he poured two glasses.

She managed to push herself into a sitting position, gratefully accepting her glass. "Welcome home Katie." He toasted her with a smile. "I can't tell you how good it is to have you back!" She flashed a lascivious smile. "It was almost worth being away to have you eat my pussy like that. I can't begin to tell you how much it turns me on to have you suck your cum from my freshly fucked cunt; I came so hard I'm still shivering!" He grinned back at her as he sipped his champagne.

"I have to say that once I got my head around it, it really turns me on too!" He assured her. They talked for a while as their bodies recovered before Katie moved over and sat on the couch, spreading her legs wide apart to Dean's appreciative gaze before asking a rhetorical question. "Does it get you hot seeing me like this Dean? Sitting here with my legs open, my juicy, shaved cunt oozing cum all over the couch after you've fucked me?" He smiled at her playful teasing.

"I think you know exactly how hot I get when you behave like this!" But she hadn't finished just yet, and made a deliberate show of sliding an extended finger deep in her mouth, her cheeks sucking inward as she coated it with saliva, before she slid it slowly along the length of her slick flesh.

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"So it doesn't bother you that I'm becoming such a depraved little slut, and I'm happy to be a part of any kind of kinky sex-play you want?" "Let me put it this way Katie, didn't you promise to put on a show for me and fist your tight little cunt while I watched?" He teased right back. "Ooooooh!" She whispered.

"You are a depraved little voyeur aren't you? Do you really want me to do that? Do you want to sit back and see how far my pussy stretches when I slide my whole hand deep inside my hot, dripping fuck-box? And what are you going to do while I'm doing that? Are you going to stroke that beautiful cock for me?" He nodded in reply, his throat suddenly dry at the prospect of what was to come.

"Then make sure you don't waste that sweet cum babe. If you decide to shoot a load, I want it all over me, ok?" He nodded again as she lay back and slid two fingers deep inside, moaning softly as she pleasured herself while drawing inspiration from the knowledge that Dean was watching intently.

His hand wrapped itself around his slick shaft as if were independent of his control, and jacked slowly but firmly along his length, a bead of pre-cum oozing from his slit as he reached the head. Katie easily inserted a third finger, moaning again as her own flow increased to ease the passage of her hand as she slowly stretched. She drew her hand back and folded her thumb into her palm before sliding back in, making it as far as the base of her knuckles.

"Oh my fucking God!" She hissed. "SO…FUCKING…TIGHT! Uh…Uhhh!!! I'm not sure if I can do this with the plug in my ass& tight!" "Do you want me to slide the plug out Katie?" Dean asked softly. She shook her head vehemently. "No! At least…not yet. But I could use some help!" He moved closer. "What do you want me to do babe?" "Help…me&hellip.stretch." She panted breathlessly. "Pull my labia back and don't be shy, rip me open as far as you can!" He released his hold on his dripping cock and took a firm grip on her flesh, applying steadily increasing pressure as he pulled her puffy lips to each side.

He watched spellbound she thrust firmly, leaning forward slightly to provide a better angle and hearing her moan as her knuckles slid past the gripping ring of muscle. She was close, so tantalizingly close, the bulge of her wrist covered in slick juice as she sought to make good on her promise.

"Fuck…fuck&hellip.FUCK!" She screamed. "So… fucking… full!!! Almost there!" She panted, before her body went rigid as she came with such force Dean was sure he could hear her juices spatter against her probing hand. His cock was twitching as it stood proud from his firm balls, and he watched in awe as she ruthlessly pounded her fist deep inside her clenching, resistant cunt.

"Rip me open Dean!" She sobbed. "I can't do this on my own!!!" He was beyond the point of care or reason and pulled her labia back with all his strength, hearing her scream of passion as her wrist finally forced its way inside. Despite seeing the photos he could not believe his eyes, as she furiously ravaged herself with forceful, pounding thrusts, all the while stretching herself beyond the point he thought would be possible.

She was delirious with fuck-lust, thrusting harder than he had ever done as she came constantly, juices oozing down her forearm every time she pulled back, and displaying a long bead of saliva that hung suspended from her lips.

"Oh…YYYEEEESSSS!!!!" She screamed. "FUCKING YES, that's what I needed. Oh God…sweet Jesus&hellip.I've never felt so full in my fucking life.

MY CUNT IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!" She shuddered through one last cum that was seemingly never-ending, until she slumped back against the cushions, her face and chest flushed crimson from the effort and her breasts heaving as she struggled to draw oxygen into her lungs. "Oh…my…fucking&hellip.God." She stammered.

"I don't think .…I've ever cum like that!" Dean smiled before realizing his cock was pleading for attention, so he released his hold on her puffy labia and started firmly jacking his length once more.

He stood before her, gazing down at her spent form and wondering whether she was done for the day after such an intense series of experiences. He wasn't worried either way as they had time to spare, and for now he focused on granting her wish for a steaming cum bath.

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Katie was lying still, her hand still firmly wedged between her thighs and her eyes half-closed with a dreamy smile on her face. She came back to life when she heard Dean groan, and looked up to see him jacking his shaft firmly.

"Now that's what I like to see, a man who's not afraid to look after himself." She softly encouraged. He laughed at her comment. "So you like watching a man stretch his cock?" "Only when it's one special man." She said matter-of-factly. "And only when I know he'll share his cum with me!" His hand was moving faster and he knew he was getting very close.

"Then you'd better get ready Katie. If you want a cum bath&'re about to get it!" "Do it!" She encouraged enthusiastically. "Spray me babe!" No sooner had the words left her lips than the first stream of cum flew from his slit and sprayed across her cheek. He aimed his cock carefully and sent the second stream across her forehead, watching his cream cascade down her face and pool on her eyelashes.

A change of direction saw the next spatter across her breast, a string forming on the end of her pointed nipple as the next burst coated her other breast. He was still pumping, but his spurts were losing strength and she managed to lean forward, no mean feat considering she still had her hand wedged firmly in her pussy, and extended her tongue in invitation. He smiled and aimed his diminishing load at her mouth, coating her lips and tongue before she opened her mouth and he fired his final burst inside as she swiped the tip of his cock with her tongue.

He managed to half-turn and collapse onto the couch beside her, finally spent, for now at least. His breathing matched hers earlier as his chest rose and fell, and he drew several deep breaths as his heart rate gradually slowed. He smiled across at her, and again marveled at her uninhibited behavior as she sipped her champagne, completely unconcerned that she was covered in rivers of thick, oozing cum. "You look so fucking hot Katie." He said simply. "Thanks babe." She replied with a sense of amusement.

"But you just look&hellip.thoroughly fucked!" He laughed heartily at her graphic assessment of his condition, and then watched as she carefully slid her wrist back, watching her pussy gaping open when she finally managed to ease free. She looked down and then grinned at him.


"I think you'll have to find&hellip.other openings to explore Dean. It could take a while for my pussy to go back to normal size after that!" "Something tells me that won't be problem Katie." He assured her. "Now, do you feel like a shower to clean up, or would you rather have a swim?" She considered that for a moment before replying.

"I think I'd like a swim, are you hungry?" "You could say I've worked up a healthy appetite." He smiled. "No surprise there!" She laughed. "You fetch some towels and I'll take our glasses. After a swim I'll fix a late lunch." They swam for quite a while, luxuriating in the cool, cleansing water and the warmth of the sun on their bare skin before she swam over, wrapped her legs around his waist, and leaned back to float on the surface.

When they finally separated and stepped from the pool they lay back on the lounges and Dean topped up their glasses. He asked Katie about her mom, so she spent some time discussing her condition and plans for recovery, before telling him how much she had enjoyed spending time with her dad and catching up with her brother when he flew in.

She had obviously enjoyed the family dinner last night, and he agreed they should make the effort to visit more often and catch up with family happenings. Then Katie asked him about how he had spent his time, and wanted to hear all the details about his successful presentation and subsequent lunch with his MD. She was delighted it had gone so well, particularly considering how much time he had invested in it. The prospect of a decent bonus was something they spent a little time discussing, until Katie joked that Dean didn't know how much she'd already spent!

She suggested they head inside, pleading serious hunger pangs, so they went into the kitchen and Katie prepared a belated lunch, whistling when she saw the amount of food in the refrigerator and pantry. "I think I might let you take care of the grocery shopping from now on." She smiled over the counter at him. They sat down and ate heartily, both realizing how hungry they were as neither had eaten since breakfast.

