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Bareback breeding with jeff palmer free gay porn and best corks the
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Jennifer shuffled awkwardly as she checked her appearance in the full length mirror of Mr Davies outer office for what seemed like the thousandth time. She wished she had been a little less conservative,‭ ‬feeling dowdy in a long dark blue dress with a matching jacket,‭ ‬a compromise between stylish and business like she thought until she saw the office girls in summery dresses and the guys in open neck shirts.

She admitted the hat was a mistake but she had brought it and there was no time to let her hair down,‭ ‬so she kept the silly little felt number with its imitation flowers perched ridiculously on her head.

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‭"Mr Davies will see you now, ah Jennifer," the receptionist announced, "Good luck." Jennifer walked cautiously across to the office door,‭ ‬she didn't like high heels,‭ ‬she ridiculous on four inch heels,‭ ‬almost ducking her head to pass under every door frame. ‭"Jennifer, how nice to see you again!" a voice boomed, she looked toward the source of the voice, a big man, taller than her, maybe fifty years old, greying, yet distinguished.

‭"Sorry sir, do I know you?" she asked.

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‭"I guess not, but I remember you from the cheerleader squad last winter series," he replied "Oh,‭ ‬right‭!" ‬Jennifer remembered leaping around half naked in shorts and real tight skimpy top in mock excitement just to make an extra twenty dollars most Thursdays during the last season,‭ ‬it was not something she was proud of.

‭"I guess that's why you borrowed Grandma's dress!" he joked. She should have felt crushed but she agreed,‭ "‬I guess I didn't know what to expect.‭" "Anyway,‭ ‬sit down,‭ ‬sit down,‭ ‬we got your grades somewhere.‭" ‬he said as he watched Jennifer sit decorously in the swivel chair the opposite side of his plush walnut and mahogany executive desk. ‭"We made a provisional offer based on projected grades," Mr Davies suggested, "Oh call me Mike by the way, yes, projected, ah, and you got an A in art, and I.T.

and A in Math, and A in English." "Yes.‭" ‬agreed Jennifer,‭ "‬I revised and studied really hard sir.‭" "Jennifer,‭ ‬we wanted three B's and a C,‭ ‬not straight A's.‭" "What‭?" ‬Jennifer asked incredulously. ‭"Yes, three B's, that's what we wanted," Mike Davies continued, "you see straight A people are a threat, I'm a B or C sort of guy, I guess I could get A's if I really tried but hey life's too short, d'you see? "Sir‭?" ‬she said in confusion.

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‭"When I started old Hank Gibbs wanted a side kick not some guy to take his job off of him," Mr Davies continued, "So that's why I got hired instead of the straight A guys." Jennifer looked down,‭ "‬But I tried so hard,‭ ‬I never went out or anything,‭ ‬I want this chance so badly.‭" ‬she peered straight at Mr Davies,‭ "‬I'll do anything.‭" "Sure you wont,‭" ‬Mr Davies said,‭ "‬So you're really not grade A material,‭ ‬you'll come out with a pretty useless low grade degree even if we pay for you to go through college.‭" "No,‭ ‬I'll work really hard sir.‭" ‬Jennifer pleaded.

‭"And you'll do anything?" Mr Davies asked. ‭"Yes." said Jennifer, ‭"Go behind the screen and take your dress off." Mr Davies suggested. ‭"What?" Jennifer demanded, "What do you mean get undressed." "You said anything‭" ‬Mr Davies reminded her.

She slowly rose from the chair and walked unsteadily across to the screen in the far corner,‭ ‬first removing her hat,‭ ‬before placing her jacket and dress neatly over a chair and finally she laid her panties and brassiere on the chair‭ ‬, She decided to keep her stockings and high heels on for effect,‭ ‬she felt butterflies in her tummy and took her handkerchief to dab away an imagined drip of moisture between her legs.‭ She stepped out from the screen and tried to smile seductively at Mr Davies,‭ ‬but it was hard,‭ ‬he was like her dads age.

