Femme Fetale Dildoing Her Cock Pocket And Sucking Toy

Femme Fetale Dildoing Her Cock Pocket And Sucking Toy
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This is a sequel to Cornfield Rape -- It's fantasy. I didn't know how long I'd been unconscious but from the light outside it was past morning. I also knew no one was going to miss me, I'd told my parents I was spending the weekend with my 'friends' the ones who had sent me into the cornfield and gotten me into this mess to begin with.

I was tied to the bed naked, my arms above my head and each leg to a corner so I was spread wide open. I ached all over, my cunt and ass were sore. I started to cry as I remembered last night, how Mr. Miller had raped my mouth and had Duke rape my virgin cunt. I remembered the dog's cock sliding up inside me, growing larger till I thought I'd be ripped in two. I had passed out. I lay there shaking but realized in shame that I'd stopped crying. As I recalled the events from last night my cunt had gotten moist.

Duke moved, sniffing and he made a whimpering sound but then just put his head on his paws. He lay right between my legs, and I couldn't help thinking of how his tongue had felt lapping at me. Was Mr. Miller right, was I just a slut? I felt my cunt contract as I thought about it and liquid dripped out of me. I didn't know if it was just me or if the dog's cum from last night was still there. Duke whimpered again and rolled over, I saw his pink cock coming out of its sheath. I hadn't seen it last night, but I saw it now and I imagined what it would feel like if I touched it.

Of course I couldn't, my hands were tied. Duke was a good dog. He'd obviously been told to stay and he wasn't going anywhere. He also wasn't coming to lick me.


It wasn't too long that I lay there confused about what I was feeling before I heard a door open then heavy footsteps. Soon the door to the little room I was in opened and Mr. Miller walked in. He looked me and Duke over and smiled. He crossed towards the bed staring down at my spread cunt. He reached down with a large hand and ran a finger up my snatch. My hips bucked up wildly and I turned my head embarrassed to be acting that way. "Fuck girl, I know Duke didn't touch you but you're wet.

You thinking about me slut?" I whimpered keeping my head turned away. I couldn't tell him I'd been thinking about Duke's cock, or even about his cock raping my mouth last night. What would that make me. His hand came down with a crack against my bald cunt and I yelped turning to look up at him. "Answer me slut. You get wet thinking about me, or was it my dog here?" I bit my lips and he smacked my cunt again hard.

"Answer now!" Crying in shame I stammered out. "Both … sir. I was thinking about you both." He smiled and ran his hand up my snatch again over my flat belly to my tits. My tits were standing straight up because my hands were tied above me, and my nipples were hard. He took one between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. "Good slut. I knew you liked it. Now, I just saw your paw at the feed store so I know he doesn't expect you till tomorrow morning." His smile turned sharper as he brought his other hand up to start pinching my free tit and smacked his lips.

"I got a whole nother day and night to play with you slut. You're going to love it. " Without warning one of his hands flashed up and slapped me across the face hard. I yelped and started crying harder. "That's just a warning slut. If you displease me I will hurt you. Do you believe me?" I cried and nodded my head. He slapped me hard again. "Answer me, say it." I looked up at him, and nodded then said. "Yes sir. I believe you sir." "Good." He started to untie my feet.

"Don't kick, bite or scream. We'll be just fine. I'm going to untie you and take you to the bathroom so you can wash your filthy slutty body. " He did untie me and I lay as still as I could. I knew I couldn't fight him, and worse yet part of me didn't want to. He left my hands tied and pulled me by the rope out of the room. I saw we were in a farmhouse and I guessed his, but he led me down the hall to the bathroom before I could see much more.

He pushed me into the bathtub. "Kneel down slut." I nodded mumbling "Yes sir." After I dropped to my knees in the bathtub he turned the water on, and got it to a comfortable warm temperature. He looked me over, then smiled as he unzipped his pants and pushed them down.

He wasn't wearing underwear and his ten inch cock hung partially erect. I couldn't help stare at it, just like I hadn't really been able to see the dog's cock last night I'd only gotten glimpses of Mr. Miller's huge fuckpole. "You like it slut?" He reached up and took hold of the base standing it up. I felt my nipples harden as I looked at it, felt myself blush then nodded. "Yes sir." He laughed.

"Well you'll get plenty of it, but right now I gots to take care of something else." Then still holding the base of his cock pointed at me, he let out a stream of piss. I saw it, not believing it then it hit me right in the face. I yelped and turned my head away only to have Mr.