Conversation was suspended until they had cleared their plates, finally satisfied. "So how does it feel to be an accomplished erotic writer?" She asked with a smile. He sat back and stretched, smiling across at her. "I must admit I'm kind of surprised my story rated so well. I mean…I've never written any kind of story before&hellip.let alone one like this, and the reaction has been more than I expected.

I figured it could take some time to work out how to push a reader's buttons." "Dean everything you do, you do well." She responded. "I've never seen you do half a job of anything you've taken on, so it wasn't that much of a surprise." "Well, I did get one surprise." He replied, and went on to tell her about Melanie's private message and her request that he write the story of her dreams.

He could see Katie had some reservations about this, and hastened to reassure her. "I haven't replied to her and I really don't care whether I do or not. I can ignore her completely, which she seems to be expecting anyway, or I can respond and tell her I'm not interested, or I can see what her story outline looks like.

But there's no way I'd think about making contact unless you are one hundred percent in favor." Katie was looking thoughtful. "Can I read her message?" "Sure." He replied and fetched his laptop, waiting for it to power up before he opened the message, and then slid it over so that Katie could read it. She concentrated on the screen, reading Melanie's message a couple of times before finally looking back at him. "Well, if what she says is true and she caught her husband in bed with her best friend, then I guess she's not trying to steal you away from me." Dean put his hand over hers and gazed into her eyes.

"Katie, any man who has a woman like you would be certified crazy to fool around with anyone else. That would be like&hellip.throwing fresh prime rib in the trash and then cooking hamburger!" She gave him a quizzical smile.

"That's an interesting analogy." She replied, to which he merely shrugged. "I think I need some time to think about this, is that ok?" "Fine with me." He assured her. "Look babe, I'm just trying to be honest here. I really don't care about Melanie or anyone else that may contact me. If you want to keep this private between us, that's totally ok.

I just wanted you to know she'd contacted me, rather than have you use my computer some time and find it by accident, and then wonder what I was doing behind your back." She smiled at his reassurance. "I understand that&hellip.and I also want to thank you for the way you wrote your story." It was Dean's turn to look nonplussed, as he had no idea what she was getting at. Sensing his curiosity she continued. "I thought we had agreed your first story would be about your fantasies, the kind of sex-play you may have wanted to explore but held back for some reason.

Instead you wrote about the woman being in charge, and using her man as a sexual plaything." She smiled as she went on. "I've been married to you for long enough to know you're a take-charge kind of guy, so I concluded you did that so that I'd feel totally comfortable, and could explore what I wanted with complete freedom. Now, are you going to tell me I'm wrong?" He blushed and put his hands up in a gesture of surrender, which only had Katie laughing heartily before she went on.

"You know, I thought long and hard about going along with it. I even considered ringing you this morning and saying I couldn't make it and I was sending Carol to take care of you. I was even thinking about stopping off on the way to the airport and buying a wig and dressing in something completely outrageous!" It was Dean's turn to laugh. "That's an interesting prospect. So why didn't you go through with it?" "What makes you think I won't& some point?" She teased.

"But honestly, I love you and trust you, and right now I'm happy to do whatever you want. There are times when you make love to me, and other times when you give me a seriously good fucking, but they are all fantastic and I honestly can't remember ever feeling unsatisfied, so just keep doing what you're doing, ok? And don't worry, if I'm in the mood to try something new you'll be the first to know.

We haven't opened my case full of new clothes and adult shopping yet!" His curiosity piqued, he simply had to ask the question. "So exactly what did you buy over there, and how did you manage to go shopping for sex toys with your dad around?" She laughed as she remembered that aspect. "Simple! I just told dad I was going shopping for clothes and asked if I could borrow his car. He politely asked if I'd like some company, so I told him I'd probably spend the day trying on clothes, underwear and shoes.

That did the trick and he handed over the keys. I bought a couple of new outfits in case you wanted to have an intimate dinner, and I spent a bomb at an adult store!

The funny thing was when I realized I wouldn't come close to fitting everything in my bag, so I had to go back to the mall and buy another one!" Dean smiled as he imagined how that went; as there was no doubt Katie could work around a problem when she had to. He gazed at the horizon, half-surprised to see the sun was getting low and dusk was approaching.

He took a long, deep breath and realized he felt more relaxed than he had for some time. Katie's return had restored his sense of balance, and while her absence had been unavoidable he was delighted to have her back where she belonged. Katie was watching him, smiling softly as he gazed at the sky and soft clouds, before he seemed to come to a decision and strode inside. He was back in a minute, carrying a fresh, fluffy towel and a small bottle and smiling at her as he walked over.

He adjusted a sun lounge until it was horizontal, and motioned for her to come over as he spread the towel over the cushions. She lay back on the lounge and he suggested she turn over, before he opened the bottle and poured the liquid into his palm before starting to massage her neck and shoulders. A soft moan slipped from her lips as his strong hands worked the massage oil into her skin, finding patches of muscle tension that he slowly eased to state of total relaxation before moving on.

Her thoughts drifted aimlessly as she savored the feel of his hands on her skin, working across every square inch of her neck, shoulders and back before he worked slowly down each arm to the wrist. The shadows were growing longer when she felt his hands on her ankles, and she luxuriated in his unhurried movements as he worked up her calves and thighs. "Oh God Dean. I've never had a massage like this in my entire life!" She enthused softly.

"This is just soooo good." He smiled down at her glistening body. "For once we've got all the time we want Katie, and sometimes I just feel like I should stop the world spinning and get off and rest for a while." "I know how you feel babe." She agreed. "Even though it's just the two of us life always seems to be busy, even frantic at times. Just lying here like this feels so……totally indulgent; but I'm loving every minute!" He poured some oil over her taut butt cheeks and started massaging them firmly, and again she slid her legs apart invitingly.

His fingers worked around the butt plug and she moaned again, but this time the sound was deeper and more primal. He brushed over her labia and slid a slick finger along the length of her glistening slit, hearing her groan again before he lightly slapped her butt and told her to roll over.

She did with some reluctance, a petulant look on her face as she gazed up at him. "That was just starting to get interesting!" She complained, but with little conviction. He chuckled. "The night is young babe, and I'm only half done so far.

My advice is that you just lay back and enjoy!" She feigned a sense of exasperation. "The things I have to do just to keep my husband happy!" She giggled, before closing her eyes as he went to work. Once again he started at her shoulders before working slowly down her body, and it took half an hour or so before he was softly massaging the smooth skin of her shaved pussy.

He debated briefly whether he should tease her again, but he couldn't resist the prospect of bringing her to climax, and used his fingers and tongue to gently bring her to a shuddering, whimpering orgasm. He drained his glass as her watched her chest rise and fall, until her eyelids flickered open.

"Thank you." She said simply. "That was…fan-fucking-tastic! I think this is when one good turn deserves another." She smiled as she stood, motioning for him to take her place as she picked up the bottle of massage oil. It was virtually dark but the evening was still warm with a gently, balmy breeze wafting through the yard. Dean was lying face down as Katie started massaging his shoulders, and while her fingers lacked his strength she more than made up for it with a dexterous touch.

Physically and emotionally satisfied she followed his lead by taking her time, finding areas of muscle tension and working steadily until they relaxed before moving on. Dean felt she spent a lot of time on his butt, which was by no means unpleasant, until she tapped him on the shoulder and told him to roll over onto his back. Again she started at his shoulders, working down his body and bypassing his groin as she continued down his legs, before taking his cock and one hand and softly massaging his balls with the other.

Her slippery touches saw his cock rising to hardness in no time, and she laughingly teased him. "I love the way you've shaved your cock and your balls, but I can feel a lot of tension and pressure there; would you like me to take care of that for you?" She was surprised when he grinned and shook his head.

"That's a very tempting idea but I think we can leave that until later. What I'd really like is to have an intimate welcome home dinner with my sexy wife, especially if I can convince her to wear one her hot new dresses!" She laughed loudly.

"You are full of surprises, as I was sure you'd take me up on my offer. But a girl loves a good excuse to dress up, so as long as you don't think it's too late, because it'll take me at least an hour to get ready if you want me to do it properly.

You know, make up, hair, the whole package. Then it'll take a while to cook dinner." He nodded in reassurance. "Why not? We had a late lunch and we can sleep in as long as we like tomorrow, so there's no reason to rush things." "You're right." She agreed and picked up the empty champagne bottle. "I'm heading for the shower; I feel so relaxed after that fantastic massage so thank you for that.

