Anna De Ville Gangbang POV

Anna De Ville Gangbang POV
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I don't know why, but one day when I was 13 years old, I became obsessed with seeing my mother naked. I think one day she left her bedroom door open while she was changing, and I got a glimpse of her breasts.

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I remember stopping as I walked by and taking a quick glance, before she noticed. I must have only looked for a second, but the image was imprinted in my head. Her skin was pale white, and reflected the mid-day light coming through her window. Her long, flowing red hair fell down past her shoulders. Her breasts were medium sized; 36c I would later come to find out. Being 49 years old, they had started to sag, but in a way that was still beautiful.

Her stomach had a little fat on it, especially her love handles, which I really liked. The only fault of the moment was that she had already put on her pants, making her vagina and long legs unseen.

Nonetheless, she was gorgeous. After seeing her, I went straight to my room and started slowly massaging, and stroking my penis, the image still fresh in my mind.

I started to speed up, and before long, I was spurting cum all over my bed. It continued like that for the next three nights. I would go and lie down in my bed, with the lights off, and think of her. My mind would start to wonder, thinking of her in different views, positions, and outfits, and every night I would cum, and for brief moments I was in paradise. On the fourth night however, I reached a dilemma. My nightly routine was interrupted by the fact that I couldn't retain the image in my mind.

Every time I tried, it was like an out of focus, mental photograph. Now I was still incredibly horny, yet couldn't satisfy myself because of my hazy memory.

I got out of my bed and walked to my mother's room. I easily cracked the door open and peered inside. She was asleep. I eased the door open all the way and walked through. I walked up beside her bed; her head was facing away from me.

The covers lying over her were preventing me from seeing her body, so I tried to peel back the covers gently, without waking her. I gripped them, and slowly pulled back. Right when I did she twitched. Her twitching scared me, and I hurried quietly out of her room, and back to mine.

A combination of my fear, and those covers were preventing something I desperately needed to see.

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So I improvised. I went downstairs, and got on the computer. My mom's lack of trust in me prevented me from having my own computer in my room. She said a 13 year old boy should not have his own computer because he will just end up using it to watch porn. She was wrong, since the first time I have watched porn is now, after seeing my mother naked. I got on, and opened up a browser, and google, and started to search for a few keywords.

Mature, redhead, pale, sagging breast. Anything that matched my mother's description. I searched for a while, not finding anything that appealed to me as much as her. A few videos filled with fake orgasms, and bad acting. Some pictures of non-natural redheads, but nothing that would suit me. Finally I found a photo gallery of a very beautiful woman. Close to the same age as my mother, but in better shape, and with better qualities.

Her breasts were firmer, and perkier. Her face contained less wrinkles. Her stomach was super flat. Her hair was fuller, and a brighter red. She was close to being perfect, but not for me. I wanted to see my mother. It wasn't exactly what I needed, but I masturbated any way. It wasn't good I can say that. It was almost dry, and was way too quick. Then I knew that porn wasn't going to cut it. The next morning I tried hard to catch a glimpse of her changing, but she always kept the door shut tight.

For the next couple of days I kept trying, but remained unsuccessful. At the moment when I lost all hope, I heard the shower turn on. Bingo. I thought that when she was taking a shower, I would have a good chance. After all she would be naked for at least ten minutes. So I rushed to the bathroom to see if I could devise a plan. To my luck, the bathroom door was warped and never shut quite right, so there was always a crack to peer through.

I moved my head to the door, and with one eye. I gazed to the shower, but my vision was blocked by the curtain. I had nothing. No way of getting around that. I went back to bedroom in disappointment, and tried to think of a solution to my problem. I couldn't. The next day I was a little mad, and was still trying to find a way to see her.

Then I heard the shower turn on once more. Again I eased my way to the bathroom, and gazed quietly through the crack. Yes! It just so happened, that she didn't shut the curtain all the way. There was a small gap, and I had a great view. The water flowing down over her breasts, gave them a smooth, slick appearance.

Her wet hair flowed down her back, water slowly dripping off. Down between her legs was an amazing, full red bush.

Untouched by a razor, and soaking wet. She turned away from me for a second, and I got a glimpse of her ass. It was almost a perfect circle. It was somewhat chubby, and had a few sexy dimples. She really was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. I was in a trance as I gazed upon my mother's beauty. A trance that was broken when she turned the water off. I quickly got away from the door, and went back to my bedroom. That night I was so happy. I thought about how she looked in the shower; Her wet body, in the hot steamy mist.