Miller reach over and grab my short brown hair yanking me to look at him. "Did I tell you to look away cunt?" He pulled my hair hard so my neck titled back. I cried out in pain. He pushed closer to the side of the bathtub. "You look away from me you get punished.

I was just going to piss your face, now." He twisted my hair in his hand and I screamed. As soon as I opened my mouth he aimed his cock and squirted piss right inside. "Keep your mouth open slut … toilet … " He demanded and this time the piss didn't stop. He kept pissing his aim was good and most of it hit my mouth. It began to run out and dribble down my cheeks.


"Swallow it slut, drink it like the nasty cunt we both know you are." He fisted my hair again, and it hurt so bad I couldn't scream with my mouth full and I automatically swallowed the nasty golden liquid in my mouth.

The stream kept coming and I felt my mouth filling up again, and he pulled my hair I swallowed my second load of piss. What was wrong with me, it was gross but I felt my nipples hardening as he used my mouth as his toilet.

As the stream faded he pulled his cock back and aimed, squirting the last shots out over my hard nipples, laughing. "Fuck girl, your nipples are good targets. They're hard you like my piss don't you?" He raised his hand when I didn't answer, but before he could land the slap I panted out. "Yes sir, yes I like your piss." He smiled lowering his hand. "Good girl, you're learning your place." He reached over and got a washcloth, then soaped it up.

He started with my cunt. He rubbed the cloth roughly over it forcing my legs wider as he washed. "Tell me slut, you got titties but no hair on your cunt you bleed yet?" I blinked at him, not understanding what he was asking. He reached up and slapped me. "Answer the question you get periods?" I shook my head. "No sir. Not yet." He pushed the cloth up inside my cunt, I could feel his fingers working around as he cleaned me. I could feel myself getting wetter. "Hmmm.that's good, little fucking girl slut." He finished with my cunt and made quick work of washing the rest of me.

By the time he was finished though I was still dripping wet between the legs. He just smiled. "You like me touching you don't you slut?" I nodded instantly. "Yes sir." He led me out of the bathroom, back to the bedroom I had woken up in.

He pushed me on the bed, and stood there stroking his cock which had gotten hard as he washed me. "Do I need to tie you down again cunt?" I shook my head.

"No sir." His hand moved up and down his hard ten inch shaft. "That's good. If I don't have to tie you down it's not rape is it slut. It's not rape because you want my cock in your thirteen year old cunt don't you?" I was mesmerized watching his hand slide up and down his shaft and only nodded. Quick as a snake he reached out and slapped me.

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"Yes sir, yes I want your cock." I whimpered, so ashamed that it was true. "That's good, you're going to get it but not yet. Lay back and spread your legs." I lay back on the bed and spread my legs. I could see him staring down at me stroking his cock. "Wider cunt spread them wide and pull your legs up." I did what he said, putting my feet up on the bed, then letting my knees fall wide apart. "God your pink bald hole is so pretty." He muttered.

"Touch it, reach down and touch your little fuckhole slut." My hands were shaking, because I knew this was really the turning point. If I did this, could I really say he'd forced me. Before I finished the thought I realized I was rubbing my cunt, and it was dripping wet.

I moaned. "Good slut, feel how wet you are.

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Put a finger in there. Fuck yourself for me baby." I slipped a finger inside, it was the first time I'd ever fingered myself. I felt how warm I was inside and soft, but I was disappointed because my finger didn't feel as good as being fucked by Duke. Mr. Miller laughed.

"Not enough baby? Your little whole want more, shove another finger in, shove three in I want to see you cum all over your little hand like a whore." I was shivering with excitement, I hated what he was saying to me but it made me hotter when he talked like that. I pushed another finger in, and found he was right I could get three fingers in and it almost felt stretched as tight as Duke's cock had been. I started pumping my hand faster into my cunt and it felt so good.

It felt better when I looked up and saw Mr. Miller watching me closely his eyes bright at he stroked his cock. "Hell yeah, fuck that little snatch baby . fuck yourself for me." And then it happened, I felt it rolling through my body and I was cumming all over my own hand. I was so confused, I cried as I came knowing what a dirty slut I was for doing this and it only made me hotter.