Do you think I could ask you to bring me a glass of wine?" He nodded and she headed away, pausing in the kitchen to have a quick look at the food Dean had bought so she could think about what to prepare for dinner while she was getting ready.

He was just about to head inside when her head popped through the doorway. "I bought some DVDs while I was away so I've left them on the coffee table. You'll probably be ready well before me, so you can watch one if you like&hellip.and see if it gets you in the mood for later, ok?" He grinned at her thinly-veiled suggestion and headed inside as she disappeared toward the bedroom.

Several bottles of wine were chilling in the refrigerator, and he took one and poured two fresh glasses before he followed her path. When he arrived in the ensuite it was filled with misty steam, droplets of moisture trickling down the mirror as she enjoyed her shower. "Your wine is on the vanity Katie." He told her, before picking up his toiletries, making a brief stop for a fresh pair of shorts, and heading for the main bathroom to enjoy a long, luxuriating shower of his own.

It took a while to wash the massage oil from his skin, but he was in no hurry as he knew he'd be ready well before Katie, so he dried his hair before shaving and slipping into his shorts.

He returned to the bedroom to dress and Katie was still in the ensuite, the noise of the hairdryer muffled by the closed door. He opened the wardrobe and stood for a moment, considering what he should wear to dinner, before deciding on dress pants and short-sleeved semi-casual shirt.

He headed for the dining room and set the table, lighting some fragrant candles rather than flicking the light switch, and then retrieved his glass of wine and headed for the den to relax until Katie arrived. Seeing the stack of DVDs on the coffee table he picked them up and flicked through them, whistling in quiet surprise at the breadth of choice she had selected.

It seemed she had managed to find at least one for every predilection, and it took him a while to decide which he wanted to watch. He finally picked "Carnivale Orgies" and slipped the disk into the player before sitting back and watching the opening credits roll up on the widescreen TV. He soon realized this movie had a better budget than the average porno, as it was filmed in Rio and very professionally done.

The story-line started with three buffed young men swimming on Copacabana Beach, before they were approached by a group of stunning, buxom women who invited them back to their place for an afternoon party.

When they arrived there was a large group on the rooftop drinking and dancing to loud music, and it wasn't long before scanty bikinis disappeared and the action started. Dean did a double-take when two of the young women revealed thick cocks, and he realized she-male transsexual action was included!

Soon everyone was involved in a hedonistic smorgasbord, with oral, anal, DPs and TPs, girl-on-girl, and even a she-male fucking a guy while he sucked the cock of another. Dean was transfixed, as this was well beyond any adult film he had seen previously, and there was so much taking place he was unsure where to look. Soon cum was flying in all directions and the young actresses made quite a show of lapping it up, swapping mouthfuls of white cream with their co-stars as the action got progressively hotter.

It was no surprise that he reacted to the vision as any man would have, and he squirmed as he readjusted the position of his hard, oozing cock to somewhere more comfortable. He was seriously considering slipping it out and masturbating when Katie walked in, her wine glass in hand as she smiled at him.

"I see you found something to keep you occupied while you waited." She said in a husky tone. Suddenly the on-screen action was a secondary consideration, as he gazed longingly at his beautiful wife.

Her outfit was elegant yet overtly sexy, and he knew if he'd taken her out every man present would have done a double-take as she walked by. Her cocktail dress was a brilliant emerald green color that shimmered in the subtle lighting, and her hair and makeup were magazine-cover perfect. "Um…I'm feeling a little underdressed babe. You look amazing!" She raised her glass in a silent toast before pirouetting slowly to provide a view of the plunging back of her dress.

"So you like this little rag?" She teased. "Oh yeah!!" He responded with heartfelt enthusiasm. "I've just put dinner on so I can join you for a few minutes." She said as she sat beside him, her hand brushing his cock which brought a wide smile to his face.

"Are you enjoying the movie?" "So far I'd say it's the best adult movie I've seen!" He assured her. "Then I hope the others are up to the same standard. It might be an interesting few days if they are!" They both laughed at that comment and went back to watching the movie, and it wasn't long before Katie was squirming just as Dean had earlier. "Oh wow! She enthused. "Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me!" "Babe, it's definitely getting hot in here!" He assured her.

"I'm going to have to see to dinner, but I'll have to catch up on what I missed out on later." "Do you want me to pause it?" He enquired. She smiled at his thoughtful suggestion. "No need. I can always watch it later." Dean went back to the movie as Katie finished her dinner preparations, and it wasn't long before she was back.

"Ok stud. Now it's time to hit the pause button and join me for dinner." He stood, painfully aware of the prominent wet patch on the front of his trousers, but Katie merely smiled and took his hand as she led him into the dining room. She had prepared a sumptuous meal, and once they were seated she raised her glass in a toast. "Here's to being back where I belong!" She said simply. He raised his glass in acknowledgment.

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"I couldn't put it better myself. Its SOOO GOOD to have you back!" She replied with a smile. "It's nice to know you still miss me when I go away." Animated conversation was interrupted by the occasional mouthful as they enjoyed their meal, until they were done and Katie served a simple but enjoyable desert.

Their discussions moved through various topics until Katie suggested they consider planning a holiday, as they hadn't enjoyed a decent vacation for some time as they coped with pressures of careers and day to day life. Various locations were suggested until Dean proposed they consider Hawaii, a place neither had been before.

Katie's eyes glistened at that suggestion. "I could enjoy a Pina Colada on the shores of Waikiki Beach at sunset; that's a great idea!" Dean insisted on clearing the dishes as Katie had done all the work preparing dinner, and then took her by the hand. "Let's go to bed babe." She stood on tip toe to kiss him softly. "There's nothing I'd rather do!" She smiled, and they blew out the candles and headed for the bedroom. They undressed each other slowly, taking their time and savoring the moment, until both were naked and Dean lay Katie back on the bed.

He started kissing her neck before moving ever so slowly down her body, pausing every couple of inches to kiss her warm skin until he was nestled between her thighs. Her legs moved apart for him, her need obvious as his lips made soft contact with her labia. As her temperature rose and her juices started to ooze he slid his tongue deep inside, tasting her nectar as he listened to her gasp and moan. He brought her to a gentle climax as she bathed his face in cum, before his lust drove him to take her even higher.

A second cum followed before she slid free momentarily, gasping for breath as she changed position so that he could continue while she took his hard, dripping cock deep into her throat.


The joined in a loving sixty-nine, both focusing on bringing the other to a point of complete surrender, until Dean lost the battle to hold back and pumped his warm seed deep in her throat. Finally satisfied she moved back up the bed, and took him in her arms as sleep washed over them like gentle waves lapping on a shore.

They slept soundly and woke with sunlight streaming through the windows, and Katie rubbed the sleep from eyes before glancing at the clock to see it was well after nine. Her fingers traced lazy patterns across Dean's chest as he slowly woke, before she kissed him softly on the lips.

"Good morning lover!" She greeted him. His eyes opened and he smiled back at her. "And good morning to you. Uhh…what time is it?" "It's after nine, so I think I'd better get downstairs and fix breakfast before it becomes lunch!

Want to join me in say…thirty minutes or so?" Dean was still half asleep. "Half an hour?" He mumbled.

"Are you planning on cooking a banquet?" She laughed, a soft tinkling sound that wafted throughout the room. "You'll find out soon enough. Don't be late!" She stood, stretched, and slipped on a short stain robe that accentuated her feminine curves, and then she was gone.

He noted the time as he switched on the bedside radio, and loud rock music assisted in bringing him to a wakeful state. His mind wandered back to yesterday, and he realized he was grinning broadly as he mentally replayed the intimate games they had enjoyed. In typical male fashion this led him to wonder why Katie had asked for half an hour before he joined her, and several highly desirable alternatives came to mind.

He was still grinning as he turned on the shower, standing under the spray as he washed the last vestiges of sleep away. Feeling clean and refreshed he toweled dry, poking his head through the door to see he had five minutes remaining before he was due in the kitchen. He thought about slipping on a pair of shorts, but decided on a robe instead, figuring it would be easier to slip off if the circumstances warranted.

He headed down the hallway and walked into the kitchen, his jaw dropping when he saw Katie cooking something on the stove. Just like Carol in his story, she was dressed in a skimpy French Maid costume that left very little to the imagination. The tiny black skirt just covered her butt cheeks and didn't come close to meeting her fishnet stockings, but if she took a deep breath he was sure it would lift far enough to provide a tantalizing glimpse of her feminine delights.

