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French canadian cutie pamela tight pussy is stretched out
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CONTINUED FROM PART 4 CONCLUSION OF THIS SET OF MEMORIES. "Yo there you are," said Mark reaching into the dual shower stall to turn on the left-side showerhead. From my showerhead, on the right, the stall was steamed up already. I'd probably been standing there under the water for at least 15 minutes just daydreaming about the past few nights. "Huh? Oh, yeah. What's up?" I said with my eyes mostly closed under the water. Mark tested the water on his side and stepped into shower it was one 6' wide tiled enclosure with the two showerheads -- always a little awkward when you ended up in there with someone random, but it happened so often you pretty much got used to it after a while.

"Been looking for you," Mark said. "I got stats class in 30, but afternoon's free are we hitting the gym? You didn't show up the last couple days" I was still a little dazed, lost in the daydreams from just before he had hopped in.

"Oh, um sure. 2 o'clock right?" "Yeah 2's good," and then after a pause he added, "You okay bud? I haven't seen you much the past few days. Hope it's not about last weekend." "No, I'm cool," I replied. But he didn't seem convinced… "Honest, I meant what I said Sunday morning: everything is totally cool… Really!" he urged. I opened my eyes to see what he meant, and was presented with Mark's hot, naked, rock hard athletic body standing there, dripping under the hot water.

He was looking so damn sincere. He really was sooo damn hot. I was sooo obviously realizing I was totally fucking bi!

"Dude I know, I know," I urged. "It's all good man, no prob thanks for worrying, but I'm good. This weekend was totally hot for me too. I told you.

I've just been over at Lisa's place fucking like rabbits the past couple days, can't help it. This whole situation has made me even hornier, if that was possible! And Lisa seems down for whatever I can bring." "Lucky bastard." I snickered a little. "Yeah, can't complain. I'd probably still be over there but she had to head down to Boston, some family thing just as well I have a paper due I've been blowing off." I kept my eyes mostly closed under the water as I spoke, but checked him out when I could sneak in a glance.

"Ah well Lisa is A-MAZ-ING, I must say.

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Did I mention you were a Lucky Bastard!?" "Yep," I smirked, "all thanks to you really I mean you practically delivered her to me wrapped in a bow! Remember!" He smiled. A big brother's knowing smile, with something deeper there too. Not really sure what I sensed but it was nice.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" he said, "You keep reminding me. Now that we've all fucked around together I'm even more jealous of you: the recent non-virgin with the hot minx!

But what the hell, you deserve it bro, you're a good guy," and he tapped my shoulder with his hand, which, when done passing in the hall I guess is one thing, but standing naked together in the shower felt, well, a little different.


I think I glanced away for a second, probably embarrassed, then chuckled a little and smiled back. "Aw," I mockingly played back, "shucks," and laughed off the comment while tapping him back the same way. Mark started soaping up. I was already pretty much finished before he'd gotten here so I really should've just dried off, but this was my favorite part of ending up in the showers with Mark: getting to check him out when he closed his eyes to soap up.

So I re-soaped myself up and used the excuse to stay and watch. Mark somehow always just came off totally sexy when he was showering, slowly rubbing the soap all over himself, almost caressing himself like a show it seemed at times. "So do you have class soon?" Mark asked while nonchalantly rinsing off the soap. "Nope. Was just standing in here to wake up. Got that paper, but nothing else urgent." I soaped a bit just to seem proper. "Ah, got it," he said while now rubbing shampoo in his hair.

I always thought it so awesome how we could be in these showers, like it was totally normal, just shooting the shit talking about whatever, while meanwhile Mark's totally turning me on without even knowing it. "Oh, hey," he said, soap still on his head, eyes closed, "can you help me out for a sec?" "Sure. What?" Mark pushed his face under the water and rinsed off the soap.

Then squinted a bit and twisted around to show me the back of his neck as he reached around to point at something there. "I got this splinter thing or something, from my hike yesterday… I can feel it but can't seem to reach there to get it. Do you see it?" He still had soap all over his buff bod, and moved himself, backwards, closer to me.

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I reached up and touched his shoulder and stopped him just before he backed into me. "Um. not sure.

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There's a lot of soap. Rinse off a little." And I playfully grabbed both his shoulders and spun him around to rinse off a bit, then let go while he continued. Seeing that cute butt and his sexy muscular back playfully spinning him like that my cock totally twitched, but I concentrated on fighting that. "Okay, check again," and he turned his back towards me again. I had even more trouble fighting down my rising hard-on and my cock lightly brushed his butt a couple times, though I tried super hard to keep a gap between our wet bodies.

"Um … " I held his shoulders and scrutinized the back of his neck, my cock sooo close to him but not touching. "Yeah, I see something. It's a little black thorn, I can get it. Hold still." And I moved closer so my chest was pushing against his upper back to hold him still while my hands came together to work on the thorn.

