Hot Latina Gets Fucked Hard and Facial

Hot Latina Gets Fucked Hard and Facial
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This is a true story about the boys who lived next door. The family had moved in about a year before anything in the story happened. I was a horny thirteen year old 8th grader who lived alone with his widowed mother. We got along fairly well with our next door neighbors but never spent a lot of time with them. There was Jimmy and his wife Kelly who were in their early forties plus their 3 boys Jon, Chris and Alex.

Ages sixteen, eleven and seven respectively. All in this modest 3 bedroom home. The boys never really spent much time outside, but they were very computer savvy. Their father Jimmy was a tech guy at some big company and built all of the boys their own computers. Jon was your stereotypical teenage computer nerd. Get home from school, go to his room and start gaming.

Rarely would I ever see him as his door was always closed. Chris and Alex were more outgoing. They shared a bedroom and would play in the backyard. Often I would have to throw toys back over the fence but mostly they stayed indoors, glued to their computers. About 8 months after they moved into the neighborhood, Jimmy developed a very aggressive lung cancer and passed away within 4 months.

The family was crushed and so were we. My mom and I started spending more time next door with their family. Kelly really enjoyed the company that my mom provided and I didn't mind hanging out with the boys. They were all foul mouthed kids that came from New York and were definitely a handful so Kelly appreciated me entertaining the younger boys for a couple hours while she relaxed with a glass or five of wine.


Jon loved it because his little brothers would leave him alone while I was there. Whenever I would come over, Kelly would be dressed somewhat conservatively but after a few minutes, she seemed to always be in a thinner shirt and not wearing a bra.

Her nipples standing at full attention. But that's a story for another day. When I would come over, I would go and play with Chris and Alex. Kelly would mostly leave us alone, she really enjoyed the silence. Our days were filled with playing some computer games or running around in the back yard.


Innocent kid stuff. But I vividly remember when things changed and took the sexual turn. My mom and I went next door to have dinner with Kelly and the boys. It was a Friday in the summer and it was warm outside. As usual, Jon was shut in his room playing away on his computer while Chris, Alex and I ran around outside, getting sweaty and dirty. Kelly slid open the back door and called us for dinner. Baked sausage ziti. We ate quickly so we could go and play around on Chris's computer.


Around 8 o'clock, it was shower time. Nothing new. But what was new was seven year old Alex not coming out of the bathroom in his pajamas, but totally naked, his towel in hand. Alex was a skinny kid, reddish hair, green eyes and a smooth butt. He hooted and hollered, running around the house streaking past everybody.

His thin two and a half inch cock flailing around and cute white butt bouncing as he ran. His mom yelling to go get dressed. I had never thought of him sexually before, but seeing his smooth little body like this brought a stirring to my own cock.

Chris and I teased him until he came running back into the bedroom covering himself with the towel and slamming the door.

We laughed and I teased him saying, "Nice butt ya little twerp!" To which Alex dropped the towel, turned around, leaned forward and wiggled his smooth little ass in front of me, laughing the whole time. Those little globes parting slightly, giving me a view of his tight little rosebud. I swatted it, my ring finger making contact with his puckered hole.

He jumped forward and spun around. His cock now standing straight out from his hairless body. Chris and I were transfixed by his little boner. I stole a glance at Chris's shorts and saw his cock just as hard as mine was although not nearly as large as mine was.

Alex then wrapped himself in the towel and jumped on the bed next to me. I smacked his butt again making him kick and flail, giving me glances at his still hard little cock, driving me crazy. We settled down, Chris and I finishing up our race in Gran Turismo 2, Alex sitting on the bed with just the towel around his waist. Chris got up to go get himself a shower and it was then that I decided to see what Alex would do. I had my next move planned.

I turned to Alex and said "Ya know, if you do that again, I'm gonna grab it and rip it off!" He responded by opening up the towel and shaking his hard little pecker at me. In a flash, I reached down and grabbed it, holding it tightly as he squirmed around.

I let go, he laughed and did it again. This time he jumped up and stood in front of me, leaving the towel on the bed and wiggling his stiffy side to side.

My own 5 incher was diamond hard at this point watching him move. I reached forward and grabbed him around the waist spinning his naked body around and pulling him back to me, sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs open. I grabbed his cock and shook it again, feigning anger while we laughed. Alex then did something unexpected. He grabbed my hard member through my jeans and shook it.

I was in heaven. I looked at him and said "Hey bud!

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That ones mine!" To which he replied "it's only fair!" I pushed him off of me, swatting his butt on the way up. He wrapped his little butt in the towel and sat down next to me grabbing the PlayStation controller and starting a game.

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My erection starting to subside. I heard the shower turn off and waited, hoping that Chris would pull a similar stunt. Chris was a little bit chubbier than Alex, but by no means was he fat. He was at that stage where he was just about to start puberty, his voice still high but changes were just starting to happen. Not as brazen and boisterous as Alex but still could raise a little hell.

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I was slightly disappointed when I heard the bathroom door open and didn't hear any ruckus being made. Disappointment turned to excitement when Chris came back into the bedroom, shut the door and opened his towel, shaking his hard dick at the two of us. I went instantly hard at the sight.

I turned away and put my hands out weakly telling him to stop.

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I looked back and Chris was moving closer, bouncing his 4 incher the whole way. I then shot a glance at Alex who was laughing hysterically while Chris continued on his path. Turning toward Chris, I told him "I'm gonna rip it off if you don't stop!" He continued on and I could see him staring at the bulge in my jeans. He rubbed his stiff rod on my knee so I grabbed it and gave it a shake followed by a couple strokes.

He yelped but didn't pull away. I could feel the precum starting to leak out of my own cock.

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In a flash Alex stood up on the bed and shook his boner toward my face. I looked up at him and told him that I'd bite it off. He shook it closer. I reached out and grabbed his firm little butt while simultaneously inhaling his whole cock into my mouth, sucking hard and shaking my head slightly.

I was in heaven, these two cute boys butt naked, the smallest one in my mouth, the older one hard in my hand. I felt Chris jerk slightly while I continued to stroke him, pretending I was pulling his dick off. I knew he was staring at my hard cock through my jeans and I wanted so bad to pull it out for him. I could feel my balls getting tighter and I knew what was coming.

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I released both of them and swatted their butts, telling them to get dressed. It had all only lasted a few seconds but that was enough to drive me wild.

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I told them that I had to pee and raced to the bathroom. Finally I freed my raging hard on and jerked it hard and fast. I wanted both of their cocks in my mouth. I wanted to suck them til they got their own orgasms. This sent me over the edge and soon I was shooting my cum all over their bathroom. I cleaned up the mess and headed back to their bedroom. They were dressed in their pajamas and playing GT2 like nothing had happened, just how I wanted it.

Little did I know that this would set the stage for months of sucking, fucking and even some piss play between the 3 of us. Those stories are soon to come.