‭"Wow, Jennifer, you sure are pretty," said Mr Davies. "but hey, where's your panties and brassiere, I said to take the dress off darling." "You said undress,‭ ‬oh god,‭ ‬you said un-dress,I thought‭!" ‬Jennifer blustered.


‭"Hell no, I just wanted to see your figure, I guess you ain't no B or C cup?" he asked eyeing her magnificent breasts hanging free. ‭"Yes, no, they are a double D cup sir," Jennifer explained as she tried to hide both breasts and her cunt with only two arms. ‭"I guess two D's against straight A's sort of averages out at C sort of," he mused, "Hell its better than D grades and A cup anyways!" and he laughed at his own joke.

‭"I thought you meant," Jennifer replied.

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‭"I know you did, you did didn't did you, you thought I wanted? oh my.!" Mr Davies exclaimed, "You thought I wanted to fuck you!" ‭"Yes, sorry," Jennifer said blushing furiously. ‭"No it's good it shows you ain't that bright!" Mr Davies replied. ‭"I need this job sir." Jennifer said, eyeing Mr Davies's erection. "If it gets me this job I'll lie right down on your desk, right now and you can do what you need to sir." "I think I'll pass on that,‭ ‬but come sit on my lap a moment.‭" ‬he suggested as he swung the chair around,‭ ‬and held out his arms,‭ "‬And slip those stockings and heels off.‭" Jennifer slipped off her heels and hose and walked across the floor to slip easily into Mr Davies's arms.

‭"How often do you have sex Jennifer." Mr Davies asked right out. ‭"Hardly ever sir" she replied, "I guess I'm too busy studying and working at my dad's store." "And my fingers,‭ ‬are they troubling you at all.‭" ‬Mr Davies asked as he cupped her left breast and tweaked the nipple,‭ ‬and started to seek out her clit with his right hand at the same time. ‭"No sir, but I guess I'm going to leave a wet patch on your trouser leg." she admitted. ‭"Don't worry, I got spares in the closet." Mr Davies said, "Hows that?" he had his thumb inside her now and his ring finger in her groove massaging her tiny clit.

‭"It's like nice sir," she agreed and he pecked her cheek adding to her frustration.

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‭"I guess you haven't had sex for a while?" he asked as he worked his fingers into her moistening cunt. "No sir,‭ ‬Oh that's it,‭ ‬do that.‭" ‬she ordered,‭ "‬Oh gosh sir where did you learn to do that,‭ ‬Oh my god Sir please,‭ ‬Oh.‭" ‬Jennifer wailed as the sensations overwhelmed her, "Ohhhhhh." Jennifer sat open mouthed staring fixedly at the wall as she gradually regained her equilibrium after her orgasm.

‭"Hell girl, you shouldn't cum so soon." Mr Davies exclaimed, "Are you ok?" "Yes sir,‭" ‬she said dreamily, "Thank you sir." ‭"I came in my pants just then," Mr Davies exclaimed and as Jennifer moved she saw the dark glistening pool on Mr Davies's light grey pants, "Angie will be furious, she won't get her afternoon delight as we call it now, you best apologise on the way out." "Job sir,‭ ‬do I get the job‭?" ‬Jennifer asked hopefully.


‭"What job do you want, little lady," Mr Davies asked seriously, "Management trainee, is that it, could you sit here and do my job in ten years, do you think?" "I don't know sir.‭" ‬Jennifer said thoughtfully,‭ "‬I want to get a degree,‭ ‬that's what Mom and dad want me to do.‭" "Ok here's the deal,‭" ‬said Mr Davies.‭ "‬McKenzie Corp pay your tuition,‭ ‬we provide somewhere to sleep,‭ ‬and a job at the end and we pay pocket money and have an option on your services if you get a second class degree.‭" "And who do I sleep with‭?" ‬she demanded.

