Sex with a fat dude

Sex with a fat dude
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My neighbour Jack has a young, very attractive wife who is half Chinese. Her name is Doris, and she is slim and only about 5' tall, and so looks tiny. But she has a very pretty face and a neat curvy little figure, with small high set tits and slender legs.

Jack is a fair bit older than her, a nice guy, but a bit of a perv who likes to see his young wife getting used. He didn't want Doris to remember anything afterwards, so he enlisted the help of an old friend, Joe, who used to be a stage magician and hypnotist, and they found that Doris is very easy to put under his spell. This arrangement has worked well on a number of occasions, and Jack loves dreaming up new situations to put his wife into.

As a writer, my lucky task is to record it all for Jack's subsequent enjoyment. Last Friday, Jack told me they were going out, and I was to be next door by about seven o'clock. Joe was there before me, and had already given Doris the treatment. Tonight, according to Joe, Doris would find that she was unable to resist anything she was told to do, but at first she would be very reluctant to do it. I found it quite exciting to think of this sexy little oriental girl in that situation, even though I did not know what Jack had planned for her.

He said Doris was getting herself ready to go out, believing she was going to a party, and we would go along with that. When she appeared, she looked gorgeous. Even in her high heels, she still looked small. Her halter neck dress was belted, which drew attention to her pert tits and her tiny waist, and the gentle curves of her hips. The skirt was party short and flared, which revealed some length of nylon clad thigh and also clung to her round little bottom. Although her eyes had a faraway look, she was very sexy, very fuckable.

The taxi arrived and we set off. The host was a rather paunchy, middle-aged man known only as Jimbo. He fussed over Doris, and took us into the main party room where the other guests were standing about, chatting, with soft music in the background.

There were two or three women and about six men. Jimbo whispered to Joe, and then took Joe and me out of the room, and into another room. It was like a miniature theatre, curtains covering the screen and a small row of chairs. Joe and I sat down and Jimbo disappeared. Seconds later, Jack came in beside us. He was over the moon. "Great set up, isn't it," he said. "I told Doris I had an urgent appointment and I would be back later.

She's on her own now." The curtains parted, and the "screen" was a large two way mirror looking into a bedroom. Knowing how Doris had been conditioned to do what she was told, however reluctantly, I had no doubt she would soon be appearing in the bedroom.

We watched and waited. The bedroom door opened and a man entered, looked around, then said over his shoulder, "Come in honey." Speakers allowed us to hear everything that was said in the bedroom. "That's Victor," Jack told us. There was a pause and then, hesitantly, Doris appeared in the doorway. She looked uncomfortable, and Victor took her hand and led her over to the bed.

"Sit down, Doris," he said, and he sat, patted the space next to him and Doris nervously sat beside him. She instinctively crossed her legs, and the short dress revealed some nice thigh.

Victor put his hand on the back of her neck. "Well, now, honey," he said. "We're all alone. You going to be nice to me?" Doris was sitting upright, hands clasped in her lap. "I don't understand what you mean," she said plaintively. John casually trailed his hand along the back of Doris's neck.

"I find you extremely attractive," he said. "And you and I are going to have some fun." With a frown on her face, Doris brushed his hand away from her neck and made to stand up. "Sit down, Doris!" Victor said sharply. Doris looked agitated. "Oh no," she said.

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"My husband will be back in a minute." "No he won't," Victor smiled. "And I heard that you quite like doing what men tell you. In fact, I heard you could be quite eager for it." Without warning, he put one hand behind Doris's head and with the other, turned her face towards him.

"Well?" he said. "No I do not." Doris said firmly. "I don't know what you're talking about, now let go of me." She now seemed to be breathing a lot faster, staring straight ahead. Victor laughed, his hands were behind her head, unfastening her halter neck.

The two ends fell free. "What do you think you're doing!" Doris cried out. She struggled to free herself, but he kept his grip on her. "You will stop struggling, Doris," he said.