It was enough to make me cum 3 times over. Then I went on to thinking about her in bed…and me with her.

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I had been obsessed with her beauty for some time, and thought that she had a sexy body, but this was the first time I thought about her as a possible sex partner.

It felt weird and wrong. Since it was something I wasn't supposed to do, I kept thinking about her because much like watching her in the shower, it was a thrill. I thought about me on top of her. Kissing her. Cupping and massaging her breasts.

What the inside of her would feel like against my penis. I didn't sleep that night. The next day I made my way to watch her taking a shower again. The same as yesterday, there was a small gap in the curtain. This time however I was early. Today I got to see her lather her body down with soap.

She got some soap on her hands, and started to rub downwards starting at her neck. She moved down to her breasts, and rubbed over each one with her hands, causing them to shake. She moved down over her stomach, and to her pubic region. She took her hand and rubbed it through her fiery bush. Then she flattened her hand, and rubbed it between her legs, moving back and forth, to scrub real well. Then she let out a slight moan. I was surprised.

Is my mother rubbing herself in the shower. She then took her hand out from between her, and proceeded to was her legs. She popped up her left leg up, to keep from having to bend over.

Her left leg was the closest to me, and thus prevented me from seeing her pussy. However, when she propped up her right leg, I had a perfectly clear view.


Her lips were a soft pink. To my surprise, it was tight. Especially for her age. An effect that not having sex in a few years has caused. It was better than the supposedly 18 year old, "virgin" porn stars I had seen. When I stared intently at her pussy, something happened that had never happened before.

I came in my pants, without even touching myself. I was just too turned on. I walked back into my bedroom to go change out of the mess I made. As I was changing I spotted something; a video camera. Of course. Why did I not think of that? I grabbed the camera and went back to the bathroom before she finished showering.


I turned it on and started recording. I could get a great view, especially with the zoom. For the next two weeks I would tape every time she took a shower. I would even hide the camera in her bedroom to tape her when she changed. I got to the point that I had almost two hours of my sexy mother naked. Then one day I had an idea. When she washed her hair, she tilted her head back, and closed her eyes, with her front side facing me. She did this for about a minute. I thought with the shower running and her eyes closed, I could slip into the bathroom, and hold the camera down between her legs, and get a great shot of her pussy.

I gathered up the courage to do it, and told myself I could get away with it. I eased all the way through the door, as she started to wash her hair. I got next to the shower, and held the camera through the curtain. I held it steady, and got it right between her legs. I looked at the screen. It was perfect. Then the camera suddenly made a loud high pitched beep. Fuck. The battery. My mom heard it and opened her eyes and looked down to the sight of me just pulling away from her pussy.

"What the fuck are you doing?" As she yelled, I slipped out the bathroom door, and ran into my bedroom, and started thinking of every possible excuse there was. They were all shit. She finally barged into my bedroom wearing a white bathrobe. She stared me in the eye and started to yell.

"What the fuck were you just doing in there?" I sat quietly. "I said what were you just doing in there?" "Nothing," I said pathetically. "Bullshit. Now you tell me what you were doing in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. Wait, you had a camera. Why did you have a camera?" She noticed the camera sitting on my bead.

She reached for it and grabbed it. I tried to stop her, but she was too quick. She turned it on, and I sat there as I watched her appalled face, as she watched 2 hours of herself naked on film. "What the hell were you going to do with this? Huh. Sell it to your friends. Post it on the internet. What were you going to do?" "I wasn't going to do anything with it." "Then why did you do it." I thought for a second and decided to be honest.

"I was filming you because I wanted to see you naked." "You what?" "I accidently saw you undressing one day, and I just really liked the way you looked, and I wanted to see you again, so I started to watch you in the shower, and then I decided to start filming you so I could…" "What." "So I could watch you when I masturbated." She stood there in front of me confused, I was looking towards the ground in shame when I noticed that her robe had partially came undone revealing a little pubic hair.

I started to stare. Until she noticed that I was starring. "Oh my god. I'm standing here yelling at you and you're still staring. You're pathetic." She closed her robe up tight, and walked out of the room. She came back moments later with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

No doubt because she was stressed out, and she sat down on the bed beside me. "Alright son, you were filming me because you wanted to masturbate to me." I nodded, as she took a drag off the cigarette and blew smoke up in the air. She did look really sexy while smoking. "Why?