The thing was a little tricky, LUCKY for me, so I had to spend like two minutes screwing around to finally get it out all the while practically hugging him and grinding my torso on him without Mark realizing what was happening to me (I don't think??) !

Wish I could've REALLY been grinding into him and rubbing my cock on that amazing ass that was just an inch away, but nope, just my crazy mind running wild.

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"Yeah, got it. No big deal, just a little tiny thorn," I explained. "Cool, thanks man. It was so annoying. Appreciate it." And he turned around to face me. "No worries." as I quickly stepped a little back and turned away into my showerhead while he was also turning, so he would only see my back and not my raging hard-on!

"Anyway," as I heard Mark turning off the water, "I gotta get to class.

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So 2 o'clock. Don't forget! And since it sounds like you got the night off from Lisa, want to hang out at the dorm -- I got nothing going on we can kick it in the room, get high and shoot the shit if you want." "Ah yeah, that's cool.

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I probably will be at the library 'til 9-ish to work on that paper, but maybe after that." "Cool see you at 2 then. Later" "See ya." And as he was leaving the bathroom, another guy from the hall was walking in, so I quickly grabbed a towel so I could hide my boner before that guy could get to the shower, and I got the hell out of here.

10 PM THAT NIGHT I strolled into the dorm room in my boxers, towel-drying my hair from the end-of-day shower after studying most of the evening. Mark was sitting on his bed, leaning up against the wall in just his typical sexy black Calvin trunks hair all tussled himself (guess he'd showering just a bit again too). He was mid-hit of pot from his glass water pipe.

He looked over to me and casually scooted to the corner, against the wall, signaling me to sit down on the bed with him to get high. After all our time hanging out, and now surely with this past weekend's antics, it was I guess 'normal' to be sitting around in our underwear, so I tossed my towel on the floor and plopped beside him." "Ah see you couldn't wait for me to get high, eh!" I teased.

He leaned back and sucked in a little air to finish off the hit, smiled back, and handed me the pipe while he chirped out a breathless reply. "Nope," while still trying to hold in the air and his hit. "Thanks," as I took the pipe. Mark exhaled deeply turned out that was a huge hit he'd just taken and smoke went everywhere.

I gestured the pipe back to him and he waved it away. "No thanks man, that was my third I'm good. You go a bit and catch up!" And so I took a couple hits while he just watched me with a ridiculous stoner grin.

Just then his phone rang on the wall over the side-table of the bed. He leaned way over me to reach it, basically laying his bare torso onto my lap, and grabbed the phone (it was an old-fashioned hard-wired phone on the wall from the 90's days). He just laid there on me, with the short phone cord to the wall, while he talked. And with the pot hitting me, and Mark laying on me indifferently talking, I found myself urgently fighting another hard-on.

He didn't seem to notice though. He finished his call, sat back up, and then ended up leaning into me against my shoulder as we talked (since it was a small bed everything was in a tight space, which was fine by me!). "That was funny Sara is down with Lisa in Boston, she was asking if I wanted to join her." "I thought you guys broke up," I asked "Yeah, but now we've got the whole 'friends with benefits' thing going, and she can't resist screwing around in her childhood bedroom while her parents are just down the hall!

But, you heard me, I told her I was too stoned and had to take a raincheck." Well since I was having all this great time with Mark right now, I was secretly relieved he was too stoned to drive, but I acted bummed for him, "ah, that's too bad guess you're gonna miss your dose of sex tonight, eh!" He gave me a long confusing look, then a smile, then a "yep," and a pause, then "guess so… dammit!" sounding more playful.

Mark probably could see my 'semi' as we sat side-by-side, but if so, he didn't give any indication of it. "This station sucks," he announced, and leaned across me again, just like a few moments ago, to play around with the radio. Only this time, he laid even more directly on top of my dick. It was crazy, he was making me mental and totally didn't seem to even notice… I tried to shift around but it would've been too obvious, so I just tried to think about ANYTHING other than his sexy smooth body (wasn't that easy to do while he was lying on me!).

He rolled a little sideways while on me and started asking me stuff about the music stations I couldn't really even pay attention to what the fuck he was saying I think I just mumbled some response. I assume he thought it was just the pot talking.

He finally sat back up I had a total boner that he had to have noticed but he didn't say anything about it, and he was stoned too … We sat in silence for like at least a minute or two, just listening to the music, though I couldn't have told you what was playing if my life depended on it. I COULD, however, have described every inch of his six pack, his Calvins, and his muscular quads, which is what I was staring at while sitting beside him.