"Now, I want to touch your thigh, and you will sit still and let me." Doris stared at him open-mouthed. "No," she said finally. "Don't touch me, I will scream." Victor smiled. "Scream if you want, Doris, no one will hear you." Doris was now looking frightened rather than angry.

Victor put his hand on her knee and stroked slowly upwards, watching her face. Doris seemed to be looking past him, unable to move, as his hand moved slowly along her thigh, up under the dress, rucking it higher as he did so. "Oh, you honey," he suddenly exclaimed. "Stockings! Oh I love to feel bare flesh like that!" Doris gasped and her face screwed up. "Stop it, please," she whimpered.

"Please don't do that." The touch of her bare thigh flesh above her stocking tops seemed to spur Victor into more aggressive action. "Let me see," he grunted, pulling the dress up higher, above her stockings. From our vantage point we could see Doris was wearing little black panties, and black suspender straps holding her nylons in place. Victor's hand went straight down onto the bare thigh between Doris's legs. "Open your fucking legs," he rasped at her. Doris opened and closed her mouth, keeping her knees pressed together, then she gasped, "No!

Please stop!" Her answer was Victor grabbing her by her hair and turning her away from him. He unzipped the dress then swung her back to face him.

His hands pawed at her dress, he stood her up and stripped it off her, and Doris seemed to be in a trance, offering no resistance, until she stood half naked in front of him. Without a bra, her little tits were on display. Her panties were a tiny black triangle with a pencil thin waist. The black suspender belt was thin and lacy round her waist. Standing in her high heels she didn't even reach Victor's shoulder, and looked for all the world like a little oriental hooker.

Victor looked her up and down, drinking in the sight. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. He started to pull off his shirt and Doris stood helplessly trembling until he was naked. His cock was hard and ready. Doris could hardly take her eyes off it. Victor stepped back to admire Doris's body better. "Right, slut," he said.


"Take off those knickers and let me see what you've got between your legs." Doris stared at him for a few seconds, shaking her head. "Please," she whimpered. "I can't do this." "Oh yes you will!" Victor answered angrily. "Get them off! Now!" The tone of his his voice made Doris jump. She seemed to be sobbing as her hands eased her panties over her hips. She removed them slowly, keeping her legs tight together, until she stepped out of them.

Victor stepped forward and took hold of her arm. "On the bed!" he commanded. Doris started to climb onto the bed and Victor pushed her onto her back.

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He swept her legs apart and looked down at her exposed cunt, then up at the twin little mounds peaked with nipples that already looked stiffer than usual. On her back virtually naked with her legs spread, Doris was still shaking her head and sobbing.

Victor straddled her and reached down between her legs for her pussy. We could see his fingers rub along her lips then push into her cunt. Doris gasped and Victor exclaimed, "Oh fuck yes! Ahhh, so fucking tight! Oh, I am going to enjoy this ride, Doris!" He eased his cock into position, and with a grunt, he began to work it into Doris's cunt.

Doris's arms were spread out, her hands clutching the bed covers. Her tight cunt was taking the stiff cock inch by inch as Victor pressed it in. His hands were on her tits, squeezing and rolling her nipples, and then the last few inches of cock were slammed into her cunt with some force. Doris cried out and her hands uselessly tried to push Victor away from her. Of course it had no effect on Victor, he pulled slowly back a little then plunged in again. His face was close to Doris's face.


"You fucking little cock teasing whore," he hissed at her. "What's my cock feel like in your tight little hole." Doris turned her head away, but Victor kept on. "You're enjoying this, aren't you. You're a slut, Doris, that's why you came here dressed like a whore, looking for cock.

Tell me bitch! Tell me that's what you're looking for!" Doris was gasping and panting as his cock pounded into her cunt. She couldn't speak for sobbing but her face was screwed up and her mouth hung open.

Victor's fucking got faster and more forceful. Doris's little body was being ruthlessly jolted every time his hips slammed forward. She was crying openly now, gasping with every thrust of the cock into her helpless cunt. And then it was over. Panting hard, Victor slumped over Doris for a moment then pushed himself up and climbed off the bed.