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Why not just look at porn? I know I tell you not to, but I had rather you do that then watch your own mother." "I tried, but I couldn't find any woman who made me feel like the way I do when I watch you. I just think you're so beautiful." "Son that's flattering, but still you can't watch your own mother shower." "Why not?" She sat there quiet for a second. I could tell that she couldn't think of a good answer.

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"Well you just can't. It's wrong." "Why is it wrong? I mean dad left you and I don't know why. I mean you're the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I would never leave you because I appreciate you, but you can have sex with him and other guys who don't care about you, and not me." "Now you're talking about sex? Son that is definitely wrong. You need to stop…" She paused mid-sentence, as she thought about what I had just said. She thought about what was wrong about having sex with your son.

After all I truly did love her. "You're right." I was in shock by what she just said. "It's just you and me. We don't have anyone else, and god knows I have been so lonely." Just then she stood up in front of me, and dropped the robe to the ground. "Here, now you get to see your beautiful mother up close.

Since that is what you wanted." I was speechless, and frozen. I finally got to see her up close and in detail, and she is okay with it. "You said your Mother is so beautiful. Well what do you think is beautiful about me?" "Well…your hair is red, like red color I have never seen before, and your boobs", as I said that she took my hand and placed it on her left breast.

"Go on. My boobs." "They are soft, and I like their shape." I started to massage her as I got the fell of my first boob in my hand. As I did she reached down and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off, along with my under wear. My fully erect penis popped out, as she did. She smiled at me. "First one of these I have seen in a while." She gripped in her hand real hard, and the pressure felt great. Then she sat back down on the bed, and rolled over on her back.

"Come here son, get on top of me." I rolled over and straddled her, and sat on her stomach. She laughed. "Here go down a little further." I pushed down further, and as I did she bent her legs up so her knees were in the air and her legs were spread. I watched intently, as the pussy I so desperately wanted to see opened up to me.

Then she used her hand to teach me. "See this spot right here. That's my clitoris, or clit.


If you rub it, it makes mommy feel good, just like rubbing your penis. Go ahead." I did. I rubbed it gently with the tip of my finger, and she moaned a little. "Oh honey you have to do it a little harder, and faster than that." I started to apply more pressure, and rubbed it faster. She started to move her body around and grab her boobs and massage them.

She started to moan louder, and longer. "Mommy, are you okay?" "Yeah sweetie that feels great. Ohh. Just keep going baby." I did and she went from moaning to yelling. I started going really fast and she started to get wet. "Oh honey. Please don't stop. You're going to give mommy an orgasm." I kept going, and the sounds of her moans were making me extremely horney. From watching porn, when I was trying to find a women who looked like mom I watched a guy lick a girls pussy. I wondered if moomy would like that.

I didn't hesitate. I put my head between her legs and started to lick her clit with my tounge. Then it happened.

She arched her back, and let out a scream, and started to kick her legs. "Oh god yes. Ahhhh." She collapsed into the bed exhausted, and breathless. "How did you know how to do that?" "One night I was trying to find a woman online who looked like you and I watched some other videos. Did you like it?" "Mommy loved it." "Mommy, can I put my penis in you now." As I said it she positioned her body right underneath me and grabbed my penis.

"Wait, I don't know what to do." "Shhhh." She grabbed my penis and slid it down right into her wet pussy. The warm, wet feeling made me feel amazing.

"Now just keep pulling it up and down." I started to pull in and out of her, a feeling so much different than my hand.

She closed her eyes and started to rub her breast again. I found a good rhythm and could feel her muscles start to contract. She let out a few moans, but nothing like before.

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I looked down at her face; her eyes were closed and smiling. My eyes gazed over her body. Her breasts, her love handles, her red hair. Everything I loved, and now I was on top of her making love. Then I looked down and saw my penis sliding in and out of her. That's when I lost it. I tightened up and felt the semen come through my balls, and through my penis. The moment right before I shot, Is still the greatest feeling I have ever had. I shot one load after the other into her.

Finally when I was done I collapsed on top of her, my penis still inside. I smiled and looked into her eyes. She smiled back. And she said, "Give mommy a kiss." I did.