‭"Ah, you spotted that, well my son, Mike Junior, he's in your year and he intends doing Management training like you, too lazy to study like me, you'll be his study buddy and fuck buddy, ok?" "What if I don't like him,‭ ‬or he don't like me‭?" ‬asked Jennifer "Ok,‭ ‬fine, lets see,‭" Mr Davies ‬said,‭ ‬as he pushed Jennifer away and waked to the closet,‭ "‬You can come out now Mike.‭" Jennifer watched as Mike Junior emerged shyly from the Closet,‭ ‬he had to be nearly six feet six tall,‭ ‬he had to duck to pass under the door frame,‭ "‬What do you think son‭?" "Gee Dad she's beautiful.‭" ‬Mike Jnr replied,‭ ‬as he stared at Jennifer's nakedness,‭ ‬fascinated by the light furry down covering the slit of her pubes.

‭"She's the tallest of the applicants," Mr Davies explained, "She ain't that bright but she's keen as hell, what do you say son?" "She's beautiful dad.‭" ‬Mike Jnr said again,‭ "‬I guess she got a boyfriend already‭?" "For heavens sake ask her.‭" ‬Mr Davies pleaded,‭ ‬and watched incredulously as his son went down on one knee.

‭"Jennifer McCrawley, will you do me the honour of fucking with me?" he asked.

Jennifer laughed,‭ "‬I thought for a minute you were going to ask me to marry you!‭" "See if we has any kids first,‭" Mike said awkwardly‬,‭" B‬ut will you fuck with me cause I'm so tired of getting knocked back and I get so horny and.‭" "You're losing it son‭!" ‬said Mr Davies. ‭"Yes," said Jennifer, "Yes, I do believe we should at least try out," "Fifteen Minutes‭!" ‬Mr Davies senior announced,‭ "T‬hen I want a decision,‭" ‬he announced as he slipped from the office and locked the door behind him.

He had already made up his mind,‭ ‬if Junior didn't want her he would put her through uni anyway and she could help him study‭! Jennifer and Mike junior stared at each other awkwardly across the office,‭ "‬I guess you should maybe undress‭" ‬Jennifer suggested.

‭"Yes Miss McCrawley," Mike Jnr replied, and he started to undo his trousers, Jennifer helped him to undo his shirt, and then suddenly as Jennifer pulled his shorts down she realised exactly how large his manhood was.

"Oh my god,‭ ‬Michael,‭ ‬what the hell is that‭!" she gasped. "That's what happens Miss McCrawley I get with a girl and then we get real friendly and then they run away.‭" ‬he apologised.

‭"Well, Mike, you take it real slow and we'll see what we can do." Jennifer said quietly, "Gee just think my whole future depends on taking that monster inside of me!" "It's only Eleven inches,‭" ‬Mike explained,‭ "‬Plenty of Porn stars have bigger ones‭!" "Yes but this isn't a porno is it,‭ ‬this is real life‭!‬,‭" ‬Jennifer said,‭ "‬Come her lets try.‭" ‬she said but when Mike lifted her off her feet and sat her down on the edge of the desk she started to worry,‭ "‬Careful Mike,‭" ‬she cautioned,‭ ‬as she grasped his monster,‭ ‬and aimed it at her lower lips,‭ ‬then she pleaded,‭ "C‬areful,‭ ‬oh my god,‭ ‬It's too big,‭ ‬it's too big,‭ ‬stop it's too,‭ ‬oh.‭" Her feet touched the floor as he bent his knees slightly and began to thrust up inside her.

‭"Mike," Jennifer moaned, "It's too big, it's no good it's." "Mmmm feels real good to me,‭" ‬Mike said,‭ "R‬eal good,‭ ‬better'n good,‭ ‬you sure you can't bear it.‭" "I don't know,‭ ‬just stop a moment,‭ ‬will you,‭ ‬let me relax a second,‭ ‬maybe we could lay down.‭" ‬Mike listened and then he said, ‭"You just need loosening up a bit," he added.

‭"Here try this." He thrust from his bent knees slamming into her hard, lifting her with his thrust, "And this," he repeated the move, "And this," he slammed into her once more. ‭"Well don't stop!" Jennifer said"You've just about ruptured my spleen and shifted my liver,and jolted my heart sideways, so I guess." "What's wrong,‭" ‬Mike asked‭?