The white apron was so sheer it was virtually transparent, and her pert breasts and firm nipples were on proud display. She had even put her hair up loosely and was wearing a tiny white headpiece. She sensed his presence and turned to face him, smiling when she saw the stunned expression on his face.

"Cat got your tongue babe?" She teased, knowing exactly what had led to his reaction. "Umm…you could say that." He stammered. "Ummm&! Its one thing to write about it&hellip.but it's completely different to see it in real life. Where…did…you…get…that!!!" She walked over to him, her heels clicking on the floor until she was standing before him. Her hand slid forward and massaged his cock through the fabric of his robe, and she kissed him softly on the cheek.

"I told you I went shopping." She whispered. "You did, but I wasn't expecting this!" He responded. "Then it's nice to know I can still surprise you." She replied.

"Now sit down so I can serve breakfast before it's burnt to a crisp. I hope you're hungry!" Katie had prepared a simple breakfast of fried eggs on toast, hash browns and grilled tomato, which Dean devoured hungrily while she ate at a more leisurely pace. She was delighted to see he couldn't keep his eyes off her, even dropping food in his lap through a total lack of focus. He scooped up the food that had missed his mouth by a large margin and gave her an embarrassed grin.

"Katie, you look sensational. So fucking sexy! I can't even concentrate on eating!!!" "I'm glad I still turn you on Dean." She replied, surprised when he stood and opened his robe to display his hard cock that was clearly ready to go. "You think?" He added simply with an evil grin before sitting back down. "Don't you take that delightful implement of pleasure too far away." She came right back.

"I think I can put that to good use real soon!" With breakfast finished Dean stood to clear the dishes, and then moved behind Katie as he slid his hands beneath her apron and started massaging her nipples.

As they grew harder and longer he started tweaking them with his thumbs and forefingers, increasing the pressure gradually as she leaned her head back until it rested against his chest. "Oh God!" She whispered softly.

"You know my body so well." He increased the pressure until the tips of his fingers went white, and she whimpered as he stretched her nipples well away from her chest. "Uhh&hellip.AAARRRGGGHH! I hope you're going to fuck me soon." She groaned. "Have you got something really filthy in mind for your little slut today?" "I think I can accommodate you babe." He assured her.

"If you can borrow from my story, I'm going to do the same. Stand up." He released his grip and her nipples sprang back, painfully pointed as they poked against the sheer fabric that provided no modestly at all. When she stood he bent her forward until her upper body was resting on the table, before he tapped her inner thighs in a wordless instruction that she spread her legs.

She hurriedly complied and he knelt behind her, gripping her butt cheeks firmly before spreading them, then moving closer until he knew she could feel his warm breath on her skin. Just as Rod had done in his story, he started by planting soft, moist kisses on her puckered rosebud, rewarded with a sharp gasp as Katie came to realize what he had in mind.

He kissed, licked and gently sucked all around her pink ring, before extending his tongue and probing her tight muscle. It yielded with surprising ease, no doubt as a result of wearing the butt plug all day yesterday, and he bathed the inside of her private opening with saliva, working steadily to ensure she was relaxed, wet and ready. Satisfied with his preparations he stood and dragged Katie across the table until she was looking up at him expectantly. He waved his rigid shaft in front of her face, tempting and teasing her.

"Ok slut." He snarled. "You've got a good idea where this piece of meat is going next, so I suggest you get it nice and wet, otherwise I might enjoy it a lot more than you!" She grinned up at him; a sexy, lascivious smile parting her lips as she used her tongue to push a frothy white bead of saliva between her them. When he moved closer she pushed it out until it dribbled down onto the head of his shaft, before opening her mouth wide to accommodate him.

He slid forward until the head was just brushing the entrance to her throat, but resisted going further, and her cheeks sucked inward as her tongue flicked across his flesh, quickly bathing him with a coating of lubricant in preparation for what was to come.

Rocking gently, he moved no more than an inch or so to ensure she covered his full length, until he finally slid free and pushed her back to her previous position across the table. With passion and lust bubbling just below the surface he moved between her lewdly spread legs, gazing down at her pink clenched sphincter as he took his slippery cock in hand. He moved forward until the head of his cock was just nudging the entrance to her forbidden passage, gradually increasing the pressure until it opened like the petals of a flower to allow him to slide inside.

He paused with head of his drooling cock firmly in place, feeling her muscle clench and relax as she focused on easing the pressure gripping his shaft. "How does that feel slut?" He growled. "This is what you want isn't it? A hard, wet cock stretching your filthy little shitter.

Aren't you just a depraved little cunt? You're just lucky I get off on fucking your dirty little ass as much as you do!" "Yes&hellip.YES!" She spat back at him.

"I am a dirty little slut. I just love you fucking my body, fucking my cunt, my mouth, my ass, anything you want! I don't want you to stop until I'm lying here with your cum oozing from every one of my fuck-holes! Now fuck my ass&hellip.FUCK MY SHITTER BABE!" He rammed forward, the breath forced from her lungs as her body was pushed across the table.

"Oh… yeah!" She squealed. "Stretch that slutty fuck hole!" He smiled as he slid back, and then thrust firmly forward once more, throwing his head back as he struggled to overcome the clenching sensations that engulfed his cock. Another firm thrust followed, and then another as he built up to a hard, steady rhythm; his balls slapping against her labia every time he buried his cock in her steaming ass.

They were grunting in unison with each thrust, his fucking becoming easier as his oozing precum coated the walls of her incredibly tight ass and spread around his pounding cock. Beads of perspiration were appearing all over his body despite the cool morning, and he kept thrusting firmly as his balls fired warning signals that her wish to be filled with fuck-juice would soon be granted.

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His body felt like one incredibly sensitive nerve-ending that fired exquisite sensations from his cock and tightening balls. Her cunt must have been running with her own pre-release juices, as warm fluid was running down his balls every time they flattened against her puffy labia, and he had one brief split-second warning before his seed flew from his slit and sprayed deep inside her.

Simultaneously Dean roared and Katie screamed as his orgasm engulfed them both; strong, deep blasts of cum erupting from his cock as though he hadn't enjoyed a release for weeks. Katie's own climax was mere seconds behind, and actually felt cool as it sprayed from her twitching cunt and coated his balls and thighs. He kept pounding and cumming until tremors started in his lower legs and spread through his body like a fit of uncontrollable shivering, and he finally slid free and managed to slump back in chair, completely and totally spent.

Katie was perhaps fortunate that Dean had positioned her on the table, as she released a final spray of her own sweet juice, her back rising and falling as a series of tremors rippled across her skin. When they finally subsided her eyes flickered open, a dreamy expression on her face as she smiled at him. "You know babe, if fucking was an Olympic sport, I'd give you all three medals!" He laughed loudly, his sense of humor tickled by her strange, unexpected analogy.

"I guess that means you enjoyed yourself?" He enquired somewhat unnecessarily. "Just a bit!" She giggled. "Can I make you a coffee?" He asked, feeling he would enjoy one. "Or would you rather have a glass of fruit juice?" "Coffee would be great thanks, but there's one thing you could do for me first." He raised a questioning eyebrow so she elaborated. "Could you go and get my butt plug please? I'm full off hot, slippery fuck-juice and I'd like to stay that way for a while!

It's in my beside top drawer." He grinned and jogged off to the bedroom, finding Katie's toy and returning to the kitchen. When she saw him return she smiled and reached back, spreading her butt cheeks as he gently slid the silicone plug in place.

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"Thanks babe, that feels great. I'm at the point where I feel strangely empty without something back there!" She smiled as she slid from the table while Dean started brewing a fresh pot of coffee. He poured two cups and handed one to Katie, and they both sipped the steaming liquid which went some way to quenching their thirsts. She looked across at him. "I've been thinking about that message you got from Melanie; the one where she wants you to write her story?" Dean looked surprised that she wanted to discuss this so soon, but nodded for her to continue.

"Well&hellip.if you are interested, I can't see the harm in asking her for some details on her dreams. Then we can have a look at it and see whether you're interested in going any further with it." He thought about her suggestion for a moment.

"I guess there's no harm in asking for an outline, but you need to be absolutely sure you're comfortable with this. There's a guy at work who was exchanging some fairly graphic emails with a woman he met online, and when his wife found out it was game over, divorce, even though they'd never actually met.

The last thing I want to do is open the door to anything like that, so that's why I guess I'm being over-cautious." She smiled as she placed her hand over his.