"So -- " he said. "So?" I asked. "Sooo," he repeated, turning a little towards me and staring at me. I furrowed my brow, confused, strangely nervous. I didn't really know what the hell he was talking about. He reached up like he was going for yet a third time across me to the side table for something, but then unexpectedly gently grabbed the far side of my face and turned my head towards him so we were staring at each other, then let his arm fall to the side of me, by my leg." "SOOO!" he said steadily, "I mean… what are we going to do about THIS?" We were only a couple inches apart, but I was totally confused, excited, panicked, frozen.

"umm. What do you mean?" I stumbled out. He took a casual glance towards my boxers, then back at my eyes -- I ended up making the same glance towards his crotch and realized he was getting hard too! We looked back at each other. Just staring, stoned, frozen.

"Umm" I managed as he was leaning a little closer. "Dude," he said softly, just an inch or two from my face, "I can tell exactly what you want," still deeply staring into me, "Sooo?" he continued softly, and knowingly raising an eyebrow, smiling.

I froze for another few seconds, everything was welling up in me. Mark was totally calm, smiling, in control, just staring at me, our bodies now even closer. I was overloaded. I was staring at his awesome cute face, his chest, shoulders, neck -- everything racing through my head.

and then … I snapped. I lurched up in a frenzy and rolled onto him in a tackle to pull him down flat onto his bed all in one motion. I started licking and ravishing his torso everywhere, especially those smooth pecs and tiny hard nipples. "Ah, yeah man, that's it," he tossed out between soft encouraging moans, "I knew you wanted it bad." And then he shifted his body so he could put his arms over his head.

Now he was an Adonis on display and I was goings nuts. I slid my tongue up along from his nipple to his arms, the soap mixed with his natural scent was intoxicating it was fucking hot. I licked right under his arms, and used my hands to rub smoothly all over his torso.

I was in a euphoric daze and had totally given in to the situation, with zero control. With my body on top of him I dug my cock straight into his own and discovered he was rock hard too. He took his left arm and started smoothly rubbing across my back to encourage me, and slid his hand through my hair a bit, then put his arm back over his head. "Yeah&hellip. Ah… Keep doing that. And do the other side now too," Mark directed.

I did what I was told and licked all across his chest to the other side. He started shifting his crotch around so I could feel his hard-on rubbing against mine. "Now, up, to my neck, and …" I knew what he wanted and before he could finish I was already licking his neck and behind his ears a little, making him moan more and more. "Ahhh yyyeah. That's it man," and he took both his arms down while I was laying on top of him licking behind his ears so he could rub my back more down towards my butt.

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I moved across his forehead, kissing gently (but lightly, I didn't want to get all weird with the kissing thing). As I was licking the other side of his neck he totally grabbed my ass. He reached in under my boxers and squeezed my bare smooth butt, massaged a little, pulled me apart a little and played with my ass, then pulled his hands back up and stroked my back and sides. "Go back to my nipples and lick them more," Mark instructed.

In this frenzy I would have done anything he ordered so I slid my mouth back to his nipples as he arched up his sexy chest and pushed his pecs to join my hungry mouth. I teased, nibbled, and licked while he writhed side to side encouraging me. I kept going and going, now also grinding my cock into his, and used my hand to smoothly rub down to touch his ripped six pack stomach. "Mmm… nice, yeah, lick down there too," he directed me down to his abs.

And as I started to move down his torso, he grabbed my shoulders firmly: "Wait." I stopped and looked up at him. He held me still. He waited. Then he strongly pulled me back up and without warning pulled my body up to his, rolled over on top of me, and gave me a tight, long hug. He held that hug for like a full minute, then took a deep breath, leaned his head back from from me slightly, and said quietly, "just wanted you to know that even though I think I'm about to make you my total sex slave," with a wide sincere smile, " you're a cool bud -- and I couldn't care less about the whole bi, str, gay thing what the fuck, we should do whatever the fuck we want!" Then he pulled up, stared at me for a bit, firmly rolled us back over and landed me right back on top of him.

I leaned up a little, euphoric, totally enslaved, just as he'd sensed. "Now stud," Mark solidly commanded, "pick up right where you left off! You were just about to lick my abs I believe!" I don't think my cock could have been any harder. The front of my boxers were soaked with pre-cum as I slid my body down along his legs to start licking his abs, while improvising a little with my hands to stroke the rest of his torso.

"Mmm nice. Take your boxers off," he continued. I kept licking, but also managed to struggle my boxers off and laid naked on top of him. He stroked my body all over, and played with my butt again while I kept licking.

"Good job. Now get rid of my underwear and swallow my dick." Again, I jumped on the instructions, ripped off his Calvins, and gobbled up his cock. As I did so, I caressed his legs -- now he too was dripping pre-cum!

He sat up on his knees and grabbed my head lightly by the hair didn't hurt at all, he was just guiding me. With his cock sticking straight out, he pulled my head towards his cock and said "swallow it more! And grab my ass!" I pulled him deep into my mouth as best I could while holding ass.

