Homo gay sex big penis xxx Danny is indeed squealing and

Homo gay sex big penis xxx Danny is indeed squealing and
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Pierce woke up. He was cold and naked. Lying on the plastic mattress on the cell floor he felt confused about what was going on.

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He looked through the bars to see a strange shadowy figure standing over him. "Ver-Veronica?" Pierce asked in a weak voice.

"Yes, sir" The eight-teen year-old girl said to Pierce in a condescending manner. "Wha-what are you doing? Wher-where is Haley?" In a panic Pierce looked around his cell to see Haley sleeping soundly on another plastic mattress carelessly thrown in the corner, his felt a sense of relief. "Why am I here?" Pierce asked. "Cause, Pierce. Just because" Pierce gulped.

But looked at Haley, their first date obviously didn't go as planned He couldn't even remember what exactly happened.But for now the one thing that concerned him was the naked teenage girl before him. He saw her naked tits, newly ground from puberty, the cold making her nip.

She had a shaved pubic area, and Pierce could see her virgin twat tucked between her slender legs, her curly brown hair thrown over her face. Pierce almost immediately got a boner, his fourteen year-old hormones betraying him, as he automatically reached down to touch his ever-growing erection. Veronica laughed, "well Pierce, I see you like that. You know what? I'll be nice, fuck Haley, go ahead." "Wha-What?" Pierce said as his voiced embarrassingly cracked. "I-I-I, uh, I." "Enough dabbling." Veronica shouted.

She opened the cell door and grabbed Haley by the hair.

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She woke up and yelped. "Aright girl, you and him," Veronica said pointing to Pierce, "Are going to fuck, now." Haley looked on in horror, as Pierce, who was scarred out of his young mind, no longer attempted to conceal his five-inch erection which me was now unconsciously stroking while staring at Haley's nipping tits. He secretly wanted this, and wanted it badly, he even began to leak pre-cum.

Veronica noticed this and ran out of the cell quickly, returning with a strange device Pierce had never seen before.


It looked like a harness with a long pink dildo strapped to its from. Veronica attached the device to Haley's pubic area, and suddenly it hit Pierce. "HAHA! I know how bad you want it Pierce, but here's the deal. She gets off, you get to get off. BUT! She goes first and when she's done, I have a special surprise for you" "Wait, no, she-she's going to-to fuck me?" "Wait!


I don't want to-" "Sorry girl, now start fucking or no lunch, not that that is a guarantee, but start or starve." Haley, now had a terrified expression. She and Pierce just sat on their mattresses. "For fuck's sake, Pierce, get in doggy-style, Haley, I'm sure you can figure it out from there." Reluctantly, and driven with the urge to cum, Piecer lay face first on his mattress, while raising his slender virgin, boy whole, into the air, Haley, got up behind him, "I'm sorry Pierce, I'm so sorry", she said as with out word or warning she forced the dildo into Pierce's virgin ass.

"AHH!" Pierce was suddenly over come with the pain of anal penetration. He began moaning in pain, as Haley began to thrust into his ass. She thrusted quickly and powerfully, attempting to get an orgasm quickly so as to liberate Pierce, who was now crying and yelling in pain.

His innocent hazel eyes now shed tears, the muscles in his back and legs tightened while coping with the pain. He clenched his teeth, swearing threw them, he grabbed the mattress. "AHH! Please, Haley!

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PLease go slower! Your-your hurting me!" "I'm sorry! But if I go fast it will be over soon.!" Pierce cried bitterly, attempting to make as little noise as possible, suddenly Haley cried out, "OH! OH!

OH GOD!" she yelped as she fell to the ground panting.

"Oh my god" "Good, good job Haley, now Pierce, re you ready for your reward?" "Pierce's pain seemed to fade as he remembered Haley's twat. He had a momentary day dream of sliding his dic into her.

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His erection rose again and began to leak. "yes, veronica" "Well, here you go" Veronica said, as she grabbed the lonely creature next to her kneeling on the floor. "Luke!" Haley and Pierce said in horror and surprise.

The little fourteen year-old Luke kneeled on the ground a leather collar was wrapped around his neck and a leash led from it to Veronica's left hand. He had a gag in his mouth and two suction cups on his nipples. a black dildo was shoved into his ass by a leather strap, and a cock ring as tied around his balls.

He hadn't lost his tan complexion though, and his hair had traces of blond highlights still in them. His eyes were red from crying and his dic was standing upright with anticipation.

Luke grabbed Pierce's hips and began to thrust madly and expertly into his ass. Unable to talk, Pierce could make out he words 'sorry', and 'I need this' through the gag. Haley watched in horror as Pierce once again screamed in Pain, this time however, Veronica laughed. "If it helps, Pierce, you can pleasure yourself while being fucked!" "AH, AH, Luke stop! PLease Luke!" Pierce yelped as he began to cry. He felt Veronica grab his hand and drop it on his penis, which now stood semi-erect.

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He instinctively began rubbing it up and down, crying from humiliation and pain.TO BE CONTIUED