When my cum was finished Mr. Miller smiled down at me. "Spread your little cunt open slut, reach down and spread it so I can see inside." I did what he said quickly. Using both hands I pulled my lips apart, and got wetter as he stared down at me. "You like that slut, you like showing that baby cunt to me don't you?" I moaned. "Yes sir." He moved closer and holding his dick he began to run it up and down my dripping tight cunt. "Mmm.you're so fucking soft and wet." He pushed the head of his cock right up in me but no further.

Using his hand he moved it up and down, getting it wet. Then he pulled it out of me.


"Get down on the floor cunt, get on your knees in front of me." I slid off the bed dropping to my knees and he held his cock in front of my face. "See your fuck juice cunt? Lick it off … sluts like to eat cunt juice." I moaned I couldn't help it.

I knew I shouldn't like it but my body was on fire. I leaned forward and lapped at Mr. Miller's huge cock tasting my own little girl cum on it. He titled his head back thrusting his hips out. "Oh yeah slut, lick it off." I lapped his head till it was clean, then he looked down and took my head in his hands holding it still while he fed his cock into my tiny mouth. Last night he'd fucked my mouth hard, and as he begin to do it again I came instantly moaning around the huge cock as it slid down my throat till I gagged.

He fucked my face hard and fast for a few minutes, then pulled out gasping.

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"You need more practice cunt, but I'm going to cum in that tight baby fuck hole not your mouth. Duke!" He shouted and the dog came into the room. I should have been disgusted but I only got wetter as Duke climbed up on the bed. Mr. Miller picked me up off the floor and took me towards the bed. He put me face first so I was leaning over the bed with my ass facing him. "Spread your legs so I can watch your cunt get wetter while you stroke Duke." I spread my legs but didn't know exactly what he wanted me to do with the dog.

He slapped my ass hard. "Put your hand out and start rubbing his cock slut. You know where it is." Duke was laying on his back on the bed in front of me, and I did.

I reached out and touched his cock, which was inside his sheath, the dog whimpered as soon as I touched it and his pink shaft poked out.

"That's right slut, rub it till it's hard then keep rubbing his doggie cock. You like that doggie cock." I felt my cunt getting so wet as I rubbed the dog hard.

It didn't take long till his whole red hot cock was in my hand and I was pumping it fast. Mr. Miller came up behind me, and slid a finger into my cunt. "Dripping wet, like a good slut. You like that dog's cock don't you slut?" "Yes sir, I love this dog's cock." I almost came just saying it.

Mr. Miller laughed and slid another finger into my snatch. "Lean over and suck it, practice on Duke's cock slut. You have to be a good cocksucker to keep me happy." I couldn't believe I was doing this but I leaned over and put the tip of the dog's cock in my mouth.

Duke went wild, he started humping my mouth and I tried to pull back but Mr. Miller used his free hand to force my head down. "No, slut you let him fuck you. Let him use your mouth … that's what your holes are for … to get used by cock, whatever cock I want." He moaned as he watched his dock start to fuck my face and his fingers slid out of me.

Suddenly I felt something much larger and in one swift move he shoved all ten inches of his cock up my tiny thirteen year old cunt. I screamed around Duke's pistoning cock gagging and crying. Last night Mr. Miller had raped my mouth while his dog raped my pussy, today it was the opposite.

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I was loving it just as much though. As Mr. Miller began to fuck me hard I felt like I was going to split apart, I was too little for his huge cock but he didn't care. "Oh yeah little slut, take those cocks love the cocks, cum all over me." He was panting and fucking me leaning over me watching his dog fuck my mouth. I felt myself squirming on the bed and suddenly realized I wasn't even trying to get away, I was fucking against Mr. Miller's huge cock then driving my mouth over the dog's cock.

I exploded, cumming hard over Mr. Miller's cock. "Fuck slut, you love it&hellip. You're such a good little girl, such a good little slut . such &hellip.AHHHHH!" And Mr. Miller shot hot fuckjuice up my tiny cunt just as Duke let his load loose.

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I felt Mr. Miller's cum leaking out of my stuffed pussy, but I could see Duke's flowing out of my mouth no matter how fast I swallowed. They both finished and Duke rolled away from me. Mr. Miller pumped up into me one last time, then pulled out. He flipped me over so I was laying face up on the bed, and took one of my hands down to my cunt. He made me scoop his cum up then pushed my hand into my mouth. "Lick it up cunt…" He smiled down at me. "I'm not going to tie you up, but I'm locking you in.

I'll be back in an hour or so." And that was it, he'd used me and now he just left me dripping cum out of my cunt and mouth all alone and knowing that I'd do whatever else he wanted to just get more.