‬as Jennifer gasped for breath. ‭"I'm cumming you fool," she whispered, "OOOhhhhh., Oh gosh" she exclaimed, "I'll never be able to walk again!" "Just hang on in there,‭" ‬said Mike,‭ "‬I got a little surprise for you.‭" "Oh god it gross,Mike,‭ ‬no don't cum in me,‭ ‬oh its too much Mike,‭ ‬Oh god.‭" ‬Jennifer wailed, ‭"It's too much," Mike gently eased her down onto her feet again, and pulled his shrinking manhood from her, glistening with cum and her juices which dripped and trickled down her inner thighs.

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‭"Oh." Jennifer said, "It's over." "Give me ten minutes‭?" ‬said Mike,‭"A‬nd we can do it again.‭" "I don't think I can walk after that,‭ ‬I ache,‭ ‬I'm all ripped apart inside.‭" ‬Jennifer complained. ‭"But did you like it?" Mike Jnr asked.


‭"Yes, it was wonderful but I'll be crippled!" Jennifer explained, "Aw, I'm so uncomfortable, I'm sure I'll never walk properly again!" Jennifer walked awkwardly towards the screen and her clothes. ‭"Hey Jen, don't get dressed come here" Mike asked, "Let me look at you." "I'm cold,‭ ‬look at my goose bumps.‭" ‬Jennifer exclaimed.

‭"So come here and let me hold you," Mike Jnr suggested, and Jennifer walked slowly across and allowed him to put his arms around her. She felt him harden instantly,‭ ‬his dangling meat at once stiffening,‭ ‬and rising from its slumber alongside his thigh,‭ ‬swinging in an arc to rest against her crotch trapped between her thighs. ‭"You said hold!" Jennifer reminded Mike but it was too late and she well knew it and as soon as Mike lifted her she grabbed his manhood and aimed it right up inside her.

Jennifer tensed waiting for the stretching pain,‭ ‬but she just felt pleasantly filled,‭ ‬and her clit just throbbed trapped between Mike's monster erection and his hairy crotch. ‭"I can't believe you did that!" she exclaimed. ‭"You're irresistible Jennifer, I'm gonna fuck with you every single night and day." he boasted.

‭"You better had Mike because after you I'm hardly going to feel any other man." "Hey,‭ ‬what's this about feeling men‭?" ‬said Mike. ‭"I mean you stretched me so wide no other penis will ever fill me the same." Jennifer explained. ‭"That's cool, shit thats more than cool, hell I'm going to cum!" Mike's eyes bulged and he struggled a bit to breathe and then Jennifer felt the now familiar rush of his load shooting into her, soothing and lubricating.

‭"Say, can we go to the movies, or a restaurant some time, like on a date?" Mike asked. ‭"Sure, I'd like that," Jennifer said happily, "But shouldn't we have dated before we, you know, got together?" "I guess,‭ ‬but you will won't you,‭ ‬be like my regular girlfriend,‭ ‬hang out and that‭?" ‬he almost pleaded.

‭"Sure." Jennifer agreed, "I guess time's up we better get dressed." ‭"I guess," Mike agreed, "Maybe we can get together again tomorrow?" ‭"Sure you can son," Mr Davies senior agreed as he came back in the room, "Any time you want, just as soon as this young lady signs on the dotted line." ‭He waved a printed form in front of Jennifer and handed her a pen, "Sign here," he said. ‭"Gee," Jennifer said awkwardly, "Do I really have to fuck Mike any time he wants?" ‭"Sure do," Mr Davies agreed, "There's an extra twenty five hundred if you fuck me when Mike junior is out of town." ‭"Gee, I don't know," Jennifer replied awkwardly.

‭"I ain't going nowhere without you," Mike said reassuringly. ‭"Maybe we can do a threesome sometime?" Mr Davies suggested, and seeing their reaction he quickly added, "Maybe not!" ‭"Here," Jennifer said as she handed the form back, "I get a copy right?" ‭"Sure," Mr Davies agreed, "Welcome aboard."