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Big cock loving teen whore gets fucked
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This is an original work by inferis created in 2011.

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It is intended for mature audiences only. If you don't like it or find it offensive stop reading it and find something else to enjoy. ---------------------- ---------------------- You should read part 1 first. ---------------------- ---------------------- Cool Spring Nights (Part 2: Loose1 gain2) It was somewhere near 4am when the police arrived. I remember them helping me get up and dressed but then somewhere along the line everything became a blur of sirens, questions, flashing lights and paramedics.

I vaguely remember a trip to the hospital in the back of an ambulance where I cried the whole time because my children were not with me. When I arrived at the hospital I had gotten my wits back. After a long wait in the ER a doctor came and set my nose back in place and diagnosed me with a concussion. He told me to keep ice on my bruises and black eye but to be honest the bruises didn't hurt nor did my head. The only thing that was bothering me was my heart, it longed to see my children again it longed to hold them like I did this morning like I hadn't in years.

They discharged after only a few hours and I was stuck taking a taxi back to my house where my children were waiting for me. The driver wasn't fast enough for me so I asked him if we could make drive a little faster, he shot daggers to me through the rear view mirror. I guess I was just a little to anxious to get back but as the driver made the final turn down the street I could see both Luke and Annie waiting at the end of the driveway for me.

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My heart began to race and before the driver could even put the cab in park and ask for money I was out the door hugging and kissing them. It was now 9am and the cool spring night had given way to a beautiful spring morning that smelled of dew and sunshine.

The birds were chirping and I was holding my children, I knew this is what spring love must feel like and I smiled. Ever so gently I felt an extra hand slightly squeeze my shoulder.


It was a police officer that I wasn't even previously aware had been nearby. "Ma'am can I have a word with you?" he asked motioning with his head towards the police car. "Sure officer I'll be right with you." I squeezed my children tightly to my chest and grabbed both Luke and Annie's hands squeezing them and looking in their eyes.

I silently mouthed I love you to both of them then let go. I looked around for the cab to pay my fare but he was gone. "Don't worry Ma'am I paid for you" "Thank you officer." I said. "Now what can I help you with?" This was the first time I had really gotten a good look at the officer he was a handsome man in his 50's at least ten years my senior he had a full head of grey hair and a neatly trimmed beard to match. He was bulky looking with broad shoulders but definitely not fat.

He was the kind of man that I would have married if I lived a different life. But when you looked at his face you could tell he had seen his fair amount of pain but his eyes showed a tender heart filled with warmth. "Sorry to interrupt you and your children Ma'am, this won't take more than a minute. I just wanted to let you know were not pressing any charges against your son. By the looks of things inside and the state of you and your daughter it was clearly an act of defense.

But we would still like you to stay local in case we have any more questions. Do you have any family or friends that I could drop you off at? Or would you prefer to stay here at the house?" he asked. I thought to myself about where we could go. The only family we had local was my husbands and somewhere during the mayhem that took place this morning I knew that I wanted nothing to do with his family ever again.

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Over the years my husband had me sever ties between my brother and parents. I hadn't talked to either of them in 7 years and today wasn't the right time to start. This left me with no one to call. "Thanks officer that's a real help but we have no family nearby and I just don't think we can go back into that house today.

How about a hotel? Can we stay at the Marriot across town?" "That'd be fine Ma'am.

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I can drive you over there as soon as you are ready." The officer allowed me to go back inside and pack up some of our clothes and belongings while the kids waited outside with him then he drove us to the hotel across town. When we arrived there he helped me get my bag out of the trunk and then grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye allowing me to see all the understanding and compassion in his.

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"Ma'am one more thing. Here's my card it has my name and number on the front but I wrote on the back my personnel cell.


If you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to call me day or night." "Thank you officer. I think we will be fine but that is real nice of you. Thank you." "My pleasure ma'am and its Bill, Bill Wolfe. Remember, if you need anything call day or night." My children and I went inside the hotel and the lady working the front desk offered to get us 2 separate rooms but after a brief look at Luke and Annie I knew that wasn't an option.

Our family had become so close in the matter of a few hours that there was no way I could let a wall come between us and ruin that relationship. I politely declined and instead asked for a room with 2 queens and a pull out couch. As soon as we all got inside we dropped our bags on the ground and hugged.

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This hug maybe only lasted for 5 minutes but to me it felt like my children had put all of the love they had for each of us into that hug and in those 5 small minutes they fit 16 and 17 years of unexpressed and undying emotion.

We all breathed a sigh of relief as we let go of each other. I spoke up first "Listen you two it's been a rough morning for all of us and I need to take shower something awful. You guys just take it easy and go to sleep or watch TV I don't really care what you do lets just all relax." "I'll unpack all of our stuff Mom." Luke said. "Maybe I'll see about getting us some food, I'm starving" "That sounds great just get me some coffee please.