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"I understand that." She assured him. "And I really appreciate that you showed me her message and you hadn't replied to her. That just reinforces that I can trust you&hellip.not that I had any doubts! I guess I'm&hellip.a little curious? If you got that message from a guy I'd ask you to tell him to fuck off! But& this came from a woman, I'm curious to see what she's been dreaming about.

It's hard to explain but there's a voyeuristic aspect to this. She's a little younger than I am, so I'm wondering&hellip.what another woman fantasizes about." Dean was feeling more comfortable now.

"Looking for ideas are you? You think this could be away to expand our sexual horizons?" She laughed at Dean's ability to pick up on her motives. "I guess so! Aren't you a little curious to explore the fantasies of a complete stranger?" "I hadn't really considered that aspect." He replied candidly.

"I was kind of busy with my presentation, writing my story, and missing you all at the same time. So you want me to go back to her and get her outline?" She nodded in agreement, before she walked round and stood behind him, resting her hands on his broad shoulders.

"You'll probably need a little time to…recharge the batteries after giving me such a fantastic fucking. Why don't you email her now and we'll see what she comes back with?" He grinned up at her. "Someone sure is eager to hear from her!" But he knew she was right about needing some recovery time so he went and picked up his laptop, bringing it back to the table as Katie watched him compose his message.

"Hi Melanie, thanks for your message and your kind comments. To be truthful, this was my first story and I was extremely surprised at the comments and ranking it received. I'm sorry to hear about your relationship, but I want to be completely honest and state that I am a very happily married man. In fact, Katie is standing behind me as I'm typing this email." He felt a gentle squeeze on his shoulder at this point, and could sense Katie smiling down at him.

"We have discussed your suggestion and are interested in reading an outline of your dream, so please put something down and email it to us. We will read it and come back to you to confirm whether I'm interested in writing your story." He looked up at Katie. "Happy with that babe?" He asked. "That's fine Dean." She replied, and he clicked Send and shutdown the computer.

The sun was getting higher and the temperature had reached a pleasant level, so Katie suggested they enjoy the day and go outside for a swim. "No early start on the weekend chores today?" He half-teased, knowing she normally liked to get these out of the way early so she could relax and enjoy the remainder of her free time. "No way!" She replied emphatically. "Firstly, it's only Friday. Secondly, I can think of a number of things I'd rather do, or have done to me.

Thirdly, I haven't been here and it looks like you've done a great job keeping the place neat and tidy! You can shove that idea where the sun doesn't shine!" He held up his hands, grinning as he surrendered.

"Ok, ok! No more talk of housework!" He laughingly conceded. They went outside, pausing to enjoy the sun's warming rays on their skin. Dean opened the large shade umbrella while Katie slipped inside and came back with a pair of towels. The dove into the crystal clear water together, swimming steady laps for a while until Katie climbed out and lay back on a lounge to watch her husband continue his strong, rhythmic action as he moved up and down the pool. As she watched her thoughts drifted to the strength of their marriage.

She knew she was fortunate that he still took care of himself, as she tried to do also, and he still looked good in simple pair of shorts. Some of her girlfriends complained bitterly that their husbands had let themselves go, putting on weight and not bothering to exercise.

One had even commented that when her husband made love to her it was like being fucked by an asthmatic whale! She was thankful that Dean rode his bike whenever time permitted, and was careful with his diet and general lifestyle. She'd even considered buying a bike of her own, and knew Dean would be happy to ride with her, but the only way she could avoid holding him back was to make sure hers had an engine, so there wasn't much point.

So she had joined a local gym, and smiled when she recalled her first meeting with her trainer Julia, a woman around her own age that had the taut body of a twenty year old.

Julia had asked why she had joined, what she wanted to achieve, and what she felt were her shortcomings. Katie had started to reply, detailing her concerns about her thicker waist and hips, and the effect of gravity on her previously perky breasts. At that point Julia held up her hand and bluntly told her how things worked.

"Honey, when you're born a woman the one thing you learn is that gravity sucks, and the older you get the harder it sucks!" She said simply. "When you've had a couple of kids you can kiss your tiny waist and slim hips goodbye, and there's not one damn thing you can do about that unless your best friend is a cosmetic surgeon." At this point Katie had pointedly looked up and down Julia's firm body, and was surprised when she smiled back at her.

"If you're looking at me honey, there's a couple of things you need to understand. First, I've never had kids, and that's not because my old man and I didn't want 'em. We tried IVF and all sorts of things, spent a fucking fortune and got nowhere, so it looks like the good lord didn't want that to happen for some reason. Second, I'm here every day, flogging this old body to keep it in shape because that's what I'm here for. You're not going to take me seriously if I'm telling you what to do, but I look like the back end of a bus.

And let me tell you, every year I've gotta work a bit harder, because I put on a few pounds and everyone notices!

So that's the bad news. The good news is there's plenty you can do to slow old father time down some, and it ain't that difficult but I can't do it for you; you gotta be prepared to do the work yourself. If you've got a few hours a week we can get you trimmed and toned, and make sure when hubby's feeling frisky he's looking at you while he's havin' his fun, not looking anywhere else to make sure things don't go soft at the wrong time!

This making sense to you honey?" Katie smiled and nodded in agreement, so Julia went on. "You're in pretty fair shape for a gal your age with a couple of kids. You could lose a few pounds, but that goes for ninety percent of the people I see, so we can do that easy. What I wanna do is get you started on series of toning and strengthening exercises to keep those tits proud and perky, and make sure that little butt of yours doesn't get a hankering to slide south for the winter. That soundin' good to you honey?" Katie nodded enthusiastically and they got started, and over the following months and years they had celebrated Katie's successes and became firm friends.

Katie's mental stroll down memory lane was interrupted when a shadow obscured the sun, and she looked up to see Dean, dripping wet as he stood in front of her. She handed him a towel with an apology. "Sorry Dean. I think I was a million miles away!" He took the towel and started drying off.

"I hope you were somewhere pleasant." "I was actually!" She smilingly assured him. "Ummm& it too early for a glass of wine?" He looked down at his wrist knowing he wasn't wearing his watch, and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Let's see." He teased. "We got out of bed after nine&hellip.had breakfast&hellip.I slid my cock into your hot little ass and fucked you for a while&hellip.then we had a swim& yeah.

I think you're ok babe!" He finished with a grin. "Thank heavens for that!" She shot right back. "A girl could die of thirst just waiting for you to make up your mind!" He went inside and returned with a bottle and two glasses, pouring and passing hers over before she could protest any further.

In the meantime she was still thinking along her earlier lines, but with an element of progression. "I'm probably in the best shape I've been since the kids were born, thanks to Julia." She mused to herself. "And gravity may suck but there are plenty of other ways I can keep my man interested." While she was away she had considered various new scenarios they could try, including some with a strong role-play aspect that she found enticing, and thought Dean would also.

Her shopping trip had provided the opportunity to purchase outfits and toys that would enhance these fantasies, and she felt the time was right to see if this added a new dimension to their sex-lives.

"I guess there's one way I'm going to find out!" She thought to herself as she sipped her wine. She glanced over at Dean who was lying back on a lounge, his eyes closed as he enjoyed some private thoughts of his own.

"Hey stud!" She called over, interrupting his train of thought. His eyes flickered open and he smiled at her. "There's&hellip.a game I'd like to play this afternoon, but you're going to have to be prepared to improvise and go along with me.

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Are you up for it?" He looked thoughtful and rubbed his chin before replying. "Hmmm…not sure babe. I think you're going to have to give me a little more to go on before I can commit to that." She realized he was teasing, and quickly rolled her towel before throwing it at him, missing him completely as it sailed over his head and splashed into the water.

She sat up and turned to face him, spreading her legs wide apart before snapping them together. "Pity." She replied. "It looks as though your favorite shop just closed up&hellip.tight!" "Whoa!" He responded with a look of semi-concern. "I can improvise! In fact, I'm a fucking genius at improvisation!" She giggled; a sly, teasing laugh. "I thought that would help you to see it my way! Ok, I'm going to need an hour or so to get ready, and this will work better if you don't see me until the game starts, so this is what I want you to do.