He began to dress, looking down at Doris, still lying naked on the bed with her legs apart, cum trickling down her thigh. She had stopped crying, and was now looking more ashamed than afraid. The door opened and another man came into the room. The first thing he said was, "Is she a good fuck Vic?" and with a grin Victor nodded. "Nice tight little cunt John. She's all yours." He disappeared and John advanced on Doris, who was now leaning on her elbow with her face looking horrified.

Before she could say anything, John barked out, "Face down bitch! And spread your fucking legs!" Doris in amazement said "What?" as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing. John merely reached down and flipped her over like a doll. As Doris struggled to turn or get up, he dragged her hips to the edge of the bed, with her feet on the floor.

A hand in the middle of her back kept Doris pinned in position. "Now listen bitch," John began, "You will stay just like that until I say otherwise. Got that?" Doris began to turn again and John gave her two quick spanks on her bare arse.

Doris squealed in surprise and John shouted, "Don't fucking move!" Doris lay still, her face buried in the bed cover.

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She started sobbing again. Behind her, John quickly stripped. Like Victor before him, his cock was already erect. I suppose it was only to be expected, seeing you had an attractive young girl like Doris lying naked and obedient, in nothing but stockings and suspenders, and still in her high heels, her legs apart and an inviting cunt to fuck, open and ready and defenceless.

John stepped between Doris's open legs. His cock was at just the right height level with Doris's arse. He gripped her hips and Doris turned her head a little, but otherwise did nothing. John guided his cock towards her waiting cunt, and let its head rub along her pussy lips.

"Are you really a whore, Doris?" he asked. She muttered a barely audible "No." John continued rubbing his cock along her cunt. "Then why are you here," he said. "You were dressed like a whore, and look at you now, stockings and suspenders, taking anybody's cock, getting fucked by anybody that wants to fuck you." "No!" Doris said, louder this time. "I'm not. I thought. it was a party. I don't.

I'm not." "Well Doris," John grinned.

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"Everybody knows you're here, available for anyone. Not often we get a cute little asian girl like you to fuck. Jimbo's done well." He pushed his hips and his cock penetrated Doris's juicy hot cunt. "Oh yes!" he grunted.

"Nice tight little cunt! Ahhh! I was going to fuck you up the arse, but your cunt is so tight, ahhhh!" His cock was fucking Doris like a piston, his hips thrusting to and fro with increasing speed and power.

He slowed down for a few moments, catching his breath, then began thrusting again faster. The door opened and another man entered the room. He took in the scene, little Doris spread face down on the bed getting fucked from behind by John, and quickly got his clothes off. He climbed on the bed and said "You don't mind sharing the cunt do you, John?" He slid down with his legs on either side of Doris's head and took hold of her hair, lifting her head.

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"Got a big hard cock for you to suck," he said. "Now be a good little cunt and suck it properly." He took hold of his cock and slapped it against Doris's cheek. "Open your fucking mouth, cunt," he said harshly. Doris looked in total despair.

She obediently opened her mouth and got it filled immediately with hard cock. The newcomer rocked her head back and forward so that his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Almost casually, still forcing Doris to suck his cock, he asked, "What's she like John? Is she a good fuck?" John seemed to be reaching his peak. His thrusts were slowing, becoming more deliberate, making Doris take the whole length of his cock to the hilt.

"Fuck yes, Brian," he gasped. "You won't believe how tight her cunt is. It's like fucking a schoolgirl." Brian jerked Doris's head back and released his cock. Doris was gasping for breath and coughing into the bedcover.

John stopped fucking and pulled back, his cock dripping cum. Brian scrambled off the bed and swung Doris's legs up onto the bed. He got back on beside her and pushed her legs apart.

Doris looked shell shocked. Brian's cock slipped straight up into her cunt in one movement. He hoisted her legs up in the air and started fucking her. As John was getting dressed another newcomer appeared. He was undressed in no time and joined the couple on the bed, grabbing and clawing at Doris's little tits, kissing and sucking her nipples, while watching Brian's cock ploughing into her cunt. Doris was crying and sobbing, and totally at their mercy.