"Good now move your tongue around my head while your mouth is still sucking… And keep going." I decided to take a little control back and improvised a bit. I caressed his ass, but then flipped over onto on my back, looking up at his cock hanging over my face. "Did I tell you to stop?" He said playfully. I started licking underneath his balls and between his solid thighs.

He started moaning. "No you didn't," I said between tongue strokes. "Should I. go back.?" I asked a little mockingly, knowing full well he wanted me right where I was! "Ahhh yeah man yes - um no -- I mean . wait do that!. You're right. Keep going!" Mark, still on his knees, was now lost in the feelings and started spreading his legs apart wider to make room for me to slide in further and I just kept licking.

I also licked my hand and reached up to stroke his cock and rub the tip, while still swallowing his balls into my mouth and licking near his ass.

Mark was tensing his legs and I was driving him wild. He sank down deeper, knees sliding out and legs stretching wider, so his amazing ass could get nearer to my tongue. He was sparkling clean nothing but fresh scents from the shower he'd had and I couldn't control myself, I HAD to lightly lick his ass cheeks, and his response was instant. I'd NEVER imagined I'd be doing any of this, but his cute, tight ass was irresistible. "YES MMM, DON'T STOP". I continued.

He spread his legs wider still to lower himself even further. And then he leaned forward and started sucking my cock which I'm pretty sure was a first for him but he was so mental from the tonguing I was doing to him that he seemed ready for anything!

I was starting to feel my cum boiling up, and my boner was pulsing and thick, which he noticed. "Don't cum," he said. "I want you right on the edge". And he slowed his sucking, somehow managing to notice exactly the right moments to stop and start to keep me hovering at the point of no return -- right on the edge. Mark then lifted his body up from my face and re-positioned his cock straight into my mouth to basically face-fuck me.

And we were now doing a full on 69. "Swirl your tongue I'm almost there too," he directed. I kept bucking my hips trying to get my cock deeper into him so I could have my explosion, but he somehow knew just how to prevent me from that and at the same time, his cock was almost choking me and getting bigger.

And I didn't care… I was grabbing his ass again and using a finger to play tap on his butt like I'd learned the other night. We were both getting close. He started thrusting his dick into my mouth a little harder and faster, and his cock was still swelling.

My own balls were aching I'd been ready to cum for a long time and I just kept thrusting and bucking up into the air to join his mouth… There was no way to talk -- just muffled moans. His pistoning got even faster, I lightly pushed my finger into his butt a little, and he lost it… he leaned forward harder, swallowed my dick deep, and sucked and sucked… I HAD to cum!

I knew he was going to cum too… I moaned super loud and pushed my finger deeper into him. I grabbed his ass down, pushing his cock into me, and thrust my own cock up into his mouth -- and groaned loud as I shot my load just as he pushed down and shot his load.

Pulse after pulse we fed each other right at that same moment. Both our mouths sucking and slurping, as they filled with the cum. One of the most intense orgasms I'd yet had -- and as my mouth filled up, I just lay there frozen. After a few moments -- I swallowed his load, I think he did the same. "Jesus!" Mark said, as he pulled his cock up out of my mouth, relaxed, and laid completely onto me. I exhaled deeply, "yeah". And another pause. There was a bit of calm, peaceful silence, then Mark spoke: "Well bud, I think this semester is going to just be amazing now that we've got this whole situation figured out." "Huh?" I said.


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This situation. It seems you're an excellent sex slave, buddy boy." "Oh am I?" I mocked sarcastically. "Yes you are! -- So this is how it's going to work for the rest of the semester." "What do you mean," I asked. "Well, now that you're my sex slave --on the weekends you can go blast your cum playing with Lisa every which way you can think of -- and I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of ways to fuck around!.

But . " "But? Yeah -- what???" "But -- just remember, you're also now MY cute sex slave too. So keep count of how many times Lisa cums, then be ready." "Ready?" "Yeah, ready -- cause you're not done. When you eventually get back here with me, I'll be telling you EXACTLY how you're gonna now make ME cum that many times too, while you hold off, frustrated, begging for a final chance to blow your own load, after watching me over and over like that." I stared at him in stunned silence for a minute.

He went on. "And if you're lucky, MAYBE I'll let you finally cum, if you follow all my directions perfectly. Got it?!" He had this hungry, combined with crazy, sexy look that was indescribable. I was confused and shocked, but as I let it soak in I realized I was totally turned on by this idea -- and now trying not to tip my eagerness.

After a long pause, I said, "ah -- ok Mark, I got it. I'll keep count. For sure." "Good!


So don't get home too late on Sundays, we'll need some time! Now grab us a couple towels and lets go rinse off." Damn -- I TOTALLY did not see that one coming!