I want you to get your robe and have a shower in the main bathroom while I get ready in our room. Then get your cell and I'll text you when I'm about five minutes away. When you get my text I want to you to go into the den and put a hot movie on, and when I knock on the door I want you to pause it, but don't turn it off. The girl at the door will be&hellip.Chrissie, and your wife has gone out and won't be back until later tonight. The rest of it we'll make up as we go along, ok?" Dean was more than a little curious as to what Katie had in mind, particularly when he noted the sexy gleam in her eyes and how hard and pointed her nipples were.

There was no doubt she was highly aroused, her libido working overtime as she put her plans in place. "Ok babe." Re replied. "I'll go get my robe and my cell and wait for Chrissie to arrive." They went to their bedroom, where Dean took his robe from the hook and headed for the main bathroom as Katie gently closed the door behind him. It didn't take Dean long to shower and towel dry, and he slipped the robe on and went to the den. Katie's stack of DVDs was sitting on the coffee table, and he flicked through them, trying to decide which one to watch.

He hadn't finished "Carnivale Orgies" last night, so he decided he may as well watch that one through before starting on another. He inserted the disc and scrolled through the chapter menu until he found the point where he had stopped, and left it queued and ready to play. Still with time to spare, he went outside and scooped up the sopping towel that Katie had thrown into the water and draped it over a lounge to dry, before picking up the glasses they had left in their haste to get started.

At that point his cell beeped, and he checked the screen to see that Chrissie was five minutes away. He went back into the den and started the DVD, settling back on the lounge to enjoy the show as hard-bodied young men and nubile young women enjoyed the pleasures of fucking in an entirely uninhibited manner. His cock was stirring from the graphic visual stimulation, and he almost missed the soft knock on the front door.

Remembering Katie's instructions, he paused the action and went to open the door, his jaw dropping when he saw what was waiting for him. Katie's transformation into Chrissie had him spellbound and speechless.

She had dressed as a sexy schoolgirl, something he would have thought was impossible given she had left those years well behind her. Nonetheless she achieved the desired result effortlessly, with her long brown hair tied up in a pair of pigtails, bright red lip gloss, and makeup that accentuated the size and depth of her sparkling eyes. She had even dotted fake freckles on her cheeks, and the stem of a Chupa Chup protruded past her cherry-red lips.

She had dressed in a simple white blouse that was not buttoned, but tied in a knot just below her ample, braless breasts. His gaze drifted down to the very short pleated navy skirt, white ankle sox and black leather buckle shoes. She was standing there patiently as his eyes roamed over her body, until she smiled broadly.

"Hi Dean! How ya doing?" "Umm…hi&hellip.Chrissie." He stammered. "What brings you to my door today?" She shuffled coyly from one foot to the other.

"Well…my folks have gone away for the weekend and my brother's supposed to be babysitting me&hellip.but as soon Mom and Dad left his girlfriend showed up. They're busy making out; a real case of two's company but three's a crowd, and I saw your wife leave a little while ago so I thought I'd come over and see if I can hang out with you for a while?" Dean glanced down briefly to make sure his semi-hard cock wasn't poking through the folds in his robe before smiling at her.

"Chrissie& be honest&hellip.this is not such a good time. I was kind of in the middle of something." She breezed past him before he had the chance to stop her, heading for the den.

"There's not really anywhere else I can go." She said matter-of-factly over her shoulder. "And I promise I won't be in the way. Maybe I could watch some TV or something? Oh shit! You are in the middle of something, aren't you?" She had pulled up when she saw the frozen image on the screen, and he hastened to close the door and follow her. Dean had no idea how this was going to play out, and waited for Chrissie to make the next move.

He didn't have to wait long, as she stood with her hands on her hips and gave him a lascivious smile. "So, your wife has gone out for a while and you thought you'd sit back, watch some porn, and give your cock a good stroking. The things that go on behind closed doors!

So how long is Katie away for Dean?" "She won't be back until later tonight Chrissie." Dean confirmed. "Now I think you've seen too much already, and I apologize for that, but you did kind of bust in here without being invited. You should run along home." "You know&hellip.I don't think so." She said with a defiant smile. "I wonder what Dad would say if I rang him and told him you invited me in to see this?

I figure he'd be back here in no time, and I'm not sure what he'd do first, ring the cops, or kick your door in and punch you in the fucking mouth!

I'm sure he'd do both, I just can't work out in what order." Dean was starting to feel more comfortable with the Katie/Chrissie role play, and ad-libbed into character. "So what is this Chrissie, blackmail? You've lived beside Katie and me for years, and now you're going to extort me because you busted into the privacy of my house at the wrong time? That's a really shitty way to behave, so how fucking much do you want to keep quiet?" He strode over and picked up his wallet, peeling fifties out as he waited for her response.

She walked up behind him and took the wallet from his hands, placing it back on sideboard. Her fingers traced lazily up his bare, muscular arm. "I'm not after your money, and it doesn't have to be like that, but you need to understand you're in a pretty tough spot.

If you play your cards right I'm sure we can work this out between us, and no one else needs to know." "I'm not in the mood to play these silly games Chrissie." He spat back at her. "What's it going to take to get you off my back and out of my house?" She grinned at him, hardly the reaction she expected, and took a step back as she undid the knot on her shirt, pulling the fabric back to expose her breasts.

"What do you think of my tits Dean? Do you like my firm, teenage tits? I'll bet they're in better shape than your wife's boobs. They must just about bounce on her knees when she takes her bra off. Wouldn't you like to fondle my tight little titties? Look how hard my nipples are just thinking about your hands on my skin!" She moved closer, taking his hands and placing them on her breasts.

He pulled his hands back, getting the hang of how this was going to play and deciding he wasn't going to make it too easy. "I like Katie's breasts just fine Chrissie." He assured her. "And I know I'm lucky she keeps herself in shape." Once again she smiled, before taking his hands and again placing them on her breasts, this time holding them there.

"Oooh…loyalty in a man, now that's a quality I respect! The boys at school are only interested in when they can get their cock wet!" Dean could feel Chrissie's nipples firm against the palms of his hands, and despite the misgivings of the contrived situation, he started moving his hands in lazy circles as he massaged her breasts. She smiled up at him. "Now you're getting the hang of things!" She encouraged. "So here's how this is going to go.

You and I are going to have to have some fun; I mean, you were going to jerk off anyway so why not let me help you? We can show each other a good time; I can be long gone when your wife gets home, and no one will be any the wiser. Or you can keep giving me shit and I'll get pissed off and go and ring my darling daddy." She took her hands away and knew she was winning the battle when his hands stayed firmly in place. "So what's it gonna be stud?" He gave her a pained glare, feigning defeat and exasperation.

"You make it sound as though I have a choice when really I have none at all, do I?" She gave him a condescending victory grin. "I always figured you were a smart guy. I think we should have a celebration drink before we get started.

Have you got any bourbon?" He made one last attempt at being a responsible adult. "You're not old enough to drink Chrissie. How old are you…fifteen…sixteen?" She cocked an eyebrow. "Just turned sixteen. And if I'm old enough to fuck I'm old enough to drink. I'll have mine with coke please!" Dean shrugged his shoulders and went to the bar, pouring a drink for Chrissie before deciding he should have one himself, returning with two glasses as she picked up the DVD remote and pressed Play.

The action resumed and she smiled as she took her glass, draining almost half in one gulp before she put the glass on the side table and stood.

She slid her skirt down and threw it in the corner, sitting back in a pair of white G-string panties and her shoes and socks. He sat down beside her and took a long sip from his glass, his eyes torn between her body and the frantic fucking on the widescreen.

She smiled as she reached over and undid the sash around his waist, peeling the silk fabric back to expose his half-hard cock.

Her eyes widened in mock-surprise when she saw the size of his cock, unable to resist wrapping her small hand around it and jacking it slowly. "Now that's what I call a cock." She whispered. "No wonder Katie has a smile on her face whenever I see her!" His hand slid across, resting on her thigh before tracing a lazy path toward her barely concealed pussy.

She lifted the edge of her panties in a wanton invitation to his probing fingers, and he immediately felt her moisture as he caressed the length of her slit. "Isn't this better than sitting here alone and playing with your cock?" She asked sweetly. "I guess so." He reluctantly acknowledged, groaning as she squeezed his shaft. "My friends at school think I'm a cock-crazy slut because I just love to suck and fuck. They call me Chrissie the Cunt, or Cunt for short.

Do you want to be my friend Dean?" She squeezed him again, which elicited another deep groan. "Yes Chrissie, I want to be your friend." She flicked the head of his cock which caused him to gasp in pain. "I'm sorry." She said sternly. "What did you say?" "YES CUNT! I want to be your friend!" She giggled and gently massaged the head of his cock.

