Hot tight ass Latina fucks in stockings

Hot tight ass Latina fucks in stockings
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It was a warm summers morning the day that I decided not to go into work. The job was crap and I just could not be bothered to waste a Friday sitting staring at the same old walls. After my girlfriend had left I lay on the sofa watching the same old dribble on the box and decided that a nice hard wank was in order. What else is there to do on your day off? Everyone does it, don't they! After working through many web pages looking at tasty young girls my cock was as hard as rock when suddenly I heard next doors front door slam shut.

maybe it was Emma? This was the girl next door, she was so fit! The great thing was I had been watching this girl for months now wondering how old she was as I had many a fantasy about this girl and was hoping that she was legal? Then only last month my hopes were fulfilled when I saw her and her mates going out for her 16th birthday!!

Wow. I ran to the bedroom window and sure enough it was her! She was off to school with her uniform on and bag in hand. Emma was a sexy young lady with a bob hairstyle which was a white blonde colour.

She always seemed to wear a little bit too much makeup for school but I liked this look and the red lipstick she wore make her large lips look great. She also wore that lip-gloss that all teens seem to wear that made her mouth look always wet and inviting!

She had light blue eyes and a great figure, not too skinny and a nice pair of tits were growing beneath that school blouse! On this day she was wearing her short school skirt which she always folded up around the waist so that it was a lot shorter than it was aloud to be, and also a tight white short sleeved blouse.

Her cardigan was tied around her waist and her backpack was slug over one shoulder. I watched her walking up the road through the gap in the curtains. I was watching her butt naked and stroking my cock as she went.

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I wished she was in my bedroom right at that moment so I could cream all over that pretty body of hers! But then I saw her turn right at the end of the row of houses instead of left to go towards her school?

Why did she do this? So I ran to the back room to see if she was going somewhere else? To my surprise I could see her walking back down the alleyway at the bottom of the houses gardens.


Was she heading home to sneak back in through the back door? No. she stopped at the gate to my house and looked around. My hart stopped! Quickly she opened my back gate and slipped into the garden. I saw her make her way over to my shed, look around again and quickly disappear in. I never lock the shed as there wasn't much in there anyway, just a couple of tools. But what was she doing in there?

I guessed this was where she must bunk off school and hide during the day?

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I quickly pulled my clothes back on and ran down stairs. what was I going to do? Loads of thoughts were running through my mind about running in there and having sex with her!?

You must remember that my hormones were still racing from my previous wank! I had an idea.

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I put my shoes on and unlocked the back door, quite noisy so that she would hear. I headed out into the garden. Slowly I made my way over to the shed, stopping once or twice to make out I was checking some plants. When I got to the door I could smell cigarette smoke.

Although I was not a smoker my self the thought of Emma smoking really turned me on. Watching those sexy lips sucking on the cig and then blowing gently out. I felt my cock getting hard again! I quickly opened the door and there sat in the corner on an old chair was Emma. The freshly put out cig was on the floor next to a pile of magazines that she must had brought with her to pass the time.

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"What are you doing in here?" I said to her trying to act surprised. I could see she was shocked that I had caught her there by the way her face flushed red and the fact that she didn't answer me. This was strange as normally Emma was quite a mouthy and loud girl when she was with her mates. "Should you not be at school today?" I asked. "Should you not be at work?" she replied.

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That's was more the Emma I knew, answering back. I explained to her that I just could not be bothered today and felt like a day off. I told her that I was just going to do a spot of gardening when came across her.

She again got cocky and said that she felt the same way too and just couldn't be arse with school today! So I asked her if she would like to come in the house instead as she would get bored out of her mind sat in there all day? I assured her I would not tell her mum and it would be our little secret.

She agreed, picked up her things, and we headed into the house. Once inside my thoughts started racing again. what could we do and how could I make a move on her? She sat on the sofa and put her feet up. She was quite a confident girl and didn't mind making her self at home.

I turn on the TV for her and went through to the kitchen to fetch us drinks. "Would you like some tea?" I shouted through. But Emma replied that she would rather have some wine! Wow, maybe this would lighten the mood a bit. "Do you mind if I smoke please?" Emma called through as I poured two large glasses.


"No, make your self at home" I replied and brought the drinks through. As I entered I actually saw Emma smoking. It looked so sexy! She sucked long and then blew the smoke out slowly to one side as not to blow it in my direction. "Do you drink then?" I asked as I pass the glass to her and took a seat opposite. "Yes, I love to get pissed with my mates. I do most things now, if you know what I mean?" Was she flirting with me?

I hoped she was. By the time we had a couple of glasses the day was getting quite warm outside. "God I'm hot." I said as I downed the last drop form my glass.

"Why dont you take that t-shirt off then. I wont mind its your house and its not as if Ive not seen you before in the garden working!" Emma blushed a little when she said this.

Had she been spying on me the same way I had with her? "Well I dont think I should, you might get the wrong idea?" I joked. Emma got a strange look in her eye when I had said this. She stood up and put her cig out before walking over to me. When she stood in front of me my hart was working over time. Emma put a leg either side of mine and sat on my lap facing me. "Your quite good looking you know. Much more manly than the losers at my school.

How about I help you with this.?" She reached down and pulled my t-shirt up over my head. "uuummmm." She moaned as she moved her sweet little fingers down over my chest. "I love a manly body!" Maybe it was the drink speaking but I didn't care my cock had sprung to life and I couldn't wait for more! Emma had noticed this too. "Wow, is that because of me?" Emma teased as she lightly grinded her self on the bulge between my legs.

"Yes it is. why would you like to see it babes?" Emma stood up and then knelt in front of me. "Have you ever sucked a mans cock before?" I asked.


Emma looked full of lust and just smiled. She took hold of my zipper on my jeans and pulled it open. In my haste to get dressed I had not put my boxer shorts back on and this please Emma as she made a little gasp as my rock hard cock sprang from my flies! Emma used her hands to massage the pre-cum already formed on the tip of my bell end all over my cock and then slowly started to suck down on it.

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"Wow you are so big and hard!" She muttered between sucks. IF YOU LIKE THE STORY SO FAR PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL TELL THE REST!!!