Blonde chick sucks dick at the gym and fucks

Blonde chick sucks dick at the gym and fucks
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This is part two of a story. If you haven't read part one you may like to do so before you read this. As with part one, this story is fictional. It involves sexual acts between a 12 and 14 year old brother and sister which includes peeing. If you are not into this sort of thing then perhaps it is not the story for you.

I, in no way, condone any of the activities portrayed in my strory. ***************************************************************************************** Ellie and I didn't have long to wait. Mum and dad went out again the following week.

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They would be home very late as they were visiting a friend who lived over one hundred miles away. They left as soon as we got home from school and said they wouldn't be home until midnight at the earliest. As before, mum had left our dinner in the fridge so all we had to do was heat it up when we were hungry.

Little did she know that we were hungry, but not for food, but for another session like we had last time they went out! Ellie, my younger, sexy, sister was upstairs changing out of her school uniform when mum and dad left. I had changed earlier and was wearing tight shorts and a tee shirt as it had been quite a hot day. I got a couple of cans of pop out of the fridge and put the tv on and sat on the couch. There was a quiz show on.

After a few minutes Ellie came down and sat next to me. She had a glint in her beautiful eyes. She had changed into a Hello Kitty tee shirt and was wearing a fairly loose, short, skirt. "I wonder if her knickers match her tee shirt", I thought. "Let's play a game" she said.

"OK, what game?" I replied. As we were watching a quiz show she said we must both answer each question. Whichever of us got it wrong would have to remove an item of clothing.

Strip-Quiz. Different. And could be entertaining. We must be clever kids as it seemed ages before either of us got a question wrong. When we did it was me!

I removed one of my socks, much to Ellie's disgust. I also got the next question incorrect. Off came the other sock. Unfortunately Ellie was also wearing socks. So, after two more questions which she got wrong, she too was sockless. After the ad break, during which we downed our cans of coke, possible in preparation for later on!

We started answering questions again. First I got one wrong, so off came my tee shirt. Then we both got them either wrong or right so nothing came off before the next ad break. We did, however, drink another can each. The quiz started again.


Ellie swore blind the answer was Betty Flintstone, I knew it was Wilma! Off came her tee shirt. She wasn't old enough to have tits yet so she was bra-less. Her little nipples sticking out of her, almost, flat chest. Now I was beginning to get aroused! After the next question Ellie had to remove her skirt. She was wearing knickers that matched her tee shirt, what a good guess on my part. I could also see a little damp patch on them.

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Fucking sexy. I got the next question wrong. I had to prise my tight shorts off. My dick may be small but it was still managing to obstruct my progress a little. I managed to get them off. My briefs were tenting a bit and I too had a damp patch from my pre-cum. We both got the final questions correct. So, when the show ended, we were both sitting there in our underwear. Ellie said she needed to go to the toilet and asked if I needed to.

My answer was affirmative. Must be the two cans of coke we had each drunk. We went upstairs but Ellie, instead of going into the toilet led me into her bedroom. Hello Kitty wallpaper adorned the walls. A Hello Kitty quilt cover lay on her bed. Not really much of a guess about her knickers I suppose! She had obviously been planning what was to happen next. She flung the quilt on to the floor and I could see that she had covered her bed with a plastic sheet. This was going to be fun. She knelt on the bed and stuck her pert little panty clad bottom in the air.

I didn't need a further invitation. I leaned over and started to lick her panties. She opened her legs so I could lick both her arse and cunt through them. She was getting very wet and I was getting very stiff.

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I pulled her panties to one side and got a great view of her puckered arse. I couldn't help myself.

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I started licking her rosebud, it didn't taste bad. I even managed to get my tongue into it.

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All the while, Ellie, was moaning with moans of enjoyment. After a few minutes she got up and asked me to lay on the bed on my back. Who was I to refuse her request? She got herself into the 69 position. Her cunt was right over my mouth and it tasted so good. She started to lick my cock through my briefs. I have never felt anything so sensual before. It was a fantastic feeling.

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My twelve years old sister certainly knew how to please her fourteen old brother. I soon realised why the plastic sheet was on the bed. As I was licking her panties they started getting wetter and wetter. I then realised that she had started peeing though them. I drank what I could. It was so sexy, and quite messy, and wet, but who cares. Thank heavens for the plastic sheet. She was still licking and now, sucking my cock through my briefs.


I had to return the compliment. Even though I was rock hard, the overwhelming urge to piss won the day. I felt it rising and then my pants were getting wet, very wet. Ellie released my cock from inside, pulled my foreskin back and jets of my piss shot in the air. Ellie put her lovely mouth over my pee hole and swallowed all that she could. When I had emptied my bladder she turned round and kissed me. Our mouths tasting of each others pee. The sheet was covered in piss.

Ellie removed her sopping wet panties and then pulled mine off me. "Fuck me" she pleaded But I am your brother, I said, not really thinking it would make a difference! Ellie was soon positioning her, almost, hairless cunt over my, slightly more hairy, cock.

Our bodies were soaked in piss, but we didn't care. Ellie plunged herself down on me. I got into her cunny a little way and then felt some resistance. Her hymen was not yet broken. "Are you sure you want me to take your cherry?" I asked. "Yes, yes, yes, yes" she pleaded as she pushed down harder.

My cock was throbbing and soon I heard a little yelp as my dick went further inside her and her hymen was breached. It felt so good to be in her tight cunt.

We rocked back and forth and up and down. Our piss foreplay had turned us both on so much that our first session of love-making didn't last long. Ellie came first. Soaking my cock and balls and her bed even more. The wet warmth felt silky smooth on my cock. Seconds later I was shooting my cum into her.

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She hadn't started her periods yet, so there was no risk of her getting pregnant. When I had shot my last string of sperms, Ellie climbed off and lay down next to me.

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I was not finished yet though. I dove between her legs, which parted quickly for me. I could see my cum starting to ooze out of her tight hole.


I started eating her out (I think that was an expression I had heard somewhere!) Anyway, I was licking her and drinking my cum from her cunt. I lay next to her when I had finished tasting her. I leant over and kissed her. She opened her mouth so that my cum was transferred to her. She swallowed it all.

"Thank you", she said. "Please can we do it again sometime?" she asked "Of course", I replied. "Great", she said enthusiastically, "because next time I want to get really dirty with you" I though that peeing on each other was dirty. But she obviously had something else in mind. One day I might find out. And perhaps that wouldn't be too far in the future. I could always hope. I do love my sister!