"That's much better! You know I watch you fucking your wife outside by the pool sometimes. She goes kinda crazy when you feed her this big hard cock!" He slid a probing finger past her slick labia and inside her hot, wet pussy, drawing a groan of enjoyment from her lips.

"You do?" He asked in amazement. "How the hell can you see into our yard?" "Easy!" She laughed. "My bedroom is upstairs so I can just see when you come outside, and one day I was in the yard and I could just make out some&hellip.interesting noises, so I got Dad's cordless drill and drilled a little hole in the fence.

I saw you fuck Katie in the ass a few weeks back. She really seems to get off when you get down and dirty!" He slid a second finger past the elastic of her G-string, and then thought "What the fuck!" as he ripped it from her body. She squealed as he threw the torn fabric away and slid a third finger inside, her breathing becoming increasingly ragged as he stretched her.

"You really are an evil little cunt aren't you?" He hissed. "I'll bet your folks have no idea what you get up to when they're not around!" She giggled as she stared jacking him harder. "If they knew half the things I do…I think I'd be in a foster home or something!" "So what do you like Cunt?" He hissed at her. "What really gets your little pussy juiced up and ready for fucking? Tell me all your dirty little secrets!" "Oh God!" She groaned, finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate as Dean continued working at her slippery pussy.

"I just love cocks! I love sucking them, and having a big thick one buried deep in hot fuck-box. I love cum too, especially when it sprays all over my face and my titties. It just has to be the best moisturizer ever!" He slid his arm around her waist and lifted her effortlessly, before dropping her on his cock and feeling the flesh in her slippery, streaming pussy stretch to accommodate him. "How does this feel, you little fuck-slut?" He growled as thrust firmly, his cock easily sliding deep into her tight tunnel.

"Does this push your buttons and get you hot? You sure are stretching now!" "Oh…yes! YES!" She squealed. "Stretch that little fuck-box! Are you going to cum in my cunt?" "That depends, bitch!" He shouted as his thrusting intensified.

"I haven't got any condoms, so you'd better tell me now if you're on birth control, otherwise I'll have to dump my load somewhere else." "I am!" She panted. "Mom…had to put me on the pill months ago 'cause my hormones were going crazy and my skin was a mess. She wasn't too happy about it&hellip.but the doctor said I could have acne scars for life if she didn't." He grinned a lascivious grin at her. "Then I guess you're going to get a cunt full&hellip.just&hellip.about&!" He roared as his cock erupted, spraying his hot, thick seed deep into her clenching cunt.

"OH.YEAH!" She screamed. "Gimme me that cum! FILL MY CUNT WITH FUCK JUICE!!!" She joined him, her twitching, quivering pussy clamping and releasing around his cock as her fuck juice mixed with his, until it trickled gently down his shaft and over his balls. His mind was a seething cauldron of lust, and he picked her up as though she were a feather and dropped her on the couch beside him.

He pushed her thighs apart, gazing down lustfully at her freshly fucked pussy as their combined cum oozed from her gaping hole.

"You may get off on cock, but chowing down on a freshly fucked cunt is my turn on!" He growled, before attacking her with his mouth. She was in no condition to resist, and started writhing furiously as his tongue slid easily inside and he set about lapping up their cream. Deeper and deeper he probed, his tongue bathing every square inch of her ravaged pussy as he tasted and cleansed her. Soon his face was slick with a coating of fuck-juice, and at one moment she was holding his head as she ground her pussy against his face, the next second she was weakly attempting to push him away.

She came repeatedly, adding to the steaming cocktail he was attempting to swallow, until he finally sat back, breathing heavily and flushed from the exertion. "Fuck, you taste sweet!" He breathlessly enthused, but all she could do was groan softly. He was sipping thirstily from his drink when her eyelids finally flickered open.

"I've…never…been… fucked…like…that…before!" She stammered softly, her chest rising and falling and her face and breasts flushed bright pink. He helped her into a sitting position and passed her glass, which she drained in one gulp before handing it back with a thankful smile.

"Could I have a top-up please?" She asked sweetly.

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"Sure!" He assured her. "I could use another myself after that little session." He made fresh drinks and was back beside her in a minute, softly stroking her thigh and feeling goose-bumps appear beneath his gentle, moving fingers.

She shivered but smiled. "Man, you know how to get a girl going!" He grinned at her. "What about all these young boys you're supposed to have fucked? I'm sure they could cum and be ready and raring to go five minutes later!" "That's true." She giggled.

"But they lack your&hellip.technique; and they sure don't suck my cunt after they've dumped a load of cum in there. That was sooo cool! So…what happens now stud? Is that it&hellip.or do you think we could play some more if you have a rest for a while?" "Aren't you just an anxious little cunt?" He teased.

"By the way, I love your shaved pussy. Have you been going bare for long? And what does your Mom think about that, or is that something else she doesn't know about you?" She laughed loudly. "Well…if you want the truth I only shaved it this morning!" He raised a curious eyebrow and she smiled and continued her explanation. "You know I've been spying on you through the fence, and I've seen how your wife has a bald pussy, and I know it turns you on so I decided to shave and see what it was like.

And Mom doesn't know, but I'm sure she'd freak if she found out! It feels really good though, very sexy, so I might keep it like this." "If you ever want to come over here again, you'd better!" He threatened, but with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"That's settled then." She assured him. "I'm going to be as smooth as a baby from now on!" "We'll see about that." He leered down at her.

"You came over here and blackmailed me into fucking you. Now we've ticked that box I'm not letting you go until I'm done with you, and the day is still young." She grinned up at him and then lowered her gaze to his glistening cock. "Then you'd better bring it on big man. I'm ready for some more of that!" He surprised her by leaving the room, and heading for the bedroom and their growing collection of sex toys.

He rummaged through the drawer, picking out the items he wanted before returning to the den. When he walked back in she was waiting expectantly, wondering what would happen next. He glanced at the movie still playing on the screen and smiled. "Why don't you watch some TV, and see if you pick up any good ideas." He pushed her back against the couch, dipping his head to her breast and taking her proud nipple between his lips.

His tongue flicked over the tip, and he felt her tiny point grow harder and longer as he started sucking firmly. She was moaning and running her fingers through his hair as her nipple grew harder, and he took her firm button between his teeth and nipped sharply.

A gasp slipped from her lips as she felt him crush her nipple, before he slid back. A wicked smile crept across his face as he picked up a pair of nipple clamps and held them up for Chrissie to see. She played right along with him. "What are you going to do with those?" She asked in an innocent tone. "They look kinda evil!" He opened the jaws of the first clamp and placed it carefully over the nipple he had just brought to full firmness with his mouth, release the tension slowly to ensure she would feel the serrated teeth biting into her flesh.

She squealed and shook as tendrils of pain sparked from her nipple. "Oh&hellip. FUCK!" She breathed hoarsely. "That stings like a fuckin' bitch! What are you doing, you prick?" "I'm teaching you how adults fuck, Cunt!" He said in a menacing tone. Seconds later his mouth latched onto her other nipple, and he drew this to full hardness before carefully attaching the second clip. She squealed again when he clipped her second nipple, and her eyes blazed at him. He responded with an evil grin, before taking the connecting chain between his thumb and forefinger, and slowly pulling back.

The slack disappeared and her nipples started to stretch, pulling further and further until they were dragging her breasts away from her chest and her breath was coming in heaving gasps. "Are you enjoying this Cunt? My wife does!" He leered. "I was going to say that she's a sick cunt&hellip.but it feels kinda hot once the initial sting goes away. Have you got another pair?" She hissed. He smiled as he picked up the second pair of nipple clips, waving them in front of her face.

"So what do you want me to do with these?" She reached, down gripping her labia and squeezing them firmly. "Use your imagination stud!" He was about to ask if she was sure as he had no doubt this was really going to hurt, but the look of pure lust on her face made it clear that the question was superfluous. The first clamp bit firmly into her tender flesh, causing her to wince and gasp, bit she breathed deeply, glanced up at him, and nodded for him to continue. He eased the second clamp over her labia and slowly released the tension, allowing the serrated to teeth to grip her firmly.

She squealed again, arching her back as her senses were momentarily overwhelmed by the exquisite sexual pain she had so willingly asked for. "That hurts&…fucking…good!" She gasped. "Ohhhh&hellip. FUCK! What…what are you going to do to me next?" He grinned down at her, and shook his head slowly as her picked up both connection chains and drawing them slowly away from her, the tiny teeth gripping her nipples and labia as they were dragged away from her body.

