Two Hot Tranny Suck and Fuck

Two Hot Tranny Suck and Fuck
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Living with my Dad and step mom, I had never really thought of my step mom in a sexual way. She showed off a lot of cleavage all the time and had a really nice ass, always showing off a cute thong while she bent over.

I was 15 years old at the time when my first encounter happened with my step mom. One day I was out side with her, I was sweeping and she was watering the plants. When we were going inside, she lead the way when my broom accidently rubbed up against the split in her ass cheeks.

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She looked back and frowned, I said "sorry" then she smiled and winked. I didn't think much of it, but thought it was weird how she winked.

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The next day my Dad needed to go out and he was going to be gone all day. I was sitting on the couch watching T.V.

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with my step mom when she said she was "going to put something more comfortable on". She came out in a tank top shirt, showing off lots of cleavage, and I noticed she had no bra on because her nipples were showing a lot. She had booty shorts on and her thong was rised up high on her ass. She came and lay down on the couch placing her feet on my thighs and kept watching T.V.

I kept glancing over at her body, wondering how georgous her breasts if that layer of fabric wasn't in the way. She said "Could you rub my feet for me?" I looked at her and said "sure".

I started rubbing her feet and she sighed every now and then, saying "that feels good" and so on. Then I got a little brave and moved my hand up her leg slowely and softly, her leg was very smooth and it made me really hot for her. she looked at me touched my hand with her's.

Still laying there, she pulled my hand to her thigh, at the same time pressed her foot into my crouch feeling my hard-on. I looked at her questiongly and I looked at her shorts, where she was very wet.

She moved my hand underneath her shorts and under her thong where my hand met her pussy lips, which were very wet. I moved closer and felt around the outer part of her pussy.

With that she bit her lip and started breathing harder. I then moved in between her legs and laid on top of her slowely, meeting her lips with mine. slowely sliding my tounge into her mouth where I was greeted with a very soft tounge. I slid a few fingers into her pussy, and rubbed against her clit with my thumb. She started breathing heavier as I did so and closed her eyes. Now feeling a lot more comfortable with situation, I wanted her all.

So I slid my fingers out of her pussy, which fustrated her greatly. She got my drift and we both sat up, where I began to take off her shirt, revealing her outstanding breasts. She stood up and slid her shorts and thong off, while I took my shirt, pants and boxers off, watching her as she so sexually took her thong off. She then straddled my hard on and slid slowely onto the head of my cock. She rapped her arms around me and we embraced in a passionate kiss.

She fully sat onto my cock, and christ did her warm pussy feel good. She was breathing really heavely and she starting humping me slowely at first but then picking up speed. she pressed her boobs into my hands. I began kissing and tounging her neck and ear, because she was breathing really heavy I didn't want to stay locked to her mouth.


She started letting out moans, closing her eyes and went into an ecstatic state, not even noticing me anymore. I moved a hand to her back and pressed her closer than ever. With the other hand, I rubbed her clit softly making her squeel louder.

I started forcing my hips up to meet her thrusts, pressing my cock as deep as it would go. She kept moaning louder and then louder when her pussy started flooding with juices. She began saying "oohh godd this." fading away under her breath, "oohhh I'mm ooohhhh Ughhhh UUGhh OHH FUCKK" She got louder and I started thrusting harder and faster, and so did she. "oohhh Im cummimggg" she said. When she started cumming it was so hot, I felt mine almost about to happened but I wanted hers to be done first.

"ohhh goddd thiss iss amaziinngg" she yelled and with that I blew my load deep into her pussy.


She layed on me, and we kissed for a while, foundleling her breasts some, and fingering her slowely. She got up and said "I'm gonna go get cleaned up". She left to her room, and I stayed there watching the T.V.

After about 5 minutes I went to her room and then to the shower where she was. I stepped into the shower and pushed her to the wall. I lifted her up, cupping her ass and slammed my dick into her pussy forcefully, and started rage fucking her She lifted one her legs up onto my shoulder and the other she placed on the bar of the shower. I kept fucking her with a fast pace and she was squeeling in ectacy. I grabbed her hair behind her head and pulled it slightly. she pulled me closer and we kissed.

I licked her all over, her neck, her breasts, and just kept fucking her for about 20 minutes. I was exhausted but she then started to cum so I didn't want to stop.

She was screaming many things such as "ohhh your such aa good fuck" and moaned loudly "ugghhh ohhhhh ufffghhhhh". Her pussy flexed as she came and she flooded my cock with lots of juices. I carried her out of the shower, still wet and layed her on the bed. She turned around and arched her back lifting her ass up. I mounted her and started fucking her tight asshole.

faster and faster, with my hand reached around fingering her clit, and the other pulling her hair back.

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She screamed loudely and her pussy just kept flooding. I blew my load in her ass then fell on the bed beside her. We layed on the bed as I watched T.V.

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she just sucked slowely on my cock. I stayed there, watching T.V. Thinking about what just happened, and more importantly.When it was going to happened again. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I'm open about all criticism so tell me what you think, be honest.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=