Brian swung her legs down and rolled aside, and the newcomer quickly straddled her. He pulled her arms above her head and held her wrists together with one hand, the other grasping her tits. He parted her legs with his knees and his cock found its target. Doris let out a little scream as he rammed it into her cunt and began eagerly fucking her.


Things were happening faster now, another man came into the room, followed by Jimbo himself. There were now six men in the small bedroom, one of them fucking Doris, and the others watching her getting fucked. Jimbo turned to one and said quietly but clearly, "Eddy, I want to see this cunt getting doubled. You want her arse?" Eddy nodded, not taking his eyes off the scene in front of them. "The bitch is small and tight," Jimbo went on.

"A good tight fuck for both of you." He turned to the other man. "Tell the little whore to get on top and ride you. Eddy's going to do her arse, it'll be a great ride." The man fucking Doris drew back, and crawled aside. Doris was on her back, panting, her hands still above her head. Her chest was heaving, her nipples standing straight up, erect, her legs well apart, as if she was inviting the next cock to penetrate her. Eddy pulled her into a sitting position as his partner lay back across the bed, his cock stiff and waiting.

Doris looked from one to another. "Please," she whimpered. "I've had enough. I can't take any more." Eddy pushed her forward. "The man wants a ride, Doris. So get on top of him and get that tight little cunt wrapped round his cock and ride him!" Doris looked at the man fearfully. She was on hands and knees, and had to climb forward to mount him. She did it slowly, panting hard, moving up his body until her hips were above him. Eddy watched, holding his cock in his hand.

Jimbo watched, slowly getting undressed without taking his eyes off the sight of this slender naked young oriental girl poised, wearing only her stockings and suspenders, about to lower herself onto the waiting cock. Her pretty face was screwed up, she was sobbing, but she knew she had to do it. She surrendered. Her fingers closed round the cock and she guided it into her cunt.

She had been fucked so often that her cunt must have been swimming. With the cock buried in her, she began to move her hips slowly backwards and forwards.

The watching men began to urge her on. "Ride it bitch!" "Take it all the way!" "Go on, Doris, fuck it!" The look on Doris's face was one of disgust when she started to ride the cock.

It suddenly turned to fear when she realised that Eddy had climbed up behind her. Her rounded little arse was totally bare and unprotected, suspender straps taut across her buttocks, and her cunt filled with cock. Eddy stooped over Doris, his cock pressing between her cheeks. Doris lifted her head and started to wail, she knew what what going to happen, and she was totally helpless. It wasn't easy, but eventually he got his cock into Doris's arse.

He edged it in deeper and deeper with Doris wailing, but held tight by both men. And then they both started to fuck her. Both cocks in and out together, slowly at first, then faster as both men eagerly pounded into their cute captive oriental girl. At some point Doris stopped screaming, and she lay sandwiched between them, her mouth open, her little body jerking to and fro with every thrust from the two cocks fucking her.

Jimbo stepped up to her and grabbed her roughly by her hair. His cock was rigid, the excitement of watching Doris getting double penetrated was too much for him. "Suck my fucking cock you fucking little whore!" he roared at her, jabbing it at her face. He twisted her head back and as she opened her mouth to scream, he stuffed his cock into it.

He began to fuck her mouth, his fat hips jerking to and fro, ramming his cock to the back of her throat. For a few minutes we watched Doris getting fucked hard by all three cocks, then Jimbo pulled out.

His cock was spurting and his cum spattered all over Doris's face. When he let go of her hair, her head slumped forward in a hopeless way.

The other two men continued pounding both her holes relentlessly and pawing at her tits, until both them had their cum. Doris was left sprawled on the bed, exhausted, and surprisingly, despite being fucked so many times, her stockings and suspenders were still intact. If anyone else had come into the room, they would have seen a very small, petite, naked figure of a girl, legs carelessly parted to reveal cum trickling down her thighs, her face and hair spattered with more cum, and a dazed expression on her face.

We left our secret viewing room and tidied Doris up, and took her home.