"I was thinking about fucking your hot little ass. Sliding my thick cock past your tight ring and watching you stretch around me, then fucking you hard and past until I blew a load of hot cum in there." "That&hellip.sounds&hellip.fucking delicious!" She whispered.

"But I do love your firm teen tits, so I was also thinking about slipping my cock between them and giving you a nice, long tit-fuck……until I'm ready to give you a cum bath. What do you think Cunt? Do you have a preference? I can always do one now and the other later&hellip.if you're up for it!" Her response was immediate. "Fuck my tits!" She hissed.

"Fuck my firm little tits…please! You can always do my ass later." She encouraged him by dropping her chin and spitting into the valley between her breasts, before pushing them together firmly. He moved up to straddle her chest, sliding the chain between her nipples down her body and lowering down until his cock was poking against the bottom of her breasts.

He slid between them effortlessly, her saliva and his oozing precum providing the necessary lubrication as his cock head poked through until it stopped just below her chin. "I haven't had a good tit fuck for sooo long!" She murmured.

He started thrusting, slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed, until he was sliding easily as she held her breasts together. They were both breathing deeper, and he closed his eyes to focus on the sensations radiating through his cock and balls.

While the timing was somewhat strange, he realized this was the first time he had enjoyed a tit-fuck. Sure, he'd cum on Katie's breasts many times, but this was the first time he'd slid his thick cock between a pair of slippery tits, and the sensations were unlike anything he'd ever experienced. His senses were immersed in a warm pool of hedonistic pleasure, and he smiled down at her.

"This is so good Cunt! I get the feeling my cock and your titties are going to get together a lot more often!" "Uh.UHH!!! I…hope…so." She grunted as he thrust even harder. "Please cum! I need it so bad!!!" With her words of lustful encouragement and one final thrust he came, and despite having already enjoyed a fantastic fuck, his first spurt hit Chrissie's chin with enough force to cause her to flinch.

"Oh YEAH!!!" Dean roared, as his cock continued spraying his thick cream. Chrissie tilted her head forward as far as she could, and managed to take two powerful sprays across her lips before his spurts diminished and sprayed across her neck, and finally dribbled into the valley between her heaving breasts. Dean could do nothing more than collapse on top of her, which brought an ear-splitting scream as his weight crushed the nipple clamps into her body.

Realizing what had happened, he managed to find the strength to half-stumble, half fall away, and lay panting on the floor, totally spent. Seconds became minutes as he lay without moving, the heaving of his chest finally slowing until he realized she had propped herself up and was smiling down at him as she carefully removed the clamps. When she knew he was watching she started scooping the cum from her skin, sliding creamy fingers into her mouth and sucking them clean with slow, deliberate movements.

When she was finished she grinned at him. "Man…you know how to FUCK!" He was grinning back at her. "That goes both ways Cunt!" He assured her with heartfelt enthusiasm. "Now come down here." He said in a softer tone, wrapping his arms around her as she lay on top of him.

He stroked her hair softly, planting soft kisses on any part of her face he could reach. "I think it's time I sent Chrissie home babe." "Really?" She said softly. "Can't keep up with the younger girls anymore?" "Probably not." He laughingly assured her. "But right now what I want more than anything is to have my wife in my arms, and tell her I love her so much, and make sure she knows how lucky I am to have her…because she is the hottest, sexiest, sassiest woman I have ever known, and I wouldn't have it any other way!" Katie propped herself up and gazed down at him with sparkling eyes.

"I love you so much Dean. So I didn't look too ridiculous in my little school uniform?" "Ridiculous? You looked so fucking hot.

Man, when I saw you at the door I thought my cock was going to explode! Let me put it this way, Chrissie can come and play any fucking time she wants." She laughed loudly for some time. "You do have a way with words babe, but it's nice to know I turned you on, and not off. Do you want to have shower with me?" "I'd love to. Let's go." He said simply as he managed to get to his feet. Their shower was the antithesis of everything that happened in the recent past, as it was slow, soft and sensual.

They washed each other with loving, unhurried movements, and when they were finally done they dried each other off, before Dean told Katie to sit on the closed toilet seat as he dried and brushed her hair. He smiled as he told her he was desperate for a nap, and she admitted feeling tired so they set the alarm for two hours and slid beneath the sheets, their arms wrapped around each other as they drifted away.

When the alarm finally penetrated the enveloping clouds of sleep they stretched and grinned at each other. Katie stifled a yawn as she looked over at her husband. "I am soooo hungry. Talk about working up an appetite! If I don't get some food soon I think I'll pass out." Dean's stomach was making it abundantly clear that food was his first, last and only priority, so he nodded in agreement.

"I'm with you there!" He assured her, glancing out the window to see that darkness wasn't far away. "Do you want to make an early dinner, or just have a snack for now?" She rubbed her stomach like a hungry child. "I don't think a snack is going to do it. Can we have an early dinner? As long as you don't want me dressed up, as I honestly couldn't wait that long." He assured her he probably couldn't wait either, and they headed for the kitchen.

Soon Katie had two large steaks sizzling away and vegetables cooking as she bustled about. Dean was sitting on a stool, watching as she worked. "Anything I can do babe?" "I'm really thirsty, so could I have a soda please, and a glass of wine? Then if you could set the table that would be great." She replied.

He went to the refrigerator and poured two tall glasses of soda, watching as she drained hers in one movement, before he uncorked a bottle of wine and filled two glasses that he placed on table. Then he set their places and drank his soda, before sitting back and making sure he stayed out of the way. Katie served dinner and they ate hungrily and in silence until the pangs were finally satisfied.

She dabbed her lips with a napkin and slid her chair back a few inches, smiling across the table as she sipped her wine. "That feels better! I was hungrier than I am after a long session at the gym!" Dean laughed. "Well, they do say sex is a great form of exercise!" "I can believe that too." She assured him.

"It's been an&hellip.interesting day. When did you last check your story? Is it still rating well?" "I haven't checked since yesterday, just before I left to pick you up." He replied, and with his curiosity aroused slid his chair back and went to get his computer.

It powered up and he was just about to log onto the story website when he noticed he had an email, and clicked to open it. "I've got an email from Melanie." He told her.

She was standing behind him before he knew it, her hand resting softly on his shoulder as she crouched down to get a better view of the screen. He opened the email and they read it through together. "Hi Dean and Katie!

It was great to hear from you as I thought it was unlikely I'd get a reply. With websites like the one with your story you never really know what goes on, so I wasn't even sure I should try and contact you. I went through this yes-no mental battle for ages before I finally decided to just do it, and see if you came back to me. I'm really glad you did, and that you seem like normal people, because I wasn't sure about that either!

Thanks for telling me about you wife (hi again Katie!) as this puts my mind at ease. I wanted a reply, but not from some weirdo who wanted to hook up with me!" Dean felt Katie's hand squeeze his shoulder as she reached the same point.

"At least she sounds like a normal girl." She whispered as she read on. "I guess you're thinking this reply came pretty fast, so I have a confession to make. My friends say I'm a hopeless optimist, so after I messaged you I spent some time trying to put my dreams down on paper, as they are very vivid to me but unknown to you. If you came back to me I wanted to provide the best possible outline, in the hope this would convince you to write a story for me.

So without further ado here is my story. I will be waiting (very anxiously!!!) to hear from you, so even if your answer is no, please don't leave me hanging! XXX Melanie" Dean and Katie read through the outline of her dreams, which were as vivid and explicit as she had suggested.

Dean felt his face flushing and his breathing deepen, and was sure Katie was experiencing similar reactions, particularly when they reached a highly-graphic section and her hand squeezed his shoulder firmly.

"You might want to relax that grip a little babe." She suggested softly. "Sorry!" She giggled before reading on. When Dean had finished he sat back a little and looked up at Katie, who was the first to express her feelings. "Like&! That girl isn't lacking imagination." "That's the truth." Dean agreed. "So…what do you think?" She smiled down at him. "You're the writer in this household, so it's really your decision.

But if you want my vote, you've got it. You sooo have to write her story!" He considered this for a moment or two. "You know…&hellip.I think you're right!" ******************************************************************************************************************** This story cannot be reproduced or copied in part or in full without the express permission of the author. Copyright 2012 and beyond, all rights reserved by Cynthia Wilde.

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