Dude gets to drill a juvenile hotty and a sexy mature siren

Dude gets to drill a juvenile hotty and a sexy mature siren
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I am assuming that you have read part one.if not, read it first. She led him into the next room, where the bath water was steaming from the tub. She closed the door behind them and coyly smiled and said. "I was told to not leave you alone. The Germans could come at any moment and someone always needs to be with you.

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Do not mind me being here. I will try not to peek too much." With that, she turned around so he could get into the bath. He looked her over as he got undressed. From behind, he could tell she was fuller than the other.


With round hips and a bell shaped ass. He could see the curve of her breasts to the side. They were significantly bigger than the friend he had been sharing adventures with and she had bigger nipples, if the outline of her shirt was any indication. He was surprised she wasnt wearing a bra, as he thought she was when he first came into the house. Looking at her this way got him aroused a little, and he wondered what she was thinking about. He turned slowly around and stepped into the tub.

It was a claw foot tub, with no plumbing, so the water was brought in boiling from the kitchen.

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He let out a grunt as his feet hit the scalding water, but it felt good. Up until now, the only baths he had since Normandy were quick 1-2-3 that got you clean but not very satisfying. He let out a sigh as he sank fully into the tub. "Feel good?" she asked as she walked over to the tub. She kneeled behind him and started to rub his shoulders and neck. Her hot breath felt good on his neck, as did the feeling of her tits on his back.

"Sure, it feels good, so does what you are doing." "Dani says you make her feel good too. That you are strong and sure. I want that." With that she stopped rubbing his shoulders and he heard a rustling behind him.

She came around the tub and stood naked in front him. Her huge breasts hung to each side and her nipples poked straight out. He was right. they were two inches long and stiff. Her legs were already shaking and her cunt was wet with anticipation. She slowly stepped into the tub and sat facing him. Her hands slowly stroking her thighs while he gently fondled her offered breasts.

His hands rubbed her tits while his fingers played with her stiff nipples. He tweaked them and pulled at them, sometimes eliciting a slight gasp and her fingers slowly worked their way down her legs and into her pussy. Gently rubbing back and forth, she leaned back and closed her eyes while she gently masturbated as he fondled her breasts.

Her fingers would rub the outside oh her pussy while slipping in a finger every so often, to prepare herself for what was to come. "I want you to fuck me you know. Dani told me about your cock while you were going over the plans with Bert. And I want it inside me. All of it" "What about Bert?" he asked. "Fuck Bert" she responded. "He is old and has no stamina. I fuck around on him and he knows it.

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He keeps me because he needs me to do things for him and I stay because he is somewaht wealthy and we have survived together this long. Keep rubbing my tits, that feels good." She leaned forward and her tits brushed his now stiff cock.

She kissed him and then placed his cock between her tits and pushed them together. Water lapped at the top of the tub as he rubbed his dick between her tits.

She started to gasp and moan at the forcefulness of his thrusts and every so often she would look down and see that gleaming purple head poke out from between her massive tits. The sight aroused her even more and she began to finger her pussy again. First one, then two, then three fingers stuffed her pussy and she furiously worked her g spot and the bathwater was splashing onto the floor.

She kept rubbing his cock between her tits as she came in the tub. Forceful squirts of her cum shot out of her pussy and she slowly stopped rubbing his cock. She was surprised when he turned her over in the tub. The porcelin and steel were cold against her breasts as he sized her up. He slid his long cock into her wet pussy and she felt him stretch her lips wide around his shaft.

She thought she had prepared herself for him, but was sorely mistaken. He pounded away on her pussy, each thrust more forceful than the last and she moaned in ecstacy at the feeing of his cock filling her pussy. She gasped for breath as his forceful thrust banged her against the front of the tub, smashing her tits against the pocelin and sending her into lustful frenzy. She grabbed the side of the tub and came again as torrents of cum shot from her pussy onto his cock and balls and legs.

She came again as he thrust all the way into her now, her ass slapping against his thighs repeatedly and he eyed her ass, splashing about in the tub.

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He continued to pound deeply into her pussy, his massive cock sliding in and out like a piston, working her pussy into orgasm after orgasm. Torrents of her cum shot out of her pussy and she screamed in delight with each flow of hot sticky cum shooting out of her. The bathtub was thick with her cum and water was splashing everywhere as he continued to pund her pussy for all he was worth.

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Without warning, he switched from her sopping cunt to her waiting ass. She screamed as he thrust his cock into her ass with all the force he could muster, "oh my God, oh my God, oh fuck me, fuck me now!


Harder, Jesus Christ this hurts.Fuck me HARDER!" He pounded her ass mercilessly, each thrust ripping into her ass and her breasts mashing against the front of the tub. She furiously began to rub her clit again, her fingers soaked to the skin with her cum and she came again and again as his cock spewed forth its warm treasure and her ass hole gobbled up drop after drop of sweet sticky warmth.

He pulled his cock out of her red ass with a pop and he slumped back into the tub.

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His dick was covered in her cum and his and was still semi rigid from all the fucking. She collapsed in the tub and lay there, her eyes closed and breathing heavily as he exited the tub and got dressed.

She turned to look at him as he left and in a soft, tired voice said "Thank you."