And there is some money in the front pocket of the suit case." I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it forward giving him a kiss on the forehead. I looked at Annie to see if she had anything to say but as per usual she kept silent with her eyes diverted to the ground. Eventually she grabbed the book I had packed for her and sat down on the couch drawing her knees to her chest and began reading. I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the fan and lights and started up the shower.

I took a look at my face and could see a large black bruise had begun forming around my eye. My nose was still covered in bandages from setting it at the hospital. Wondering how I would take a shower with my nose still all wrapped up I turned off the shower and started drawing myself up a hot bath instead. I took off my clothes and took a good look at my body.

I hadn't really looked at what the affects of age had done to me for the past 10 years. I never had a reason to care since I knew the only guy that would be looking at me naked was my hus.

ex-husband. A small smile came across my face thinking of how I would never see that scumbag again but it was short lived as I noticed that my once plump perky breasts had begun to sag and that my once firm tight ass had become a mushy lump worst of all I had a bit of a belly.

At least I have my children. I finally have my children I thought to myself. The more I looked at myself the more I felt a need for change I knew I had to start working out again to lose this belly and maybe a haircut would bring some new life to me. The only thing I could do right now was take care of this massive bush of black hair that had grown around my pussy. I threw a towel around myself and stepped back out into the room.

"Hey Luke, have you unpacked the bag of toiletries yet?" "Yea Mom here you go." he said handing me the bag but keeping his eyes averted. "Thanks hun." I replied snatching the bag out of his hand and took off back to the bathroom excited about this small little change I was about too make.

As I closed the door I whipped off my towel and dropped it on the ground then with a big smile I pulled out my razor and shaving cream and began lathering up my bush. I slowly and meticulously began the project ahead of me carefully cutting away until I was bald and smooth. The feeling of my newly shaved pussy was amazing.

It felt smooth and invigorating. I couldn't help but wonder if I would be able to orgasm. It had been so long since my last and I was so horny from shaving myself.

I felt like a teen-age girl again. My bath had been full for sometime now and before it started to get cold I slowly dropped myself in feeling the relaxing effect of the warm water on my skin. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes and letting my mind go blank. My hand slid down my body and I began feeling that smooth pussy of mine under the water I rubbed my outer lips slowly stroking them up and down enjoying the touch.

I dipped a finger into my overused loose hole and felt a small shiver of pleasure run through my body and I let out a sigh but after this brief ounce of pleasure I felt nothing. Everything had gone numb again. Disappointed that I wasn't cured of my numb cunt I gave up touching myself and just enjoyed the warm water. Not long after the door to the bathroom opened and I heard something that I very seldom ever heard.

It was Annie she said, "Mom, can I come in? I need to talk to you?" Sure Annie come on in. She slowly slinked through the crack in the door and I could see that she was visibly shaking.

Worried about her I got up out of the tub unconcerned about my nudity or my wet body and wrapped my soaking wet arms around her. "What's the matter baby? What's wrong? What can I do?" Annie looked away from the ground that she had been starring so intently at and looked in my eyes. "I fee e e l sooo coooold" she said with her teeth chattering.

I hugged her closer and stroked her hair whispering sweet Shhhhhh's and reassuring words. "Come on baby lets take these clothes off and get you into this warm tub with me." She took off her shirt and bras as I worked at unbuttoning her pants and slid them down with her undies in one push.

There was nothing sexual in my mind offering her my tub it just felt natural that I should hold her close to make her warm but looking at her now naked in front of me I couldn't help but feel a little desire for her youthful body. Her breasts still sat firmly on her chest and her beautiful thin hourglass figure was absolutely stunning.

I couldn't begin to fathom why she felt the need to hide her body behind such baggy and modest clothes. Hearing the chattering of Annie's teeth snapped me back to reality. I led her by the arm and walked with her over to the tub. I stepped in first and sat down leaning against the back. She lay down on top of me curling up on her side with her head on my chest.

The water overflowed a little with this added mass but I could have cared less. I felt like a mother again and I was sooo happy. I lay in the warm water with my arms around her and stroked her hair and kissed her head. I sat there silently until I could hear her breathing rhythmically. She was asleep. I kissed the top of her head and started a slow soothing rub up and down her back.

I closed my eyes as well and just smiled as I leaned my head against the wall. A half hour passed like this and the tub water was getting chilly but I couldn't bear to move my gorgeous sleeping daughter from my chest.

Finally when the cold had become too much I lightly shook her shoulders until she woke. "Baby, we have to drain out some of this water and put in more. It's getting too cold in here." I whispered.

Annie looked down at the bottom of the tub and flipped the lever for the drain with her toe. She then sat up and started turning the knob to warm water. She turned back around and I noticed her glance at my body for the first time. She never looked at my face but definitely looked at my bald pussy and hard nipples. Then she lay back down with her head on my chest and we both enjoyed the warm water coming back into the tub.

After a few minutes Annie sat back up turning off the warm water and closing the drain again. She pushed her body up farther against mine still facing away then quickly twisted around and kissed me on the lips. Her kiss was hard and forceful but filled with real passion. She pulled away and twisted back around facing away from me.

Her head faced towards the bottom of the tub and she said in her small quiet voice, "thanks for getting me warm mom." "Annie, Can you look at me for a second?" I asked. She turned around and looked down towards my chest. I reached forward and lifted her head up with my finger so she was staring me in the eyes. As our eyes made contact I leaned forward and returned her kiss softly on the lips.

We sat in the warm water of the tub kissing with open mouths showing our love for each other with each passing flick of our tongues. It felt like I was being kissed for the first time, I had butterflies in my stomach and stars in my eyes. I loved my daughter so deeply and I knew that despite how wrong this was it would draw us closer and I couldn't ask for anything more. Slowly Annie began to caress my body. Starting first with my stomach then making her way up to my chest. Taking handfuls of my breasts.

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She tweaked my nipples and brought a moan to my mouth. I broke our kiss and began sucking her neck and kissing her cheeks working my way to her earlobes where I sucked and probed my tongue around the curves and crevices of her ear. Then ever silent Annie seemed to come to life with moans and groans.

"Ooooo Mom, I love you so much. Mom I want you, I want to hold you as close as I can I want to love you forever." she whispered in my ear. "I Love you too baby and don't worry I won't ever let you go." Annie's hand finally made its way to my pussy some small sparks began to form as her fingers slid inside and her palm massaged my clit but whatever feeling I might have had slowly sputtered out to a numbness.

I gently grabbed her hand and pulled out of my hole and brought it back up to my breasts. I stopped kissing her face and neck and looked her in the eyes.

"Don't worry about touching me there.

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Your Dad broke that a long time ago. Lets switch spots and I'll make love to you." We slid past each other in the tub feeling our naked bodies rubbing against the others and savored the moment. Annie leaned up against the wall and I leant down over her kissing her some more on the lips and neck. I worked my way kissing her shoulders and arms then making my way to her nipples.

She moaned as I sucked her left one into my mouth and sighed as I pincher right one. With my left hand I massaged her inner thighs and lightly grazed her pussy lips making her buck her hips up against my hand.

"Mom wait. I need to be closer to you I need you on top of me." I leaned back and flipped the lever that drained the tub. I went back in for a kiss and we slowly sunk down to the bottom. I lay down on top of her gently smothering our bodies against each other. I straddled her left leg and my right hand worked her pussy lips. Annie kissed me so deeply and with more passion and love than I had ever felt. I had forgotten that sex could be this good.

I had forgotten that it could be this amazing and loving. I was remembering why they called it making love. As I sunk one fingers into her tight wet hole she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me with such ferocity that our teeth lightly hit each other.

I wasn't all that surprised not to find her hymen blocking my way. I always suspected that her father would occasional abuse her sexually but I never knew for sure. I sunk another finger into her and could feel the walls of her cunt grab hold. I began to follow note from what she had done earlier by rubbing my palm on her clit. The effect was huge and Annie broke our kiss and jerked back.

Eyes wide and mouth open she gasped for air as an orgasm hit her hard. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her nails dug into my skin as she spasmed under my body. Her leg now rubbing against my pussy spastically during her orgasm was making my pussy come back to life and I began to feel some of that numbness fade away. It felt amazing but from what I could tell I was still nowhere near an orgasm.

As Annie slowly came down from her high I removed my fingers from her pussy and sucked her sweet juices from them and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Our bodies still mashed together she reached around and hugged me into her tighter kissing me open mouthed and we both enjoyed exploring each others tongues. As we finished our kiss we laid there still in the bottom of the tub wet and in love. We gazed into each other's eyes.

Annie broke the silence first. "Mom, Sorry I came so quick. It just felt amazing and well I know we don't say it much but I love you." "I know baby, you don't have to say it. I know." This time I rested my head on her chest and closed my eyes as my beautiful daughter stroked my hair and kissed my head.

We eventually ended up filling the tub again and having plenty of girl talk about boys and sex. About her father and the abuse. But mostly we kissed long passionate kisses and explored each other's bodies. I now felt this incredible love for my daughter that most mothers never have the chance to feel. She was more than my daughter she was my lover and best friend. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Please feel free to leave comments I am always open to suggestions.

But be respectful no bullshit like "The dump I just took was better than this."